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  • File : 1189979258.jpg-(37 KB, 500x372, internetargument.jpg)
    37 KB non-worksafe content on /w/ Anonymous 09/16/07(Sun)17:47 No.1046  
    People keep bitching about not having a place to put /e/, /u/, /y/, /h/, and /d/ wallpapers. I think they'd be fine in their respective boards and that /w/ is fine remaining worksafe, but these complaints are becoming more prevalent, so...

    In a recent thread (escalated at the time of this writing):

    "No, worksafe isn't the problem, the problem is that there isn't an alternative board for /e/ related wallpapers (other than just /e/) /wg/ complains about it being anime related, /w/ is still burichan, people don't actually think about having thread in /e/ for wallpaper.
    /a/ isn't fagged up due to the worksafeness, just because it is /a/. Or rather, we are on 4chan, so fagged up by default."

    "Simple solution is to make /w/ non-worksafe.
    I don't know why the mods had the idea to have it worksafe in the first place."

    "because then it would just turn into a horrible hybrid of /d/ /u/ and /y/"

    "So? Better than daily drama over it being worksafe.
    Allow /e/ wallpapers, but not /d/ or /h/ wallpapers. Simple as that, so it doesn't turn into another porn board."
    >> Anonymous 09/16/07(Sun)18:13 No.1047
    if /w/ becomes nonworksafe nobody will ever post worksafe wallpapers ever again. nsfw /w/ = /h/ in 4:3.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 09/16/07(Sun)18:26 No.1048
    /wg/ should just suck it up if they don't like anime-related images. It is a general wallpaper board after all. Even NFSW anime wallpapers fall under the category of "everything".
    >> Anonymous 09/17/07(Mon)03:18 No.1049
    I don't understand why people so badly want wallpapers that are hentai.

    If /w/ becomes a nonworksafe board, I would have to leave it.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 09/18/07(Tue)05:23 No.1050
    I don't see why we should have a board for NSFW walls. They should just be posted in /e/ or /h/. I've never had people complain in /e/ or /h/ that someone posted wallpapers. And if that's the kind of content they're interested in, then it's not really going out of their range of taste by posting in /e/ or /h/. Or /d/, or /u/ or whatever. We'd love the wallpapers there. Really. Much more than we love the 'pic unrelated' requests and /b/ leaking we keep getting.

    Besides, NSFW wallpapers are silly. Do people really want the first thing anyone sees on powering up their computer to be drawn pornography?

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