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  • File : 1179350326.jpg-(22 KB, 331x373)
    22 KB A question about janitoring /mu/ Anonymous ## Janitor 05/16/07(Wed)17:18 No.946   [Reply]
    A while ago there was a thread where a moderator banned a user for posting a screencap of his music files, claiming that it was pointless attention whoring. Since then, it has kind of been an unwritten rule that screencaps of collections are not allowed to be posted. However, some of them are popping up again and they are being reported. What is the offical ruling on what to do with them?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/17/07(Thu)22:12 No.949
    Consider Global Rule #6
    "The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments."
    under this it says that quality is important, so what is this user posting a screenie of his folders doing? if does not serve a purpose and or the user could have found a more comprehensive and relevent pic, why did they even post it?
    you should also consider /mu/ rule #2
    "Trolling, instigating, or participating in a flamewar will result in a ban."
    what is the user trying to incite?
    insightful conversation or a shitty thread?

    please consider these when making your judgement. it is a very case by case basis
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 05/17/07(Thu)22:28 No.950
    Thanks for that. I'd imagine that "shit sux, amirite guys" posts should go, while "This is what I like, what else could you suggest?" would be ok.

    File : 1175064280.jpg-(74 KB, 607x445)
    74 KB Answering requests in /r/ Anonymous 03/28/07(Wed)02:44 No.868   [Reply]
    Can I delete these please?
    They're always shitty porn mentioned in a /v/, /co/ or /tg/ thread that they can't post there (worksafe!) so they post them in /r/.
    We have a /b/, an /h/, and a /d/ last I checked.
    Another problem is that you can't really tell if this was actually requested, short of going to the board they mention and searching through all the recent topics. It'd be quite easy to just say "Posting this for /tg/" and go and spam whatever the hell you want in /r/.
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 03/28/07(Wed)04:31 No.870
    Yeah, remove them.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/15/07(Tue)17:35 No.945
         File1179264955.jpg-(64 KB, 650x785)
    64 KB
    In a similar vein, should I delete "post that in /r/" posts like 880015 here, since they're basically the source of this sort of problem? They are pretty much requests, too, which shouldn't be outside of /r/ too much anyway.

    File : 1179104303.png-(4 KB, 455x241)
    4 KB Report suggestion Anonymous ## Janitor 05/13/07(Sun)20:58 No.940   [Reply]
    I know that the team is already working on things, so this suggestion may be coming at a bad time, but I figured that I'd just throw it out there before I forgot about it myself.

    Would it be possible to make a "reason" field in the report window, so that the average user can sort of explain the situation in addition to just reporting it? It wouldn't have to be mandatory to report something, but would just be there for any extra helpful information that may be needed to explain the situation, such as "This guy has been spamming this image in a bunch of threads". The hypothetical image could be worksafe, and if it was simply reported, the janitor wouldn't know why. An attached user comment would explain things.

    There isn't an urgent need for this (for me at least), but I think that it may be helpful. Your thoughts.
    >> Anonymous 05/13/07(Sun)21:37 No.941
    i agree that this would be helpful, but considering (at least in my experience) how infrequently the report system is utilized by the end users, i'm not sure if they'd even bother.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 05/13/07(Sun)23:27 No.942
    I've thought about this too. Generally I can figure it out by a ton of flame posts in a non-reported but violating thread, or have no idea on currently reported threads. So those who did utilize it would probably just be morons anyhow.
    >> Anonymous 05/15/07(Tue)10:34 No.944
    There'd be some abuse, but I think it could be at least a little helpful. If a user is helpful enough to actually report an offending pic/post surely they'd be helpful enough to type a couple words?

    Or has janitoring not shattered what little innocence I have remaining?

    Anonymous ## Mod 05/10/07(Thu)14:07 No.908   [Reply]
    When making ban requests. PLEASE BE AS DESCRIPTIVE AS POSSIBLE. I'll be frank, I will just clear your ban request if you write 'lol drama' in your damn ban request.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/10/07(Thu)15:29 No.912

    hmm... is "posting porn" alright or do you need me to elaborate?
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 05/10/07(Thu)21:19 No.913
    That's fine.

    /v/ pictures Anonymous ## Mod 05/04/07(Fri)06:56 No.899   [Reply]
    Okay, who's deleting all the pictures of threads in /v/?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/04/07(Fri)09:16 No.900
         File1178284584.jpg-(241 KB, 1440x900)
    241 KB
    Something like this, x50
    >> Anonymous 05/04/07(Fri)09:21 No.901
    That was happening somewhat randomly to /?/ threads a while back. Maybe a bug?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/04/07(Fri)11:39 No.902

    Maybe the users were deleting the pictures?

    (nice background btw)
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/04/07(Fri)12:28 No.903
    Har, thanks.
    Anyway, I fixed it thanks to a suggestion from Anon. Deleted the 4000+ post unstickied Pokeman thread.

