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  • File : 1267489211.jpg-(2.69 MB, 2800x1650, 1265644613788.jpg)
    2.69 MB Collab thread 7 Anonymous 03/01/10(Mon)19:20 No.48092  
    Collab thread part 7

    Old thread at >>33256

    If you want to join in then mark off a spot on this image, add a number, reupload it, and join in on the fun.

    1. 20,000 tris per object max
    2. No textures, we will worry about that after the geometry is done.
    3. Export your model as a .obj file when you are done.

    Further explanations due to issues in earlier threads:

    I - Colored parts have already been claimed

    II - Checked parts on the bottom have already been completed

    III - To pick something:
    1) Choose (from the last posted image NOT the OP image) from the parts still empty
    2) Color it in the color / editor of your choice
    3) Set transparency to 50%
    4) Reupload it here
    5) ??????????
    6) PROFIT!!!

    Finally, issues on how we should handle the already claimed pieces and Anons who might have abandoned their projects without notice will only be addressed after everything that can be taken is claimed and worked on already.

    Introductions done, grab a piece and have fun ( ゚ ヮ゚)
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)04:48 No.48298
    Will someone share file with everything added at some point. would love to play around with rendering it.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)05:48 No.48318
    would be much better if the instructions were placed on the side of the image incase newfags dont read the thread
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)06:30 No.48345
         File1267529410.jpg-(2.25 MB, 3572x1652, Untitled.jpg)
    2.25 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)07:39 No.48368
         File1267533588.png-(23 KB, 190x196, 1263940681896.png)
    23 KB
    Good job there man.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)13:26 No.48492

    Well the idea was that even newfags will at least read the OP post. But, yeah it's better if it's embedded in the image. GJ.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)15:24 No.48532
    nice to see that this is still going
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)15:56 No.48554
         File1267563360.jpg-(2.32 MB, 3572x1652, updated.jpg)
    2.32 MB
    added 69
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)16:03 No.48557
    oh wow this is still alive?
    i'm impressed, but sure as hell there's still a lot of work to be done
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)16:14 No.48561
         File1267564467.jpg-(23 KB, 1024x768, Collabpiece 68.jpg)
    23 KB
    I just made piece 68, Idk if I'm done so i need feedback :)
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)16:26 No.48572
    Wasn't everyone saving the updated image as .png to prevent jpg degradation? I don't know if it's such a big issue at this stage though.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)16:37 No.48578
         File1267565829.png-(129 KB, 640x480, 69.png)
    129 KB
    nr 69 here,

    Dont know if im done or not. feedback pls.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)16:49 No.48588
    69 uploaded here. Im going to bed now.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)17:09 No.48597
    Would it help if someone where to completely black out pieces that were complete and handed in so that picking a new piece would be easier? I could do that if I can get a clean image and compare it against the marked image if anyone wants.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)17:12 No.48600
    Hey 29, this is 53 here, I have been waiting WEEKS for you to get your piece done so I can work on mine. The two tie together so much that it is the only way. I am about to just model the part of yours that ties into mine and then whoever puts this all together will have to find a way to tie ours together.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)17:15 No.48602

    Also are people with very limited experience welcome to join in?
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)17:18 No.48604
    Yes they are, all the numbered spots are taken, anything that has not been colored over is free.

    Feel free to take someone elses piece though because most people have claimed pieces then never followed up with them. Though if you do steal someone elses piece don't say you did just claim that it was your piece all along so that you can avoid the LOL internet drama.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)17:21 No.48606
    Can someone check off 35? It won't let me upload the pic. It should have been marked off in the old thread.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)17:26 No.48608

    Sure thing. I'll do it as I colour in my section.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)17:32 No.48612
    much appreciated
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)17:52 No.48624
         File1267570351.jpg-(2.32 MB, 3572x1652, 1267529410645 copy.jpg)
    2.32 MB
    There we go. Gonna quickly make an image that shows what's completed, being worked on and unclaimed clearly then I'm off to bed.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)18:14 No.48643

    Well shit thought I had a clean day version of this but I don't. Guess I'll do it tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)19:57 No.48729
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)20:40 No.48774
         File1267580433.jpg-(1.41 MB, 2800x1600, 1264852373909.jpg)
    1.41 MB
    Ah, my bad there, forgot to upload the references as well.

