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  • File : 1176519564.jpg-(44 KB, 372x269, kabuto-4 (L).jpg)
    44 KB Anonymous 04/13/07(Fri)22:59 No.888  
    Alright who keeps deleting Kamen Rider threads on /a/? A significant portion of the board seems to enjoy discussing it, so I'd like to know why they seem to keep getting deleted.

    I don't think I have ever seen someone complain about a Kamen Rider thread in /a/. I do see quite a bit of complaining about such threads being deleted, though.

    So I'm just curious why someone seems to think they are a problem.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 04/15/07(Sun)16:56 No.889
    I didn't delete them, but I can say it is not Anime, and thus is off topic for /a/.
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 04/15/07(Sun)22:10 No.890

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