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  • Problems on your particular board(s). Anonymous ## Admin 12/01/06(Fri)03:03 No.512  
    I need to know exactly what is plaguing the users these days on each board. I am sick of hearing about issues that have been brewing for months and still haven't been brought to my attention. This isn't your fault--I'm annoyed that so few people bother to email me with these problems. Instead most of them choose to turn the board into a war-zone which eventually explodes and becomes a problem for me.

    Anyway. If there is anything in particular that you feel needs addressing on your particular board, post it here!

    Note: Yes I know the trial boards still don't have rules. I think I've received *ONE* email full of suggestions from a janitor even though I've asked multiple times for them. I'll get around to it when I get around to it.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/06(Fri)06:21 No.513
    One thing that divides /cm/ and starts fights is whether or not an image is allowed if it contains a female alongside a male, like straight couples and group shots. The majority doesn't care as long as a male is in the picture and as long as he isn't just a speck in the background, but there are a few who bitch. These are usually the same dramafags who trow a hissy fit in trap threads, and since the rules say "shounen-ai is permitted" they take that to mean ONLY shounen-ai is allowed, which is stupid.

    Personally I'd say straight couples could go in both /c/ and /cm/, because if someone makes a thread for a character, 90% of the time they couldn't care less if that character is in a group or alongside a character of the opposite sex. If someone absolutely can't stand having a girl stand next to a guy, they can ask that no hetero couples be posted in their thread.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/06(Fri)08:12 No.514
    Macros have, in a way, become a little out of hand in /an/. People have started making them for basically every picture they have, and the result is always painfully unfunny and pretty annoying. I definitely don't like the idea of banning animal related macros (like the days of /n/) but I'm not sure if I should be drawing a line there or not. A few users have complained outright but generally they just make fun of the failed attempt at humor and things can potentially get ugly.

    Also, we don't have a set of rules yet, but I've been enforcing what I think they should be the whole time. Basically: no violence of any sort, and nothing sexual in any way shape or form (furry, real animal or otherwise.)
    >> Anonymous 12/01/06(Fri)11:06 No.515
    The main issue with /cgl/ is the drama that is started up nearly every day with threads about Adella, Francesca Dani, etc. I will email you some of my thoughts moot. Sorry I haven't done so earlier.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/06(Fri)11:12 No.516
    Problems in /wg/ aren't terribly significant. The trouble is mostly people sage'ing a thread just because THEY don't like the content. It usually has nothing to do with the quality of the wallpaper or anything, either; "sage because Halo sucks" or "sage for abstract bullshit." Along those lines.
    There are also a handful of ineffably retarded wallpapers posted as a joke, the most popular one being the computer tower over a swirly blue background with Linkin Park lyrics on the side.
    Other than that, the biggest annoyance is when people post gorgeous hi-res pictures that have oblong resolutions that wouldn't fit nicely onto a monitor, like an image three or four times as tall as it is wide.
    Oh, and threads like, "of the 74 pictures I'm about to post, 3 of them are non-anime, so I figured this entire collection doesn't belong in /w/."
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 12/01/06(Fri)13:35 No.517
    Hmm, /t isn't terrible. Many people still seem to think starting rs threads is fine but I just delete them. It could use some features like torrent uploading (not tracking, just hosting the torrent) because rapidshitting the torrent kind of defeats the purpose to those of us who hate fs services.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/01/06(Fri)15:22 No.518
    I hate /cgl/ with a passion since thats all it's turned into.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/01/06(Fri)15:54 No.519
    The problem in /h/ is and has always been an insane number of request threads. I seem to be requesting bans for 5 people a day at least.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/06(Fri)16:19 No.520
    Usually /v/ isn't too bad, but alot of people like to push the boundaries of worksafe. We all know about that 'damn borderline tifa picture', as a prime example. Other than that, there's the absolute abundance of copy-pasta trollbait and the people who think spoilers are a fantastic way to get attention. But /v/ tends to be fairly well renowned as a trollwar forum anyway, so some of this is to be expected. The general problem seems to be people breaking the rules and thinking they're impervious to consequences - flooding for example or saging threads over and over for no real reason.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/06(Fri)16:28 No.521
    The creation of a tabletop game board would solve the only real problem in /m/ as of late. We get a lot of threads where people post random shit that has nothing to do with mecha and try to justify it by claiming it's from some random tabletop game (usually warhammer 40k, but not always) that happens to have some robots in it. The threads often devolve into blatant troll wars, as the regular /m/ crowd and the tabletop people can't seem to leave each other's threads alone.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/01/06(Fri)17:46 No.522
    My only problem in /sp/--

