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The Bibliotheca Anonoma is a research library tasked with collecting, documenting, and safeguarding the grand legacy of Internet Folklife.

Wiki: http://github.com/bibanon/bibanon/wiki


This is a general thread to hold us over while we set up our permanent Atob-based Textboard. http://github.com/atobs/atob Vyrd was a good partner of us, but we're not sure how long his site is going to last, so migration is necessary.


Current Project Threads

/qa/ is currently our homeboard on 4chan, where we connect with the community, present our work, and revisit the past.

* Moot's Q&A Transcription Project: http://boards.4chan.org/qa/thread/74014/
* Archive Your 4chan Folder: http://boards.4chan.org/qa/thread/71704
* Three Angled Blue: http://boards.4chan.org/qa/thread/75203/


Current Project Threads (More)

* Comic Dub Archive: http://boards.4chan.org/qa/thread/79598
* GeneralIvan's Rescued Comic Dubs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVx_DMNoGJ4bZsD_Gy8-nLfOs-OSImoL1


Infrastructure of The Bibliotheca Anonoma

* Wiki: http://github.com/bibanon/bibanon/wiki
* Story Archive: https://github.com/bibanon/bibanon/wiki/Stories
* Github: http://github.com/bibanon/
* 4chan Chronicle: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/4chan_Chronicle
* YouTube Account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCotVc1RpP3Yyuvm4iyQpwew/videos
* IRC: irc.rizon.net #bibanon
* Internet Archive Uploads: https://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A%22Bibliotheca%20Anonoma%22
* Bibliotheca Anonoma Software Liquidation Commission https://github.com/BASLQC


Software Projects of the Bibliotheca Anonoma, Scripting Commission

* BASC-Archiver: Complete 4chan Thread Archiver, full images, thumbnails, JSON, everything. https://github.com/bibanon/BASC-Archiver
* BASC-py4chan: 4chan API Wrapper https://github.com/bibanon/BASC-py4chan
* Libreboot/Coreboot Installation Manual: https://github.com/bibanon/Coreboot-ThinkPads/wiki
* BASC-eBookGenerator: Create EPUBs from Markdown. https://github.com/bibanon/BASC-eBookGenerator
* A Tsundere Christmas Carol: An /a/ tradition, now in VN form. Archived. https://github.com/bibanon/a-tsundere-christmas-carol/wiki

Archives of the Bibliotheca Anonoma Software Liquidation Commission (BASLQC)

* BASLQC Wiki - A record of various device modding guides. https://github.com/BASLQC/BASLQC/wiki
* IBM Model M Terminal/Wheelwriter USB Controller: A drop-in Teensy USB replacement controller for the aging IBM Model M, F/AT/XT/Terminal, and Wheelwriter Buckling Spring Keyboards. https://github.com/BASLQC/ibm-wheelwriter-usb-controller/wiki
* VNDS Wiki: A lightweight Visual Novel player and converter set, for Android, DS, even Javascript. https://github.com/BASLQC/vnds/wiki


>Here's an example of a submission to the Bibliotheca Anonoma. Feel free to dump interesting links, mega.co.nz uploads, archived 4chan threads, or whatnot for us to check out.

A thread on /x/ was started to archive as many threads as they can from the fallen Chanarchive, which held data from 2006-2012.



On the topic of the Chanarchive, apparently, the last owner, Edgeworth E. Euler, went MIA (I knew him well, and know that he would have given his life to provide a backup, so he was very likely imprisoned or even died).

Since he owned all of Chanarchive's hard drives, once a hard drive screwed up the admins could do nothing to save it.

On the other hand, Chanarchive was heavily crawled by the Internet Archive. You're lucky if a thumbnail or two survived, but it's something.

We need people to help take stock of what is still surviving, so post working thread URLs here or on the wikipage (github account needed)






Bibliotheca Anonoma Google Drive: Massive wealth of collected archives and rare data. Will probably need to be uploaded to the Internet Archive sooner or later. https://drive.google.com/#folders/0B7WYx7u6HJh_Z3FjU2F0NFNyQWs


I apologize for my total lack of communication over the last couple months, not to mention any attempt whatsoever to update this site. First and foremost let me say that I think it is wonderful that Bibanon has been so active in the wake of moot's departure. The serious and systematic archiving that is going on is a thing of beauty to behold, and I can't be the only person who feels significant reassurance that the project is really back in the saddle, as it were.

It's getting late here so I'll try to be concise. This site is not going anywhere anytime soon, as far as I can foresee. I have basically zero UGC, almost no traffic, and more than enough money to ensure it will be hosted for a very long time, even if I barely do anything with it. I have only gotten busier and busier—my level of activity irl is higher than it has been in years, hence the neglect—but it is still hardly a problem to keep the thing up and check daily that everything is OK, at a minimum.

