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  • File : 1179864582.jpg-(156 KB, 787x960)
    156 KB /tg/ and Rapidshare dumps of licensed/copyrighted rulebooks/etc. Anonymous 05/22/07(Tue)16:09 No.961   [Reply]
    While I certainly understand not wanting to shred fifty bux on a new rule book or something of the sort, what should the policy be on rapidshare dumps of these? Seems a bit off for a worksafe board, certainly, and is copyrighted material in the US and Europe, at least, unlike certain Japanese content.

    Right now I delete these dumps or request for dump threads since they are illegal. It's more widespread now, so any input on this?
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    >> Anonymous 07/07/07(Sat)20:00 No.999
    /co/'s allowed to post comic links in preexisting threads, just not make threads dedicated to requests. I don' see why /tg/ should have different rules..
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 07/10/07(Tue)00:33 No.1000
    The only reason /co/ gets a pass is that the mods already told them for some reason that it's OK to post comics, and when janitors started deleting them /co/ utterly rioted until moot came down from the heavens and gave them back their free comics. It's too late to go back on it, etc... doesn't mean posting illegal materials on other boards should be okay.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 07/11/07(Wed)21:40 No.1001

    /co/ gets to post comics links because the comic industry has gone on record they aren't going to use legal action against people who share comics online. this is obviously different with the /mu/ and the RIAA and such. I'm going to assume that book publishers like to use lawyers on people, and that is the reason why books aren't allowed on /tg/.
    >> Anonymous 07/12/07(Thu)06:25 No.1002
    so should we start letting requests for comics in /r/ stay? i've been deleting requests and banrequesting anyone who posts links to comics.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 07/12/07(Thu)15:24 No.1003

    No. The policy is only in place in /co/ and requests aren't allowed at all for licensed materials. users are only allowed to post them if they have it.

    File : 1183709532.gif-(499 KB, 240x320)
    499 KB Anonymous 07/06/07(Fri)04:12 No.997   [Reply]
    The last week or two, there have been several threads a day along the lines of 'What is your favourite hentai/give me the names of some good hentai films'. This usually ends in someone asking for a title that's been suggested, or uploading one which is often licenced. Normally, I'd let the topic slide and just delete posts as appropriate, but there's beem three or four of these a day lately. I've no idea if it's the same person or a bunch of people, but they're usually written the same way every time. Any ideas on how best to handle this?

    Pic absolutely unrelated.
    >> Anonymous 07/06/07(Fri)18:08 No.998
    if you think it's getting out of hand, i would banrequest the next one you see and then report the one immediately after. if you see that fancy "1 banrequest already submitted for this IP" then you'll know it's one guy and can delete the posts until the banrequest goes through.

    Problems on your particular board(s). Anonymous ## Admin 12/01/06(Fri)03:03 No.512   [Reply]
    I need to know exactly what is plaguing the users these days on each board. I am sick of hearing about issues that have been brewing for months and still haven't been brought to my attention. This isn't your fault--I'm annoyed that so few people bother to email me with these problems. Instead most of them choose to turn the board into a war-zone which eventually explodes and becomes a problem for me.

    Anyway. If there is anything in particular that you feel needs addressing on your particular board, post it here!

    Note: Yes I know the trial boards still don't have rules. I think I've received *ONE* email full of suggestions from a janitor even though I've asked multiple times for them. I'll get around to it when I get around to it.
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    >> Anonymous ## Manager 05/11/07(Fri)01:17 No.915
    Abuse of the reports system is bannable. That said, flooding a thread with unrelated pictures is both annoying and bannable.

    if you see people reporting things over and over that are obviously not against the rules then please let a mod know
    >> Anonymous 05/11/07(Fri)11:18 No.916
    Over the last week or so, there have been a massive influx of posts and requests for hentai of the series Lucky Star. These threads are always filled with loli. I'm not sure if it's the same person or what, because they always seem to start with the same image, and most of the same pics in each thread. I've been deleting and reporting, but they pop back up within a few hours. Suggestions, anyone?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)16:33 No.987
    Hey, since lucky star has been popular, people have been posting a lot of loli images of characters from it in /e/. Can we get a sticky to clarify the fact that if it looks loli, it is loli?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 06/20/07(Wed)14:31 No.989
    Same problem with /h/, though not as rampant as in /e/.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/07(Thu)10:09 No.990
    Ditto for /r/. It's not a major problem, but it gets requested at least once a day. Usually twice.

    File : 1182170902.jpg-(16 KB, 520x183)
    16 KB Invites Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)08:48 No.983   [Reply]
    Can we delete requests for invites on /r/?
    They just about never get answered, and when since they always involve posting email addresses there have been several times where some who bumped a bunch of times gets a reply like "Thanks for posting your email, bumptard. I just signed you up for gay porn!"
    Also users report them as if they were against the rules...
    >> Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)10:05 No.984
    in addition, these threads (like this one just did) can turn into flamewars between the ZOMG JUST GIMMIE A INVITE and the "this shouldn't be allowed" camps.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)10:51 No.985
    I've fulfilled a couple of these requests in the past, but I'd delete them the second they turn into flamewars.

