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  • File : 1165756237.png-(14 KB, 222x571, reports.png)
    14 KB Anonymous ## Mod 12/10/06(Sun)08:10 No.555  
    I woke up to this :(
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/11/06(Mon)01:14 No.556
    we could help solve this problem with automatic deletes and bans for reports that go over 10 or 15 illegal reports. I know some people say /b/tards would abuse it, but they got to know of it first before they think they can abuse it.
    >> Anonymous 12/11/06(Mon)06:23 No.557
    how can a postnumber be zero? (like on /s/ and /b/ on this picture)
    i encountered it some time ago too
    >> Anonymous 12/11/06(Mon)07:21 No.558
    I think it happens if someone submits a report but the thread has already been deleted.
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 12/11/06(Mon)15:45 No.560
    I told coda to do this a few weeks ago but we accidently mentioned it in the team channel, and because certain people seem to hemorrhage private information, we won't be doing it that way anymore. We have two solutions in the works though. coda just needs to find time to code them.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/12/06(Tue)01:58 No.562

    Things must be bad when you can't trust your own administration team.
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 12/12/06(Tue)03:10 No.563
    Our two other solutions are better/safer anyway. Here's to hoping coda finishes school soon so he can get to work on them!
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/12/06(Tue)03:22 No.564

    Just have him dropout instead. Coda doesn't need school, he needs 4chan.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/06(Thu)03:07 No.571
    It's good to see 4chan improving. What were the posts about? CP?
    >> Anonymous 12/14/06(Thu)06:47 No.572
    Ah yes. It appears around 2am-10am there is a gaping hole that most mods aren't present. Understandable for school and etc. Quite a few are aware of this as well.

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