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File: 1376378216951.gif-(54 KB, 619x515, fig3-11.gif)
54 KB
Retro Internet thread.

I know this doesn't completely abide by this board's rules, but the internet had a g̶o̶d̶l̶e̶n̶ plastic age of games as well.

Post any that leave you with a feeling of nostalgia.
File: 1376378320291.png-(1 KB, 499x299, flyguy.png)
1 KB
And here's why I made this thread.

File: 1376378439763.jpg-(19 KB, 422x410, 1376266351803.jpg)
19 KB
>sign the guestbook
Raise da roof!
File: 1376378679599.png-(41 KB, 894x791, faketown.png)
41 KB
You can get to the log in page of the original Faketown through wayback machine.

File: 1376378816129.jpg-(91 KB, 769x527, cokemusic-HOD.jpg)
91 KB
Best internet game of all time right here. Don't know why they shut it down.

The Adventures of Nerd Boy
File: 1376380546548.png-(31 KB, 571x307, battlefield.png)
31 KB
Battlefield on bonus.com
>you will never find the Geocities page you made back in the 90's

feels bad
File: 1376381493976.png-(26 KB, 642x480, win311netscape.png)
26 KB
File: 1376381552128.jpg-(86 KB, 655x414, Dobedo_chattfönster.jpg)
86 KB

The English version, at least.
File: 1376381599195.gif-(41 KB, 373x197, hippcam.gif)
41 KB
File: 1376381605049.png-(4 KB, 342x430, Juno_United_Online_logo.png)
4 KB
I used to use Juno in the 90s.
File: 1376381712615.jpg-(30 KB, 553x595, image039.jpg)
30 KB
>having to use this boring shit at school
File: 1376382302201.jpg-(8 KB, 140x140, Junologo[1].jpg)
8 KB
Holy shit bro. Remember this?
File: 1376382359690.png-(432 B, 32x32, Juno_icon[1].png)
432 B
432 B PNG

Blew my mind away when I found out a few years ago they are still up and about.

Because it was a shitty rip-off of Habbo
I used Juno in the 90s.

I found that I could bypass the Juno ads when I played Starcraft online.

I think eventually they caught on and shut off my account. Whatever. Shit's free so I just made a new one, huhuhu....
File: 1376383530393.png-(4 KB, 480x350, tea.png)
4 KB
Well, that was comfy to play.

See you next year.
File: 1376385254625.png-(16 KB, 1366x768, FUCK.png)
16 KB
Might still be up on one of the partial GC archives that various people and groups tried to form after the shutdown announcement. Look them up, and also check archive.org.
File: 1376386063101.jpg-(499 KB, 1915x961, q2.jpg)
499 KB
499 KB JPG
old quake 2 sites are still up all over the place
That game seem like it would take over a hour just to lose assuming you put something heavy on the down key.
When I was like 7 I somehow made an html document that looked just like a webpage but was just a file being opened in my browser
You know, the search bar saying C://user/desktop/file.html or something
I thought I had made a page on the internet
I was proud
I stored it on a floppy disc I was so proud
If the floppy hasn't died it should still be there
my grandmom got a juno account because it was cheap e-mail

i remember when netzero was ACTUALLY FREE. they ran on ads but it was easy enough to keep them in the background while i played team fortress classic. they got more clever eventually, and then of course they started charging.
Ah yeah... the days of dialup Team Fortress.

When having less than 200ms ping on a server was "good", and broadband snipers were obnoxiously lethal.
File: 1376389619614.gif-(111 KB, 800x600, Microsoft Comic Chat.gif)
111 KB
111 KB GIF
Anyone remember Microsoft Comic Chat?

It was my first experience with IRC

woooow, i remember now... is fucking great.
Fuck I loved that when I was a kid
I never got to actually chat with someone, but I had fun as a kid dicking around with the characters and poses.
Neither did I. My friends and I would just use it to make comics, print them out and exchange them with each other at school.
I ended up cybering way too much there.
I was 13.
> Your first very own website at Geocities

And it was most likely with a wizard named Gerald.
Damn. I miss that age of the internet. Maybe it was because I was young at the time, but it felt like every individual page had some degree of character. Also, I could email damn near anyone and expect to get a real response.

Met one of my closest friends my being critical about his website. We were barely teenagers. I've talked to him online almost daily for close to 20 years now.
File: 1376404611845.jpg-(111 KB, 1025x750, windows311.jpg)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>>988240 (OP)
It looks half decent with higher res and color support. But really I'm not sure what you'd really want to do with 3.11
There weren't many games that were great for it, most of the game support went to DOS and then a little to 95 and really only started kicking in around 97-98 and windows 98 pretty much dominated that up until 2K was released which was more or less the best windows OS.
File: 1376404944744.gif-(16 KB, 250x176, lenny-loosejocks-in-kanga(...).gif)
16 KB
>You must delete the rom 48hours after downloading if you don't own the original game
File: 1376405301706.jpg-(88 KB, 569x505, movie maker.jpg)
88 KB
Oh man, such memories....

There was also this game we played in school involving these blue guys that you could create and solve puzzles. It sorta reminded me of lemmings since you had to lead them around safely then solve puzzles. Apparently it was pseudo-"educational", I honestly can't remember the name of it though....
pig disgusting

Also, IIRC Opera works better than other browsers on Win3.11
File: 1376405737922.gif-(7 KB, 113x240, lennystand.gif)
7 KB

>tfw you couldn't beat Lenny Loosejocks Walkabout
It's not an issue of pigdisgusting, it's an issue of shit using, including the very page you're posting on. So really, that's your personal problem that you hate using the very shit you're using and that is used all over the place.
File: 1376407354861.jpg-(69 KB, 640x480, prodigy.jpg)
69 KB
>>988240 (OP)
tfw dialing in to the BBS on a 1200 baud cradle modem.
It really wasn't, it was like they tried ripping it off and made something 10 times better. First off there was no money involved, fuck habbo for that shit. Second you could write music and play it to crowds of people. Third there were all kinds of minigames that we're great.

