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  • File : 1222040847.jpg-(117 KB, 444x659, duderanch.jpg)
    117 KB Anonymous 09/21/08(Sun)19:47 No.1201  
    are certain words set to instaban in /b/? I posted something along the lines of "people are so butthurt about this image" and got banned for "Spamming" even though it was my first post in like 3 days.

    Any help over here mods?

    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 09/21/08(Sun)21:22 No.1202
         File1222046535.jpg-(56 KB, 704x396, i dunno lol.jpg)
    56 KB
    I just tried the exact same text and nothing happened.
    >> Anonymous 09/24/08(Wed)17:20 No.1204
    You had it coming.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 10/01/08(Wed)14:25 No.1205
    this should probably be taken to's not really janitor related at can still delete illegal reports in /b/ while still being banned, afaik.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 10/01/08(Wed)18:36 No.1206
    You can't report posts though, which is somewhat important for janitors. However the ban has probably expired anyway.

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