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  • /gif/ board Anonymous 10/26/06(Thu)07:29 No.332   [Reply]
    The board I janitor is /gif/... Quite frequently there are people /r/ing in gif... If they /r/ about gif animated images should I delete that post? Or should it stay? Also what about these constant traps that overload /gif/ everyday?
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    >> Anonymous 10/28/06(Sat)21:04 No.354
    i think that falls under the exception moot mentioned. if they post a good flash file and ask for another good flash file, i'd say leave it be since they're contributing to /f/. if they post something stupid (I'M AN FBI AGENT springs to mind) just so they can post to make a request, that's the same as doing "pic unrelated" on other boards and should be deleted.
    >> New question Anonymous 11/10/06(Fri)09:00 No.417
    Ok my board /gif/ allows the posting of porn. Well a good amount of times people post and say they don't want that much porn on /gif/.. I mean I know what they mean cause just about every page has some porn on it, and at times its really extreme porn and even sick, and tons of reposts... So many reposts of girls giving blow jobs... it's like it never leaves the board. I was thinking maybe I could delete some of the porn gif's that are posted every day. It might help bring in some people who post something besides porn. Please share your views on this.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/10/06(Fri)14:37 No.418
    There's nothing in the rules of /gif/ against porn, so deleting porn makes no sense. /gif/ just happens to be a non-worksafe board, so if people don't like it, I'm inclined to say "Tough".
    >> Anonymous 11/10/06(Fri)18:10 No.419
    Well I don't mean to delete porn in general, just the porn gif's that are reposted the minute they leave the board. I dare to say some of these have been reposted for over a month lol.

    Oh, and some post "animal porn"... Now I heard once it was illegal but I never took that to be 100% true. But when other's do post it, people mark their post as illegal. I deleted the one's that were, well.... I would consider to much...
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/13/06(Mon)00:49 No.427
    Pornographic material depicting sex between humans and animals is in violation of US obscenity laws in most regions. In other words, yes, it's illegal.

    File : 1163223495.gif-(23 KB, 350x350)
    23 KB /v/ NSFW? Anonymous 11/11/06(Sat)00:38 No.420   [Reply]
    I'm beginning to think /v/ should just be put in the NSFW category. Every time I go there I see something bad for a Worksafe board and even when it's deleted two more spring up within the hour. If they can't learn to keep it Worksafe, maybe we should just shift it?
    >> Anonymous 11/11/06(Sat)01:50 No.421
    as it is there is some semblance of rational thought and some half-assed discussion of current gaming trends. make it NSFW and it'll become a dumping ground for VG porn.

    besides, it sounds like a rather slippery slope. "if we break the rules enough, they'll change things so we aren't breaking the rules as much."
    >> Anonymous 11/11/06(Sat)02:06 No.422


    If they want to post porn there's plenty of boards for that purpose. /v/'s got lots of janitors and the users are pretty decent at reporting NSFW stuff. It's rare for those images to stay up for long periods of time.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/06(Sat)19:11 No.423
    I really didn't think of that. Suggestion retracted.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/06(Sat)20:19 No.424
    (Much like what happened to /r/ when toons were first allowed. )

    File : 1162904524.png-(66 KB, 300x400)
    66 KB This Tifa pic in /v/ Anonymous ## Janitor 11/07/06(Tue)08:02 No.411   [Reply]
    So this picture is popping up multiple time a day in /v/, and it's been reported more than once, and seems to be getting on everyone's nerves. Is this bannable or not, and what's the official position on this?
    >> Anonymous 11/07/06(Tue)10:26 No.412
    It's the only reason I go to /v/ anymore :'(
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/07/06(Tue)11:55 No.413
    if they're spamming it, delete it.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/06(Fri)00:01 No.414
    I've been deleting it for the past week or so when I see it. It's just idiots trolling at this point, and the threads are nothing but sages or posts like "the left boob is bigger than the right."
    >> Anonymous 11/10/06(Fri)08:43 No.415
    It was an offshoot of the tifa hentai threads a month or so ago where people were posting non-worksafe images with small black bars, or pictures of games, over certain parts of the picture and were arguing it's not against the rules.

    I pretty much delete it since it only leads to people reposting shit from those threads.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/06(Fri)08:46 No.416
    I've been deleting it, also. It's an ugly ass picture, anyway :o

    Game posts in /co/ Anonymous ## Mod 11/03/06(Fri)14:10 No.381   [Reply]
    Posts about tabletop games like these shouldn't really be in /co/, but the users there don't seem to mind and the guy's getting some discussion now. Should I delete threads like these? Or maybe I should try to delete them if I catch them before people reply, but leave it once it starts to get some discussion going like that?
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    >> Anonymous 11/04/06(Sat)13:29 No.389
    I'd leave them. They fit in better in /co/ than in /b/. Besides, we've had some good discussions with them, and I can't say I've ever seen anyone complain about them.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 11/04/06(Sat)16:16 No.391
    >a tabletop board for war games/pen&paper RPGs/board games/card games/etc.

