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  • File : 1185035355.jpg-(19 KB, 129x218, lol-mu.jpg)
    19 KB Hey guys! Rate my music collection! Anonymous ## Janitor 07/21/07(Sat)12:29 No.1010  
    Threads featuring screencaps of the poster's digital music collection tend to pop up from time to time on /mu/. These threads serve some sort of purpose as they ask for suggestions for new bands/artists. More often than not, however, they are simply thinly-veiled attempts at stretching one's e-peen. A while ago, a poster was banned for doing this and his post was stickied to serve as an example for the rest of /mu/, but there was never really an official ruling on the practice of posting screencaps. So...

    1.) Are screencaps of one's collection allowed?
    - If they are, could a sticky be made telling the posters to keep it all in one thread?
    - If they are not, could /mu/'s rules reflect that?

    2.) For the time being, should /mu/'s janitors banrequest, delete, or ignore collection screencap threads?

    Thanks. Pic is a joke and not my collection by the way :P
    >> Anonymous 07/21/07(Sat)19:37 No.1011
    I don't see a problem with them if they're there because people do want to get recommendations. But the 'rate my collection' threads are different, since that does suggest to me they're basically saying 'Hay guys, my musical taste is superior to yours'. I would let them be, but keep an eye on them and delete the second they turn into a flamewar.

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