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Yo, I'm the dude who made you .docx you are hosting right now. I'd like to thank you for saving it. Now, I have been working on it for while, and divided it into two, one with the summary and time-line and another with the anecdotal info from Shii and 0037 from world2ch.

You can have them if you are interested.





Thanks, I really appreciate your work on this, and also for the update. Very good information, and even more valuable now that Shii took his shit down. Files are now up and linked from the main page. (And as a side note, I really need to get my shit together with organizing this place. Maybe next week.)


Hey guys, the first link is not working. Nice job, though!


They're mirrored at this site, though - did you try the download links at per.vyrd.net?


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Yo doods, OP here.

It revamped the .doc again and put it up to date, plus I added a new section describing 4chan's userbase over the years.

Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!wN0mAIpJ!QnfNrMiX6R_p8XuRkQoOKEtGCnNsBa1dJCMCDhxGcIc


Thank you again, this is really excellent work - some of the most detailed writing on the subject out there, I'd say. I've uploaded the new version here and added links (hope you don't mind that I also put up a PDF version for convenience).


Thanks. There's still much to be done, as most information available is only about /b/'s shenanigans, leaving a lot of boards lacking. Not to mention I have a chronic typo problem. However I can't find find any good articles on the rest of the board's history, saving those I've experienced personally (Which reminds me I completely forgot to add the addition of captchas to /f/), and it's very hard to discern any meaningful events just by looking at saved threads.

By the way, do you happen to know any other Internet Culture sites like this one? I kinda fell off the loop when Jkid deleted YS and Shii closed his site.


Posting a minor update: https://mega.co.nz/#!cA41GAyR!2EapfixBpeErlSBa1YOGduk2F9PL9FbRu2jy5sT9yLo


Sorry for taking so long to update; the new version is here now. In recent months I have not been keeping up with 4chan-related stuff nearly as much as I should be, and I don't know any currently active YS- or Shii-like sites; the main sources of information I'm aware of that are still around are wikis, with a lot of stuff consolidated on bibanon (plus a few of the other, smaller old standbys which are still up, of course). I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to be of any help here.


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New version! Revamped some stuff, reworked name, added more detail and a huge section about the prehistory of 4chan (Ayashii World and 2ch!).

By the way, I recently got in contact with the archivist of Bibiotheca Anonoma, (The guy from Github's Bibanon), and we are trying to gather around people who are interesting in archiving and compiling info about 4chan. Perhaps you are interested, he will email you soon!.

Mega link: https://mega.co.nz/#!e5x2iZTA!kbPN9djkQEh2VMafoh9bEkVSboUfc_CFLxxvo91KkCM


New version uploaded here and links updated; thanks very much for continuing to work on this. I would be happy for the bibanon guy to contact me, if he thinks I can be of any help - I am definitely interested.


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It's been a while my friend, but I've got a new version cooked up and ready! Even though my ISP/Cable provider went full retard and left me disconnected from civilization for nearly an entire month, I managed to keep up with moot's departure through the use of shitty cellphone Internet.

Edition 1.4.0 ready: https://mega.co.nz/#!zsIARSbR!Ew79G1l2QvQamdPoX0GJknbhfnddDUv0UkKK9gAI2DE

Spread the word!


Sup. It's antonizoon from the Bibliotheca Anonoma. We're migrating our 4chan Chronicle to Wikibooks, as an actual, well-sourced history textbook (and because the Github wiki has it's limits). Let's merge our work back together, here.


A lot has changed since the last time we spoke. For one, anons have finally started to maintain a near-complete timeline of major events on 4chan, with parts borrowed from our wiki. We will be using that as a major secondary source to fit our chronology.


I've also put together a near comprehensive list of all Fuuka archivers known to exist (and their oldest threads) at the ArchiveTeam Wiki. This will seriously help for finding threads after 2010.


And did you know that 2channel is now itself history? After crippling lawsuits, credit card leaks, vicious yellow journalism from Matome Blogs, and a community split between Jim Watkins and Hiroyuki, the modern 2ch.net and 2ch.sc are shadows of their former self. It's a good time to record what is left, before it's legacy is lost to the sands of time.



File: 1424027467108.gif (74.99 KB, 300x238, Happy Negro 046.gif)

Man, it's been a while. Right now I'm archiving some stuff at 8chan (of all places!), I'll check up in wikibooks as soon as possible.

I'd also like to apologize for disappearing from github. Uni was more time consuming than I though, and there's a very big chance I have too many hobbies.

And I'll add something else: Bemindful that I'm in it for serious (kek) recording of imageboard history. I don't have a knack for novelizations and all that stuff, which I believe may go astray from truth. This doesn't mean I'll help though. To be clear: I may disappear for months, but unless I explicitely state I'm not going to continue with the work, always expect me to return.

Anyways, I've recently come in contact with the janiteam logs, which took me compeltely by surprise. A very pleasant surprise, to add. Those logs where enlightening. I have much more respect for Team 4chan than ever.

The leaks also mean a new version of the 4chan .doc is due:

1.4.1 - https://mega.co.nz/#!y4I12ZSI!n2mqaAXzrYKNYFxPbrQGMLliMoZNrkwCgx51HFXdhWw


Hey there. Well, this new effort is not really a novelization like the last time, it will be a serious effort like yours. It will just put certain works of art and stories into context (just like a real textbook does), since those can immerse someone in how it actually felt to be in that time period.

We've recently discovered quite a few solid sources, especially Moot's panel videos, and some remnants of Chanarchive on the Internet Archive.

It's more about… well, connecting projects from people like you with other interested editors. The 4chan.doc is great, but as you say, you yourself might not have time to keep it up in real time.

But a wiki format allows any interested anon to help keep it up-to-date, just like Tanasinn's Complete 4chan History (which monitors every day). It's also just more accessible for anons to view and search for, than a .doc file.

It's a community effort in the end, so I felt like you might want to be part of it.




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I'd just like to say, bless you beauteous faggots.
God knows how much of this would be dust in the wind without your efforts.

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