    There are no problems. If I'm lucky I'll find one borderline racist post or some troll a day, MAYBE. Otherwise it's just boring and slow.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/06(Fri)20:43 No.524
    Requests and loli over in /h/. Plus the loli-drama that's uaually kick-started by someone starting a Disgaea thread. It occasionally happens with other series, but very rarely. Post an Etna or Flonne pic, however and the thread will always degenerate into arguments about the characters' ages being an indication of their lolidom.
    >> Anonymous 12/01/06(Fri)23:17 No.525

    /v/ occasionally gets the stupid 'unite /b/rothers' invasion posts that links to all the invasion boards. I'm guessing that's about 80% of where the copypasta flood comes from. The bitch is people doing that know very well how to go through proxy, so in that way, they're sort of right in thinking they're impervious to bans. Of course, the solution to that is something that goes against the idea of 4chan so it's never going to happen, I'm just saying is all.

    Somewhere along the line people began associating /v/ with /b/ and I don't think there's much you can do to stop it, minus an account system with delayed activation.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/06(Sat)13:39 No.527

    Agreed. I emailed moot some suggestions but here is what I had in mind for those who want to know: I want to attempt to make /cgl/ into more of a community meaning the focus will be less on pictures of decent cosplay and more of on the posters individual work. I feel that pictures should only be posted as reference material and not to start drama...

    But we already know that. It's going to take time to get people to stop flaming Adella every day even though we've been through it so many times..
    >> Anonymous 12/02/06(Sat)15:38 No.529
    My impression from boards that allow text-only threadstarters (like mine) is that they get skimmed over 100% of the time. I've yet to see a thread that started with a text post get anywhere.

    I also think it ruins the look of the board, as you now have mixed text and image threads.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/06(Sat)15:55 No.530

    Plus, if they post an unrelated picture and don't get their /r/ filled because the thread becomes a discussion of said pic, then that's the OP's problem. He shouldn't have used an unrelated picture.
    >> Anonymous 12/02/06(Sat)16:41 No.531
    after reflecting on my idea for a while i realized, not only would /r/ probably ignore it and post unrelated pics anyway, it would be a bitch to enforce. so nevermind.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/06(Sun)00:00 No.532
    i would love a couple more janitors on /g/. assuming you decide to keep it since apparently im a horrible janitor (because i have a life and cant babysit the board 24/7). so since I cant be here constantly, can we add more janitors?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/03/06(Sun)06:29 No.533
    The biggest problem in /co/ is division between people who post stuff that theoretically has an asian/japanese influence, that is, wapanese, or, "weeaboo" people and weeaboo shows. It probably wouldn't be a big issue except for the show Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    It's a Nickelodeon cartoon and has a fairly big asian influence, and people seem to either love it or hate it. It still wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that there are often several threads about it on the board at the same time. Sometimes, especially when a new episode airs, there are multiple threads on the first page, and this tends to really aggrivate non-fans of the show. Frankly, if people like the show I feel they should go ahead and post about it, and if you don't like it and want to discuss something else, I think you should go ahead and discuss that, but not all 4chan users think like this.

    As far as what can be done about this? I think insta-banning any use of weeaboo or wapanese might be a good plan, although we'd have to let them know about that plan or else they'd go crazy at the "random bannings". This might make the people who feel that /co/ is too "weeaboo" get upset, so we could simulataneous firmly restate that anime and manga is bannable on /co/ to placate them and make them feel like we're being even handed.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/03/06(Sun)06:41 No.535
    Actually, after thinking and talking about it in #janitor, I think a better word to be targeted would be avatard. That's NEVER a word in a post with any merit.
    other options:
    I think the people thread-shitting are the ones that need to be dealt with, so maybe being harsher on them, giving them warnings or public bannings.
    It might even help to split up /co/ into a comics board and a cartoon board - it kind of seems like it's the comics fans who are most annoyed by avatar threads, although I really have nothing to back this up and it's just something to throw out there.
    A sticky for a while telling people to either keep avatar discussion to one megathread at a time might help. Or, alternatively, telling people to stop bitching about avatar threads and that they should post what they want to talk about instead if that's the route you want to go.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/06(Sun)14:02 No.536

