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  • File : 1191718925.jpg-(37 KB, 301x450, ruby.jpg)
    37 KB Kosh and Ruby Gloom Anonymous 10/06/07(Sat)21:02 No.1056  
    I'm curious about how to deal with these posters. For people not familiar with /co/, they're two role-playing posters that don't nessecarily break the rules, but they irritate a lot of the posters. I'd think it would be a good idea to ban them, but they haven't actually broken any rules.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 10/06/07(Sat)21:10 No.1057
    They do get banned, but they ban evade. Well, Ruby Gloom does, and he is an extremely shitty poster.
    >> Anonymous 10/06/07(Sat)21:19 No.1058
    Oh. Well then!
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/08/08(Sat)18:51 No.1117
    /r/ permaban for ruby/misery gloom.
    >> Anonymous 04/13/08(Sun)15:00 No.1141

    Can I ask for one for Wyatt Creed? He's been spamming Witch and Winx Club threads for months now and a lot of people are sick of them, since they usually consist of random screencaps. No real purpose to them except to piss people off, it seems.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 04/16/08(Wed)06:20 No.1145
    seconding that his posts tend to cause nothing but drama. might necessitate another banning of his name/trip rather than just banning him, though - he might not be a troll.
    >> Anonymous 08/15/08(Fri)05:41 No.1193
    Fun fact: Wyatt Creed IS Misery/Ruby Gloom, just a different name.

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