    Also, when will people learn to set up a spare email account for junk? It's just common sense!
    >> Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)12:58 No.986
    as long as the E-mail field is on every page, posting e-mail addresses should never be a reason to delete posts unless they are obvious calls to invasion. if people are too stupid to use yahoo or spambox or the multitude of free services out there and post their real e-mail on 4chan, they can't really complain about anything.

    also i see it as a legitimate request. most of the time the invites are for private torrent trackers like Demonoid and if we start killing them from /r/ they'll just go to /t/ and they'll still get deleted. so i'm with >>985 on this. let them be as long as they stay civil, but delete the second it turns flamey.

    File : 1181821200.png-(21 KB, 404x401)
    21 KB Reports suggesting Anonymous 06/14/07(Thu)07:40 No.981   [Reply]
    Making this change would cut down on duplicate banrequests (since we sometimes don't know if it's one spammer or several) without giving away the posters IP.

    If giving away the banrequest reasons is too much information (I don't see how it could be) it could just say "X requests already filed"

    This wouldn't do anything for the [B] button in the extension, but that could be modified so that when it tries to submit the ban request, it checks if an existing one exists and presents a "There exist X banrequests for this IP already. Still submit? [yes] [no]"

    File : 1181690399.png-(240 KB, 581x300)
    240 KB /v/ has problems :( Anonymous 06/12/07(Tue)19:19 No.976   [Reply]
    So guys, what is the deal with /v/?

    I've been on vacation from work for two weeks, so I've had a lot of time to stare at /v/ and it is pretty ridiculous. In the last FOUR days there's been a;
    -/a/ flood
    -Cartoon porn flood
    -/co/ flood
    -Furry flood
    -/b/ flood
    -/cgl/ flood (and I basically left it because at least they were /v/ related characters)

    That's really just the worst. Every day 50% of the frontpage threads are about the pokemon anime (mostly just an excuse to post pictures of pokemon girls, which inevitably leads to pokemon porn,) webcomics and their hilariously original edits, or some crazy shit /b/esque memes or MSPaint or I don't know what the fuck pictures. I don't even delete these threads, because the ensuing offended poster will feel entitled to flood /v/ about how much of a fag I am, or maybe just porn. It's not worth the headache to try to ban request them, flag down a mod, and get a ban in when they're just going to proxy around it an hour later and reflood the board, as much as I appreciate the mod help.

    And as far as I know, I've been the only who's gone back through the pages and cleaned them up and harassed mods for bans. I haven't seen shitsuaiboi (or whatever,) in a long time, I don't even know if he's around. I think I've seen bacchus, but god only knows. Unless they're supremely active 3am-11am and I don't know about it, but judging by the amount of reports I wake up to every morning and complaints the mods are asleep at night, I somehow doubt it. Maybe they're both on vacation?

    tl;dr: /v/ needs more janitors
    >> Anonymous 06/12/07(Tue)23:35 No.977
    >> v/ has problems :(

    Yes. Yes it does.

    I leave the Pokemon stuff alone usually. As long as there's not porn it's on topic. The WHY I AM SO BALD shit has got to go. It's not at all /v/ related.

    I'm not sure more janitors would really fix anything. We can't prevent the shitty posts, and even if we have 30 janitors there will be times no one is on and posts that we miss.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/07(Wed)04:59 No.978
    I know how you feel. there have been times when I've woken up, logged on and seen dozens of flagged posts (often over 20 or so) that have been unattended to for hours. And, again, like yourself, I seem to be the only one willing to actually go through the board and make sure nothing remains.

    I don't think its a problem of hiring more janitors or promoting more mods. I think its simply a case of getting the people we already have to do more.
    >> Anonymous 06/13/07(Wed)10:03 No.979
    I've actually been without DSL due to a linefault for a week :\ But even when I'm on regularly, there's just so much crap on /v/ it's silly. Generally speaking, the average /v/tard thinks (knows) they'll get away with whatever they want.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 06/13/07(Wed)11:36 No.980
    I dunno about /v/, but /h/ is certainly capable of generating 10-15 reports over the space of a mere hour. It's a lot to handle. And there will be a lot of times where simply no one is available to handle them.

    File : 1180539023.jpg-(12 KB, 279x35)
    12 KB How seriously should we take racism? Anonymous ## Janitor 05/30/07(Wed)11:30 No.965   [Reply]
    The global rules state that racism shouldn't appear outside of /b/. I often get reports, specifically from /mu/, of posts that use the word "nigger" in racist manner. These posts are obviously racist and violate the global rule, but what should I do for them? Are ban-requests the way to go? I ask this because I have been banned from a board before simply for using the word "nigger" sarcastically. Personally, ban-requests seem too harsh. I think that racist posts should only be ban-requested/deleted when the poster is clearly trolling. But it doesn't matter what I think. What do the mods think?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/30/07(Wed)15:27 No.966
    Delete racist comments. ask for ban requests for blatant repeated offenses. You'll know because the asshole will post five minutes later going "FUCK YOU MODS/JANITORS. I R RACIST & U R FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS."