    That would be a great board.
    >> Anonymous 11/04/06(Sat)16:19 No.392
    we get a lot of such threads on /m/ as well, but ours tend to be filled with blatant trollbait and flamewars.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/05/06(Sun)05:35 No.395
    Sounds like if we were to tell the people who post these things in /m/ that they should instead post in /co/, at least until such time that a tabletop board is made, that would solve a lot of your /m/ problems.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/06(Mon)16:22 No.410
    I think a better idea might just be to turn /v/ into a board for all games besides sports.

    File : 1162773272.jpg-(135 KB, 1024x744)
    135 KB Broken report Anonymous 11/05/06(Sun)19:34 No.399   [Reply]
    I'm showing this report in /r/
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    >> Anonymous 11/05/06(Sun)20:39 No.403
    I figured that part out, but this shouldn't happen. I posted it here so that coda (or whoever) would know there's a bug in the report-deleting.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 11/05/06(Sun)20:45 No.404
    It struck me as odd because I'm the only /t jan. So thinking about it, it means two threads were deleted by the OP, or a mod before I got to them which seemed off.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/06(Sun)21:58 No.405
    I'm 99% sure it happens when a user reports a post after it's already been deleted (because it was deleted between the user loading the page and reporting the post). I assume the system just isn't checking to see if a report points to a post that actually exists before logging it.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/06(Sun)23:23 No.407
    Bingo, that's it.
    I tried by opening the report window for a post, deleting it, then hitting report.
    Boom, orphaned report.

    Seems that all you need to do is check that the post exists on report submission.
    >> Anonymous 11/06/06(Mon)01:01 No.408
    It seems to happen any time the post is deleted through any method other than the reports page.

    Like, if a user deletes his own post that someone had reported. Or if you use the extension button to delete a post that's been reported, the reports don't get cleared.

    Sexy /cgl/ Anonymous 10/29/06(Sun)10:49 No.355   [Reply]
    There are quite a few threads on /cgl/ that popup almost daily asking for pictures of sexy cosplayers. I have been deleting the threads that turn into cosplay porn as soon as I see them, but I was just wondering the moderators stance on keeping the threads where it is just pictures of attractive cosplayers. I have been keeping them up as long as they are relatively clean.

    Your thoughts?
    >> Anonymous 10/29/06(Sun)12:10 No.356
    Why would you delete cosplay porn? /cgl/ is not a worksafe board, so as long as the pictures aren't disgusting or overly crappy I don't see why it shouldn't stay. It isn't like those threads would pose a problem, and I haven't heard any mods say that porn in /cgl/ is not allowed.
    >> Anonymous 10/29/06(Sun)15:43 No.357
    While there isn't any rules pertaining to cosplay porn on CGL, I am just under the belief that /s/ or /b/ would better serve this demand thats all. I would like to hear what the moderators have to say on the matter.
    >> Anonymous 11/01/06(Wed)00:58 No.372
    /s/, while it seems like one of the only appropriate places, isn't too much for porn either. we like to keep it to a minimal i would think. cosplay porn, considering it's cosplay, would probably fit best on /cgl/.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/06(Sun)13:05 No.397
    Sounds reasonable. If it's full out porn I'll probably still delete it but if it's artistic or soft, i'll leave it up unless someone reports it.

    File : 1162398988.jpg-(32 KB, 592x304)
    32 KB /g/ janitors Anonymous 11/01/06(Wed)11:36 No.373   [Reply]
    am i the only janitor on /g/?

    picture related in that it is technology
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    >> Anonymous 11/04/06(Sat)03:03 No.386
         File1162627439.jpg-(8 KB, 196x199)
    8 KB
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/04/06(Sat)09:05 No.387
    ah I never see him around IRC or here.. wasn't sure he was still breathing.. lol
    >> Anonymous 11/04/06(Sat)12:34 No.388
    I lurk more than the average tripfag.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/04/06(Sat)15:34 No.390
    its ok we still love you
    >> Anonymous 11/05/06(Sun)00:45 No.393

    Fuck you, I almost fell off my chair when I saw that :-)

    As they would say at the gentleman's club, fine selection, good sir.

    File : 1162249695.gif-(6 KB, 449x226)
    6 KB DEAR /J Anonymous 10/30/06(Mon)18:08 No.363   [Reply]
    WTF is going on with 4chan, rizon, etc?

    Picture related.
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 10/31/06(Tue)13:26 No.365
    >> Anonymous 11/03/06(Fri)12:25 No.379

    Well, not anymore- but on a regular basis, Rizon no worky; no IRC, no web, no nothin'. And 5 other IRC networks work just fine...

    On that particular occasion, 4chan was also completely dead.

    Gone for the weekend Anonymous 11/03/06(Fri)03:15 No.378   [Reply]
    I'll be camping in Shenandoah till Sunday afternoon, so keep an eye on /e/, even though its generality pretty quiet.

    Anonymous 11/02/06(Thu)02:47 No.374   [Reply]
    What's the policy on Po-ju in /y/? x:
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/02/06(Thu)12:00 No.375
    Its shota. Shota doesn't belong anywhere outside of /b/
    >> Anonymous 11/02/06(Thu)19:06 No.376
    Not all of it is Shota, actually.
    But the remaining stuff doesn't belong in /y/, still.
    (Dickgirls, straight hentai, and furry...)

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