    You my friend have the 70th piece. It's written in the OP and in the image. Take the last one posted. So please make sure you check the thread before you update your piece onto the thread. Anyway, I'll fix it after I dump the references.

    Looking good bro, don't really see any need for modifications on that.

    Again, looking good.

    Ah, my bad. I'll recheck the mf folder when fixing 70.

    Finally >>48604
    Do you really have nothing better to do than to troll /3/ asshat?

    Anyway, here's original by day.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)20:42 No.48778
         File1267580569.jpg-(1.41 MB, 2800x1600, 1264521620099.jpg)
    1.41 MB
    Now the original by night, and fix for 70 will come up in a few minutes.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)21:13 No.48799
         File1267582423.jpg-(2.87 MB, 3572x1650, 1267529410645.jpg)
    2.87 MB
    Finally have the 70 fix. Also added a few more numbers since we were running out.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/10(Tue)23:54 No.48961
    finally 4chan has worth to it again, I love /3/
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)01:18 No.49000
    It's hard to tell what's left... Why not just color all the taken stuff in with the same color?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)02:20 No.49043
    Couple of small things on the right and around the corners.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)04:49 No.49085
    then how will u know what section belongs to what number???
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)08:09 No.49137
         File1267621755.jpg-(2.86 MB, 3572x1650, 1267529410645.jpg)
    2.86 MB
    Well shit, excuse my shitty mistake in that one. Forgot a layer in the middle of the image. Here's a fix to the fix.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)08:41 No.49154
         File1267623663.jpg-(2.89 MB, 3572x1650, 1267529410645v2.jpg)
    2.89 MB

    Also since >>49000 pointed it out, marked out in white what was still free. Just make sure not to use this image as the reference one when selecting your piece.

    Question marks are parts I'm not sure about.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)13:23 No.49270
    Hey guys, I'm uploading piece 68 right now.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)13:59 No.49282
         File1267642782.jpg-(2.33 MB, 3572x1650, question.jpg)
    2.33 MB
    Alright guys

    Question 1: Does this belong to 40?
    Question 2: Does this belong to 15b?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)14:31 No.49300
         File1267644688.jpg-(2.96 MB, 3572x1650, updated.jpg)
    2.96 MB
    added 71

    also, i'm done with 69 as seen here
    Should i check off the 69 box?
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)15:30 No.49327
    Check >>49154. That whole piece is whitened so it's free.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)15:32 No.49329

    Well I usually check those off as they get saved in the mf folder, but go ahead and check it yourself if you want :3

    Also nice choice with the bridge bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/03/10(Wed)15:38 No.49331
    Though on second thought, that bridge looks like it's part of 15b. Anyway, not sure bro, I checked the first reference image, where 15b was selected and it just went all the way until there. Now he might still finish the bridge so I suggest we leave it for after 15b gets finished.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)01:04 No.49624
    Bumpan before going to bed.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)04:03 No.49700

    This image is way better. I'd say remove the "do not edit" and go with this as the official one. 1000% better.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)08:06 No.49786
    Umm... Yeah I guess we could do that... but I didn't save the project :3 so I'll have to fix it and shoop out the text. Alright, upping it in a bit.
    >> P.Enis !JnY88ep5OY 03/04/10(Thu)08:25 No.49793
    Uploaded 68 and 69 to
    good show, guys
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)09:07 No.49817
         File1267711636.jpg-(2.81 MB, 3572x1650, 1267529410645v3.jpg)
    2.81 MB
    There we go, text is out so this is officially the latest reference image. Just color over the whitened parts now. Oh and excuse the correction lines over some of said whitened parts. Side effects of shooping out the text.

    Also >>49793
    Stick around a bit more. Archiving and upping thread 6 now.

