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File: 1365473468514.jpg-(47 KB, 314x380, 1360316677037.jpg)
47 KB
Need advice about my boyfriend /lgbt/.

> Be gay couple
> Well he's bi but whatever.
> He's blond haired, blue eyed, petite, would be perfect trap material if hormones.
> He's also racist as fuck.
> Like straight nazi.
> Likes to dress in SS uniforms and roleplay.
> Likes to call me Untermensch and make remarks/degrade me over my hair/eye color and genetics.
> Then consistently bottoms and tells me to destroy him with my "potato nigger mick dick " (I'm Irish, but have dark hair/eyes) .
> Even went so far as to learn German/vacation in Germany specifically to learn how to speak with proper accent.
> Also has strong nationalistic feelings/racial pride.
> But then shit gets weird. Economically/Militarily conservative ( Think Henry Ford Economics and FDR government).
> But then turns around and is socially liberal (Cultural Marxist levels).
> Complains about "niggers and spics" (his words) all day.
> Says we need to fund schools/educational programs for him.
> Donates a ton to Afrocentric charities, and inner city charities.
> Found out last week he goes down into Atlanta to help run a soup kitchen twice a month.
> Wants to raise minimum wage.
> wants immigration reform.
> Confront him on this shit.
> " I honestly think white people are master race. I think they are the best race on earth. I love my people and culture. That is exactly why I think we should level the system to be fair to minorities. My people don't need an edge. We can remove the institutional privilege and my people, the white race, will continue to be the single most powerful, greatest, most beneficial race on earth, and all other races will still aspire to be us. I don't hate Africans, I pity them. If by some means I can help even a fraction be as good as the common white man, it is my duty to do so. Anything less is sociopathic. "
> Mfw.
Wat do?
Dump him? I mean, at "potato nigger mick dick", I'd probably be feeling pretty iffy about keeping him around.
No seriously guys he's nice/sweet but he's fucking insane at the same time. I don't want to dump him on one hand because he's hot/fun in bed(fetishes aside)/smart, but then at the same time he's insane, egotistical, and worrisome.
>>326603 (OP)
Well, if he isn't a fucking idiot he'll eventually come to his senses and realize that the only thing extreme nationalism did for Germany is create economic disparity and cause territorial loss. If he is a fucking idiot, just dump him.
Sounds like he knows what's up. Marry him.
>what do I do?
>dump him

File: 1365473701812.jpg-(32 KB, 382x372, 1340102468001.jpg)
32 KB
>potato nigger mick dick
File: 1365473753592.jpg-(237 KB, 571x570, 1263964802329.jpg)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>socially liberal (Cultural Marxist levels).
I think you should kill him
File: 1365473882881.gif-(171 KB, 500x280, 1364490762556.gif)
171 KB
171 KB GIF
File: 1365473896367.jpg-(22 KB, 414x413, 1364855567906.jpg)
22 KB
>>326603 (OP)

that's way beyond fucked up

>>nigger you dumb

The only economic despair and territory loss from nazi's came from losing the war. No one plans to lose the war. Before the war hitler was american's business rolemodel for what a great job he did turning shit arround.

>>and i aint even a nazi
File: 1365474032512.jpg-(16 KB, 281x352, 1347522782001.jpg)
16 KB
There are people out there who eat their own shit for sexual pleasure, and some little faggot roleplaying as a nazi is "way beyond fucked up"?
File: 1365474069275.gif-(999 KB, 360x449, mugfearandloathing.gif)
999 KB
999 KB GIF
>>326603 (OP)

>but then shit gets weird.

THEN shit gets weird?
White people having a nazi/eugenics/breeding fetish is kind of normal. Especially white people being ruined by black people through sex. It's like super common.
Your bf sounds like a regular
Yeah, OP. Sounds like your boyfriend knows his shit and is a pretty cool guy. Eh helps inferior races and doesn't afraid of anything!

Yeah, but they're usually not "straight (up) nazi" for real, right? Having a fetish is one thing, but this guy needs to sort some shit out. Displaying your sexual fetishes in public is for losers and wiccans.
Wait, seriously? That's an actual thing?
>" I honestly think white people are master race. I think they are the best race on earth. I love my people and culture. That is exactly why I think we should level the system to be fair to minorities. My people don't need an edge. We can remove the institutional privilege and my people, the white race, will continue to be the single most powerful, greatest, most beneficial race on earth..."

Honestly, though - what's really wrong with this statement? As much as it may hurt people to admit, it's pretty fucking accurate.
I don't know how to tell you this, OP. I think your boyfriend is from /pol/.

File: 1365474746236.jpg-(549 KB, 1062x1202, 1365467362994.jpg)
549 KB
549 KB JPG

> wake up
> He's cooking breakfast.
> " Oh hai Anon! I made you breakfast. Sit down one sec. "
> Giggles, humming/dancing about, is cooking in only and apron.
> He's pierced his ears, wearing cute blue butterfly earings.
> Serves me breakfast.
> Crawls under the table and cheerfully blows me while I eat.
> Finishes, swallows, makes himself a bowl of Kashi and starts reading the paper.
> " Fucking hell anon, a bunch of niggers raped another white girl. When will my people wake up. "
> My dick's face when mfw.
>>326603 (OP)

> Be gay couple
> Well he's bi but whatever.
> Think he should take estrogen and trap

> Then consistently bottoms and tells me to destroy him with my "potato nigger mick dick " (I'm Irish, but have dark hair/eyes) .

>Economically/Militarily conservative
>Think FDR

>Cultural Marxist

> Complains about "niggers and spics" (his words) all day.

Fucking bravo.
>Browses dating site
>Hmm, I'd like someone kind and tolerant
>Let's look at this fellow
>Likes: Mein Kampf, Stormfront,
>Dislikes: Niggers and Kikes
>He'll do, sending message now
File: 1365474988980.jpg-(41 KB, 499x341, 1335329069106.jpg)
41 KB
He's too good for you.
>>326603 (OP)
>potato nigger mick dick

oh my fucking god
he's racist, but he can't exactly be full on nazi status if he's fucking other dudes... actual nazis would want to kill him for that.
File: 1365475173753.jpg-(107 KB, 838x983, 350.jpg)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I really like the Nazi uniforms and the swastika-symbol

Why did they have to be ruined by Nazies?
OP, do you cut yourself on your boyfriend's edginess when you have sex with him?
File: 1365475899668.jpg-(284 KB, 984x1000, 1363966949672.jpg)
284 KB
284 KB JPG

as though that isn't a common Aryancentric Aesthetic.
>>326603 (OP)
You stand there and you call him a fucking troll, then bend him over and make him beg for forgivness
File: 1365476147199.gif-(972 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mepmlr4v011qbyxr0o1_400.gif)
972 KB
972 KB GIF
i'd stay with him to get as many crazy stories as i could

he sounds like a very entertaining person
>>326603 (OP)
What's the problem? He seems delightfuly nutty to me. It can't be boring to have him around at last.

I say he's a keeper. Unless you catch him standing over you in nazi themed drag, holding a knife and chanting something in german while you sleep. Then get rid of the nutjob. But anything less is just him having fun.

Hell, I have a friend who's similar to your BF. He's got swastikas and russian millitary shit tatooed all over his body and struts around at work yelling in german and talking all kinds of deranged shit (he even made up a fake millitary career to talk about. Constantly), but then he hangs out with black people, has cats that all have cute names (and he's fucking wierd about cats...) and he's like the most respectful and helpful person I've ever met (other than the hatespeach).
One second, he's saying every "fag" shouild be burned alive, then he asks me why I haven't fucked my male best friend yet and tells me about times he's done so with his friends...