    File : 1177542663.jpg-(72 KB, 351x262)
    72 KB Underage ban? Anonymous ## Janitor 04/25/07(Wed)19:11 No.895   [Reply]
    The global rules say that you have to be 18+ to browse 4chan, but there is no real way of telling the age of Anonymous users unless they do something dumb like post pictures of themselves. My question is: what do we do with posts that imply or state that the poster is underage? People have reported these posts sometimes in the hopes that the user will be banned, but I ignore them because there is a very good chance that the supossedly underage poster is just joking. So, how strict is the 18+ rule? Should we request bans for suspected underage users or is it just a formal rule that is not really meant to be enforced? I'm leaning towards the latter, but I could be wrong. Your thoughts.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 04/25/07(Wed)19:50 No.896
    Don't request bans for under age posters. Unless they're using it to blatantly troll the board you're watching over.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 04/25/07(Wed)20:22 No.897
    Alright. Thanks for clearing that up.
    >> Anonymous 04/25/07(Wed)20:33 No.898
    Quite awhile ago there was a large poll thread on one of my boards with questions like age, sex, likes, dislikes, etc. and I asked a mod in IRC if this rule is enforced and he said it most certainly is. Don't request bans for it though, ask a mod to take a look at it and if he feels there is enough evidence and that the person isn't joking he'll take care of it.

    File : 1176519564.jpg-(44 KB, 372x269)
    44 KB Anonymous 04/13/07(Fri)22:59 No.888   [Reply]
    Alright who keeps deleting Kamen Rider threads on /a/? A significant portion of the board seems to enjoy discussing it, so I'd like to know why they seem to keep getting deleted.

    I don't think I have ever seen someone complain about a Kamen Rider thread in /a/. I do see quite a bit of complaining about such threads being deleted, though.

    So I'm just curious why someone seems to think they are a problem.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 04/15/07(Sun)16:56 No.889
    I didn't delete them, but I can say it is not Anime, and thus is off topic for /a/.
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 04/15/07(Sun)22:10 No.890

    File : 1175797916.jpg-(80 KB, 725x407)
    80 KB top10 spam Anonymous ## Mod 04/05/07(Thu)14:31 No.876   [Reply]
    what is up with this shit
    found on /u/ but it seems to be posted on all boards.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 04/05/07(Thu)14:35 No.877

    a bot seemed to be spamming the boards, or just one asshole. Delete, and ban request I suppose.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 04/05/07(Thu)16:29 No.879
    alright thx. b& requested

    File : 1174637132.jpg-(65 KB, 874x217)
    65 KB Single songs Anonymous 03/23/07(Fri)04:05 No.860   [Reply]
    I've seen a bunch of threads in /r/ where single songs are requested, and I'm wondering is that an exception to the standard licensing rules?
    like, requesting The Beatles - Abbey Road = NO
    requesting The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun = OK?
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 03/25/07(Sun)21:32 No.865
    Well it violates rule #4, as you said, but I guess in some cases it could be bent without doing much harm. Just use your own discretion.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/30/07(Fri)17:11 No.871
    theft is theft.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/07(Fri)17:53 No.872
    copyright violation != theft
    >> Anonymous 03/30/07(Fri)22:44 No.873
    requesting songs - bad
    posting the occasional rapidshare - okay?

    I never got a definitive mod answer in IRC, but the consensus seemed to be that the music sharing threads in /mu/ were okay.

    To SSDDR - /h/ Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)05:51 No.842   [Reply]
    It's okay to request in /h/ as long as the initial picture is /h/ in content, and related.

    As a result, I shall be clearing all of your ban requests, since I have no idea of telling whether the pictures are related or not.

    Ask Zorpheus on how to make a proper /h/ ban req. That's all!
    7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)14:10 No.850

    Don't be retarded. you're not going to stop people from requesting in /h/. (or on any other board for that matter.) But people still use /r/ for what it is. Just don't delete requests unless the image they use is off topic, the request is off topic, or the request they asked for is derided.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)14:23 No.851
    Plus, you have the whole slippery slope of "where does it become a request, and where is it just a themed thread"

    first post: "Here, I'll post a bunch of rei-chan pics in this thread"
    first post: "This is a rei-chan thread!"
    first post: "rei-chan itt"
    first post: "this is my best rei-chan pic. what are your favorites, /h/?"
    first post: "everybody post your favorite rei-chan pics!"
    first post: "let's post rei-chan pics"
    first post: "post rei-chan in this thread"
    first post: "give me all of your rei-chan pics"

    I mean, which ones of these are too "request"-ish? I think themed threads are great and well enjoyed by boards, even when they may tread over towards /r/ territory.

    Honestly, when you post an evangelion picture and say "evangelion is awesome", there's an implicit request there, and people will post more eva in the thread - does the exact wording really matter? Isn't that just being anal?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)16:25 No.852
    Why discorage contribution? (relevent) contribution buys you the right to ask something (related, and in keeping with the board) of the board. As long as the contribution is of quality then it is adding to the board and there is no problem. /r/ is for shitty requests that probably won;t get answered anyway. It was only made to keep requests out of /t/ anyway.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)20:03 No.855
    My usual system for requests in /h/ is:

    If the first picture isn't /h/, then I request a ban. This includes doujin covers.

    If the first picture at least contains a related nude picture, or is /h/-worthy but not related to their request, the thread is merely deleted.

    If the first picture is /h/-worthy and related, I usually leave it alone except in special cases.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/07(Thu)09:32 No.858
    ah, sorry, i was just trying to follow the rules to the letter, but i see your point. I think most of those i filed had unrelated/non /h/ pics, but i will be sure to specify in the future.

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