I don't know, maybe I'm 2006ing out. I know I had a good time on it.
But it is. There's not a single feature 4chan has that requires Javascript. Hence why it has a JS-less version.

Lots of sites use Javascript that don't really need it for any of the core functionality.

The WWW originally consisted of static pages (either static on the server or dynamically generated, see CGI and PHP), until Javascript came along and decided that script needed to be mixed with the markup and that sites need to do all kinds of stupid shit. It didn't have a single useful purpose until AJAX came along, and IFRAMES could handle a lot of what AJAX does.
File: 1376408282668.jpg-(158 KB, 800x600, Planet_Hot_Wheels_Loading(...).jpg)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
This was the first MMO I ever played. If you remember it, you probably remember how good it was. I don't know why they took it down.
File: 1376408299431.png-(11 KB, 640x480, doubledeuce_ie3.png)
11 KB
Alas, I had BARELY any access to the web when I was a kid, on account of being dirt poor and also in a foster home. Thank goodness for friends without those problems. I went to ANIME.COM and downloaded CRYSTAL.ZIP for use on my borrowed 386.

I still have that screensaver. And I made a "retro-web" site. And the screensaver is up there on the downloads page. Look up "oldternet".
The first game I remember playing on the Internet was Celebrity Fist Fight, or at least I think that was the name. It was basically a tech demo for Flash (or "Macromedia Shockwave Flash," as they always used to write it out) with awful controls where you either clicked or pushed keys (don't recall) to box against digitized celebrities and mess up their faces.

I played it at a county fair Internet pavilion and thought it was the coolest thing I'd seen in a while.

I think the original version is long gone.
Also, it wasn't until "Web 2.0" came into existence that JS became necessary for most sites to even function, because of stupid social networking cancer integrated deeply into every site.

I don't even use that shit; if I wanted to share something on Facebook or Twitter, I'll do it from Facebook or Twitter, not from another site.

The web as it stands now is a real pain-in-the-ass for anyone who likes browsing with old browsers (Netscape/IE4) or text-based browsers (lynx, elinks, etc). Hell, even modern computers can get bogged down with the overuse of JS on most modern web pages.
holy shit I remember this

please somebody find it
Holy crap dude, I was craving that screensaver something horrible a few months ago.

Thank you!
I've been considering making a personal web site in a retro style: I'll definitely go through with it now that there is a webring.
1200 baud
That's pretty slow even for windows 3.11.
Even 2400 baud @ 14.4k Modem were out before 3.11
Though baud rates don't explicitly say what the data rate is. Even the C64 had 1200 baud modems.
It's not a real webring, just an INCREDIBLE SIMULACRUM. Yeah, I know, sadness.

I'd update the site more, but I lack motivation to do anything. Also, my memory for the nineties is a blur, and I don't want the HOMEPAGE to be full of shit from the wrong years.
>my memory for the nineties is a blur, and I don't want the HOMEPAGE to be full of shit from the wrong years.
You could just scroll through old Geocities archives on oocities.org or archive.org
File: 1376409600269.jpg-(90 KB, 405x412, pleasedloli.jpg)
90 KB
Shit, this is so relaxing. How come I never heard of it all these years?
File: 1376409664524.gif-(36 KB, 799x555, 1154818324334.gif)
36 KB
The pages on the archive load slower than they did when I used dialupternet.
Ah, my idea was a bit different; it was to make a page about *slightly* more modern shit (I practically live in the 90s with my retrocomputing hobbies and tastes in gaming/movies/music) but do it in a very web 1.0 style.
Sure you don't require inline quoting, any of the 4chan script, any of the grease/scriptish scripts, or the ability to use captcha or pointing at posts automatically, not having a shitty layout or autoupdating or anything of the things that make 4chan less shit to use. But it's atrocious when not using it.
Both sites are far faster than dialup. Though I prefer using reocities anyway.
Just go to Newgrounds and type "Celebrity *fillintheblank* " into the search field. If the exact same one doesn't come up, there are over nine million clones.
So that's how they make jerkcity comics
I remember I used to play the fuck out of flashgames on Addictinggames.com , or this one game on Cartoonnetwork called "Gundam Wing, Wing Assault." Sadly, I spent a lot of time in those early days on Neopets until I got perma banned for talking about world events.
Did someone say comfy old games on the internet?

Bah, my old site never gets archived anywhere. Hard drive failures cost me all of my old artwork, since CDRs were still off in the future.
Man, I remember acessing the Lego website all the time on my uncle's internet when I was younger. Shit was awesome.

I remember being awe afte seeing Legoland. I never managed to visit it.
File: 1376420776125.gif-(39 KB, 316x277, backlot.gif)
39 KB
I remember that page, but I didn't fully understand what was going on until around 1999 when they had those minifigure dudes and you could make accounts. I wish I knew what my old account was called.

Remember backlot?

What about Junkbot? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junkbot
addictinggames.com, miniclip.com, and stupidvideos.com were my life back in 2002.
File: 1376421743433.gif-(2.17 MB, 346x259, 1375449785833.gif)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB GIF



I actually discovered a glitch in it that lets you jump out of the world into an infinite falling void.

Where can I play backlot?
My very first web page was a Nintendo fansite on Geocities.