It's an act. You can either deal with it, have fun with it or fuck off. And that's about it.

Like I said though, your BF seems like a cutie. So just keep destroying him with your potato nigger mick dick and stop being so uptight. In all probability, this is some kind of fetish and all the shit he talks are just meaningless words to him. Kind of like a grimdark edgy kid who writes poetry about murder and the like. It's meaningless BS that he's into for fairly superficial reasons.
File: 1365477090420.jpg-(60 KB, 338x336, 1364694421383.jpg)
60 KB
> Walk into bedroom one night
> He's laying on the bed on his back, head dangling off the foot of the bed.
> He's handcuffed
> He has this weird face harness
> Word's painted on his chest
> " Fuck my throat pussy, ruin me "
> Below that is " 5$ deposit " .
> Pull out wallet, toss a 5 on him, and proceed to whip out my dick.
> He takes it all, amazingly, gagging is incredible but he isn't vomitting.
> Clings to me when we're done/cuddling and I unhook him.
> " You'll always love me, no matter how worthless/used up I get, right? "
> He's actually kind of crying.
> " I'm sorry I'm so dirty/pathetic/worthless. I wish I could be pure for you. "

> He never really asks to penetrate/be top.
> Kind of weird honestly.
> Walk in on him using fleshlight one day.
> He just keeps going.
> I start to undress.
> He bends over without even saying anything. I thought he would be the one fucking me this time.
> Whatever, I fuck him.
> He uses the fleshlight as I fuck him.
> After we're done he goes to clean up before going on a jog.
> Ask him why he never told me about the toy.
> " I didn't want to bother you with my needs. I'm just a pathetic slut. I can't help it. "
> " I wouldn't feel right being inside you with my tiny little sissy prick. I have no business fucking anyone. I'm only good enough to be used by big cocks. "
> Mfw I'm only 6 inches, not some monstrous 8+
> Mfw he's 5.5 and completely ok.
> Mfw I am beginning to think racism/nazism/ect in white people is entirely a self confidence fetish centered around them being completely degraded.
> Mfw I start to think nazis are all cuckolds.
>>326603 (OP)
I'll be frank, your boyfriend sounds amazing.

>SS uniforms
>Nazi roleplay
>calls you untermensch
>niggers n' spics

Not too keen on the Cultural Marxism, though. Give him to me and I turn him on the right path of white nationalist anarchism. I'll give you some bitcoins in return. Sound good, OP?
File: 1365477342160.png-(214 KB, 955x752, potatonigger.png)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
>>326603 (OP)
Fucking saved.
Um, Nazism drove Germany into an unwinnable war.

Lol this sounds like cool. I would be pretty scared of the guy though OP.
File: 1365477504760.gif-(699 KB, 248x193, spockbutton.gif)
699 KB
699 KB GIF
>I am beginning to think racism/nazism/ect in white people is entirely a self confidence fetish centered around them being completely degraded

>MY face when this was all just an elaborate "racism bad" troll
10/10, clever girl
Does anyone know where I can buy some realistic (as in, in accordance with nazi uniform codes) but not necessarily genuine Nazi uniforms? Preferably SS or SA.

I'm just saying I have yet to meet a racist that wasn't obsessed with niggers fucking white women, genetic purity, and their own genetics/dna/inherent value being destroyed.

My Experiences =/= fact or even a decent argument.
Just look up some reenactor sites, I'm sure someone will know

IIRC there's a place called At The Front that sells them, kinda pricey
costume sites.
Gol ding ol' innernet.

Try reenactor sites.
They're really anal about detail.
File: 1365477727859.gif-(2.92 MB, 340x255, 1344463901458.gif)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB GIF
abandon ship
How old are you two, if you don't mind my asking?

If he's still pretty young (18-19) he might mellow out as he gets older.
Thanks, guys. I'll try out some of this stuff.

Nigga Ima be a Nazi.
>>326603 (OP)
your life is hilarious and i hope this ends up as copypasta because i would lol forever. And also that guy is a psycho and you should dump him.
File: 1365477904328.jpg-(52 KB, 834x600, romantichitler.jpg)
52 KB
>I have yet to meet a racist that wasn't obsessed with niggers fucking white women, genetic purity, and their own genetics/dna/inherent value being destroyed

Maybe that's because that's one of the key concerns of racists?
It's like gun owners caring about gun control.
It's IMPORTANT to them.

I think your boyfriend just plain old hates himself though. I bet it's not so much about the racism itself; but that it's a symptom.

Save it for a rainy day.
File: 1365478227838.jpg-(62 KB, 512x512, 1360534705219.jpg)
62 KB
God this got so fucking hard
File: 1365478264778.jpg-(58 KB, 610x600, 1358580719914.jpg)
58 KB
Also a question.

I don't know if this is just a stereotype or something, but what is it with nazis/nazi fetishists and bondage/anal/medical fantasies/fetishes?
>what is with extremists and extremes?
Nazis bound Germany under a security blanket of peace. Bondage is commemorative.

Nazis got anally raped by the allies.

>Medical fantasies
Nazis conducted some of the most amazing medical experiments of the 20th century.
>>326603 (OP)
>potato nigger mick dick
Ha ha
Oh god
(Laughing intensifies)
>mick dick
Took me like 5 minutes to realize OP meant "McDick."

Fucking nigger doesn't even know what the nazi is saying to him,
File: 1365478691920.gif-(406 KB, 250x150, lol.gif)
406 KB
406 KB GIF
>>326603 (OP)

Straight female here...wow you gay guys are some of the most perverted people i've ever come across.

Btw your bf sounds like a nut job.
haha, everyone is fucked up, gay people just don't care about hiding it. Also, how many everyday women are in to fifty shades of gray, a book about bdsm.
>browsing lgbt reading gay sex stories

Can you share some of the experiments? Sounds interesting
Would you guys be turned off if a guy had a small swastika tattoo? Consider that it's not rectangular or boxy. It's just lines, but it's oriented in the same direction (right facing) as the Nazi swastika. He didn't get it to offend people, to be edgy, or out of a liking for nazism. He just likes the history of the symbol and it's original sanskrit meaning.

In sanskrit, the word "swastika" translates roughly as "to be good" or "to be with the higher self."

If he explained this to you, would you mind?

Oh come on plenty of straight women act the same way except without the race stuff
What are you, 15? I'd like to think that someone on 4chan would already know some history of the shit that went on over there.
>>326603 (OP)

Isn't the sanskrit one going the other direction though? I wouldn't go with a legit white supremacist but one of those spiritual people maybe

not op btw
File: 1365479052937.jpg-(15 KB, 203x208, bearface.jpg)
15 KB
>straight man
>browsing /lgbt/ reading lesbian stories
>(like there are ever any lesbian stories anyways)

I'm not even that bitch.
I just thought you needed to know what you said was stupid.

Over where?
Lots of women do that.
File: 1365479139620.jpg-(148 KB, 900x900, druids.jpg)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
You like that sort of shit?
Japs did worse.
By a long shot.
Just google "Japanese war crimes" and such.
Experiments on twins Bone, muscle, and nerve transplantation experiments
Head injury experiments
Freezing experiments
Malaria experiments
Mustard gas experiments
Sulfonamide experiments
Sea water experiments
Sterilization experiments
Experiments with poison
Incendiary bomb experiments
High altitude experiments
Well, it's been used by tons of civilizations and some of them have used left facing ones, but the symbol's origins aren't entirely understood so it's not known what the original one was or what direction the word "Swastika" referred to in sanskrit.

