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  • To SSDDR - /h/ Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)05:51 No.842  
    It's okay to request in /h/ as long as the initial picture is /h/ in content, and related.

    As a result, I shall be clearing all of your ban requests, since I have no idea of telling whether the pictures are related or not.

    Ask Zorpheus on how to make a proper /h/ ban req. That's all!
    >> Anonymous 03/21/07(Wed)05:59 No.843
    Isn't this exactly why we have an /r/?
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 03/21/07(Wed)06:17 No.844
    If they post a relevent porn picture then it's fine. Examples of this happening are when someone posts one or a few of a doujin and asks for the source or me.

    If the image is not related and/or porn, delete it. Otherwise, it's not a problem.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/07(Wed)06:21 No.845
    But WHY allow it, that's what I'm asking. This is exactly the thing /r/ does: Answer requests for shit, often /h/ shit.
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 03/21/07(Wed)06:35 No.846
    because it isnt annoying and it doesnt disrupt the board
    >> Anonymous 03/21/07(Wed)06:39 No.847
    Then what the fuck is the point of having an /r/, then?
    It may not disrupt /h/, but it'll sure disrupt /r/
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 03/21/07(Wed)06:44 No.848
    /r/ is still useful and I don't believe these type of posts harm /r/ to any extent. The point is that deleting these kind of posts would be too harsh an execution of the rules. It's not harming the board and people arent normally getting upset so it isn't a problem.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/07(Wed)06:49 No.849
    If you let people do /h/ requests in /h/ instead of /r/, people will stop making them in /r/
    People who answer /r/ requests will no longer see them, since they'll never appear in the board.
    It unnecessarily fragments the requests across multiple boards.
    And I think they will disrupt /h/. /r/ threads that don't get answered get bumped a lot, without content. This isn't a big problem on /r/ because half the threads there are like that.
    On /h/ though you've got threads with content and threads that are being bumped without content, and the bumped useless ones will win. "bump" is easier to post than a doujin page.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)14:10 No.850

    Don't be retarded. you're not going to stop people from requesting in /h/. (or on any other board for that matter.) But people still use /r/ for what it is. Just don't delete requests unless the image they use is off topic, the request is off topic, or the request they asked for is derided.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)14:23 No.851
    Plus, you have the whole slippery slope of "where does it become a request, and where is it just a themed thread"

    first post: "Here, I'll post a bunch of rei-chan pics in this thread"
    first post: "This is a rei-chan thread!"
    first post: "rei-chan itt"
    first post: "this is my best rei-chan pic. what are your favorites, /h/?"
    first post: "everybody post your favorite rei-chan pics!"
    first post: "let's post rei-chan pics"
    first post: "post rei-chan in this thread"
    first post: "give me all of your rei-chan pics"

    I mean, which ones of these are too "request"-ish? I think themed threads are great and well enjoyed by boards, even when they may tread over towards /r/ territory.

    Honestly, when you post an evangelion picture and say "evangelion is awesome", there's an implicit request there, and people will post more eva in the thread - does the exact wording really matter? Isn't that just being anal?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)16:25 No.852
    Why discorage contribution? (relevent) contribution buys you the right to ask something (related, and in keeping with the board) of the board. As long as the contribution is of quality then it is adding to the board and there is no problem. /r/ is for shitty requests that probably won;t get answered anyway. It was only made to keep requests out of /t/ anyway.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/21/07(Wed)20:03 No.855
    My usual system for requests in /h/ is:

    If the first picture isn't /h/, then I request a ban. This includes doujin covers.

    If the first picture at least contains a related nude picture, or is /h/-worthy but not related to their request, the thread is merely deleted.

    If the first picture is /h/-worthy and related, I usually leave it alone except in special cases.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/07(Thu)09:32 No.858
    ah, sorry, i was just trying to follow the rules to the letter, but i see your point. I think most of those i filed had unrelated/non /h/ pics, but i will be sure to specify in the future.

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