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Archive is nice.


Which archive?




Well, I'm glad someone liked it at least. I obviously haven't been putting much time into actually making this site into anything - I suppose I should start.

Anyway, thanks for your comment anon.


You're welcome, I appreciate it. And I would like seeing you expanding it, somehow.

You also need to make it viral.


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Yes, I like it too. I appreciate your work.


I also like it.
I joined 4chan in about 2009, so I'm glad to be able to experience its history and backdoor workings


I don't know how to put into words what I want to communicate, but this site is really special and I hope you don't abandon it.


Well, I'm not abandoning it just yet. So far I've got probably 1100-1200 more screencaps that are suitable for upload here, plus I'm planning to mirror most of the other individual thread archivers' collections here because most of them are someone's side project and it's just safer to have the content distributed, plus I'm planning shortly to put up a static version of yswiki here because it's been down for several months now. (It's taken some effort to edit into usable form because of all the spam/vandalism included in it, he didn't remove anything from the database before exporting - I'm just culling down to the final clean version of each page, and it'll be in plain HTML.) This latter, as you know, includes Jkid's supposedly complete restoration of wikichan, among other interesting things like the English-translated history of Futaba. And then, I dunno, I got some more stuff lying around, like all the original /b/-sides complete with the pictures (I think bibanon just has the text), and I've been thinking of trying to make a more thorough board timeline of my own, and I might be able to dredge up something else, who knows.

Thanks for your comment, anon. I'm happy that people have found this collection useful, even if it is perpetually incomplete.


I like that everything is in one place. All the information available here was scattered between a lot of sites in the past, which made it feel incomplete and disjointed. It's good that Jkid's work is also being integrated. YS is the closest project of this sort I knew of before I found myself here.


If you can, once everything is ready try and have it mirrored in lots of places.

It's a big problem with archival projects like these that archives keep being lost or damaged.

I'm very glad this site exists though. I try and follow this sort of thing myself. If I have anything not hosted here I'll try and get it through.


I sent you an email concerning the 2011-2015 janitor logs. I don't know whether to be more specific/Googleable with this.


There's a janiteam log? Where can I get it?

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