    Tbh, I think a few public bannings over on /h/ wouldn't go amiss either. People either don't know about the no request/shota/loli rules or don't care. They just see topics disappear without any consiquences, so perhaps a few 'public executions' might be a good idea.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 12/03/06(Sun)15:30 No.537
    /c/ doesn't have problems with trolls, racism, and ugly flamewars. The posters are unusually kind to one another. The only major problem that /c/ has is morons who post male characters despite what the rules say and despite the little /cm/ board directly below it. I wish there was a permanent sticky that said "NO FUCKING MALE CHARACTERS HERE MORANS" but such a message would damage the otherwise gentle atmosphere of the board.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/03/06(Sun)21:12 No.539
    True, sometimes I wish the ban request thing didn't wipe the post off the page. I suppose if you wanted to make an example of the poster, you'd escalate the post instead.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/06(Sun)23:13 No.540
    /r/ has the same problem, and I've suggested that same solution.
    Cause while our nifty method of "disappearing" posts does wonders for keeping the board clean, it doesn't give any impression of there actually being moderation going on. /r/ was basicly without moderation for so long, people are still acting like they can post just about anything and no one will care or notice.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/06(Tue)13:20 No.541
    I've also noticed another growing trend in /h/: whenever a Yoruichi thread (or a 'post black chicks' tread in general) is posted, it inevitably degenerates into arguments about race. Within the first 10 or 15 posts, you can be guarenteed someone will play the 'lol nigra' card, and then the topic just collapses. I've been deleting and requesting bans whenever this happens, but it's happening more and more often.
    >> Anonymous 12/05/06(Tue)21:20 No.542
    Same thing in /e/. Other then that its pretty quiet there, other then the occasional foot thread and bitching.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 12/07/06(Thu)04:28 No.543
    It's already been said, but one of the biggest problems in /v/ would have to be the nonstop flaimbating and arguing. Things have seemed to gotten better now that the PS3 and Wii have launched. At least there's no as many "It's over. ____'s finished" threads.

    The only other thing that comes to mind are the "what games should I get?" threads that just turn into people posting lists of the same 10-15 games over and over again. Most times, someone will post FFVII and all shit breaks loose. On the contrary, I really like those /v/ opinion poll threads and their continuous nature.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/11/06(Mon)20:06 No.561
    One of the problems on /i/ is the rise in people posting images that are obviously not from failed oekaki uploads, or even have anything remotely to do with oekaki, art, etc.
    >> Anonymous 12/13/06(Wed)19:21 No.568
    I've kind of noticed that a lot of people seem to think it's okay to post requests in /e/, and a few, even flat-out sex. But yeah, pretty quiet besides that.
    >> Anonymous 12/14/06(Thu)03:04 No.570
    /po/ is going very well.

    The only "problem" i can see is that there are a lot of request threads, but since most of these requests are filled and create good threads, it's not really a problem.

    Oh, and the stencil threads are popping up every now and then, resulting in "This is not /stencil/"-posts. But these threads are also generally good threads.

    /po/ is a pretty mature group.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/14/06(Thu)07:35 No.573
    /u/ is pretty quiet. But the constant Yuri (command and conquer guy, and also the astronaut) troll threads piss me off. wish i could ban the bastards