    File : 1179767704.jpg-(287 KB, 800x600)
    287 KB /tg/ problems Anonymous ## Mod 05/21/07(Mon)13:15 No.959   [Reply]
    Alright, /tg/ seems to have a very persistant troll. Normally I'd bring this up on IRC, but I can't get on until tomorrow or so. He posts either the same 3 or 4 sfw TransGender (i.e. he wants TG to stand for that) pics of Evangelion characters or another 3 or 4 Tails from Sonic transgender furry porn pics. I think he's the same guy posting yuri there occasionally, too.

    Thing is, I delete his picture and make ban requests, but he's been doing it persistantly for about 4 or 5 days now. There are a couple ban requests in for him right now. Lately he's going into /co/ occasionally with the tails pics, too. Help?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/21/07(Mon)14:05 No.960
    Have coda autoban him.

    File : 1179452137.jpg-(51 KB, 547x355)
    51 KB Homework threads Anonymous 05/17/07(Thu)21:35 No.947   [Reply]
    Can I delete these?
    They're off-topic, they never get answered, and they're often for homework that's obviously highschool-aged or younger.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/17/07(Thu)22:07 No.948
    you should...
    reason being it is a blatent request
    no one answers them because its a big waste of space
    if they return to spam it... please engage a ban request for spamming X number of times for request for help with homework
    >> Anonymous 05/18/07(Fri)16:28 No.952
    sorry, forgot to mention this was on /r/
    Blatant requests are what we do :)

    File : 1178897601.jpg-(70 KB, 640x480)
    70 KB mods, damn it. Anonymous 05/11/07(Fri)11:33 No.917   [Reply]
    This has been happening with increasing regularity over the last week:
    1. Idiot spams board
    2. Janitors ban request him
    3. Janitors say on IRC "any mods around? Someone is spamming"
    4. idiot continues to spam while janitors try to delete all the posts
    One idiot yesterday spammed every single board THREE TIMES before he was banned. Someone was just doing with child porn it on /b/, posted at least 4 pictures (and I still don't think he's banned)
    Can you please, PLEASE either
    1. Promote some janitors to mods
    2. Give janitors some way to ban people, at least temporarily (say one hour). Before I left I remember some mention of a system where multiple janitors could ban someone by "combining their power", maybe that should be implemented? (I'm willing to code it!)

    The spam on our boards is bad enough but when people can post insanely illegal child porn many many times in a row it's really really bad.
    Hey, my report icon just went red...
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    >> Anonymous ## Manager 05/12/07(Sat)01:54 No.936
    Typically I'd say use the board alert feature when there is a flood or something unmanageable on the board.

    here are the things I said in the janitor channel

    most of you will probably not going to be promoted, but we are trying to improve your tools.

    Remember that the entire point of the janitor program is having people around to DELETE stuff, not pseudo-mod or be users with special privileges

    The only thing I can do now is let you know that the tools are being upgraded and I have started yelling at all the other mods to be in #janiteam all the time.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/07(Sat)02:11 No.937
    Right. I delete stuff all the time, I have no problem with that, I understand that's my job.
    I'm not complaining about that at all.
    I'm complaining about things where the only reason we have to delete it at all is because the ban requests are not getting answered, where we have already escalated it to the point of ban requesting. There's nothing we can do at that point but sit there deleting their reposts and hoping the moderators wake up.
    Suggestion #2 (give janitors more powers) was just intended as an alternate solution to the "ban requests are not getting handled" problem.
    The problem is not that janitors don't have enough power, it's that people who need bans are not getting them. I don't care how that problem is solved, it just needs to be solved.
    >> Anonymous 05/12/07(Sat)23:06 No.938
    I agree with that. On my board, there's a troll who basically bashes everything and goes against at least two of the global/board rules in a post. (Generally mixing /b/tardism rules and 'strong opinion tossing' rules) I'm not sure how easy or hard it is to ban him (proxies and all that), but I think I've asked for a ban on him before and he's definitely a repeat offender.

    Sometimes every post he makes in a thread has to be deleted because of "kike hate" or claims that one side or the other are "christfags" or "niggerlovers" or some such.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/07(Sun)10:39 No.939
    What are you talking about Anonymous? I enjoy playing ban request and delete. Can't keep 4chan clean all the time.
    What would be nice... is a better way to view the entire board, like a janitor view. Like today, almost 100ish posts with "DESUx70" and "GO BACK TO BED HAL". No problems manually deleting, but mass deletion wouldn't be so bad I think. /a/ is hit pretty hard with the wave of shit. Hope these new tools you speak of don't suck.
    >> Anonymous 05/17/07(Thu)23:57 No.951
    possibly check boxes within each thread and mass delete at the top where the OP is?

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