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  • File : 1186578670.jpg-(62 KB, 951x406, HIIRAGI.jpg)
    62 KB Anonymous 08/08/07(Wed)09:11 No.1029  
    I'd like to see if this is at all possible to be implimented. Because it's getting just terrible in /a/ recently because of this shit. The report system is being used like a "sage", only instead it's to waste my time clearing a shitty report instead of removing a shitty post.
    I also enjoy it when they feel it's not just breaking the rules, but breaking the law.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 08/08/07(Wed)09:14 No.1030
    Just escalate it and I'll get the reporter banned.
    Dunno about the rest of the mods, lol.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 08/08/07(Wed)12:31 No.1031
    I was wondering why people were escalating. Also, the people reporting Lucky Star are the trolls from Russia.

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