    >> P.Enis !JnY88ep5OY 03/04/10(Thu)09:17 No.49822
    alright, waiting for thread 6
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)09:33 No.49830

    Well shit, net died and so did the upload. Restarting up now.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)12:19 No.49875
         File1267723170.png-(157 KB, 640x480, collab_71.png)
    157 KB
    piece 71 done

    Uploaded here
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)12:32 No.49882
         File1267723943.jpg-(2.92 MB, 3572x1650, updated.jpg)
    2.92 MB
    checked off 69 and 71 since they are done
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)15:07 No.49948
         File1267733228.jpg-(2.92 MB, 3572x1650, 1267723943669.jpg)
    2.92 MB

    I uploaded 68 here so I'm done.

    I checked of 68 so this is the latest reference image right now
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)15:47 No.49970
    70 here.

    Anyone got the link to 16? Need to make sure the track is the correct width.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)16:25 No.49984
         File1267737938.png-(604 KB, 756x874, collab_part_005.png)
    604 KB
    18 here, 71 was part of the image I did someone fucked up when they were recoloring in the image it seems. Anyway I did not put much work into that area the bridge the other guy has doen looks better but someone may want to double check the done pieces to see if this mistake has been made anywhere else.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)17:10 No.49999
         File1267740635.png-(8 KB, 440x435, fan.png)
    8 KB

    Not sure if I'm right here but it looks like the fan is oriented differently, as I've kind tried to show. See you have it going in the direction of the red arrow, whereas I think it should be facing in the direction of the blue arrow.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)17:27 No.50010
    oh look,its this discussion again
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)17:31 No.50015

    This has gone on before? My bad.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)17:34 No.50018
    nope, definitely the red direction
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)17:41 No.50028
    18 here, it does go in the direction of the blue arrow however I changed it to point in the direction of the red arrow so that it would make real world sense.

    If it was pointed in the direction of the blue arrow it would then be a fan right next to an open sky ... it would serve no purpose. I changed it so that the fan is used for ventilation for the large tunnel below it. You can't really see the tunnel in the screen shot but you can if you download the actual model.
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)17:59 No.50045

    Fair enough
    >> Anonymous 03/04/10(Thu)18:26 No.50063
    Here. My bad, had problems with both mf and mu all day, and I had to leave for a good while as well. Anyway, here's a rs with 10 downloads. Not pretty, but at least this worked. Will reup it if limit is reached.

    pass: /3/collab
    >> Anonymous 03/05/10(Fri)04:13 No.50473
    >> Anonymous 03/05/10(Fri)05:13 No.50506
    editing pic to stop "18 is wrong dosen't look right question"
    >> Anonymous 03/05/10(Fri)05:46 No.50511
         File1267785988.jpg-(2.28 MB, 3572x1650, 1267733228435.jpg)
    2.28 MB
    >> Anonymous 03/05/10(Fri)14:06 No.50806
    >> Anonymous 03/05/10(Fri)19:48 No.51286
    bumping from third page
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)09:22 No.51968
    fuck yeah
    >> Anonymous 03/06/10(Sat)21:48 No.52394
    Bumpan some more.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)02:21 No.52542
    It looks like you have most of the major buildings for this scene done. Why dont you guys start on the texturing? I think that would motivate more people to join in and complete this project once they see some finished work in the scene.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)10:32 No.52768
    Bumpan some more.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)10:34 No.52770
    btw can we put all the completed models on a sky drive or some public drive so that we can see what has been acomplished
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)11:14 No.52783
         File1267978488.jpg-(1.9 MB, 2800x1600, rend1.jpg)
    1.9 MB
    From what I understand, all the uploaded models are being compiled in a mediafire folder.
    see >>49793

    picture is of what I found uploaded.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)19:32 No.53123
    I visit /3/ solely for this collab thread. Can't wait for it to finish. Good job guys.
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)20:53 No.53155
    Someone give me a holler when it's texture time.