    it's not that big a deal but it gets reeeaaallly annoying :\
    >> Anonymous 12/14/06(Thu)19:41 No.575
    /n/ is okay. Sometimes juvenile, but that's not really punishable unless it's really /b/tarded. The worst that happens are the 'lol Amerikkka' or 'JEWS!' posts and racism here and there. Occasionally there will be an 'invasion' but those get cleaned up.
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)10:18 No.583
    As always, /f/ is quiet. Nothing more than a few furry flashes being posted represents any real problem.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)00:55 No.586
    Seconding my own post on this. /r/ seems to be increasingly spammed with the same requests over and over. (And when no janitors are around, they get happily answered :( )
    Either ban requests I'm making are being ignored, or there are a lot of people requesting the same stupid shit all the time. Things like:
    # Clubstripes content (furry pornsite)
    # Warez. Good lord, so much fucking warez.
    # anime (Why is this disallowed? We have a separate rule for licensed content, and the division for hentai/anime is blurry.)
    # Pornsite passwords. (Nearly always bangbros, for some reason)
    Pre-janitors, this stuff didn't seem to get deleted, ever. So I think people are still presuming there are no /r/ janitors/mods.
    Can we please get a temporary sticky (HEY THERE ARE RULES YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THEM), some public bans, or at the very least more accepted bans?
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)01:08 No.587
    i agree, we need some public executions or some other form of notification for the users. too many times do people just nonchalantly repost rule-breaking requests when they're deleted off the first page.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)04:09 No.588

    We've been getting requests and uploads of licenced hentai over on /h/ too lately, and there seems to be a trend of making posts along the lines of "/r/ fails, so I'm asking here". Usually using those exact words. Making posts go to the cornfield is fine, but it would be nice to have some impact on the boards.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)14:14 No.592
    I've noticed that too. Sometimes I can load /d/ and see half the threads I deleted sitting right there getting tons of replies. (Furry/loli/shota/guro)

    I just woke up, and on /r/ there was a request for some very blatant furry content. It was nicely answered, in the form of an embedded RAR containing a giant pile of pics.
    Then the OP thanked the replier. No one said "hey furry isn't allowed here", and no one reported it. It was on the board for about a half hour :(
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 12/21/06(Thu)03:15 No.595
    /gif/ is way too much like /b/. I see flames, trolls, and excessive sageing left and right.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/07(Wed)07:52 No.692
    There's been more and more furry flashes being posted lately, and I've decided that I'm not going easy on people anymore, I'm just straight up requesting bans for anything furry.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/07(Wed)16:54 No.694
    /m/ seems to developed a new infestation of sage bombers and thread shitters lately, on top of the usual "but /r/ is for porn" crowd. It seems like the only time any one uses the report system is when they think it'll fight their worthless flame wars for them.
    >> Anonymous 01/17/07(Wed)19:19 No.696
         File1169079592.jpg-(51 KB, 392x588, 1168894965577.jpg)
    51 KB
    Now that /cgl/ has rules in place, I am now begining to request bans for posting threads that cause drama. Of course since posting any picture of Adella, Francesca Dani or RikkuX immediately causes a rush of posts of flames, nudes and people defending the cosplayer, I've been deleting the threads almost as soon as I see them. Of course this causes the user base to flip out and now claim that "Francesca is having secks with the mods."

    Fellow Janitors and mods, I'd really appreciate some advice on how to deal with this situation. I can't prevent discussion on these cosplayers however I don't want them to get out of hand and ruin the spirit of what the rules of /cgl/ is trying to create.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/07(Fri)16:48 No.702
    Though it's typically rare, posting of "tall" images in /wg/ is increasing in frequency as of late.
    By "tall," I mean that the resolution of the image is less than 4:3. Many offenders post images that are 1:1, but there are some scalawags who post 2:3, or even something more ridiculous like 1:2 or 1:3.

    If they're not proportioned to be a wallpaper, then they belong in /hr/, don't they?
    Am I right in simply deleting these images when I see them?
    >> Anonymous 01/19/07(Fri)20:20 No.703
    Lately it seems like trolling responses have been getting more and more out of hand in /a/. You know, stuff like "battletoads" or "bible black" in response to someone asking what an anime is.

    I've pretty much ignored it up until now because I wasn't sure what to do with them, but people are complaining, and it isn't really funny and it doesn't really add anything to the board. So I'm going to start deleting these responses whenever I see them.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/07(Fri)21:42 No.704
    Global Rule 3 is your friend. Enforce it.
    >> Anonymous 01/19/07(Fri)21:57 No.707
    Yeah, to be honest I should have come to this decision a long while ago. I just didn't think about it until recently.
    >> Anonymous 02/03/07(Sat)03:23 No.716
    I'm having a problem determining what is "CP" on the /s/ board. By default i delete anything that suspiciously looks under-aged. is this okay? (rather than just letting go.)
    >> Anonymous 02/03/07(Sat)03:31 No.717
    i don't think you can be too careful when it comes to CP or JB.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 02/04/07(Sun)00:31 No.719

