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Date: appears to have been collected from about 31 August-1 September to maybe 9-10 September 2011

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  • board overview for /g/
  • single thread on /g/
  • ban page for someone on /k/
  • cleanup utility for a /g/ thread
  • unsure, seems to be another type of reports page, this time from /sci/
  • ip lookup utility for someone on /g/
  • list of standard manager-mode options (?)
  • 'thread mode' on /b/ (displays whole threads in a hierarchy)
  • original URLs most of the above were pulled from


  • 1st and 2nd pages of report queue (all boards)
  • 3rd page of reports queue sorted by reporters' IPs
  • 1st and 2nd pages of board alert list
  • 3rd page of ban requests
  • detailed report page for a post on /g/
  • reporter details page for the same post
  • current [txt] and all-time report stats
  • report severity ranking
  • original URLs most of the above were pulled from


  • script changelog page with download links
  • inline extension for janitors (js)
  • report panel for janitors (js)
  • original URLs the above were pulled from
  • board layout (xml)
  • janitor menu layout (xml)
  • original URLs the above were pulled from
  • firefox extension installer (xpi, version



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    date thread subject
    2006/10/01173new janitor check-in (moot)
    2006/10/17215firefox extension feedback
    2006/10/19253/co/ rapidshare copyright concerns
    2006/10/20272demotivators on /a/
    2006/10/21281deleting unmarked spoilers
    2006/10/22282what to delete on /s/
    2006/10/22288animals in /c/ and /cm/
    2006/10/22295character fap threads on /m/
    2006/10/24307flooding on /g/
    2006/10/24314propaganda sources on /n/
    2006/10/25316/sp/ jailbait
    2006/10/26326borderline /e/ material on /a/
    2006/10/26332/r/equests on /gif/
    2006/10/26339/w/ content on /wg/
    2006/10/29355cosplay porn on /cgl/
    2006/10/29358double princesses on /h/
    2006/10/30363rizon and 4chan down
    2006/11/01373janitors on /g/
    2006/11/02374po-ju on /y/
    2006/11/03378absence report (/e/)
    2006/11/03381tabletop games on /co/ (and acknowledgement of demand for /tg/)
    2006/11/05394loli/shota in /t/ (and elsewhere)
    2006/11/05399broken reports problem
    2006/11/07411tifa trolling on /v/
    2006/11/11420make /v/ nsfw
    2006/11/13426miyazaki on /co/
    2006/11/13429mass report killing for janitors
    2006/11/13432absence (/h/ janitor)
    2006/11/15440irc channel attendance
    2006/11/15441more absence
    2006/11/16448overzealous reporting
    2006/11/16452gear rec threads on /p/
    2006/11/17458lots of absences
    2006/11/19460cp flood in /v/ (mistake)
    2006/11/22477/i/ technical upgrades (possible rule changes)
    2006/11/22479special reports for janitors
    2006/11/26487/rs/ proposal
    2006/11/27491what to delete on /po/
    2006/11/28495/g/ tech support
    2006/11/30505/c/ute dead girls
    2006/12/01512moot wants to hear about your board's problems
    2006/12/07545rizon down
    2006/12/10555nighttime deadzone (wake up to a huge report queue)
    2006/12/20585don't touch posts bitching about mods
    2006/12/25603very important message for robert
    2006/12/29613annoying extension problem
    2006/12/31623happy new year
    2007/01/06626extension broken (problems with deletion)
    2007/01/07642more pages on /s/
    2007/01/12663new firefox extension
    2007/01/14669this is a test
    2007/01/14681firefox extension feedback
    2007/01/14684is midna a furry
    2007/01/28712login problems
    2007/02/02714japanese doujin for american show
    2007/02/15738users whining about lazy mods
    2007/02/15747whats this do
    2007/02/25789#/b/ autokline
    2007/02/26802questionable/underage ban
    2007/02/27811illegal reports from /b/ showing up when they shouldn't be
    2007/03/06825request threads on /co/
    2007/03/08830youtube links on /tv/
    2007/03/13838/u/ flood
    2007/03/21842what constitutes a request thread (/h/)
    2007/03/23860single-song /r/equests
    2007/03/28868answering requests in /r/ (i.e., from other boards)
    2007/04/05876top10 spam
    2007/04/13888kamen rider on /a/
    2007/04/25895ban requests for underage
    2007/05/04899images being deleted on /v/
    2007/05/10908ban request descriptions
    2007/05/11917mods not around to fill ban requests enough
    2007/05/13940text field for regular reporting
    2007/05/16946screencaps of music libraries on /mu/
    2007/05/17947homework threads on /r/
    2007/05/21959transgender evangelion /tg/ troll
    2007/05/22961rapidshare dumps on /tg/
    2007/06/12976floods on /v/
    2007/06/14981duplicate ban requests
    2007/06/18983invite /r/equests
    2007/07/06997multiple identical request/rec threads
    2007/07/141004guro, etc. on /gif/
    2007/07/211010screencaps of music collections on /mu/
    2007/07/231012absence note
    2007/07/271015HACKERS ON STEROIDS video sticky
    2007/08/051025missing pages on /t/
    2007/08/081029bans for report abuse (ref)
    2007/08/091032/u/ in /h/
    2007/08/111037LS loli on /e/ and /h/
    2007/09/161046nsfw /w/
    2007/09/251051meme spamming on /x/
    2007/10/061056RPing tripfags on /co/
    2007/10/071061see previous ban requests on a post
    2007/11/281068ban russia
    2007/12/221083/b/ flooding /d/
    2008/01/041090/r/equests on /mu/
    2008/01/181104cloverfield stickies
    2008/03/281129RPing on /jp/
    2008/05/061151autosage button
    2008/06/161167/b/ flooding /e/
    2008/06/171170reminder for /p/ to use the report function
    2008/07/171186avatar sticky on /co/
    2008/08/141191TF2 heavy updates sticky on /v/
    2008/08/171194site link ban
    2008/09/211201autobanned words on /b/ (tripped by janitor)
    2008/10/081207sticky requests
    2008/11/011212password to #janiteam
    2008/11/061214janitor ban requests
    2009/03/011245watchmen sticky on /co/
    2009/03/101248lanced jack
    2009/03/121257janitor extension problems
    2009/03/181262/s/ sticky
    2009/03/181263irc login issues
    2009/03/191266religious bullshit on /h/
    2009/03/311268wakfu getting deleted on /co/
    2009/04/131270linda on j-list
    2009/04/261272spamming on /h/
    2009/04/261273spam filters (goes on a while)
    2009/08/051325more absences
    2009/09/111328picture books should go in /co/
    2009/09/111329spam filters redux
    2009/10/031342#janiteam password changes
    2009/10/061352/co/ forced memes
    2009/10/131358cybaiotron/misery creed report abuse on /co/
    2009/10/221366delay between starting threads as affected by deletion
    2009/10/281375/b/ flooding /e/ (again)
    2009/11/021377remove all posts by an IP
    2009/11/131400filtering reports by board
    2009/11/151405janitor extension bug, etc.
    2009/11/171416stallman copypasta wordfilter
    2009/12/051435revised reports page with ban templates
    2009/12/191446extension problems (both janitor and public)
    2010/02/151474/sci/ reports interface
    2010/04/181586filter script for janitors