Ah, memories~
I find it interesting that you can still use it today and go on random IRC channels. It'd be fun to mess around with a few anons.
File: 1376422994564.gif-(57 KB, 662x854, ign64.gif)
57 KB
File: 1376423091367.jpg-(34 KB, 1098x202, in_this_day_and_age.jpg)
34 KB
File: 1376423182753.jpg-(56 KB, 611x340, miiverse.jpg)
56 KB
File: 1376424118594.jpg-(8 KB, 240x162, hunter.jpg)
8 KB
Ah, the days when the net was still The Frontier. No rules, no normalfags imposing their worldview on everyone, no kids, just people who were actually interested in ability to talk to someone across the world. And flash was the single most amazing technology.
What's that game called? I completely forgot about it, me and my classmates used to play it in school.
Hehe, this made me scroll down in my archived bookmarks, this is one of the oldest working ones that I didn't trash yet:
File: 1376425864448.png-(60 KB, 518x350, classic[1].png)
60 KB
Goddamn,that nostalgia.
Shame I could never make it past the 2nd world though.

Oh my god, Childhood!
Flash was pretty much shit until recently. It ran like shit back in the day as well.
File: 1376442158467.jpg-(57 KB, 480x360, zoombinis.jpg)
57 KB
File: 1376443687358.jpg-(47 KB, 540x390, pico.jpg)
47 KB
I'm gonna cry...
Remember THIS shit?
sure do.

that and Mario Twins. Feels like we've all come a really long way since then.
This is more 2006core but
File: 1376445032721.png-(415 KB, 1315x875, phl.png)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Anyone remember the Gamespy sites?


All of the Planet sites

Then all the awesome articles like

>Daily Victim
>Top 10

Those times were awesome.
File: 1376445043250.png-(15 KB, 1272x733, game-over.png)
15 KB
Took only a few minutes and some dedication, anon
File: 1376446148154.gif-(59 KB, 1024x686, zdgay.gif)
59 KB

Zophar still exists

It's like a classy page of links to emulators which have proper websites
File: 1376446428254.png-(80 KB, 212x209, toralol.png)
80 KB
Why was the sage there? whatever
File: 1376446558085.jpg-(45 KB, 568x416, this turns on the tomoko.jpg)
45 KB
>gay matchmaker
>real people
>real results
File: 1376446963038.jpg-(140 KB, 375x500, 4321184543_c4127f7dd0.jpg)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>you will never again buy a browser that comes in a box
File: 1376447136754.jpg-(5 KB, 110x150, Hd9904-01.jpg)
5 KB
Yo I am cool dude man
File: 1376450991534.jpg-(242 KB, 1662x870, vimms.jpg)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
They don't update terribly often, though.
But yeah, went to Zophar's for emus, Vimm's Lair for ROMs.

Vimm's Lair is still around today.
And still gets updated.
The ROMs are no longer "patched for Nesticle" with some copiers/warez groups intros and trainers on them.
They're No-Intro sets.
Y'all niggas living in the past.

I know about that, but this is a "RETRO" internet thread, as in pre-2000.
I remember when Zone wasn't a good porn artist in the slightest. I also remember when he wasn't a gimmicky animator.

I find it funny how he started and what he ended up becoming. He's like the SunSoft of porn artists, and like SunSoft, he's about ridden his gravy train out before using his name as just an advertisement.
am I the only one who had decent ping on dial-up? I don't remember ever going past 100

I have to assume you're all either lying or I'm just lucky or something.

AOL btw.
File: 1376452323715.gif-(492 KB, 460x345, sad-kaiba.gif)
492 KB
492 KB GIF
*raises hand*

That's where I used to get all my HL content and mods. I used those sites up to and until I kinda stopped playing Half-Life 2.

Never really went back there ever since, even when the new episodes came.
I was a regular on Polycount for YEAAAARS, and everyone there was tight with PlanetQuake. Shit, I think I still link to dead sites on PQ.
File: 1376456534943.jpg-(207 KB, 770x836, planetnamek.jpg)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
This site was my fucking life in middle school.
>>988240 (OP)
As convenient as they are, It's kinda sad how wikis and boorus killed fansites.
File: 1376460346868.jpg-(24 KB, 287x339, Ukoad7.jpg)
24 KB
Can you accordion playing?
I didn't really think about that, that's a good point.
File: 1376464334917.png-(70 KB, 940x503, error_404.png)
70 KB
Wikis didn't kill them (they certainly didn't help, though): 2 bajillion webring fansites supported by crappy hosts like Angelfire, Tripod, AOL, and those tiny webspaces that Comcast and other ISPs would give their customers did.

All of the fansite people went to forums when their hosting providers died/when they graduated.

Pic-related: What you'll see when you pull out that old CD with your Bookmarks/Favorites folder on it. Well, that or a DNSR search. :(
File: 1376464774649.png-(72 KB, 1075x1129, zone.png)
72 KB
>trying to find girls in checkers chatroom when you're 12
File: 1376465042885.png-(353 KB, 998x1033, 3dgamers apr14 2008.png)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
>not getting all your patches free with no wait times unlike fileplanet

>getting your shit handed to you in some of those crazy custom maps on AoE II
>finding bad cyber in game chatrooms

Suffering. Suffering all around.
File: 1376467115234.gif-(64 KB, 400x449, hack.gif)
64 KB

File: 1376478307696.jpg-(34 KB, 239x281, share the pain.jpg)
34 KB
>be on effnet to aquire teh romz
>find that one rare game on a fserve
>download for hours with 2.4 kb/s
>fserve leaves at 99% and never returns
File: 1376478519339.gif-(40 KB, 849x693, 984813857-1.gif)
40 KB

Jesus, this is older than dancing hamster.


You found it!
Heh, reminds me of when Napster was the big thing, and they started getting sued and songs were being deleted en masse, so people started naming songs different things to get around that shit.

