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    24 KB Users reporting non-issues Anonymous 11/16/06(Thu)12:01 No.448  
    Hey fellow /j/ team members,

    Just wanted to ask your opinion on something. Some of the users of our drama board /cgl/ felt it was necessary to report a bunch of posts that accused a cosplayer of photoshopping her pictures. Not that photoshopping is a big issue for /cgl/, it's done all the time. The posts are not illegal content or breaking the rules of /cgl/. From what I have read, abusing the report function would be reason for a ban.

    Should I be escalating these fake reports for bans or clearing them without action?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/16/06(Thu)12:35 No.449
    This is something I've wondered as well. How would we punish excessive bad reports?
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 11/16/06(Thu)13:35 No.450
    Moderators have a ban reporter button. If you find a series of reports that are a problem, come tell a moderator to ban the reporter. Removing the report removes the way to ban them, though.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/06(Thu)23:37 No.457
    This is somewhat on topic: There's at least one person in /a/ who consistently reports EVERY instance of "battletoads," "combat frogs," and similar responses to source requests.

    Granted, replying with "battletoads" is pretty stupid, but I generally clear the reports because people realize it's a joke. But there are 3-4 reports a day for "battletoads," and assuming that I'm doing the right thing by clearing them, it would be nice to warn the guy and say "hey, stop reporting this."

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