Saving all the threads from the other sites mentioned at rx. is something I always meant to get around to. I wish I could tell you I had a copy of anything except what is on that page plus the rest of ys, but it is not so (believe me, I'm kicking myself). The one dead site that I actually DO have a backup of most of (all images, no text—there wasn't very much) is nevada.natural20.net, which is still suspended because of the ICANN bullshit. As you probably recall it's basically a bunch of Nevada-tan fanart and etc., and if no one else has a copy then I'll put it up because I got all of it. I think there may be several other useful things I have saved as well.

Your collection is so extensive and your collation so thorough that I don't really know what I have to offer you, except the promise of this space continuing to exist and the provision of a few more scraps of stuff. This next week is going to be considerably more amenable to spending time on 4chan-related things, and I want to try to bring the site more up to date at least; unfortunately, it's still unlikely that I will be able to sustain much activity in general.

Too tired to think now—good luck, goodnight & cheers.


Hey, it always sucks to go it alone. It's lonely and thankless. But I guarantee you that people really do appreciate your work. Look 100-500 people might be "tiny" on the Internet, but 50 people is more than enough to fill a whole room.

That's why we are a team. I've met some amazing people just this past month after the foundation of /qa/, from an Australian programmer (who helps with our BASC-Archiver script) to the 4chan.doc guy on the 4chan Chronicle, to a mad archivist who has tens of gigabytes of ancient threads, so on and so on. We all complement our strengths and weaknesses, and take over when someone else is busy.

Maybe you might want to join forces? For one, we don't actually have any webservers. Also, I've always wanted to make a new board for us to discuss in (maybe here, on /bibanon/, preferably with Atob)? IRC can feel lonely when no one's around, and anonymous boards allow people to post freely and are familiar to our userbase.


Here's an example of how we help each other out. You know how Jkid made his Yotsuba Society website + 4chan archives?

He used Save-Page-as to archive entire websites, by hand! He even tried to recover Wikichan from the Internet Archive that way!

That took weeks, even months of hard labor! So we taught him to use Wget to make the computers do the hard work, so he can squeeze in his hobby with his busy life.


That's how we can help you. And you can help us out. So you're not alone.


File: 1425865667813.png (13.52 KB, 281x379, 1414770241773.png)

We're archiving stuff from the /x/ thread and "The Librarian's" 4,000 texts to the Internet Archive.



>Vyrd was a good partner of us, but we're not sure how long his site is going to last
Is anyone archiving the archivers?


We saved vyrd's website here.


Wow, thanks man, that's really damn nice of you. Especially as most things here are just copied from other sites anyway.

I'm grateful for the lengthy response but won't be able to reply in kind right now, sorry. (N.B.: I did put up the Nevada-tan stuff, as well as finally updating the 4chan summary .docx and both ar. and rx., the latter just to acknowledge broken links.) One thing: what do you mean exactly by "join forces"? Should I just get a github account and start putting things directly on bibanon, you mean, instead of having an entirely separate 'outpost' site? I don't actually have that much server space (though far more than I'm currently using)—did you have something in mind that I could do there?

(P.S.: Thanks for pointing me to the wget script, very useful.)


Ah, storage isn't a issue, we upload everything of note to the Internet Archive anyway.

What would help is a discussion board for the Bibliotheca Anonoma: but a new kind, Atob:



This way, project threads can be made, people can just dump links for analysis, and there is a specific home for community archival discussion.

And a textboard is used as a "neutral", lightweight platform without the emotional baggage of host chans (but images can be posted to imgur).

Another thing I've finally put together is a full listing of the 4chan board archivers, who they inherited it from, and when they started archiving. Hopefully you might be able to correct inaccuracies, or find the people in question.


Make sure good ol' Vyrd.net still remains accessible the way it is though, because broken links just suck.


I don't see a lot of 8chan hate on 4chan. So I'm curious why neutrality is needed. Just saying.


We don't see many posts mentioning 8chan of any kind on 4chan, because it is word filtered out, and all links are banned.

Neutrality is absolutely critical as archivists and historians, because we analyze cross-website conflicts with effects today or in the future.

The failure to maintain neutrality has claimed many of our predecessors, from Wikichan to the Yotsuba Society. History can be abused as a powerful weapon by contemporaries, so we can't compromise on neutrality.


I have nothing to contribute other than my thanks for archiving (as much as possible) from one of the internet's most vivid websites.

Your effort is respected. At least by me.


