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  • File : 1256199161.jpg-(110 KB, 350x500, 31304e4acca1f5d0fc50ab0b5eedf6ea6ecb1c86.jpg)
    110 KB Technical question: Anonymous ## Janitor 10/22/09(Thu)04:12 No.1366  
    Does the board's software differentiate between a topic deleted by the user himself and a topic deleted by a mod/janitor? There is a waiting period between creating topics, but I'm guessing that if a user's recent topic is deleted, he is free to make a new one right away. It makes sense, but sometimes I will delete a BAD TOPIC and the user will make it again five seconds later. And again. And again.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 10/25/09(Sun)22:00 No.1370
    I requested that 4chan immediately ban an IP that has had three or more posts deleted by any janitor and then have a mod investigate to see if the ban should be lifted or extended.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 10/26/09(Mon)21:41 No.1374

    oh look, its yuno

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