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  • File : 1190739034.gif-(2 KB, 285x366)
    2 KB Anonymous 09/25/07(Tue)12:50 No.1051   [Reply]
    So how do we deal with meme spamming? There's a lot of it going around in /x/, which is really pissing a lot of people off. I've been deleting the majority of it off the board, but a lot of people are still forcing it, much to the annoyance of the general userbase. Suggestions?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 09/28/07(Fri)00:42 No.1053
    I janitor /x/ too the "is this paranormal" shit with some retarded /b/ image attached gets really annoying. For a week I deleted it, and it never stopped so I've just been throwing up banrequests since. It's helped.

    File : 1189979258.jpg-(37 KB, 500x372)
    37 KB non-worksafe content on /w/ Anonymous 09/16/07(Sun)17:47 No.1046   [Reply]
    People keep bitching about not having a place to put /e/, /u/, /y/, /h/, and /d/ wallpapers. I think they'd be fine in their respective boards and that /w/ is fine remaining worksafe, but these complaints are becoming more prevalent, so...

    In a recent thread (escalated at the time of this writing):

    "No, worksafe isn't the problem, the problem is that there isn't an alternative board for /e/ related wallpapers (other than just /e/) /wg/ complains about it being anime related, /w/ is still burichan, people don't actually think about having thread in /e/ for wallpaper.
    /a/ isn't fagged up due to the worksafeness, just because it is /a/. Or rather, we are on 4chan, so fagged up by default."

    "Simple solution is to make /w/ non-worksafe.
    I don't know why the mods had the idea to have it worksafe in the first place."

    "because then it would just turn into a horrible hybrid of /d/ /u/ and /y/"

    "So? Better than daily drama over it being worksafe.
    Allow /e/ wallpapers, but not /d/ or /h/ wallpapers. Simple as that, so it doesn't turn into another porn board."
    >> Anonymous 09/16/07(Sun)18:13 No.1047
    if /w/ becomes nonworksafe nobody will ever post worksafe wallpapers ever again. nsfw /w/ = /h/ in 4:3.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 09/16/07(Sun)18:26 No.1048
    /wg/ should just suck it up if they don't like anime-related images. It is a general wallpaper board after all. Even NFSW anime wallpapers fall under the category of "everything".
    >> Anonymous 09/17/07(Mon)03:18 No.1049
    I don't understand why people so badly want wallpapers that are hentai.

    If /w/ becomes a nonworksafe board, I would have to leave it.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 09/18/07(Tue)05:23 No.1050
    I don't see why we should have a board for NSFW walls. They should just be posted in /e/ or /h/. I've never had people complain in /e/ or /h/ that someone posted wallpapers. And if that's the kind of content they're interested in, then it's not really going out of their range of taste by posting in /e/ or /h/. Or /d/, or /u/ or whatever. We'd love the wallpapers there. Really. Much more than we love the 'pic unrelated' requests and /b/ leaking we keep getting.

    Besides, NSFW wallpapers are silly. Do people really want the first thing anyone sees on powering up their computer to be drawn pornography?

    File : 1186882903.jpg-(383 KB, 1080x744)
    383 KB Loli Issues w/ Lucky Star Anonymous 08/11/07(Sat)21:41 No.1037   [Reply]
    Since lucky star has become popular, i've been seeing a lot of loli pictures being posted repeatedly in /e/ and /h/. Since they used to be rare, i had always just deleted these, but given the frequency i think some bannings are in order. Do you agree? Is it alright if i start sending up ban requests on these people?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 08/11/07(Sat)21:44 No.1038
    deletion should be the first choice, Ban Request for a flood of it in a thread, or on the board, or if a person is reposting after deletion.

    File : 1186711842.jpg-(87 KB, 500x376)
    87 KB Yuri in /h/ Anonymous ## Mod 08/09/07(Thu)22:10 No.1032   [Reply]
    I generally leave it. But recently, the userbase claims that by doing so, we are "unfair" because we would delete Yaoi if it showed up, so we should delete Yuri, too.

    I have always thought /u/ (as well as /e/) was just for people who don't like seeing cocks period, and that /u/ material is acceptable in /h/.

    What is the official take on this?
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 08/09/07(Thu)23:08 No.1033
    Meh, just delete it if it strikes your fancy. TECHNICALLY it shouldn't be there, but if it's going to take you more than a second to clean a thread that isn't a flame trap, just leave it or nuke the entire thread if it's nothing but baaawws is my philosophy.
    >> Anonymous 08/10/07(Fri)10:48 No.1034
    I usually leave it, but if the thread fills up with bitching, I single out the main offenders and just nuke the thread from orbit. It only seems to be a handful of people who are sticklers for the rules who keep whining about it tbh, everyone else is just too busy fapping. Yes, technically, it shouldn't be there, but a) requests are more troublesome and more people hate those and b) most of the pics I've seen getting saged lately usually have vast quantities of spooge everywhere, barring them from /u/ anyway.
    >> Anonymous 08/11/07(Sat)03:49 No.1035
    I think the fact is that nobody in /h/ is offended by /u/ content, just like /e/ content. But /y/ content is going to offend most people looking for /h/.