    foruchna on aim
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)21:10 No.53164

    jesus fucking fuck combo
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)23:33 No.53217
    Don't bother. Filtering's still buggy so it cuts out other posts as well. Just report it and ignore it until it's gone bro. Personally I'm not that bothered by it since it keeps bumping the thread :3
    >> Anonymous 03/07/10(Sun)23:47 No.53226
    Wouldn't it make more sense to a casual observer to black out the numbers of taken sections?
    >> Anonymous 03/08/10(Mon)02:05 No.53299
    40 here... ill get it done next week :S lol
    >> Anonymous 03/08/10(Mon)03:29 No.53322
    Agreed. Can't wait to contribute once I have free minute.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/10(Mon)10:24 No.53423
    No hurry bro, nobody's going anywhere. Take as much as you want and make it as best you can :3

    also >>53322
    Sure, there's plenty of spaces still left.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/10(Mon)11:20 No.53489
    We sure are getting a ton of spam lately. Mods must be sleeping in :3
    >> Megalomagnetic !!71LK4/35kZi 03/08/10(Mon)16:21 No.53560
    Sup faggots? #2 here. I got a Tablet PC last weekend and have been having a hay-day with my piece this past week. Pretty much ready to go, but I'll do a bit more till I fill out my poly count.
    >> Anonymous 03/08/10(Mon)17:28 No.53590

    GJ bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/10(Tue)04:35 No.54000
    Well spam's finally gone. Also bumpan.
    >> Anonymous 03/09/10(Tue)17:25 No.54245
    Bumpan bumpan yet again :3
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)04:35 No.54616
    And one more bump before leaving. Thread sure is quiet... must mean everyone's hard at work :3
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 03/10/10(Wed)04:42 No.54621
    66 here. internet connection broken, but i'm making progress.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)06:52 No.54645
    upload to megaupload, provide link
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)08:02 No.54650
    thanks a lot for putting this together, parts fit better than I expected. with a bit of tweaking those will fit nicely.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)09:33 No.54663
    toasting in epic bread
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)13:06 No.54737
    this is pretty sick!
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)15:03 No.54795

    Hope you meant that in a good way bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)15:22 No.54815
         File1268252566.jpg-(70 KB, 834x841, 66.jpg)
    70 KB
    66 progress. any thoughts about the dimensions? im not sure if its right this way...
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)15:32 No.54833
    dude, just do it so it looks good. That area of the reference picture is WAY too small to make out any detail
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)16:39 No.54925
    Oh wow, that's turning out more detailed than I would've thought. GJ there bro and keep it up :3
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)17:00 No.54945
         File1268258428.jpg-(2.79 MB, 3572x1650, 1267529410645v3.jpg)
    2.79 MB
    Taking two pieces as 72.
    >> Anonymous 03/10/10(Wed)19:39 No.55065
    Can that demo export to obj? Usually they make it so that you can't take anything out of the package.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)07:54 No.55728
    support bump
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)08:44 No.55747
    exporting obj files works, just the hard edges get lost.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)14:24 No.55898
    When /3/ got created I thought "this won't work".
    But now when i'm looking at this thread...
    YOU ARE AWESOME, keep it up! I really want to see final model. (I can't help though)

    I had this image by night as my wallpaper few weeks ago, and now i found it by day, thanks.
    >> Anonymous 03/11/10(Thu)18:30 No.56084
    Bumpan before going to bed :3
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)08:46 No.56388
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)08:47 No.56389
    Hurry up and finish.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)08:48 No.56390
    Want this to be finished faster, grab a piece and work on it yourself as well.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)12:34 No.56473
         File1268415251.jpg-(2.39 MB, 3572x1650, Scene.jpg)
    2.39 MB
    Right, I've added 73 which I'll get started on tonight. Oh and thanks btw the way to whoever decided to add questions marks to the image ¬_¬
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)13:36 No.56504
    66 finished.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)13:39 No.56505
         File1268419155.jpg-(2.33 MB, 3572x1650, 66.jpg)
    2.33 MB
    forgot to attach file
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)17:48 No.56636

    Pretty easy to remove them in my opinion. But I left them there since I was unsure if those parts were taken or not. For instance 26, the building on top of who those pieces are, was selected by just putting 26 on the entire piece. And that's mainly because at the beginning of the project everything wasn't neatly selected. It was a random mass of bizarre selections. Anyway, you make it just in case.