Its origins are likely neolithic though.
File: 1365479619481.png-(246 KB, 337x819, shota_clyde_white_ver_by_(...).png)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Holy shit guys. I should try to see if I could get him to get a small (like super small) swastika tattoo on his pelvic bone, like slighly above and to the right of his dick. I could try to find a super cute one with hearts or something.

I bet I could get him to if I was really macho/dominant when telling him to.
File: 1365479684797.jpg-(135 KB, 985x615, shrodinger-schrodinger-he(...).jpg)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
I'm in the same situation OP. There's a cute guy I know who goes to /pol/ who does the same kind of stuff. I'm seriously starting to think all the cute ones are crazy.

He also made fun of this story and called your BF a whiny bitch. Why are all the cute ones rather hateful to each other? Is it some kind of territorial thing but instead of wanting to fuck everything they want all the dick to themselves?
File: 1365479727334.jpg-(219 KB, 1200x1600, 456426_208305022624400_14(...).jpg)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
oh yeah
Saved that pic. OH! I got an idea! You know how the nazi flag is swastika inside of a white circle, inside of a red rectangle? You could get him to get one with a red heart instead of a red rectangle.
File: 1365480158171.jpg-(60 KB, 246x245, 1258374363830.jpg)
60 KB
> Clings to me when we're done/cuddling and I unhook him.
> " You'll always love me, no matter how worthless/used up I get, right? "

OH god these feels, I just want to be good enough. Being a sub can really make you feel like shit from time to time
nah I don't know that pic.
Really? So you don't actually enjoy it but still get off on it? Please tell me about this, I am someone who is pretty much in the middle but that is interesting
File: 1365480493053.gif-(2 KB, 360x216, de-1933.gif)
2 KB
This. This was the flag of Nazi Germany. He could get a tattoo of this but with a red heart instead of a rectangle.
To add to this he gets deeply offended any time I curse but is more than happy to sieg heil. White boys with nazi fetishes be crazy yo.

what about with rainbows lol
File: 1365480951990.png-(141 KB, 472x464, 1365468686431.png)
141 KB
141 KB PNG

Yeah I don't get the " I'm a bottom I'm terrible filth don't hate while loving me at the same time " shit.

> Be at Wal-Mart
> He drags me into the men's room.
> Starts blowing me in the stall.
> Bends over toilet for me to fuck him.
> Starts yelling " dunk my head in the toilet, treat me like a piece of fucking nigger shit. " while I fuck him.
> ... no man I'm not dunking your head in the toilet.
> Fucking hit me, use me up and beat me like the filthy little bitch I am.
> He's getting way too into it.
> I go limp, we quit.
> " Dude wtf was with that " .
> " I'm sorry I just got the image in my head of a gang of men busting into the room and ripping you away, and then fucking me for hours, drowning me in the toilet when they weren't gagging me on their dicks, and then when they were done you left me and I cried there beaten up with my clothes ripped for hours, cum leaking out of my ass. "
> ... Please dude don't do that shit. You go too far sometimes.
> I'm sorry please don't hate me. I'll be good.
> mfw.
File: 1365480993264.jpg-(37 KB, 400x450, 1268366755597.jpg)
37 KB
I enjoy it in the heat of the moment, the throbbing pressure of having his hand around my throat. The anticipation of waiting for a smack or spank. The feel of his chest on my back, or his teeth on my throat. Being put in my place.
- But, afterwards I want affection. I have a lot of shame about my sexuality and sexual inclinations (which is hilarious because I give seminars on safe sex and healthy relationships all. the. time.), and that shame causes me to both fetishize and repress. I want something that reassures me even with my perverted inclinations he's not going to leave me or be disgusted, or love me less.
Male subs are crazy man. I often wonder how they became the way they did.
You should've dunked his head into the toilet Anon.
File: 1365481439290.jpg-(37 KB, 600x375, SwastikaGay1.jpg)
37 KB
>with rainbows
That's just gross, and I have to kiss him later.

lol that would be an edgy tattoo. sounds perfect for op's guy
Maybe start a thread and ask? As for me it's a release to the tightly wound and controlled existence I lead outside of the bedroom.
Typical day at Walmart
If I wasn't single I would think OP was talking about me.
File: 1365482508698.jpg-(328 KB, 800x600, 1287873744523.jpg)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
> He's online, on some white pride website or some such.
> Wearing some bastardization of a nazi uniform, basically a black S uniform, but it's slightly off. Biggest difference is the pants have been modified into some kind of pair of daisy dukes.
> I ask him if he really has to wear that.
> " It's just for fun anon. " .
> Groan and forget about it, return to watching news.
> He skips out of the room, pumps his fist to his chest, doing that nazi salute.
> " HEILLLLLLL!!!!!! " He shouts, in the most flamboyant, german, girly way, lifting his right leg up behind him and pushing his hand over to strike a pose.
> " Don't be stupid be a smarty come and join the nazi party! " he says, still girly and flamboyant.
> I chuckle but I'm still not too amused with nazi shit.
> Straddles me in my chair
> wut.jpg
> Starts speaking to me in German, I don't have a clue what he's saying but it's sultry and feminine and manly all at the same time.
> Still german accent. ( I'll try to type the way it sounds, Forgive me for sucking at this. )
> Leans into my ear while on me.
> I vant you in mine arsch ya. I vant to feel you in mine bottom.
> Yoo Americans are so hot headed yoo know. We are not so different.
> Why don't you cum to the fatha land?
> grinds against my hard on.
> mutters more in german.
> Whispers in my ear " I vant you to inpregnate me "
> sighs " ohhhh yoo like mine bottom don't you? "
> Bites my ear and pushes my dick into him through our clothes.
> He fucking clamps down on me.
> Is ze American pinned down? Poor baby kan't handle ze blitzkrieg?
> I wig out and we fuck wildly.
> mfw I am weak willed.
>>326603 (OP)

giev him to me plox. i will take him off your hands.... Also, fellow georgiafag, where is this... person... located? :3
Offer still stands to trade your boyfriend for bitcoins. Full bitcoins, man. They're worth over $100 each.
File: 1365482721063.gif-(437 KB, 245x118, snaileyes.gif)
437 KB
437 KB GIF
>Poor baby kan't handle ze blitzkrieg?

Holy shit.
Are you fucking the TF2 medic?
File: 1365482873719.png-(165 KB, 478x269, gbbls.png)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
File: 1365482898420.jpg-(22 KB, 500x333, excelsior.jpg)
22 KB
This is fucking glorious.
It just keeps getting better.

5 stars

2 thumbs up
File: 1365483009793.jpg-(47 KB, 271x298, stabler.jpg)
47 KB
>dark hair/eyes
You should surprise him and dress up like Hitler.

Just saying.
I fucking saved that so hard I thought I broke my mouse.

Holy fucking shit my sides. Holy shit why didn't I see that when typing it.

