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  • File : 1219008849.jpg-(44 KB, 558x130, dlet_top_27_0.jpg)
    44 KB Anonymous 08/17/08(Sun)17:34 No.1194  
    Can we make posting links to this site bannable? Every thread they start turns into complains of adware on their site, and that their content is easily available on rapidshares. An example of a thread like this is >>>/h/1270885.html
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 08/18/08(Mon)05:55 No.1195
    Noticed this in /d/ as well, though not often.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 08/24/08(Sun)00:42 No.1198
    iirc i did this
    >> Anonymous 09/02/08(Tue)01:47 No.1200
    i did ask about it in #janiteam a few days after posting it here, so possibly.

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