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    18 KB /i/ Rules Anonymous ## Mod 11/22/06(Wed)16:14 No.477  
    First off, thanks again to Coda for the awesome new oekaki features on /i/. I believe everyone has taken to them really well. The global announcement has turned it into /b/ paint right now. :)

    Because the upgrade also changes the nature of /i/, I was wondering if perhaps this might affect the rules as well. There have been some obviously non-oekaki pics posted, when I'm assuming this function is for when the upload fails.

    I'm aware it's still early days, so if it's okay I might put up some ideas later on as to how the new system might be detrimental to /i/ without certain guidelines. Thanks :)
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/26/06(Sun)13:00 No.486
    There hasn't been any problems with the new unoffical loli rule on /i/, but what about furry? There are one or two /i/ posters who are trying to get furry porn threads going. Would these stay as with the loli 'rule', or be deleted as furry outside /b/?
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 11/30/06(Thu)14:07 No.504
    this has already been addressed in the channel but I figured I'd mention it here too:

    furry stuff is still not allowed on /i/ or anywhere else besides /b/
    >> /i/ image size limits Anonymous ## Mod 12/08/06(Fri)23:44 No.553
    There's been some discussion regarding some changes to the /i/ uploads. There appears to be some confusion regarding whether it's a file size limit of 100kb, or an image size limit of 300x300 pixels. I tried it out and it appears to be the latter.

    To prevent any people who haven't screencapped their work, or even begun one witht the new system, can we make some kind of notice as to this change? I assume it's for bandwidth and such, which is cool, but it might be an idea to give the board a heads up?
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 12/10/06(Sun)04:12 No.554
    I'm pretty sure this is a bug, and I've already told coda about it. It's up to him to fix though!

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