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  • File : 1175064280.jpg-(74 KB, 607x445, NONREQUE.jpg)
    74 KB Answering requests in /r/ Anonymous 03/28/07(Wed)02:44 No.868  
    Can I delete these please?
    They're always shitty porn mentioned in a /v/, /co/ or /tg/ thread that they can't post there (worksafe!) so they post them in /r/.
    We have a /b/, an /h/, and a /d/ last I checked.
    Another problem is that you can't really tell if this was actually requested, short of going to the board they mention and searching through all the recent topics. It'd be quite easy to just say "Posting this for /tg/" and go and spam whatever the hell you want in /r/.
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 03/28/07(Wed)04:31 No.870
    Yeah, remove them.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/15/07(Tue)17:35 No.945
         File1179264955.jpg-(64 KB, 650x785, post that in -r-.jpg)
    64 KB
    In a similar vein, should I delete "post that in /r/" posts like 880015 here, since they're basically the source of this sort of problem? They are pretty much requests, too, which shouldn't be outside of /r/ too much anyway.

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