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  • File : 1186294066.png-(13 KB, 150x181, 117363591891.png)
    13 KB /t/ issues Anonymous ## Janitor 08/05/07(Sun)02:07 No.1025  
    Seems that /t/ is having some issues rendering pages 4 and 5. Both contain posts that can be bumped, however imgboard.html fails to link to or update pages 4 or 5 despite new posts being created, and bumping others off of page 3 (though they still exist.)

    The board wasn't flooded to my knowledge considering pages 4 and 5 wouldn't exist, and also wouldn't have bumpable posts on it...
    >> Anonymous 08/05/07(Sun)02:42 No.1026
    page 4 and 5 are stale, they point to live posts because threads newer than them were deleted. the posts on page 4 and 5 are also on earlier pages.

    there's only 3 pages worth of posts in /t/.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 08/05/07(Sun)11:07 No.1027
    Ah okay, didn't know it'd nix old threads before new ones came into replace them. Noted for the future.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/07(Sun)23:09 No.1028
    >>The board wasn't flooded to my knowledge

    looking at the rss history, there's a whole block of "fucking hate weeaboos" that all link to different threads, dated friday.

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