Oh god.
Wow I would not be able to get aroused with that going on haha
File: 1365483439559.png-(299 KB, 500x628, 1365378976950.png)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
>>326603 (OP)

So like

So first things first OP

10/10 hysterical post

love it


if at all srs

Nazis killed gays?
I always have to check these just to make sure his eyes snake out. Sometimes they don't. It's fun to know.
okay so either
he's legit mental
in which case, dump him
or b)
this is all some crazy act... in which case don't you feel bummed that you're in an intimate relationship with someone who can't even be sincere enough with you to not be a nazi?
>don't you feel bummed that you're in an intimate relationship with someone who can't even be sincere enough with you to not be a nazi?

typical LGBT problems
File: 1365484818406.jpg-(57 KB, 480x469, 1364189453315.jpg)
57 KB
> He's cooking dinner one night.
> Comes out into the living room while I'm walking through going to the computer.
> Jumps on my back, nibbles at my neck.
> Knocks me over.
> " Dude you're cooking I'm not in the mood for this. "
> Activate german accent.
> " Oh your nawt in ze mood forzit are yoo? "
> " Poland wazn't in ze mood eizther. "
> He giggles, blows me, and goes to the kitchen to finish cooking.
> I get pissed and go to our room, start to think of ways to get back at him.
> Next day he comes in the front door, I grab him, drag him to the bedroom, and cuff him to the chair.
> Stick about 5 bullet vibes in his ass, ducktape a few to his dick.
> Leave him with them on perma run for an hour or so.
> Come back, he's fucking drooling/giggling/muttering in german.
> sounds like " ooohhyaaaaa Ichvinsoneeinfreckesarschhyoungafickmichfickmichfickmichminehyurkell"
> No idea how to spell it.
> No idea what it means.
> That sound is ingrained into my mind though, like a single word. I can't forget it.
> Tied to that chair he gave me one of the most amazing blowjobs ever.
> He was kind of cumming constantly. Nothing huge but like this constant leak/trickle.
> I left him like that for about 6 hours, coming back in to get blown again every now and then.
> When I cut him loose he just kind of laid on the floor, giggling and drooling and twitching a bit.
> After like 20 minutes he got some water and took a shower.
> He was like the most cuddly/lovey dovey thing ever for nearly a week after that.
See? You just need to dick the Nazi out of him.
was zum fick bin ich lesend
File: 1365485346328.gif-(1.49 MB, 290x260, 1334472383032.gif)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB GIF
File: 1365485526894.png-(137 KB, 302x323, derposaur.png)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
> " Poland wazn't in ze mood eizther. "
> Stick about 5 bullet vibes in his ass, ducktape a few to his dick.

>owning 5+ bullet vibes
I'm calling bullshit.
I went out and bought them. Their cheap as fuck at the local toy store because they bought a ton but never sold.
File: 1365485755924.jpg-(122 KB, 961x692, 2022398-horse.jpg)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
File: 1365485922856.jpg-(79 KB, 441x403, vargthegrey.jpg)
79 KB
Oh wow.
Now, I can imagine the cashier in a sex toy shop is probably up on the "most jaded profession" list with roadkill disposal technicians and tech support.
But, 7 or so bullet vibrators.
File: 1365486126127.jpg-(5 KB, 140x140, 140.jpg)
5 KB

It was a bit awkward. I said they were party favors. " sex toy parties" were kind of popular around here when I did this.
File: 1365486126749.jpg-(69 KB, 534x600, Look-at-Me.jpg)
69 KB
The people at my local porn shop know me better than anyone, just by the shit I buy from them.

they might as well be licensed therapists, how well they can decipher people, from the shit they buy.
wow that's hot
Sup queers, visiting from /tv/. If I don't see potato nigger mick dick next time I look at this board I'll be disappoint.
The fuck is that thing.

Also you should have said straight up "My boyfriend needs the Nazi fucked out of him. Again."
File: 1365486376567.jpg-(5 KB, 210x173, nobear.jpg)
5 KB
Television is homophobic.
Or something.
File: 1365486487018.jpg-(53 KB, 600x361, Shang_stick.jpg)
53 KB
hey now, be reasonable....
>potato nigger mick dick

just saying, he has a bit of a point.
File: 1365486722783.jpg-(10 KB, 251x240, wellwhynot.jpg)
10 KB
I personally think there's WAY funnier shit to parrot in the OP.
But who am I to herd cats.

>potato nigger mick dick
File: 1365486956115.jpg-(65 KB, 367x499, 1283680144734.jpg)
65 KB
> Be baking cookies one evening.
> He goose steps into the room completely nude except for a fake Hitler mustache, goose stepping around and sieg heiling
> "what are you doing?"
> German accent on, points at my crotch
> "Put zat schwanz in mein arsche!"
> Tell him I'm busy
> "Fich mein arsch!"
> He gets down on all fours and sticks his ass out at me, shoving it at me demandingly
> "I'm in the middle of baking, I'll burn the cookies."
> "Burn ze cookie Juden in ze oven!"
> He's right next to me, pushing his ass up against me, almost shoving me over with his ass
> Ignore him, continue what I'm doing
> He rips my pants down, literally ripped them
> Gives me head feverishly
> I pull out before climaxing
> "You win, meet me in the bedroom in a few minutes"
> He giggles, goes away
> I sigh, shut the oven off and walk towards the front door
> Open the door
> Get on the floor
> Everybody walk the dinosaur.
File: 1365487111867.jpg-(24 KB, 257x253, 1355089097442.jpg)
24 KB
Dis sum hetalia shit up in here.

OP is one hell of a fujoshi.
guiz, see here for how to properly use a forced meme
File: 1365487317690.jpg-(435 KB, 600x832, tumblr_mkwjz9eQQg1s75ea3o(...).jpg)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
I'm a National Socialist who usually dwells in /k/, but was bored and decided to see what /lgbt/ looked like since I've never visited before.

Most of this all sounds like pure faggotry — fetishizations of Fascist or authoritarian aesthetics for your own sexual kinks. Seems like nobody has really any clue about the politics, culture, economics or what have you of third positionist ideology… and most certainly, faggots playing Schutzstaffel dress-up for them to get off is by no means a representation of actual National Socialism or National Socialists. —Or our Fascist cousins.

tl;dr there's a huge fucking difference between a “nazi fetish” and National Socialist ideology. Also, you people are fucking weird. The fact that this is apparently prevalent in the LGBTQ community is… just fucking weird. Sexual deviants the lot of you, I swear…
fuck you
lol it's so sad that you're not joking
that's nice
no one cares
go away

You aren't wrong, but perhaps you missed the point of the thread. I cringe for you
I came here from /k/ too.
I'm not AS irritated by the Nazi fetishism.

But I'll agree, it's fucking weird.
But this is like that guy who had sex with his nugget.
An extreme, and possibly even a fabrication.
File: 1365487695818.gif-(915 KB, 476x253, 1351004440091.gif)
915 KB
915 KB GIF
>potato nigger mick dick
File: 1365487921519.jpg-(295 KB, 1000x1515, white movement.jpg)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Haha, I remember that! I'm pretty certain that was more of a joke/attention stunt than anything serious. Probably just jacked it, then staged the picture so he could post it for the responses. “hur dur /k/, look what I did”…

As long as there isn't ignorance, it really doesn't bother me. I just find the fetishization all really quite odd.
It IS odd.

But, welcome to the Internet, right?
File: 1365488247550.jpg-(162 KB, 1024x768, NATO029.jpg)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Quite true.

I leave you with some nice battle rifurus.
>As long as there isn't ignorance
What's wrong with ignorance? You think people should read everything there is about the politics and history of nazi germany when all they want to do is jack off about the uniforms?
Ain't no body got time for that
>potato nigger mick dick

Congrats OP we will never forget.
File: 1365488775766.gif-(1.83 MB, 200x200, 1349387737737.gif)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
Holy shit did I tell you guys we're in the closet?

