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    74 KB Character threads and /m/ Anonymous 10/22/06(Sun)19:58 No.295  
    Due to recent bitchfests on /m/ I figure this needs asking: Are threads that basically consist people fapping to $random_female_pilot (or $random_trap_pilot) allowed on /m/?
    >> Anonymous 10/23/06(Mon)09:58 No.299
    I too notice random female pilots showing on /m/ more frequently, I tend to leave them alone because most are generally innocent and people ask stuff about the character.

    To be honest, I'd rather not see female pilots on /m/, I'd go to /a/ and ask people for female pilots if I'd want, I suppose we'll have to wait till the new rules are implented and see what goes from there.

    /m/ is however a "sfw" imageboard, so anything too much revealing is just a request for a deletion.

    You can also take it strict and don't allow anything else than what /m/ is made for, namely mechs, no things like "Please post more images about Fllay"

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