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  • File : 1163427176.jpg-(8 KB, 496x133, wedonotexist.jpg)
    8 KB Error: Thread specified does not exist. Anonymous 11/13/06(Mon)09:12 No.429  

    Is there a possibility to filter out thrads on the reportpage which were already deleted?

    Today i was greeted by a total of 16 reports of which every single post was already deleted. i dont know what happened there but i still had to clear each report one by one.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 11/13/06(Mon)11:13 No.430
    Mods have a "cleanup" button which kills all of the deleted reports on a board. I don't really see why the janitors couldn't be given that button, i don't think you can do any harm with it?
    >> Anonymous 11/14/06(Tue)05:41 No.437
    it was this guy again, who spams /s/ with images of gays :/
    and now he hits again.

    please dearest mods, invent somehting.
    he seems to works at my mornings (11:30cet) and i cant do anything but deleting.
    also he is very very enduring.
    >> Anonymous 11/16/06(Thu)06:38 No.445
    and again :(
    >> Anonymous 11/21/06(Tue)04:59 No.474
    and again :(

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