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    87 KB Request Threads (and other /co/ questions) Anonymous ## Mod 03/06/07(Tue)13:50 No.825  
    Alright, so... there are these threads popping up now calling themselves "request threads", and I'd like to ask about them. Of course normal requests are always against the rules and I take swift action against those. But, I wanted to know whether something like these so called "request threads", where someone offers to fill requests, should also be deleted. People seem to like them plenty, and if they were well used they'd probably help keep requests from shitting all up the board. Then again, I guess they should just make something like this in /r/ in the first place.

    Also, I don't think I can delete this just because people are sharing copyrighted US material like comics, because there's this wierd "comic book fag" clause on /co/ (approved by moot) where we let them post comics if they want to.

    My current policy is "delete". Official ruling?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/06/07(Tue)14:19 No.826
    You can post licensed content in /co/? that seems pretty dumb. I've been banning any "licensed content" reports that show up in /co/, like anywhere else on the site.

    If I'd seen a thread like that I would delete, and maybe ban for it. But maybe I'm not supposed to!

    Note that general requests are sometimes okay, if they post good and relevant content with it and aren't being dicks.
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 03/08/07(Thu)19:26 No.832
    if you see licensed material being posted, delete and ban request
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 03/11/07(Sun)00:07 No.833
    Actually I said RapidShare/MegaUpload threads were alright (so long as I'm not getting complaints).

    If there is one large request thread running at any given time, it's not a big deal. Just make sure there aren't ten different ones all requesting different things--keep it in one place.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/12/07(Mon)04:35 No.836
    roger that
    Yeah, if it's a general request for, say, "post some daffy duck pictures" and they post a picture themselves, I've viewed that as fine & dandy.

    I do delete & ban request on any sort of "post the newest issue of 'batman beats up the joker' please" or whatever, though.

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