    Also check out 72b. Took me about 2 minutes to shoop out that question mark neatly.
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)18:13 No.56644
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)18:19 No.56647
         File1268435966.jpg-(2.79 MB, 3572x1650, 1267529410645v3.jpg)
    2.79 MB
    Fixed 18/19 issue a bit before any more problems appear. Finally.

    also >>56644
    Why, so we can run out of images and have all the fags just coming and going off /3/ see it and post shit in it?
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)20:57 No.56687
    Well is 73 taken or not, if so I'll choose another part
    >> Anonymous 03/12/10(Fri)21:56 No.56746
    if it is uncolored, it is not taken
    >> Anonymous 03/13/10(Sat)12:09 No.57159
    bumping for bumping's sake
    >> Anonymous 03/13/10(Sat)13:15 No.57302
    Well whoever posted the latest image has missed of 73 S:
    >> Anonymous 03/13/10(Sat)13:18 No.57305
    Hey, seeing an anantolk spam message feels nice after these unlimited detail posts.

    And the collab sure looks like an epic project, I've been lurking this since it was started. Too bad I can't model at all.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/10(Sat)14:31 No.57357

    >> Anonymous 03/13/10(Sat)14:56 No.57377
    e/lit/ist here.

    I lurked in /3/ the first couple of days after creation due to a slight interest, and I am amazed to see this project survived. /lit/ could definetly learn something from that.
    >> Anonymous 03/13/10(Sat)15:36 No.57409

    Well after the first two threads it pretty much snowballed all the way here :3
    >> Anonymous 03/13/10(Sat)21:28 No.57594
         File1268533727.jpg-(50 KB, 640x480, 73.jpg)
    50 KB
    Thread could do with a bump. Plus this is what I've done so far of 73 as well, still a bit to go yet
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)04:17 No.57744
    bumping for mental support
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)11:35 No.57913
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)14:12 No.57990
    merged these, added and claimed 74.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)14:15 No.57992
         File1268590535.jpg-(2.69 MB, 3572x1650, 74.jpg)
    2.69 MB
    and, off course, forgot to attach file.
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)22:06 No.58153
         File1268618806.jpg-(31 KB, 420x315, 540.jpg)
    31 KB
    bumpa lumpa
    >> Anonymous 03/14/10(Sun)22:34 No.58178

    Get 51 from here: so you can work around it and avoid issues when joining the two together.
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)07:56 No.58443
    >> Anonymous 03/15/10(Mon)12:03 No.58596
         File1268668990.jpg-(2.33 MB, 3572x1650, 75_claimed.jpg)
    2.33 MB
    Claimed 75.
    Love this thread sooooooo much.
    >> Unemployed !PbkX0m3QIY 03/15/10(Mon)14:37 No.58681
    Yo'Guise No 29 here.. Haven't worked on my part for about a week. Still here though.
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)06:55 No.59328
    Connection's been dead for two days so bumping from another pc just in case.
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)15:19 No.59670
         File1268767145.jpg-(327 KB, 1500x930, 75_rendered.jpg)
    327 KB
    75 up in this motherfucker.

    Minor gripe: The bottom of part 1 isn't aligned quite right. That billboard should be almost directly facing the camera. My piece still fits the way it is, but it would be better if it was rotated.
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)15:38 No.59683
    75 uploaded:

    Never used mediafire, let me know if I screwed anything up.
    >> Butterfly !4SONY/Qfe2 03/16/10(Tue)17:46 No.59765
    was lurking and saw this.

    bump for awesome idea!
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)18:01 No.59780
    then where the fuck have you been tripfag?
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)18:09 No.59786

    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)18:10 No.59790
    If he was lurking he would have seen it in February.
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)18:12 No.59791
    Maybe he was sticking to /g/.
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)18:33 No.59803
    your point being?
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)18:38 No.59805
    If he was lurking /g/, how would he have known about a thread on /3/?