    Stuff like CP and Jailbait shouldn't even be messed with. if you have to ask yourself "is this person over 18?" chances are it should be deleted.
    >> Anonymous 02/05/07(Mon)19:49 No.724
         File1170722998.jpg-(17 KB, 270x405, 1170722105440.jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 02/05/07(Mon)20:25 No.725
    problem denied

    >> Anonymous 02/05/07(Mon)20:29 No.726
    wat :(

    it's a picture of a DOLL.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 02/05/07(Mon)20:34 No.727
    oh, well probalem accepted I guess!
    >> Anonymous 02/05/07(Mon)22:06 No.728
    you're not alone, friend. at least once a day i get a thread with that picture and it goes like this:
    what it's a doll
    >> Anonymous 02/06/07(Tue)03:07 No.729
    well, i'm not absolutely sure it's a doll. but she does look kind of fake, and most of the time when there is a thread with this picture, it gets saged and flamed to hell about it being a doll. :/
    >> Anonymous 02/06/07(Tue)07:44 No.731
    lookie at the ear, issa doll.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 02/06/07(Tue)14:03 No.732
    >> Anonymous 02/07/07(Wed)12:22 No.733
    So, I have to, er, well, questions for /a/. One of both of them may be completely stupid, for all I know, but yeah. I've been thinking about them for a while now, so I might as well ask.

    1. There are certain things that get reported without fail every time they are posted. I am thinking in particular of a certain set of Death Note spoilers that are constantly posted, and reported every time. So far I have just been clearing these all, since the manga has been over for a while so it shouldn't really be a spoiler, but then there ARE people seeing it for the first time since the anime has not gotten that far yet. ...that was a long explanation for a simple question...

    2. It gets to the point where certain topics just can't be discussed because of certain people. I am talking about people who will sage a thread purely because they do not personally like the anime the thread is about. The biggest example of this is any time a thread pops up about the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. People sage the thread just because it is about the show, or contains a character from the show, or anything. And it just devolves from there. I guess I could probably call them trolls and delete such posts, but I'm not sure.

    So yeah. Feel free to tell me how dumb my concerns are and how obvious the answer is.
    >> Anonymous ## Janitor 02/07/07(Wed)18:07 No.734
    1. Posting spoilers is just being a dick. If they did it with good intentions they're too naive (read: young) to be on 4chan.

    2. If they don't contribute to the thread in some sort of way past sage trolling, I'd delete them.

    PS: I'll stop saging haruhi threads. (lol jk)
    >> Anonymous 02/15/07(Thu)20:28 No.748
    Okay, I HAVE TO KNOW.

    What do you guys think about "cam whores" on /s/?
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 02/16/07(Fri)02:57 No.758
    Not allowed
    >> Anonymous 02/16/07(Fri)04:18 No.759
    okay good.

    i get a lot of people making camwhore threads and saying "oh why can't this be posted?" "why does my thread keep getting deleted?" wah wah wah qq amirite
    >> Anonymous 02/20/07(Tue)06:11 No.767
    Ah yes.
    Constantly going through /ck/ with posts consisting entirely of
    "Welcome to 4chan"
    Now I wouldn't mind, but then it's in all the threads for around 4 pages when I get back. Hurrah! Constructive!
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 02/20/07(Tue)21:40 No.769
    If I had the power to, I would like to make some sort of wordfilter and have weeaboo be changed to pedestrian or uninspired. But that would have consequences in itself. But it has gotten a bit out of hand on /ck/ with these kinds of posts and also the never ending troll bait of just asian food in general without any discussion.

    As an update, no problems on /p/.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/07(Wed)01:56 No.770
    the recent crowd of users who can't seem to say anything besides gb2/a/, gb2/v/ or gb2/tg/ is getting quite old. The newer, faster /m/ (6 pages in 24 hours? that's just crazy talk) is definitely losing some of its former civility.
    >> Anonymous 02/26/07(Mon)00:48 No.800
    The amount of /w/ content in /wg/ has been seriously picking up, and I have reason to suspect that it's not due to general stupidity, but to a few particular people who for whatever retarded reason are rebelling against /wg/'s "keep your anime in /w/" principle.
    There have been escalating arguments over this issue, and I want to settle them in a way that doesn't involve having to scan through all of /wg/ and delete the two or three dozen anime pictures that these trolls keep posting every couple of hours.