> Be thanksgiving.
> We went to his house this year.
> He's dressed in jeans/flannel shirt. I haven't seen him dressed as a southerner before.
> His entire family is southern redneck as fuck. Well mostly.
> Explains I'm a friend from college from Texas (lie I'm from Mass but whatever he doesn't want them to know I'm a yank)
> Can't go home for holidays.
> Instantly a good number cheer/welcome me.
> Everyone's talking. It's weird seeing my boyfriend act straight. Also hard to not act like I usually do around him.
> His mother comes and hugs me, a stout woman. Not fat, but she's had a few kids and looks like she's pretty tough.
> She lays her hands on me and mutters in tongues.
> Says she trusts me and that the lord has cleansed me.
> Says she can tell I'm a true believe.
> I thank her and hug her back.
> Food time comes.
> Food is actually fucking amazing.
> Everyone making sure I'm getting seconds of seconds.
> People talking about politics.
> Calling Obama a nigger... Obummer... Osama.
> I just eat and smile.
> Meanwhile I notice my boyfriend is seriously eyefucking this girl.
> I've almost forgotten he's bi.
> People shoveling beers and food to me.
> Walk off for a moment with him.
> Ask him what's up with the girl.
> " She's mah first cousin. We were raised together, like siblings. "
> Southern accent is kind of cute on him. When he isn't doing German accent at home he goes neutral like a mid-westerner.
> "Then why the fuck you eye fucking her?"
> "I've always kinda been into her. We used to fool around before you."
> "Gross."
> " I can't help it. She's just amazing and always supportive. She's the only one that knows I'm bi, or about us."
> "I've just always wanted her to cook for me, then serve me in a dogbowl and sodomize me while I eat. "
> "wut.jpg"
> We're coming around the house, back to the party.
> Hang out, some of the local, I'm not shitting you, kkk show up.
> Giant party.
File: 1365488848055.jpg-(53 KB, 600x800, 1353458313264.jpg)
53 KB
> We play baseball. I mud wrestle with his dad and like 30 other guys.
> Going on around 10pm, things are settling down.
> He and I are walking through the woods nearby, he's gonna show me a treehouse he built when he was a kid.
> We get there, she's waiting there for us.
> She runs over and grabs him, starts making out with him.
> he gets on his knees and starts blowing me, then she pulls her panties around her knees and lifts her skirt, and he goes back and forth between us.
> I'm kind of weirded out by this.
> her and I talk the whole time, about him.
> She goes on about how worried she was for him, until she met me.
> She gets to her knees, and pulls a tube of petroleum jelly out.
> She uses it to finger his ass, and my ass, at the same time.
> She's helping him blow me.
> This is weird, I'm not into chicks at all.
> Just close my eyes.
> Admittedly her technique is different. It's a bit more desperate/sloppy. I think it's because she's a chick and doesn't know what it's like having a penis.
> I finally cum.
> They pass my cum back and forth for a while, make out with it, he licks it off her tits. They both swallow some.
> " I want you to fuck her " .
> I literally double take.
> " Please. I love her so much. This is the only way I'll ever get to see the guy I love take the only girl I've ever wanted from me. I'll never be able to see her cum on such a nice dick while I'm left alone to watch, wondering if you'll replace me or not. "
> " dude I... "
> She's already fluffing me.She whispers in my ear " if you fuck me I'll let him do whatever he wants with me for Christmas. I really wanna make him happy/see him squirm and I don't think it'll work if the man is one he isn't into. "
> "just do it for him, like a weird kink " .
> Fuck it. I sigh and down my last beer.
> She gets me hard and bends over.
> I'm in her, but my eyes are closed. I'm pretending it's him.
File: 1365488923968.gif-(1.79 MB, 200x200, 1328135225717.gif)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
>Giant party
File: 1365488963628.jpg-(473 KB, 850x1198, 1351367610873.jpg)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
> Vagina feels... different. Exquisite. Sort of like super hot slimy satin. It was just.. different than what I was expecting.
> She's moaning, for him. He's making out with her while I'm fucking her.
> He's starting to speak in German. It's making me hot.
> Eventually I blow my load inside of her. She dramatically falls to the ground, lifts her rear into the air while doing a full split, he panties tear, her skirt propping up on her rump.
> This is actually kind of hot.jpg... at least situationally.
> He gets behind her and starts eating my cum out of her.
> She's whimpering and asking if she's still good enough for him, if he doesn't hate her.
> He eats her till she cums and then she does something I didn't expect, and neither does he, she asks him to fuck her, to prove he still loves her.
> He's clearly kind of shocked. She starts begging, her ass still in the air, legs still at a 180 degree angle.
> He pulls out his dick, and puts it in.
> He goes fucking wild.
> eyes going back into his head, he's babbling in German, he's long gone in a slut hazed mind.
> He's really working her good too. I was just trying to get it over with, he clearly had enthusiasm and was hitting her right.
> Fuck it.
> I sit on the ground in front of her face.
> Her chin pushing into the dirt with each thrust he makes.
> She's enjoying it.
> I pull up my limp dick and press it to her mouth. I'm bored so what the hell.
> She sucks/nuzzles on it while he fucks her.
> I'm not getting off again for sure, but it feels nice since I'm sensitive after the sex.
> He starts to pump her full. She's cum a few times now.
> He sits on the ground, never comes out of her.
> She backs up onto him.
> She's now riding him. She unbuttons her blouse and shoved my penis between her tits.
> Titfucking wasn't too bad with petroleum jelly.
> Surprisingly cum again.
> She grabs my dick at the base and puts a hair band around it.
> She turns around on him, and then he backs her up onto my penis.
File: 1365489011472.png-(894 KB, 964x693, pnmd.png)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
> I'm in her ass.
> We're double penning her.
> They make out heavily.
> He and I make out over her shoulder.
> We head back, when done.
> People are leaving.
> eat a bit more, say bye, go home.
> He fucked me like crazy the entire next day.
> Told me he loved me a million times.
> Still don't know how I feel about having fucked a woman for him.
> That christmas he got super happy too, for obvious reasons.
> Don't know how I feel with him never having been inside me. He later confided that was his virginity as far as penetrating another person had gone.
File: 1365489161939.jpg-(72 KB, 500x334, 2929223964_0c9d44ac55.jpg)
72 KB
WTF am I reading?

This has to be fake, there can't really be people like that

Can there?
File: 1365489256167.jpg-(954 KB, 1280x1024, 1318977213513.jpg)
954 KB
954 KB JPG
Whoops forgot pic.

Also, the whole experience was decent. The family/friends were nice, well adjusted people 90% of the time and the food/fun was amazing.

I just ignored all the nazi/kkk/racist shit and it was decent.
File: 1365489292145.jpg-(184 KB, 533x594, 1344212186227.jpg)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
fuckin saved

You should have mom's spaghetti, that would have completed the thread.
File: 1365489472133.png-(203 KB, 500x334, pnmd2.png)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
aaaaaand you ruined it... 0/10
Hang on...
File: 1365489754943.jpg-(644 KB, 1346x1800, CATS.jpg)
644 KB
644 KB JPG
Meanwhile, at OP's house
File: 1365489856866.jpg-(501 KB, 849x1205, 1351305190043.jpg)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
OP here, I lol'd hard.


Sorry I'll make sure to leave out all the other 0 stories that include pussy. Only the super gay ones from now on.
I don't care that you're probably making this shit up OP.

post more!!
dump him.

sooner or later he will crash
you're as nuts as he is
Wait, how am I crazy?
Damn it why can't my boyfriend do that to me?
you're with him and putting up with it
File: 1365490429196.jpg-(78 KB, 462x462, sad.jpg)
78 KB
>" You'll always love me, no matter how worthless/used up I get, right? "
> He's actually kind of crying.
> " I'm sorry I'm so dirty/pathetic/worthless. I wish I could be pure for you. "

That feel when I know that feel all too well.
>who is Ernst Röhm
Here add that caption
File: 1365490675112.jpg-(125 KB, 500x334, 2929223964_0c9d44ac55.jpg)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>I just find the fetishization all really quite odd.
Really? I mean, you can't for a moment think why authoritative German men in smart uniforms as a representation of one of the most authoritarian groups of people in history could be attractive to a kinky gay man?

