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    61 KB Rules for /po/ Anonymous 11/27/06(Mon)01:28 No.491  
    I've been overlooking /po/ for quite a while, and i'm very happy with the direction it's been going. There are lots of good posts, but maybe a litte too many requests.

    The thing that has been bothering me, and appearently the admins, is that there hasn't really been anything to delete for a while. But now i'm beginning to think i might be looking for the wrong things.

    So far i've been deleting things that are downright destructive, such as obvious /b/-threads. But should i delete single replies to posts that don't add anything to the post as well? Posts that aren't really offending but don't really add anything either?

    Examples: >>>/po/28555.html#q28712 (a /b/ meme)
    After thinking about it, i think i would delete these. Is that right?

    Really unsure about these. They don't really do any harm, and as long as there aren't too many such posts, they don't clutter too much either.
    >> Anonymous 11/27/06(Mon)09:04 No.493
    There isn't anything wrong with those posts. You can't expect every post to be a nugget of wisdom. Even retarded posts by retarded people shouldn't be deleted unless it is offensive, breaks a rule, or will cause a thread to spiral into an internet fight.

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