    I think I have the most friendly and direct solution:
    I humbly request that I be allowed to keep tabs on which IP's post anime in /wg/. In this way, I can determine which assholes are intentionally breaking the board rules and causing high quality threads to devolve into flamewars.
    I imagine I would do this by asking a Moderator in IRC to tell me the IP of a post I point out. Or if it's that big of a security issue, then I'd be happy with just the last two values of the IP address. I also understand that a Moderator can refuse to tell me an IP, and I won't ask any questions.

    This problem is growing very quickly, and I need some way to contain it before /wg/ becomes a warzone.
    >> Anonymous 02/28/07(Wed)18:02 No.815
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 03/01/07(Thu)01:35 No.817
    Check the FAQ?

    >4chan only collects and stores user information for active posts. Once a post is pruned or deleted, that information is removed from our servers permanently. We value the privacy of our users, and will not make private information such as e-mail and IP addresses available to others. We will however, comply with valid court orders and cooperate with law enforcement agencies when necessary. Note that: due to the immense storage constraints we face, logs files are automatically rotated (daily) and removed (monthly) to make room for new ones.
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 03/01/07(Thu)01:37 No.818
    Hello messed up formatting! coda please fix this :[
    >> Anonymous 03/01/07(Thu)09:19 No.819
    Wee, this time I have an actual problem! There's been a big huff on /a/ lately about janitors going crazy and deleting threads. They claim it is probably new janitors going gung-ho, but there aren't any new ones yet, as far as I know.

    I have either not been around when they were supposedly deleted or I never even saw the threads that were deleted, so it's nothing of my doing.

    I am assuming it is just some troll trying to stir up trouble by deleting his own threads and then complaining that a janitor did it. And it seems to be working...
    >> Anonymous 03/22/07(Thu)03:44 No.857
    The morons on /w/ have gone for a while without being overseen, apparently, and now they're flipping out when I delete NSFW content.
    Somehow, that sentiment has spread into /a/. I do not janitor /a/, so I have no details about this.
    >> Anonymous 03/24/07(Sat)16:59 No.863
    I know /v/ is classified worksafe, but has there ever been any consideration into adding a NSFW tag?

    I don't know the reasoning /behind/ making it worksafe, so I don't know if it's SFW for the sake of people who could browse at work, or the ideal that allowing NSFW images would just turn /v/ into a game-related-/h/. But I do know that there are users who actually try post borderline or blatant NSFW images that are actually relevant to the topic at hand (in fact, a staggering amount of video-game related official and tasteful fan art is considered NSFW). Lots also use the spoiler tag to try to keep it SFW, which only really makes it worse, but whatever.

    The problems;
    1.) It won't stop people from posting guro porn on the boards to stir shit up.
    2.) It might result in said people using it to hide guro porn, but ironically people are much faster in reporting illegal use of a spoiler tag to hide porn, than they are un-spoilered porn in another thread.

    1.) A compromise with the userbase that keeps work users and private users happy. This also means less people going on 'revenge' crusades because you deleted their NSFW picture they hid under a spoiler tag for the benefit of people at work.
    2.) Less shittons of reports for topic-relevant hentai.
    3.) Removes the morbid fascination of the userbase to /endlessly/ post borderline images to test janitors or be dicks, shit, I don't know why.

    At least it's an idea?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 03/25/07(Sun)07:18 No.864
    as you said, allowing NWS content would just make it a porn board, people would just post porn of their favorite game characters, becoming Hentai - Game or something.

    I think making /v/ NWS would just make it worse. I think it just needs about twice as many janitors as other boards.
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 03/25/07(Sun)21:46 No.866
    Right. Unfortunately, this is the case. Some boards need to stay WS because they'd just simply warp into porn/niche boards if they were set to NWS.

    I think you guys should start loosening up your definition of NWS. Pornographic content should be deleted, but borderline stuff has never bothered me. I've seen quite a few things I wouldn't have personally deleted get nuked. I'd honestly rather the janitors be slightly lenient as opposed to plain ol' strict. It pisses people off less and it decreases the likelihood that you'll make a mistake by deleting something that shouldn't have been removed.