I'm bi and I find nazi-fetish traps and nazi-fetish women to be hot as well. It's more of a focus on domination and authority than the nazi ideology itself.

Also >>328117 is an aspie par excellence.
"Potato nigger mick dick" sounds like something that can be ordered at McDonald's.
Don't stick your dick in crazy still applies anon.
>I've just always wanted her to cook for me, then serve me in a dogbowl and sodomize me while I eat.
This fucking guy is my new favorite faggot.

>Hang out, some of the local, I'm not shitting you, kkk show up.
Perfectly believable. No seriously.
You know, I usually don't play the "stop liking what I don't like" card but, wtf.
What's with all the Nazi fetishes? I really don't get it!
That seems like a perfectly clear explanation to me
>Sharp Uniforms
What's not to like?
Leather, submission, authority, uniforms, huge taboo

Seriously, what's not to get
File: 1365491907309.jpg-(134 KB, 500x334, MICKDICK.jpg)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
You're taking to long

Well what's wrong with just doing all that but just not pretending to be a Nazi?
I feel like the whole Nazi thing just throws me off.
Idk, I just never really cared about things being taboo.

>Sharp Uniforms

These are all fine things though. lol.
Didn't mean to quote taboo there.
Well the Nazi is the "taboo" part.
My god this is one of the best threads I have ever seen, someone archive this shit please. And op continue.
Oh then nevermind. I don't know how to explain it then, it's just hot. The idea that what your sex is really, really ethically wrong, that you're a worse person because of it.
File: 1365492588514.jpg-(160 KB, 750x580, Russia-hetalia-russia-E2-(...).jpg)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
> Valentines day, this year.
> He's blowing me, I'm bored.
> Not into it.
> Going limp.
> Didn't get him a gift.
> Honestly forgot and had a shit week. Sex has been routine.
> Shit starts to get normal.
> Like, real normal.
> One day I wake up and he's taken down his nazi shit.
> He's dressing like a dude, not a twink.
> Talks in his southern accent.
> We haven't fucked in over a week.
> Tells me he's going out to eat and see a movie tonight with his cousin.
> I get a feeling he's going to fuck her.
> Whatever.
> I spend the night watching an old WW2 documentary from the history channel on youtube.
> Weeks pass. Grow out beard.
> I'm getting pissed. Want him. I'm jealous of her.
> She stops by to pick him up sometimes, orders him around in ways I never would.
> Things are always quiet. I'm alone.
> Fuck it, he wants a change, I'll give him one.
> I go out to a thrift store, buy a ratty ass grey suit.
> Shave my fucking head bald and groom my beard.
> Rent some fucking books from the library.
> A few more days pass by.
> I'm hiding in our closet.
> He comes home, is looking for me.
> Everything is so quiet.
File: 1365492690950.jpg-(723 KB, 800x1135, 1349635823497.jpg)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
> I creep out, behind him now, and shout: " “The proletarians have nothing to loose but their chains. They have a world to win! "
> He jumps. I pin him down and start undressing him.
> He's trying to get away but I throw his twink ass around easily.
> I'm yelling communist quotes. Dressed as Lenin
> Grab his lower body and pull him up to me, sloppily drowning his ass in lube.
> " what the hell are you doing?!"
> "I'm partitioning your ass! This is now east fucktoy. The other half is west fucktoy."
> Fucking him now.
> He starts to cry.
> I'm gonna make you a worthless piece of shit you little ass. If I can't have you I'll make sure nobody wants you. I'll ruin you."
> After this I'm going to fuck you in front of your fucking bigot family you foppish Aryan brat."
> He starts to speak in German. I know enough that he's saying "no no no no no" over and over again through his tears.
> He cums massively on the floor, crying and speaking whatever that gobbledygook is.
> Cum inside him. Tell him once I'm done with him and I've outed him I'd take him to Atlanta and let a pack of niggers have him.
I guess I'm just not down for humiliation...?
I mean being rough and dominate is one thing. That's awesome.

But like that whole
>The idea that what your sex is really, really ethically wrong, that you're a worse person because of it.
Does not sound like fun.

However I am kinda starting to get it.
File: 1365492733719.jpg-(215 KB, 1600x900, 1320509865681.jpg)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
> He's just crying on the floor.
> This is making me really fucking hard for some reason.
> I sit on a stool and tell him to blow me.
> " Y-ye---yes sir. " he sobs and shuffles over.
> He begins to blow me.
> I fuck him like I own him for about two days. Real hatefuck level aggression.
> Finally done, the last task I had for him was to walk around campus in drag with a vibe in his ass the whole day, and he had to do whatever I told him during the time.
> Nobody recognizes him.
> I make him blow me in several public places.
> Finally take him to a McDonalds, it's fucking late, no one around.
> Put on a mask, bend him the counter.
> Start fucking him while I make him order. The employees are just staring.
> They actually took his order, manager called the cops.
> We leave a 20 and take the food, he came on the floor.
> I whipped it up with a napkin, fuck DNA
> We ran home.
> Turns out he wasn't fucking his cousin
> he just wanted to make me mad/want him.
> He's giggling/running around the house in uniform again.
> " And zyoo thought yoo could outsmart ze German. Silly American. "
> He gets on my lap while I'm reading the paper.
> Cuddles up and places his lips to my ear.
> Whispers " I lovezyoo so much I zink I would die wizout you. Please don't ever leave me. I'm sorry I'm difficult. You make me so happy. "
> Brings his head up, looks up at me in the eyes, kisses me quickly, " I love you I love you I love you I love you " over and over he whispers it.
> Starts to rock in my lap.
> Buries his head in my chest.
> " Never leave me. "
I wouldn't even think of "white" as a race, though; more like a collection of races with a similar range of
complexions and, depending on geographical proximity, similarities in culture.
As far as the statement's accuracy, whites have been ahead in recent times due to us being the first to start industrializing, but I don't think that points to inherent racial superiority.

Ancient China, for example, was way fucking ahead of its time.

Where do you get this from?
This isn't real but I so want it to be.
File: 1365492907548.jpg-(257 KB, 788x960, 1350772692778.jpg)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
File: 1365492957808.jpg-(541 KB, 1200x950, 1244592617708.jpg)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
I daaaaww'd

I don't care if it happened or not, that's a sweet story anon
File: 1365493037669.gif-(1.98 MB, 328x188, 1360338416039.gif)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
>"The proletarians have nothing to loose but their chains. They have a world to win!"
File: 1365493045093.jpg-(24 KB, 300x378, ready-to-rock.jpg)
24 KB
>this entire thread
File: 1365493063144.png-(1004 KB, 1024x768, pnmd3.png)
1004 KB
1004 KB PNG
Sorry about taking too long.
File: 1365493152288.png-(116 KB, 1000x828, snort.png)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Pretty nice.

My photoshop is a bit tryhard but it will do lololol.
File: 1365493214102.jpg-(22 KB, 500x285, 1353474138211.jpg)
22 KB
File: 1365493289283.png-(87 KB, 253x278, 1365379097433.png)
87 KB
Are you me
I want him to be so rough and mean with me but I also want him to do that because he loves me and will never leave me
what is wrong with us
>I just ignored all the nazi/kkk/racist shit and it was decent.

