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  • WHUT CAMRA DO I BY? Anonymous 11/16/06(Thu)15:30 No.452  
    theres currently several "what slr/compact should i buy" threads on /p/. its beyond a joke. they do allways spark discussion, so i'm reluctant to delete them.
    can i get a clarification, or might i even suggest a new rule, reffering such discussion to /g/?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/16/06(Thu)17:54 No.454
    As another janitor on /p/, I would have to say that slr/compact threads would be hard to remove from the board. It is important to be able to talk about performance of cameras as they are used to produce photographs. However, these are cyclical. They start up around November/December for the holiday season and quickly end shortly after. Another peak time would be around May or June as well.

    Though I agree that it is almost ridiculous that there are probably 4 threads on the first page about gear in general, they shouldn't be deleted. Even /p/ gets bored of gear threads and start to sage them. About forwarding them to /g/, I don't think that there should be any conscious campaign to do so. Camera threads do pop up in /g/ but, I think they are pretty much valid in both boards.
    >> Anonymous 11/21/06(Tue)11:47 No.475
    The problem is that the gear threads appear almost constantly. Often times there will be threads for the same damn camera on different pages...usually an XTi, though at one point someone was (clearly) astroturfing the Sony SLR.

    Anything that keeps /p from turning into the absolute shithole that /g is, is more than welcome.

    /o used to have a problem with "help my car broke" and "I have $6k, what should I buy" threads. Deleting them one or twice resulted in people then posting "why haven't the mods deleted this yet? Arrg!" :-)

    For the 2 users that whine, 100 will sigh a great sigh of relief. Seriously, when someone posts a picture of a Rebel XTi "borrowed" from Amazon...that's not /p material to me. 99% of what follows are imageless flaming posts. That can be done on the discussion board.

    Here's a shocking idea...on each board's main page and reply page, link to the relevant discussion board.
    >> Anonymous 11/23/06(Thu)06:09 No.483

    I want new rules for /p/ and a sticky, with stuff like links to camera review pages. i'm also getting sick of all the 350D/400D and D50/70/75/80 threads.

    moving them to /g/ isn't smart, cause /g/ will say: go to /p/ for that.

    threads about older film cameras are OK on the other hand, IMO. they're less frequent and more interesting. there's plenty of info on the Canon/Nikon low-end DSLR series
    >> Anonymous 11/30/06(Thu)00:56 No.500

    Also, please put in the sticky a link to ...because when /p isn't asking equipment questions, they're asking basic photography questions.

    I do kind of agree about the film camera threads, though some idiot usually posts about film being better than digital.
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 11/30/06(Thu)14:05 No.503
    Camera discussion is not going to be moved to /g/ because thats a horrible idea and /g/ already has a no tech help rule. If things like this are actually a problem we should discuss a rule change in irc.

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