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  • File : 1179452137.jpg-(51 KB, 547x355, homework.jpg)
    51 KB Homework threads Anonymous 05/17/07(Thu)21:35 No.947  
    Can I delete these?
    They're off-topic, they never get answered, and they're often for homework that's obviously highschool-aged or younger.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/17/07(Thu)22:07 No.948
    you should...
    reason being it is a blatent request
    no one answers them because its a big waste of space
    if they return to spam it... please engage a ban request for spamming X number of times for request for help with homework
    >> Anonymous 05/18/07(Fri)16:28 No.952
    sorry, forgot to mention this was on /r/
    Blatant requests are what we do :)

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