Yeah. About that...
File: 1365493366210.jpg-(77 KB, 495x700, caesualhitler.jpg)
77 KB
>"I'm partitioning your ass! This is now east fucktoy. The other half is west fucktoy."
It's like History channel with cocks and abandonment issues.
Daddy issues.
Oh, shush.
You probably ignore niggers niggering and call THEM decent people too.
no... way...
I hope to god this is 100% real so if i ever meet you i can shake your hand and whisper "thank you for existing"
pics pls OP
I'm trans and I've grown up in a highly racist community surrounded by neo-nazi youth. You'd be surprised how personable these people can be to people that aren't blatantly the thing they hate.

They're just people. Racist people.
nothing a little chemistry and talking on a couch wont fix
This is the funniest shit i've ever read! Seriously I laughed so hard my face hurts from smiling/laughing.

Silly perverted gay men haha.

Please continue.
File: 1365493627784.jpg-(134 KB, 1440x810, 1364764277770.jpg)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
this is probably 100% true
This is gratifying on both emotional and sexual levels. I laughed, I cried, I came. It was glorious.
File: 1365493686491.gif-(997 KB, 300x168, 1355776575118.gif)
997 KB
997 KB GIF
10/10 thread
It is. I have issues with my parents, specifically my father, and I'm insanely sexually submissive to my partners.
This just in: The KKK are cool if you're white
Yeah I do. And normally I'd argue with you about that. But this isn't the thread for it.
Fuck off shitskin, no one wants you disgusting subhumans.
>This just in: The KKK are cool if you're white
That they are. They're really nice to you if you're white, and many of them are genuinely nice people, to white people.

It's fascinating to me to see such a dichotomy in the way one thinks about people. One family has a drug addict son that steals everything. His family blames it on "nigger culture" and just shake their head at the "nigger corruption" in their son. Kid's a neo-nazi.
File: 1365494662537.jpg-(209 KB, 682x600, 1352849994671.jpg)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>>326603 (OP)
>"potato nigger mick dick "
File: 1365495107948.gif-(545 KB, 320x796, 1365416637077.gif)
545 KB
545 KB GIF
My boyfriend is a sub. He's a young twink, I remember he told once how his dad never said he loves him. Last night he told me how his mum used to get drunk as hell, blast music then scream/insullt him and his sister then cry and go all opposite. I love him and wanna satisfy his needs but hate the thoughts that dwell behind why he's into what he's into. Though I'm not that different. Just older and versatile.
I try not to think about it. I'm a sub and even though I know its probably daddy/mommy issues, I try not think about it because it's just weird if you think your sexual fetishes stem from your parents.
unless, you know, youre into that.

Hey I had great parents and I'm a total sub

then again I was bullied a lot in school and had no friends but what are you gonna do
I have the best parents I know of ever I couldn't wish for any better but I'm still a maso sub bottom when it comes to guys. When it comes to girls my tastes are so vanilla.
But what.
Yes, some subs are subs because of past issues.
No, thinking about it isn't doing you any good, or them any good, it's not the original trigger that matters, it's how they adapted and embraced their life after.
Just let it go.
Also stop trying to have a serious conversation in this thread, i mean for fuck's sake, it's a mess.
wait what that better be wax or something.
inb4 horse semen.
File: 1365496788413.png-(1.55 MB, 2508x4839, Schrodinger's Boypussy.png)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
I fucking love you guys
File: 1365496885664.png-(2.08 MB, 2590x4837, Schrodinger's Boypussy2.png)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
File: 1365496957390.png-(1.54 MB, 2607x4833, Schrodinger's Boypussy3.png)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
File: 1365497000415.png-(725 KB, 1329x4839, Schrodinger's Boypussy4.png)
725 KB
725 KB PNG
File: 1365497004304.jpg-(55 KB, 720x538, 1363477931614 (1).jpg)
55 KB
>those filenames
Bumping for best thread /lgbt/'s ever had.
>not a race
I hear /pol/ on its way
He quoted the producers, you should be proud
The greatest thread /lgbt/ will ever have.....
I doubt they'd have any legitimate objection to "a collection of races with physical and cultural similarities".
Same shit goes for Asians and Africans. Especially Africans. Africa is fucking huge and very genetically diverse. Some pure Africans look almost like some kind of darker-skinned, wooly-haired caucasians.
>I think your boyfriend just plain old hates himself though.
He seem to hate himself more than anything else.
> " Oh your nawt in ze mood forzit are yoo? "
> " Poland wazn't in ze mood eizther. "

Nah you're making that up. That's fucking hilarous.
>> "Burn ze cookie Juden in ze oven!"


[spoiler]Preferably in uniforms.[/spoiler]
I don't come here often but if you guys have these kind of threads form time to time I might be around more.
File: 1365507078915.gif-(2.3 MB, 256x192, 1354912439939.gif)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB GIF
This might just be the most bizarre story I've ever read on this accursed website.
File: 1365507287027.jpg-(222 KB, 900x600, hellsing_schrodinger_by_g(...).jpg)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
That's it OP, now I want your effeminate nazi boyfriend.
>Aaanon, commt hier, mein veiner ist sieg heiling fur diiiiich
I love your pic & your bf sounds delicious, love hot nazi boys..
Official flag of /lgbt/
This thread is really making me believe homos are fucked in the head
Nah. Just racists.
You don't vant ze dick of der fuhrer untermench?
How about I schlap your scheiss?

You're forgetting that you're on 4chan. Other gay-centric sites are hugboxxy or downright censoring. Most posters here probably oppose the jew-owned media's image of stereotypical LGBT people.
File: 1365510533104.jpg-(129 KB, 713x656, image.jpg)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
File: 1365510638592.jpg-(13 KB, 300x285, 3456346435.jpg)
13 KB
>>326603 (OP)
How do you not like this?
This Guy sounds like the best thing ever.
I mean seriously what the fuck?
This reminds me that I finally need to get together with my slightly radical friend.
>not wanting to put zie cookie juden in zie oven
>he will kill you in your sleep

That would really fucking turn me on.

What reason would he have to?
File: 1365511210433.gif-(105 KB, 256x256, 1364373269931.gif)
105 KB
105 KB GIF
>That would really fucking turn me on.
Walking the dinosaur is something that really turns me on too.
File: 1365511515902.jpg-(20 KB, 241x230, image.jpg)
20 KB
>Read this thread yesterday
>Riding to work with my grandfather
>along the way decide to ask about my heritage, knew my grandfathers side came from Philly not much else.
> he tells me that my family came over from Germany after the end of the Second World War and that our family name is Vonvertan.
>Um Are we related to nazi's
>yes anon your great grandfather was an SS officer.
His hatred of black, Jews, Hispanics and the French all make sense now
>on my moms side of the family my great grandmother was a holocaust survivor.
>mfw when my great grandfather was trying to kill my great grandmother and my heritage tried to wipe its self out
File: 1365511850448.gif-(1022 KB, 257x233, 1337363639871.gif)
1022 KB
1022 KB GIF
>you will never come home with the groceries, to find your boyfriend on the couch.
>your boyfriend won't be a qt blond haired-blue-eyed twink with nazi fetishism.
>he won't be sitting on the couch with an SS uniform, no trousers and have his hair parted to the side, playing vidya.
>he won't purr "hello mein kapitan" and come over to put a kiss on your neck.
>he will never hand you his whip and tell you he's been a bad nazi boy.
>you will never drop the groceries on the floor and have hot BDSM action with your nazi cosplaying boyfriend for the entire evening.
Neat story anon.
>you'll never know how it feels to have jews and french resistants all over the palce in your familly tree.