    To summarize: Don't allow the users to carry on NWS/porn image dump threads, but a single borderline image here or there really doesn't hurt. Save your energy for the blatant stuff.

    >> Anonymous 03/25/07(Sun)23:43 No.867

    That should make life a little easier. So generally speaking, hardcore - no, risque with anatomy - fine?
    >> Anonymous 04/02/07(Mon)04:09 No.874
    /h/ seems to be getting more request threads then normal lately, and likewise more people are starting to bitch about all the requests. Can we get a stickied thread as a reminder or something?
    >> Anonymous 04/08/07(Sun)08:14 No.882
         File1176034489.jpg-(34 KB, 404x455, shitty reports.jpg)
    34 KB
    /a/ is just pretty damn stupid sometimes. There are around 20ish reports a day that have nothing to do with the rules, but using it like a new sage feature. I wish it would be posted about abuse of the system. "The report feature isn't about removing things you don't like. It's there to remove images that should not be on that board."
    >> Anonymous 04/18/07(Wed)17:11 No.894
    There seem to be a group of users who have decided that /m/ is /c/ and /cm/ with the occasional robot. Right now there are about 6 threads up that amount to "dis pilot r teh hawt, post worksafe fap material plz". Then some idiot posts porn, 6 others make lame image macros covering said porn with random injokes and all hell breaks loose.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/08/07(Tue)09:35 No.904
    There seem to be a spate of people at the moment who are posting non-oekaki works in /i/. I'll usually delete stuff like image macros and sometimes let other stuff slide if it is in some way relevant to the thread, but specifically there are a growing number of paintchat threads. They're vaguely related to oekaki, and they seem popular, but the screencaps posted are pretty huge and nothing much of worth, so not sure whether these should be deleted.
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/09/07(Wed)21:50 No.905
    Also, people are getting really annoyed about the erratic and non-bumping threads in /i/. A number of the regulars have stated they're discouraged from drawing anymore because of it.
    >> Anonymous ## Admin 05/09/07(Wed)23:02 No.906
    >> Anonymous 05/10/07(Thu)14:40 No.910
         File1178822411.jpg-(63 KB, 774x600, 11788212227022cf2015iu3.jpg)
    63 KB
    So, I enjoy getting a report for every god damn picture of touhou. Oh how so much I enjoy them! So, why should I complain about getting 10-20 a day?
    How should we respond to this mod team? Is this report function abuse? Because unless it's a deletable offense to put pictures of something else than the topic into a thread. We don't have many threads that will exist on /a/. But the reports keep coming in about it. Guidance needed!
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 05/10/07(Thu)15:27 No.911

    Yeah those are pretty annoying. I think alt said something about reporting them to anonymous but he didn't specify as to whether we should delete/ban request or clear it.


    >> Anonymous 05/10/07(Thu)22:01 No.914
    I actually asked coda about this the other day and he said flooding a topic with unrelated images IS a bannable offense.
    >> Anonymous ## Manager 05/11/07(Fri)01:17 No.915
    Abuse of the reports system is bannable. That said, flooding a thread with unrelated pictures is both annoying and bannable.

    if you see people reporting things over and over that are obviously not against the rules then please let a mod know
    >> Anonymous 05/11/07(Fri)11:18 No.916
    Over the last week or so, there have been a massive influx of posts and requests for hentai of the series Lucky Star. These threads are always filled with loli. I'm not sure if it's the same person or what, because they always seem to start with the same image, and most of the same pics in each thread. I've been deleting and reporting, but they pop back up within a few hours. Suggestions, anyone?
    >> Anonymous 06/18/07(Mon)16:33 No.987
    Hey, since lucky star has been popular, people have been posting a lot of loli images of characters from it in /e/. Can we get a sticky to clarify the fact that if it looks loli, it is loli?
    >> Anonymous ## Mod 06/20/07(Wed)14:31 No.989
    Same problem with /h/, though not as rampant as in /e/.
    >> Anonymous 06/21/07(Thu)10:09 No.990
    Ditto for /r/. It's not a major problem, but it gets requested at least once a day. Usually twice.

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