>mfw downloading the latest papa skroach single and some ghetto beats from 3pac
Best flashgame I ever played
Please tell me this thread is still alive

I remember when there was no google image search, and you had to manually dig through each site in the search results to find browse for images

>you will never again have your mailbox stuffed with AOL floppies and discs
I don't see how coming to a consensus and verifying information into a single well cited source is sad. You can discuss shit with other people on wikis and even message and chat with them.
Fan sites can still exist for various reasons such as media, art and other non strictly informational resources. Fansites can host wikis too or have it as a communal project between multiple fan sites. http://zeldawiki.org/Zelda_Wiki:About
Kind of like that wiki is primarily sourced from six Zelda fansites.
I wouldn't actually want to talk to any Zelda fans, but the point is, it doesn't kill fan sites it just improves the quality and access to information.
File: 1376519820016.gif-(42 KB, 100x178, an_spinning_flaming_skull.gif)
42 KB
Sup bitches, remember me from your shit geocities site? I'm back.

Where did all these shitty CG gifs even fucking come from? They just appeared out of nowhere and suddenly they were everywhere.
I made them all, then I took them back
>>988240 (OP)
>"New to the internet? click here!"

somebody must have made something of this.
The internet? Nah, that was a fad in the mid 90s that died off really quick.
wow this thread is still allive... Call me when u start talking about hype for 2nd gen pokemon.
Remember when discussing power levels in DBZ was cool?
>implying there's not multiple such threads on /b/ daily
>cradle modem
>1200 baud

All the ones I've ever seen/owned were 300 baud. What kind of acoustic coupler modem did you have that was 1200 baud?

Used to hit this site up a lot...Kinda surprised to see it's still there.
Oh, lovely. Instead of talk about old browser games, this thread is just a circlejerk for old internet sites.

You guys, this is not video games.
File: 1376524880466.jpg-(71 KB, 300x300, 1344083115926.jpg)
71 KB
I spent so much time playing these. When the iPhone first came out, he must have said to himself "THIS is why WAS BORN! THIS IS MY MEDIUM!"

It's a shame he hasn't become a big name on the mobile gaming world.
File: 1376525025964.jpg-(193 KB, 627x891, gottricked.jpg)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Start your own thread, kiddo.

Maybe you should start your own thread on the appropriate board, because /vr/ ain't it.

Last thing this board needs is /v/-tier marginally related to video games threads.
Because of shitty graphics designers working with 1995 technology. It's like the old IBM commercial: Your website can have a spinning logo... or a flaming logo.
File: 1376526692394.gif-(32 KB, 110x70, RaRainForestAndes2577movi(...).gif)
32 KB
Does anyone remember that game where you play as ants, and there's different classes of ants and it was sort of a team deathmatch thing? It was browser-based. I remember playing it as a kid.

I think you got to it via some site or program like gamespy...
File: 1376527320750.gif-(13 KB, 88x31, ns-best.gif)
13 KB
Whining isn't /vr/ related. Maybe you should start a whining thread on the appropriate board.
don't reply to him



This and fatboy raids the cookie factory were great

Oh wow I used to go on here alot. Rewatching a few and I'm feeling kinda embarrassed that I ever liked this stuff
I remember playing this one flash or shockwave game on Blackberry Creek I think with this Tomato with a green headband and Uzis. You had to go around solving puzzles and whatnot

Also, I miss Comics By Kids terribly. It's the reason why I'm so good at MSPaint art
File: 1376532326207.jpg-(2.13 MB, 2816x2112, IMG_2421.jpg)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
posting this on a 13 year old powerbook
>feels slow man
>Whining isn't /vr/ related. Maybe you should start a whining thread on the appropriate board.

Being a faggot and posting off topic isn't /vr/. Maybe you should fuck off.
>dat model m in the background

I think it is fairly obvious that most of us are on this board because we like to have discussions without name-calling and people like you trying to stir up shit. So if you don't like the thread just report it, hide, and move on
File: 1376533221895.gif-(55 KB, 641x579, 19990721_001.gif)
55 KB
I have not upgraded my system in 5 years, retro as it fucking gets.
File: 1376533526512.png-(55 KB, 1005x539, 453785763545.png)
55 KB
it just never gets old
>secret naked girl ending
that's my 1987 model M spacesaver, made when things were built to last. those days are long gone.
File: 1376534005212.jpg-(58 KB, 640x480, elf-girl-sim-date-rpg-scr(...).jpg)
58 KB
>I hate this thread so much
>I'm going to spend 3 hours in it
File: 1376534126123.png-(151 KB, 1024x624, SS2.png)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
File: 1376534250264.jpg-(147 KB, 548x343, elfgirlscr_005-large.jpg)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
File: 1376534428763.jpg-(261 KB, 740x476, 351628-frank-s-adventure.jpg)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
>thanks, here's a smutty pic of my cousins
I'm with you. Until this thread gets back on track to vidya, it's off-topic.
Love Hina Sim Date. Holy shit.
I would never tell my friends IRL I played this shit even back then, but I did.
i got into anime because of this. Also, isnt there one about DNA^2 like this?
I didn't even realize it was based on Love Hina even though I'd rad it.
File: 1376534822657.gif-(10 KB, 462x556, hailian.gif)
10 KB
File: 1376535245756.gif-(209 KB, 800x600, 1998winasteroids.gif)
209 KB
209 KB GIF
fuck off

/vr/ is perfect for this kind of thread. /g/ is full of insufferable brats born after 1997, and /v/, if they even talk about games, only care about games released within the last few years
File: 1376535485920.gif-(5 KB, 240x320, palmsizepc_mailit.gif)
5 KB
>sending email through Japanese Windows CE
File: 1376535609592.gif-(56 KB, 640x480, 99.01.14.PinkRabbit.gif)
56 KB
Don't know that one.
What is this game called? I googled "hailian" but nothing related came up.
Look in download page

