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  • File : 1186882903.jpg-(383 KB, 1080x744, LiuDengLG.jpg)
    383 KB Loli Issues w/ Lucky Star Anonymous 08/11/07(Sat)21:41 No.1037  
    Since lucky star has become popular, i've been seeing a lot of loli pictures being posted repeatedly in /e/ and /h/. Since they used to be rare, i had always just deleted these, but given the frequency i think some bannings are in order. Do you agree? Is it alright if i start sending up ban requests on these people?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 08/11/07(Sat)21:44 No.1038
    deletion should be the first choice, Ban Request for a flood of it in a thread, or on the board, or if a person is reposting after deletion.

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