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  • File : 1182170902.jpg-(16 KB, 520x183, invites.jpg)
    16 KB Invites Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)08:48 No.983  
    Can we delete requests for invites on /r/?
    They just about never get answered, and when since they always involve posting email addresses there have been several times where some who bumped a bunch of times gets a reply like "Thanks for posting your email, bumptard. I just signed you up for gay porn!"
    Also users report them as if they were against the rules...
    >> Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)10:05 No.984
    in addition, these threads (like this one just did) can turn into flamewars between the ZOMG JUST GIMMIE A INVITE and the "this shouldn't be allowed" camps.
    >> Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)10:51 No.985
    I've fulfilled a couple of these requests in the past, but I'd delete them the second they turn into flamewars.

    Also, when will people learn to set up a spare email account for junk? It's just common sense!
    >> Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)12:58 No.986
    as long as the E-mail field is on every page, posting e-mail addresses should never be a reason to delete posts unless they are obvious calls to invasion. if people are too stupid to use yahoo or spambox or the multitude of free services out there and post their real e-mail on 4chan, they can't really complain about anything.

    also i see it as a legitimate request. most of the time the invites are for private torrent trackers like Demonoid and if we start killing them from /r/ they'll just go to /t/ and they'll still get deleted. so i'm with >>985 on this. let them be as long as they stay civil, but delete the second it turns flamey.

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