It is called 平安京エイリアン Heiankyo eirian
Released 99/09/02

I've actually heard of Heiankyo Alien, however only the name and as an arcade game, in some article comparing it to Lode Runner.
File: 1376536281237.gif-(17 KB, 566x402, minesweeper.gif)
17 KB

16 different boards

autocreates "profmine.ini" in C:\WINDOWS after running profmine.exe, delete when finished
Man, you really like to complain.
File: 1376536811512.gif-(10 KB, 264x267, 99.04.14.quietwar.gif)
10 KB
File: 1376536951043.gif-(73 KB, 390x537, magicalforces.gif)
73 KB
>bio freaks
>plays good
Pick one.
File: 1376537172234.jpg-(78 KB, 399x600, SpongeBobAdvancedFaggotry.jpg)
78 KB
> 10 times on the hardest setting using only kick, and kill no lizards

this fucking shit right here, oh god
Much of this thread is retro flash games from years gone by.
Why you are so militant I dont know.
File: 1376537636281.jpg-(36 KB, 320x240, overdrive_2.jpg)
36 KB
Cool doujin games from the late 90s.
Heres one of my favorites

Takahiro Nakatani's OverDrive.
Games a lot better than this screenshot shows, trust me.

I actually prefer his later AceSpeeder games, but technically not retro (2000-'01). My friends would come over to play AceSpeeder and we would try to beat each others times. They thought I was some wizard for being able to find obscure Japanese crap.

>Tfw I had WebTV as a kid
>Having use Tab/Arrows to navigate
>No Flash/Shockwave
>Weird as fuck WebTV games
File: 1376537772834.jpg-(68 KB, 829x1015, wince_turjah.jpg)
68 KB
File: 1376538070267.gif-(7 KB, 640x240, wince_monstertower.gif)
7 KB

Have a look at this site for free handheld WinCE games and their screenshots (+ some of their Win95 ports)
File: 1376538149488.jpg-(98 KB, 956x1077, Roguelike-JNetHack.jpg)
98 KB
Im going to grind through and beat it tonight
I never told anyone to fuck off. I commented that the discussion was off-topic until it came back to games.
...and then someone told me to fuck off.
Good, ill tell you to fuck off too.
I dont understand bitching and complaining when the "offtopic" goes hand in hand with the topic of the thread.
File: 1376539482444.png-(327 KB, 500x616, 1361620900147.png)
327 KB
327 KB PNG

>Thanks to tim at school.
>Also you are naked

Fucking nearly couged up my drink
AOL proggies, such as pepsi and fatezero x. Then there was some game that was like a 2d second life. Lots of people had like wings attached to them and shit. Then there was dwango for doom and gamespy had some silly shit and tetrinet. Also for the people who mention bonus.com and battlefield someone revived the javascript it's back just google for it.
Yahoo chat finally got closed for good late last year. A hoard of wigger "mic-fighters", lonely housewives and angry teenagers likely got displaced.

>go in to chatroom for first time
>middle-aged Southern woman talking on voice chat with her friends
>they meet there all the time
>accidentally talk over her in voice chat
>she flies in to a rage and mutes me with some kind of program
>gloats about it triumphantly like she just caught and skinned Bin Laden

Those kinds motherfuckers were EVERYWHERE. Weird people who take stuff waaaaay too seriously. During my edgy teen phase in the middle of last decade, I used to troll the fuck out of them.
Just explaining.

Why you are so militant I *do* know.
I'd equate it more to an overhead view Space Panic. While you do bury enemies in all three games, Lode Runner's primary mission to grab gold. Burying guards is subsidiary.
File: 1376546119067.gif-(5 KB, 131x165, 251.gif)
5 KB
Serebii dot net is still the same.

After ten plus years. Does Joe even have a life?
I know it falls a little bit past the "retro" deadline, but the old Sims 1 fansites were pretty awesome.

KillerSims stands out in my mind because it tried to be like a virtual shopping center, with different floors and elevator buttons and shit. It was really, really cool.

You don't see gaming sites (or really, any sites) try to do unique stuff like that anymore. It was all done with HTML and imagemaps, too.

The internet just isn't as personal/amateur as it used to be. Everything is "professional" now, and it really lost its charm.
File: 1376549148510.gif-(11 KB, 230x40, AtAthensRhodes1319bookcon(...).gif)
11 KB
Oh wow, it's been a while since I've seen these led signs.
My parents still ask me for help with this.
Yeah, it's running that site.
>there will never be a Pico 2
yeah. it's a shame, really. back in the day you'd find a myriad of "joe's platypus site's" instead of a general platypus wiki. :/
It wasn't just wikis that killed the small gaming site. It was pretty much all of the large sites and general gaming communities that started coming into existence.

It used to be, if you wanted a Quake mod/map, you went to the website of the person who made it, which was usually hosted on PlanetQuake, a community hub of sorts.

Today, if you want a mod/map for a game, you usually just go on GameBanana or ModDB and that's it. If you want info on a game, you just look at its wiki.

If you wanted to talk about a game in 1999, you went to that game's website and did so there. Today you go on /v/, reddit, NeoGAF, or something.

Also, I feel like it has something to do with the changing demographics and expectations of gamers. In the 90s, PC gaming was more of a nerdy niche thing, so lots of small amateur sites were okay. Normalfags don't want to deal with 100 different sites, and they tend to eat up Web 2.0 garbage like candy, so they flocked to the large gaming sites with a wiki/2.0 format.

