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  • File : 1184458658.jpg-(3 KB, 212x217, sad face green web.jpg)
    3 KB /gif/ Anonymous ## Mod 07/14/07(Sat)20:17 No.1004  
    Requesting clarification on certain posts in /gif/!

    People like to post animated .gifs of people getting mutilated, whether it be someone getting their arm torn off by an aligator or shot in the head, etc. Things like that. What should I do about these threads?
    >> Anonymous 07/15/07(Sun)05:14 No.1005
    It was my understanding that /gif/ is "animated /b/."
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 07/15/07(Sun)05:15 No.1006

    Yeah, I get that a lot, but it says in the global rules guro and stuff like that isn't allowed so I've been deleting them. Users havn't really retaliated, but I just wanted to clarify just in-case.

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