I'm the guy who's put together the Museum of /x/ History. Figured I'd go ahead and post the Mega folder link here as well since we've let the old thread die for now. All updates will be uploaded within this folder, replacing previous ones. I'll keep an eye on the upload and I'll be sure to say something if anything goes wrong with Mega and we'll work on a different upload. In a week I'll start a new thread on /x/ and hopefully will have an idea of what to do next other than just wait for contributions. Getting a sticky on /x/ would be ideal, but since this will never be complete, it would be nice to have a system available where others can still contribute.



Guess I should also mention what it is. This is over 500 threads retrieved from the /x/ index of both Chanarchive and 4chanarchive. Most have no thumbnails or images, but we've been able to get a lot of contributions of images and thumbnailed saved threads which are available in there. There's also an incomplete list of known threads that were in the archive but weren't crawled by WayBack. Thanks to the guys working on Bibanon for their efforts on other boards too.


Thanks for posting this, I'll be sure to upload to here whenever updates are made.


I might be able to put together a kind of link submission website to help both you and I, where anons can drop in any Chanarchive link from the Way back Machine, put categories,tags, metadata, or description, as a larger effort to reconstruct all we can from the crawls.


That'd be cool. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see what you come up with.


The "mz images" link is down/redirecting to spyware.



New /x/ thread


What? MZ images? What's that?


I'm not sure if this is of ay use, but here's the Russian macrochan.



Huh. That's actually very helpful, we already have Macrochan scraper scripts built, so we'll point it that this.

On that topic:

Macrochan is the largest archive of 2006-2008-era 4chan images that still survives to this day. It has a decent tag structure system that allows you to find classic memes and thread screencaps. You'll be surprised at what used to be popular on 4chan a decade ago.

We've (preemptively) archived the entire Macrochan Image Database (45,175 images, 4.7GB!), with all tags in a SQLite database and uploaded it to the Internet Archive.


Archiving it was a huge effort and required a ton of crazy python scripts to slurp down all the tags. Here's the script:



>To a mad archivist who has tens of gigabytes of ancient threads

.doc guy here

Damn. What are they about? Can you give more details?


We were contacting him by email for a while. Thanks for reminding me, I should ask him again.

He actually had even more stuff in the past (2006 or so), but his hard drive broke down. Now he always uses SSDs. Though hopefully they don't reach their end of life just yet.


what do you need to set it up?


There's this guy who goes around and tells that early 4chan was full of tripcode users. Does anyone have any kind of idea what's his perspective on history?


handle's nony, i talked to ThrustVect/Pastaflora and he sent me in a direction near here. Back in late 2004, early 2005, I believe, I snagged a copy of every image/upload board's index using a tool called sitesnagger. Here's a link to the archive, hosted on maxfile.ro:




me again, here's another copy hosted on mega. someone reminded me maxfile.ro has gotten flagged. maxfile.ro may or may not be that stable, anyway.



Yeah, it's true. On 2003 and early 2004 4chan's userbase came almost entirely from SA and associated IRC, and a small anonymous minority from world2ch and 2chan (who where later range banned for not contributing). Most of the former saw 4chan as an extension of SA's culture so they though it natural to keep their identities there, not even mentioning that moot didn't even know what a tripcode was, much less how 2chan really worked. However namefag prevalence was short lived, by late 2004 the majority was anonymous.

In 2005 moot, Shii and most of the staff fell in line with the concept of anonymity as a form of communication (Shii, the resident moon rune speaker, was well accustomed to 2chan culture and was it's main proponent) and began to encourage anonymous posting, the new users that came from sites other than SA never felt the need for names. Though considerable tripfag presence lasted well into 2006. Mass tripfag hate didn't happen until the situation exploded with attention whores and /v/ underwent a tripfag purge in 2007.

There's also some people claiming anons attained a gang mentality in 2005 and deliberately tried to run all named users away. However I have never seen anything hinting at this.


mods turning on forced anonymous posting was also a regular occurrence 2006 or something and on, if i remember correctly

not sure where evidence on that could be found, maybe there are blotter archives

i remember it being reasonably controversial and changing the culture of the boards significantly

or rather, maybe just /b/. it may have just been a /b/ thing.



Hello, dead imageboard user. You might be thinking, ">>86, what the fuck is this shit?" Well, it's the database dumps an anonymous /prog/ user made of the world4ch/dis.4chan.org textboards while the archive was still accessible!



thank you based god


Fuck yeah. I'm actually thinking about making a static copy of that public, like we did for Shii's Wiki:


Is that every board on the textboards? Also how is the database structured?

Ok that's pretty damn Interesting, I'll look into that, probably will post it to the Internet Archive.


Ok, found the original author's thread, it was posted to our threads on /qa/.


Seems complete, I'll get to it.

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