The more "hardcore" PC gaming genres still have a lot of smaller active sites, like flight simulators. Seriously, check out the flight sim community. Even though it is small, there are still dozens of sites for each game/community.
Areaflat 2. You're welcome.
File: 1376558556274.gif-(2 KB, 170x170, 12.gif)
2 KB
forgot image
Is that the game where the ships are made of paper? I used to go to the computer lab during lunch and play that in junior high.
wasn't that the precursor to graal?
indeed it was. the guy changed the name and graphics when nintendo threatened to sue
File: 1376564492706.jpg-(10 KB, 260x280, tumblr_m7jrgz50NR1qg25ugo1_400.jpg)
10 KB
>tfw in library (didnt have internet at home yet, this was like 1999 or some shit, I think we only had dialup at our place) with grandpa, both trying really hard to get BonziBuddy to install, because I thought he looked cute

jeez, the memories.

Were you trying to do this on your own laptop or the library's computers?

I assume it would be on the library computer.
Guys you need to watch this

Dude, about a month or so ago we had an entire thread devoted to old ass usenet groups and no one complained at all
wasn't this made in 2001?
/vr/ should start a comic chat irc channel
though avoiding anything in a post that starts out "guys you need to watch this" is a pretty good rule as well
File: 1376603572048.gif-(163 KB, 500x280, sparklesandshit.gif)
163 KB
163 KB GIF
>Lenny Loosejocks Walkabout
holy fuck i remember that game. I don't think i completed it.
I feel horribly ashamed that I never experienced this as kid. But at least I finally know where the hell "comic sans" came from

Sounds like a wonderful idea~
It's a 27 minute demonstration on how to use the internet from 96

too bad it's mainly used for parody sites
Wasn't there a sonic game on this?
That's not where comic sans came from...
Are individual game forums still common? I remember there would be unique forums with small but close communities on invision free or freebbs or whatever up until about 5 years ago or so.
it was slow 13 years ago, too
File: 1376687934751.jpg-(21 KB, 400x287, wconnected[1].jpg)
21 KB
good times
cant forget this

those were the days......

when default browser had a shedload of driveby exploits and windows 98 didnt even have built in software firewall

so naive, so naive... how much stronger would micro$hit be today if they didnt make those imbecile mistakes......
oh god cheatcc still exists.
I'd be into this. I might even make a channel. Would custom characters be allowed or no?
Are flash games still popular these days? I guess with the mobile devices today, there's less of an incentive to work with flash.
File: 1376691904277.png-(243 KB, 788x848, blizzard1996.png)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
File: 1376692378650.png-(287 KB, 649x363, minigolf.png)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Well, this still exists.

Holy shit, they were already doing that back in '96?
>>988240 (OP)
Why, erogames are always popular.
...Remember Yetisports?
>Hole 17
This is bullshit.
that shit was awesome.
I remember when I got kicked off AOL all the time.

Good times.
File: 1376700495854.gif-(15 KB, 505x37, HoHollywoodSet7253underco(...).gif)
15 KB
The years where ALL the Internet is in permanent construction because i don't know for what is this "cyberspace thing". Maybe to post random gifs of flames and lightnings and the crack of Winzip.
>We will not compromise our standards to release a game before it is ready

My, how times have changed.
File: 1376702822372.png-(10 KB, 800x319, asd.png)
10 KB
ITT: smalltime
File: 1376703087044.jpg-(115 KB, 787x230, bnetrealid.jpg)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
This proves Blizzard forever arrogant assholes accusing user of force to work 30 hours at day because fans are exigent little shits. They don't know pay money for gaems means work to deliver a product to consumers in time.

Yeah, real ID because they want show in public your are WOW junkie and get fired from you position in Bethesda.
Valve has this policy, as does Mozilla, and isn't Nintendo notorious for pushing back release dates?

"Ready" can be a pretty subjective thing.

And quite frequently, "ready" is determined by the publishers, not the developers.
Fuck yes I loved this flash.
The topless hula-girl at the end shocked me at the time
>bug free release

valve doesn't have a policy of bug free releases or releasing unshit software. Their policy is the broussard policy, we'll get to it when we get to it now fuck off. They've never give two shits about releasing terribly broken piles of shit.
File: 1376784631498.png-(6 KB, 279x256, generic limewire collection.png)
6 KB
p2p were the days.
File: 1376785507575.jpg-(116 KB, 640x480, Bnet_SC1_Game1.jpg)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Oh Bnet, how I miss you.
File: 1376785973824.jpg-(105 KB, 640x480, graal.jpg)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Am I the only one who played this?
I can vouch on that. I worked as GM for wow for a short time. Mind you I was a junior GM, working in a company that was being outsourced the job by blizzard, basically the job was customer support just that rather than using the phone, you used a special program called god tool, that was basically a text based wow client, allowing you to view ticket and chat with people.

Well, while we were not directly working for blizzard, there were a few blizzard employee sent over from France (I am in EU) overseeing the whole operation.

Well, one evening (we worked in 10 hours shifts (10 to 20 or 4:30 to 2:30) a guy sitting right next to me was feeling sick and was thus dealing with a ticket at the time (some of the veteran GMs there would do 4 tickets at once) it was like 3 minutes to 20 so the guy was pretty glad to get back home but that was not going to happen.

One of the blizzard guys that patrolled the floor, picked up his slack, and stood behind him. He told him "I think you can do more than this" and proceeded to press the F5 key that was the hotkey to open another ticket until he had opened 15-20 more.