On my mother side, grand-mother's sisters died in the camps. Gand father's brother died at Toulon.
On my father side grand grandfathers survived the war (chatolics) but hid jews in the local church.
>tfw I'll never know how it feels like to have aryan blood running in my veins.
File: 1365512252688.png-(20 KB, 368x363, 1365277589893.png)
20 KB
Oh I am not quite sure about that.
About the guy I was talking about:
>he and I are German
>he has blue eyes and blonde hair, I am still taller
>he likes uniforms
>tfw he said he would be my bf
>tfw he still lives on the other side of the fucking country
>tfw these uniforms are illegal here

>feels bad
>>tfw these uniforms are illegal here

Must suck that the rest of the world is allowed to play nazi dress-up...
You made a bit of a scene the last time you guys did it.
Don't be too hard on them, shit was quite fun anyway
I wish I had a pure-blooded Arian trap boyfriend

I'm pureblooded, but not crossdressing. Crossdressing is for der untermenschen.
crazy sex is best sex
File: 1365516185157.gif-(966 KB, 200x150, 1360153061638.gif)
966 KB
966 KB GIF

Amazing. Capped.

That was fucking sexy. Fucking sexy homos.
File: 1365517823870.jpg-(112 KB, 640x480, 343ff49d7de8092382d5a9fbd(...).jpg)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Poor baby kan't handle ze Blitzkrieg?
OP seriously, if you enjoy this racial plays, good for you. have fun and give him what you want.

but if you don;t like it, stop it. it creates burden on you and soon you can't take it. Let him find some other DOM who can handle it.

not everyone can be dom.
File: 1365518191890.png-(96 KB, 285x353, 1365417646822.png)
96 KB
I'm trying to get the reaction image, but I don't get the reaction with your quote... My autism is showing but I thought that what you quoted was funny, not shocking.
Post more stories OP.
>>326603 (OP)
>my "potato nigger mick dick"
this is the funniest shit Ive read so far today
File: 1365521275851.jpg-(67 KB, 570x451, to thumbs up.jpg)
67 KB
im pretty positive this is like 80% bullshit but i still give it two thumbs up
> If by some means I can help even a fraction be as good as the common white man, it is my duty to do so.

Uhhhhhh.... yay?
File: 1365522092913.jpg-(213 KB, 991x1280, 7564546578r6.jpg)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>Correctly sees that whites are the master race
>Wants to "level the system to be fair to" mud-bloods

He's a disgrace to the uniform.

I fucking see what you did there!
File: 1365522594931.gif-(183 KB, 200x200, 1272494982103.gif)
183 KB
183 KB GIF
>this entire fucking thread

one of the best threads I've been in so far
Yeah, this. But he's a limp-wristed faget do what do you expect? He needs a manly bf to correct him
>First world problems
this has redeemed /lgbt/
you faggots are aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwright
your boyfriend is racist against you and by your own admission crazy. the choice is easy
I sound like your boyfriend.
File: 1365530454099.jpg-(21 KB, 630x280, Dead eyes. Like a Dog(...).jpg)
21 KB
>that feel when you popped a boner reading some of this stuff

Nazi-fetishism and dog bowls aside, he sounds kinda fun.
My god, that was fucking hilarious.
File: 1365532170078.jpg-(66 KB, 460x301, 67NPTEFZLJBYKWZSDFKXK6PJJ(...).jpg)
66 KB
dat gif
File: 1365532583749.png-(777 KB, 2576x2174, lgbt.png)
777 KB
777 KB PNG
One hell of a story.
Thanks, anon.
I shall save this for scientific purposes.
File: 1365533063269.png-(1.05 MB, 2744x2712, lgbt.png)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Changed it, I missed out the last part
Damn I would dominate the shit out of you, then I would love the shit out of you.
File: 1365533651659.jpg-(94 KB, 1024x768, thisfuckingthread.jpg)
94 KB
OP, I just read this whole thread, and I've gotta say, you are one lucky son of a bitch. I've been keeping a WWII Soviet czapka, shiniel, and goggles just in case I, as a Slav, would ever be in the position to interrogate/hatefuck someone like your bf.

FUCK YOU, I AM, INDEED FUCKING JELLY. You deserve all of this bullshit more than I do, in any case, you crazy diamond, OP.
No, it blatantly isn't.

>>The three sages.
I have six anon, 4 to the ass, 2 to nipples and I intend to buy 4 more for the dick.

Totally possible.

I'm a racist and seeing white women with black men utterly disgusts me. I'm not even attracted to women, and it sickens me nonetheless. White women with any minority grosses me out.

Yet, when I see an interracial gay couple I just kind of shrug and move on...
Not completely unbelievable, I'm able to edge for 8 hours nonstop and would be able to do it for even more time if my brain wasn't fucked up in the end.
I know that feel.

I've edged on and off for a few days before stopping when I felt like I couldn't last any longer. The amount of libido you build up to and your scrotum actually starts to ache. When I eventually came though it was amazing, and I was completely exhausted.

I don't do it to the extreme OP"s bf does, but if given the opportunity to RP as a nazi fetishist and get fucked, I would do it in a heartbeat.

We probably live on opposite ends of the globe though.

Anywhere near the Chicago area
File: 1365535834718.png-(96 KB, 400x400, pnmd_lucky.png)
96 KB
>>326603 (OP)
>potato nigger mick dick
Well I guess we aren't that far away, do you have a skype or email or something?

That's skype and gmail.
Added on skype.
> " Oh your nawt in ze mood forzit are yoo? "
> " Poland wazn't in ze mood eizther. "
my sides

Hey, MTL!

Did you ever tell that girlfriend of yours that you're into dressing up like girls and getting fucked and stuff?
>read the entire thread
I don't know if I've been changed for the better, but I've been changed for good.
File: 1365538430468.jpg-(48 KB, 468x286, article-1209313-06318B310(...).jpg)
48 KB
> Likes to call me Untermensch and make remarks/degrade me over my hair/eye color and genetics.
> Then consistently bottoms and tells me to destroy him with my "potato nigger mick dick " (I'm Irish, but have dark hair/eyes) .

Now if you were really Irish, you'd hit him for that, yankee gayboy.
/pol/ here

if you're going to be a mental degenerate, this guy sounds like he has the big picture figured out. may as well stick with him. try to get him to understand that you simply cannot "uplift" niggers - trust me, it's been tried long enough.
no shit OP in in chicago too. South Suburbs? i'm exclusive sub, just not racist or anything like that
I have a boyfriend already.. i'm just wondering. it'd be cool to know i have a /legbutt/ nearby
File: 1365553042364.jpg-(20 KB, 314x290, 1364760416414.jpg)
20 KB
>>326603 (OP)
Oh shit this thread is still here

Bump because I'm still thinking about "Potato Nigger Mick Dick"
/lgbt/'s first meme.
Just wait till this shows up on lebbit.

I came :3
File: 1365557420240.png-(130 KB, 300x361, ScroogePotatoNiggerMickDick.png)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
Hey guys, OP here.

I want to let you all know, I will pick up on this story again in the future.

But I'll be moving on to other threads for now. After last night I need a break.

I just want to thank you all for making this such an amazing thread. I honestly wouldn't/couldn't have gone on and made it without the laughs/support/hilarity that you provided. You all made this thread great, not me.

Lots of love. <3

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