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  • File : 1166593397.jpg-(8 KB, 300x193, bw_crying_girl.jpg)
    8 KB ZOMG ELDER ADVICE Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)00:43 No.585  
    A word of advice from one of the "older" janitors- there are some posts you don't touch, and here's an example.

    Posts whining about YOU. Yeah, it sucks...but guess what? A post whining about the "nazi janitors" that doesn't magically disappear is a blessing. It sticks out like a sore thumb saying "SUP, I HAVEN'T BEEN DELETED, LOOKIT ME!", and if it was a tripcode user- makes them look like a whining idiot.

    This might be a nice place to talk about what you've learned janitoring your respective boards. Just keep in mind, a lot of boards are very different, so qualify your comments well, and when reading what fellow janitors say, it may be very contextual. As foone and I were talking about on IRC just now, /r and /o are janitored in VERY different ways :-)

    Cheers, all. PS:Try to find a "whining" related image for your post for all of us to use (posting anonymously of course :-) in response to idiots whining about us.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)04:20 No.589
         File1166606402.jpg-(15 KB, 400x377, 1166359342450.jpg)
    15 KB
    Never had anyone whining at me over on /h/, but I figured this might work as an image. it makes me laugh at least.

    As for what I've learned... it's hard to say. I think we can all agree that a common thing is that people assume that, just because they don't see the words "user was banned for this post", we don't exist. I've posted quite a few times anonymously to remind people otherwise, but we janitors seem to be an urban legend on /h/.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 12/20/06(Wed)04:31 No.590
    I haven't had any real complaints. Got an odd response the other day though. Someone posted a RS to something I wouldn't mind having, so I thought I'd be nice, and request a torrent with a hint of 'rules etc' instead of just killing it. The next user replied.

    "You're better off reporting it and going on your way until the janitors learn to work effeciently enough." Or something along those lines.

    I'm not sure exactly what the hell that means, but it's the first reference I've seen, so I can't be too bad heh.

    I'm noticing more posts going off on tangents recently though. I might start being slightly more nazi'ish if posts start getting closer to /b grade material (I think some might consider some posts there already.)
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 12/22/06(Fri)10:46 No.600
         File1166802392.gif-(80 KB, 503x450, Furious.gif)
    80 KB
    I learned that if I am not destroying the thread entirely on /c/, it is helpful to explain what the user did wrong in an anonymous, ambiguous way (so that they don't think it is the janitor posting). A simple phrase like "males aren't allowed here." educates everybody but does not risk blowing my cover. It just makes me sound like some guy who knows the rules. I think it works. Most people on /c/ know what they are doing and there are not very many repeat offenders from what I can tell.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/06(Fri)12:59 No.601
    Most of the drama on /cgl/ is from the users, not from janitors removing threads and pictures. Judging from the amount of troll posting on /cgl/ I doubt anyone will miss any thread...unless it's yet another Adella one.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/26/06(Tue)01:30 No.607
         File1167114637.jpg-(83 KB, 464x670, 1147704897386.jpg)
    83 KB
    Here's a friendly protip on the subject, despite the fact that no one has posted in this thread for a few days now.

    Users complain when you delete threads. Users complain when you don't delete threads. The fact that they don't see "User was banned for this post" very often signifies to them that no one's doing their job. When they do see it, they'll bitch about how such and such wasn't fair for whatever bullshit reason, and then the banned party will come back to taunt, probably with something like "lol proxies".

    Is there any good way to work around this? No, not really. Should you give a shit? No, not at all. If someone wants to bitch about the job you're doing, feel free to delete any offensive images and leave the posts. The other users will descend upon the whiners like vultures upon a fresh, possibly barely living carcass. As long as you take care of the rules part, you can leave the wolves to the wolves, and in some cases play them off each other in entertaining new ways.

    Just live by the motto: "Let's 4chan!"
    >> Anonymous 12/30/06(Sat)01:12 No.615
    Keeping a good sense of humor seems to help a lot, in my experience. If I see people bitching about something I've done, as long as I know I haven't made a horrible mistake, I usually laugh about it. (though maybe that's the asshole in me coming out, too, I don't know)

    In any case, taking things too seriously seems to be a downfall here. If you find yourself starting to get really serious about everything, it might be good to take a short break until you relax a bit.

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