The guy just stood there almost unable to believe it, sadly once you open a ticket, the ticket is tied to your account and can only be escalated to a senior GM, so there was no way for me to help him. Shit sucked

This thing looks kind of awesome. For some reason it gives me a 90s cyberpunk vibe.
no... in the first few weeks of this board there were countless threads about graal
File: 1376821412342.gif-(4 KB, 75x100, 1309562711724.gif)
4 KB
I'm way overdue with this remark, but...
Thread music here:
>that racist signature
whoa, that takes me back

sage for not vidya
hi trixie ;_;
Wow, vintage. My buddy's nge page was linked on there.
My page was also linked there.


Also, Otakuworld.
Ohmugawd, mine too. Not going to say who I was back then.

I visited the Soun Tendo Entertainment System website a few times, on merit of the name alone.

>30 hour days

Now that's dedication.
File: 1376830567863.png-(863 B, 43x43, sheep[1].png)
863 B
863 B PNG
R-remember m-m-me-e-e-e-eeeh
File: 1376830760926.jpg-(73 KB, 550x550, 1331629802882.jpg)
73 KB
I know that this is off topic but does any Anons know of any books that detail the history of the internet in the early 90's and 80's? Old tech stuff, whether it be vidya or computer programs/hardware fascinate the shit out of me and having just got through a book that details the origin of the CRPG in the early 70's right until the present day I'm hungry for more.
Have you tried the internet?
File: 1376836748105.jpg-(10 KB, 120x35, sabutton.jpg)
10 KB
This off-topic thread has been visited by a member of the Scorpion Army Empire.
Best site to find some interesting Web 1.0 sites!
File: 1376860550311.gif-(10 KB, 320x188, Dopefish.gif)
10 KB

Straight outta the 90's. I wonder who still maintains this shit.
Almost certainly Joe Siegler.
File: 1376866623454.jpg-(192 KB, 1280x1024, Bo Dallas.jpg)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>third vid

>The Genra was renamed later to Jumpstyle, as it evolved its name changed into several iterations.
>Try looking up Lapfox Trax, they're a particularly good jumpstyle musician
Holy shit, I remember playing some old mini-golf game with all kinds of crazy coarses. One with like a lady living in a shoe and stuff.
Help me out on this one?
Maybe I should add that it wasn't a browser game though
nvm. I found it.
Damn, that's sad. I feel really bad for that guy.
I used to love muds, played gemstone 3 on AOL when it was free (now pay to play @ play.net). Also played a shadowrun mud which has forked into awakenedworlds.net & some shittier version.

First "mmo" I played was some ww2 naval warfare game where you made money running supply ships back and forth to buy war ships and submarines and battle it out.

Also played a browser game (I think it was called "earth 2012") where you were given "turns" every hour, used it to find more land, build buildings and wage war on other players. Totally awesome Web (text) game. They also had a fantasy spinoff that was okay.

Very similar to the above game, archmage was very awesome. Too bad I think it's lost to time.

This is probably post retro, but slavehack.com was super cool for a few weeks.
I had a ton of fun with this game. I probably still have the CD somewhere.
I shall contribute

File: 1376875867722.gif-(192 KB, 640x480, x3322728TK0025.gif)
192 KB
192 KB GIF
nexus TK, it's still around.. $10 a month to play too.. GREAT game, once you hit max level, you kill monsters for EXP, then you can trade that EXP for health/mana there have been people playing since 1996 and have over 8 million health.. EPIC game is epic, it's pretty hard to start playing now since it's all oldbies, but it's a great fucking game.


Have fun guys!
They still are free (more or less)!

OMFG! I've been looking for this guy and his games for almost 10 years now! Thanks!
I still have my copy!
There was also
>the last piece of cake
>other pico games
>all your base are belong to us
>teletubbies games
>click on get started
>Thank you for your interest in NetZero. The offer you clicked on is no longer available. Please select one of our newest offers providing excellent value.
It still exists right?
Some friend gave me a file one day: he said I could play in the korean servers with that. Tried it and it worked somehow. All the letters were gibberish but everything was so laggy.
I still have that file somewhere...
Who's that?
Anybody remember the chat program called the palace? Late nights browsing the palace mansion trying to get the chicks or hanging out at the south park & koRn palace rooms talking about to people. It was the hottest thing in 97-98 same with that zoog Disney website lol
I don't know why anon didn't give you the YT link:
> ftp sunsite.unc.edu

Fuck TSWolf
Yuri 24 forever
Eat my Zibong blade you mythic rat
Cybertown, anyone? I'm still disappointed we never got any Rule 34 of the guide girl.

The thing I love most is how it literally never changed after 1998. Up until it finally closed in 2012, everything from the actual website to the game itself looked EXACTLY like it did in the 90s. Not one single alteration.
File: 1376977719139.jpg-(20 KB, 434x263, welco4.jpg)
20 KB
Also, dat guide girl.
File: 1377053782476.png-(87 KB, 350x218, Capture.png)
87 KB

A late 90s Sonic fan's paradise. Shame it isn't updated anymore.
This was the shit. I use to host those room games that were races stating "FURNITURE PRIZES, COKE MACHINE/COUCH FOR WINNER"

The game would be single elimination and you would click to the other side of your racing lane then back again. Last one back would either "pay to stay" or get booted from the room.

I made so much furniture off of kids that way and hardly ever actually gave out 1st place prizes like an asshole.

I would have kids advertise my room in promise of furniture but just boot them once my room had a huge crowd. Fuck that was fun.

I found a way to get infinite furniture, you just had to make a new account because you started with 5k which was enough to buy anything then just trade it to a main account. Made you look legit
bro fist.
The forums are still active...barely. The owner moved to Japan.
No no...that was not how we do things.

GameSages was the way to go.

