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    12 KB How seriously should we take racism? Anonymous ## Janitor 05/30/07(Wed)11:30 No.965  
    The global rules state that racism shouldn't appear outside of /b/. I often get reports, specifically from /mu/, of posts that use the word "nigger" in racist manner. These posts are obviously racist and violate the global rule, but what should I do for them? Are ban-requests the way to go? I ask this because I have been banned from a board before simply for using the word "nigger" sarcastically. Personally, ban-requests seem too harsh. I think that racist posts should only be ban-requested/deleted when the poster is clearly trolling. But it doesn't matter what I think. What do the mods think?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/30/07(Wed)15:27 No.966
    Delete racist comments. ask for ban requests for blatant repeated offenses. You'll know because the asshole will post five minutes later going "FUCK YOU MODS/JANITORS. I R RACIST & U R FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS."

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