    File : 1186578670.jpg-(62 KB, 951x406)
    62 KB Anonymous 08/08/07(Wed)09:11 No.1029   [Reply]
    I'd like to see if this is at all possible to be implimented. Because it's getting just terrible in /a/ recently because of this shit. The report system is being used like a "sage", only instead it's to waste my time clearing a shitty report instead of removing a shitty post.
    I also enjoy it when they feel it's not just breaking the rules, but breaking the law.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 08/08/07(Wed)09:14 No.1030
    Just escalate it and I'll get the reporter banned.
    Dunno about the rest of the mods, lol.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 08/08/07(Wed)12:31 No.1031
    I was wondering why people were escalating. Also, the people reporting Lucky Star are the trolls from Russia.

    File : 1186294066.png-(13 KB, 150x181)
    13 KB /t/ issues Anonymous ## Janitor 08/05/07(Sun)02:07 No.1025   [Reply]
    Seems that /t/ is having some issues rendering pages 4 and 5. Both contain posts that can be bumped, however imgboard.html fails to link to or update pages 4 or 5 despite new posts being created, and bumping others off of page 3 (though they still exist.)

    The board wasn't flooded to my knowledge considering pages 4 and 5 wouldn't exist, and also wouldn't have bumpable posts on it...
    >> Anonymous 08/05/07(Sun)02:42 No.1026
    page 4 and 5 are stale, they point to live posts because threads newer than them were deleted. the posts on page 4 and 5 are also on earlier pages.

    there's only 3 pages worth of posts in /t/.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 08/05/07(Sun)11:07 No.1027
    Ah okay, didn't know it'd nix old threads before new ones came into replace them. Noted for the future.
    >> Anonymous 08/05/07(Sun)23:09 No.1028
    >>The board wasn't flooded to my knowledge

    looking at the rss history, there's a whole block of "fucking hate weeaboos" that all link to different threads, dated friday.

    File : 1185534033.jpg-(97 KB, 600x750)
    97 KB Petition for a sticky on all boards Anonymous 07/27/07(Fri)07:00 No.1015   [Reply]
    2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
    >> Anonymous 07/27/07(Fri)11:10 No.1018
    I think we need one on, say, /n/ to discuss, with a reminder on some of the other boards to go talk about it there. Most of the worksafe ones seem to be getting the majority of the traffic about it, but there's always the likelihood of spillover.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 07/27/07(Fri)12:18 No.1019
    That's a good idea.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 07/27/07(Fri)18:27 No.1020
    Posted on both my boards and people enjoyed it and 0 complaints, so I just let the threads live.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 07/28/07(Sat)05:21 No.1022
    I'm sure it will blow over, until then looking after /i/ is a bit annoying considering we're getting more "I herd this wuz the invasion board lol" posts than normal.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 07/28/07(Sat)05:28 No.1023
    Somehow planning major floods in an oekaki board probably sounds pretty feasible to newfags heh. It'll blow over as soon as /i/ floods and closes every local fox bbs lol.

    File : 1185246169.jpg-(17 KB, 352x288)
    17 KB Jani of /s/ and /d/ here. Anonymous 07/23/07(Mon)23:02 No.1012   [Reply]
    I'm going to be on vacation for pretty much the next 2-3 weeks. I'll most likely be far from any internet source, so I hope the other Janitors will keep out an eye on the boards more.

    Thanks in advance.

    See you all around..
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 07/24/07(Tue)02:31 No.1013
    I just got back from my study abroad deal, so I'll be watching /d a lot more.

    File : 1185035355.jpg-(19 KB, 129x218)
    19 KB Hey guys! Rate my music collection! Anonymous ## Janitor 07/21/07(Sat)12:29 No.1010   [Reply]
    Threads featuring screencaps of the poster's digital music collection tend to pop up from time to time on /mu/. These threads serve some sort of purpose as they ask for suggestions for new bands/artists. More often than not, however, they are simply thinly-veiled attempts at stretching one's e-peen. A while ago, a poster was banned for doing this and his post was stickied to serve as an example for the rest of /mu/, but there was never really an official ruling on the practice of posting screencaps. So...

    1.) Are screencaps of one's collection allowed?
    - If they are, could a sticky be made telling the posters to keep it all in one thread?
    - If they are not, could /mu/'s rules reflect that?

    2.) For the time being, should /mu/'s janitors banrequest, delete, or ignore collection screencap threads?

    Thanks. Pic is a joke and not my collection by the way :P
    >> Anonymous 07/21/07(Sat)19:37 No.1011
    I don't see a problem with them if they're there because people do want to get recommendations. But the 'rate my collection' threads are different, since that does suggest to me they're basically saying 'Hay guys, my musical taste is superior to yours'. I would let them be, but keep an eye on them and delete the second they turn into a flamewar.

    File : 1184458658.jpg-(3 KB, 212x217)
    3 KB /gif/ Anonymous ## Mod 07/14/07(Sat)20:17 No.1004   [Reply]
    Requesting clarification on certain posts in /gif/!

    People like to post animated .gifs of people getting mutilated, whether it be someone getting their arm torn off by an aligator or shot in the head, etc. Things like that. What should I do about these threads?
    >> Anonymous 07/15/07(Sun)05:14 No.1005
    It was my understanding that /gif/ is "animated /b/."
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 07/15/07(Sun)05:15 No.1006

    Yeah, I get that a lot, but it says in the global rules guro and stuff like that isn't allowed so I've been deleting them. Users havn't really retaliated, but I just wanted to clarify just in-case.

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