IGN took them over...how sad.
File: 1377121857938.gif-(8 KB, 130x100, Y2K_Logo.gif)
8 KB
Is your web server Y2K compliant?
File: 1377122566281.jpg-(894 KB, 1836x2961, ae.jpg)
894 KB
894 KB JPG
Some of these discs are
File: 1377122606268.jpg-(1004 KB, 1836x3264, ad.jpg)
1004 KB
1004 KB JPG
File: 1377122765634.jpg-(1015 KB, 1836x3264, ac.jpg)
1015 KB
1015 KB JPG
Don't know why I cut that short. Some of these discs are over the the year limit, but they remind me of NetZero and Bluelight days.
File: 1377122814969.jpg-(1007 KB, 1836x3264, ab.jpg)
1007 KB
1007 KB JPG
Last one.
My first ISP. My parents were really anti-Internet, but I had the CD, so I'd disconnect the phone before school or late at night, plug it in, and download games and stuff. Great times.

Yeah, it was posted in one of these threads actually. Fucking insane.
Hell yeah, sneaking internet time was always so awesome back in the day. Me and my brother would wait for our parents to go grocery shopping or whatever, then gather up a phone and one of those super long phone extension spool things (no idea what that's called), and hook it up to our old Packard Bell. Then go hog wild looking for NES roms, porn, Anarchists Cookbook, all that good old shit from 1995-1997.
Thanks to the electronics section at the wal~mart my mom worked at in the '90s I've played over 300 hours of Chip's Challenge, Hover and Ski Free.
I have no idea why I spent so much time there during the summer and on weekends. I've also go more time logged in Gauntlet Legends, Dark Legacy, Virtual On and Moonwalker then most people have playing video games as a whole but that's a story for a different thread.
Anyone else burn a bunch of time screwing around on retail store computers?
>Also, I feel like it has something to do with the changing demographics and expectations of gamers.

I think people realised how fucked up is to have those sites go offline for some reason and disapear from the web. Even Morrowind modders would do things like spend months working a mod just to pull it one day due to some childish argument. The modding communities are full of too many nutcases to trust them to host their own maps.
File: 1377124895704.gif-(6 KB, 360x270, XiaoXiao6_big.gif)
6 KB
I was waiting for this.

>Teen Extreme Teen.

Fuck off.
File: 1377127256317.jpg-(41 KB, 535x342, yp.jpg)
41 KB

I miss searching for DBZ websites in the late 90s/early 2000s. I discovered hentai through Saiyan arena. I thought that site was gone now but through wizardry I didn't know I had I managed to find out that it just has a different name and URL now (Dragon Ball City).

>Find a page that has like, a hundred links to various Ronin Warriors fansites
>Almost all of them are dead

It was like I was in a graveyard. Also, does anyone remember "Character shrines?" Like Bulma Shrine, Naste Shrine, Piccolo Shrine, etc.

No one seems to remember the parrot that came before the purple ape. I used to make him swear and say other naughty things, it always gave me a chuckle.
File: 1377133837008.jpg-(148 KB, 1023x878, Z0042141.jpg)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but I really enjoyed Masters of DOOM. It gives some nice insight into what it was like being a PC game developer in the late 80s/early 90s. At least, from id's point of view.
File: 1377134388916.jpg-(28 KB, 500x389, worldsChat.jpg)
28 KB
I can't believe that Worlds.com hasn't been mentioned.
FUCKING SHIT. I have been looking for this for fucking years. I can't thank you enough.

Fucking Pico's school.

Damn that game was good.

I don't even know how I beat it as a kid.

You know, the way the website is, I would've imagine she actually wrote everything on there.
File: 1377151627389.jpg-(73 KB, 640x397, TGA.jpg)
73 KB
Did anyone else ever visit nintendoland or Zelda The Grand Adventures?

That was like, one of five places I browsed back in 1998. The midis playing in the Kokiri Forest section, OoT ocarina sheet music, reading poorly written fanfiction, original art, news updates...man that was something special. There was even a primitive choose-your-own-adventure section where you could play out these browser text games as Link. Sadly, the site's been shut down for ages...I wish I backed it up or at least saved some of it.
File: 1377152581654.gif-(284 KB, 640x400, Fatty bear.gif)
284 KB
284 KB GIF
Not really related to the internet, but this game, this fucking game.
Every school computer had this game in it. And I loathe anyone who denied me from playing this game during computer class.

>And I loathe anyone who denied me from playing this game during computer class.

Reminds me of a game a friend and I played in elementary. I can't remember the name, it was by the same company that made Treasure Mathstorm, it was some reading game set in a school at night with robots.We played that game so much during free time that we were banned from the class computer for awhile so other people could use it.
Good times.

I can't think of any old browser games I played, unless you count yahoo games as being old. I did however play a lot of KOTH on IRC.

File: 1377154409423.png-(18 KB, 182x233, ConcernedSemite.png)
18 KB
>all these .exe

Despite those being obvious malware, there was an often legitimate reason to use .exe archives, since some of the older p2p programs didn't pick up on zip/rar files.
You kidding me, man? There's so much cool shit you can do with that after you finish up doing whatever monkey labor your teacher wanted you to do.
I remember that. It was pretty impressive to me.
Buying computer gaming magazines that contained demo cds.

Demo cds were set up with neat interfaces. I remember one where you started in a alleyway and would go down an elevator to this underground place where you can choose demos.
I found out about hentai through that website about 13 years ago.
It's a short post and you've probably read it, but just in case...unmissable.

File: 1377164576802.jpg-(17 KB, 288x177, FB.jpg)
17 KB
File: 1377164773272.gif-(4 KB, 125x125, warez.gif)
4 KB
I can't believe Ezone is still up.

...and how awful it is now. So many ads.
File: 1377170461712.gif-(10 KB, 665x329, MUD1_screenshot.gif)
10 KB
Game MUD... homesickness

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