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    32 KB Request for a Sticky in /co/ Anonymous 07/17/08(Thu)03:27 No.1186  
    On Saturday, Nickelodeon will be showing the last 4 episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender back to back. Avatar has quite a big following on /co/, to the point where it's easily one of the most popular shows on the board, but there's also a lot hate for it, due to people - deliberately or not - spamming threads about it all the time. Having a sticky for those episodes - possibly with a proviso that any Avatar talk not in the threads will be deleted, to appease those not in love with the show - would do a lot to keep both sides of the argument. Avatar's been a big part of /co/ since its opening, and the final episodes will be a big event for the board, so one way or another, there will be a lot of talk about the finale. A sticky would go a long way to keeping things tidier and happier around the board.

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