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    7 KB spoilers? Anonymous 10/21/06(Sat)21:41 No.281  
    Due to several recent threads in /a/, I've started wondering if I should start deleting unmarked spoilers. I've been letting them go so far, but it IS in the rules.

    If I should start deleting them, then I have to wonder what constitutes a spoiler worthy of deletion. Does it only apply to new series? Major plot points? Details? (ie, if someone makes it vague enough that you'd have to know what is being spoiled to even know that it was a spoiler, would that count?)
    >> Anonymous 10/22/06(Sun)13:22 No.287
    Well you should delete unmarked spoilers, even with old series. If I were to search for some kickass anime (even if old and I haven't watched it) and I would see something that would have impact on the anime I want to watch, for example a whole new model in gundam that reveals itself later in the story, then yes it would be a disappointment.

    Then again if this occurs quite a lot, you could try making a thread under Anonymous in /a/ asking people to mark spoiled content. If it's getting quite frustrating (Excessive threads about spoilers for example) I would suggest talking to one of the moderators, deleting threads over and over will get frustrated by janitors and anonymous alike, letting a mod know about it, and making a thread there stickied about marking spoilers would surely solve the problem :)

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