    Anyway, this is my third completely unrelated post in this thread, so I'm gonna stop now. Not participating in this (all the good parts were taken by the time I came along :( ), but yall keep up the good work o/
    >> Anonymous 03/16/10(Tue)18:50 No.59808
         File1268779843.jpg-(2.33 MB, 3572x1650, 76_claimed.jpg)
    2.33 MB
    76 claimed.

    It has to fit between about 5 other sections, none of which are finished. Some stretching will be needed to make it work once all the surrounding stuff is done. I'm sure everyone else has the same problem.

    > all the good parts were taken by the time I came along

    Not true... I thought the same at first, but there is some good stuff left. It's mostly just small stuff.
    >> Butterfly !4SONY/Qfe2 03/16/10(Tue)19:12 No.59820
    Drive-by lurking. I was a fairly serious modeler before i went to uni so i keep meaning to go to /3/ more often.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)02:59 No.60035
         File1268809151.jpg-(260 KB, 924x880, 76_rendered.jpg)
    260 KB
    76 done and uploaded here:
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:02 No.60037
    > peekingaroundcorneronlysiloexposed.jpg
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:07 No.60040

    great work
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:09 No.60041
    You missed a spot
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:17 No.60044
    Eh? The little space below the sign hanging on the side of the building? I'm surprisingly fine with it.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)03:32 No.60065
    The Two loud speakers on the roof and the chimney rotary thing
    >> Panamax !EAKGuvcrL6 03/17/10(Wed)03:49 No.60069
    I've got a suggestion of how to get it all together when all parts are finished, post a link to download each seperate part and people ITT can claim 2 bits to fit them together, and when all those are done it can be done a few more times until its 1 big thing, then we can make it a level in CSS or something
    >> not 76 03/17/10(Wed)04:35 No.60080

    that's part of 73, not 76

    dem goggles, they do nothing
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)07:22 No.60114
    That still leaves a part on the roof you missed though. I'd also suggest adding at least two more rows of windows to the big building. Might look different than it looks now on the image when all the pieces will be patched up.
    >> Anonymous 03/17/10(Wed)19:23 No.60457
    12 hour bump :3
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)08:51 No.60793
    Bumpan yet again.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)15:11 No.60952
    Hey OP, are you around?
    Is it about time to start talking about pieces that are claimed but not being worked? Seems like nearly everything is either claimed or finished, except for some distant background detail.
    >> Berg 03/18/10(Thu)15:55 No.60983
    I jump into this board every now and then and I notice this thread. /3/ has just become a top tier board.

    Makes me want to take up 3d modeling but I'm already tied with programming.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)17:49 No.61028
         File1268948988.jpg-(2.33 MB, 3572x1650, 77_claimed.jpg)
    2.33 MB
    77 taken. Will use 18 and 63 for reference.

    OP, I just noticed that you have two "77" squares.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)18:18 No.61040
    You and everyone else.
    >> Anonymous 03/18/10(Thu)19:50 No.61109

    Ha ha, my bad there. Too tired to shoop it out, but it's not that big of a deal. Just color that as well. Clearing the space will only make room for one more number. And once these are done we can always start a new line of numbers under them. So it's not really worth the "effort" shooping it out. Color it orange as well and we're good to go. Again, would do it myself but I'm tired as hell and was just refreshing this once more before going to bed. But if you ain't in the mood to fix this, just leave it like that and I'll do a fix in the morning. In fact, that's it, leave it to me. Have a few more places to fix from shooping out the text in the original image a while ago. Nothing major, just annoying things I missed the first time around.

    also >>60952
    >nearly everything is either claimed or finished, except for some distant background detail
    >distant background detail

    Not sure if troll but eh, why not. Your eyes good sir must not be pointing the wright way. There are a bunch more parts to be taken. And no whitened out parts aren't discarded... though I guess I should mention that in the fix tomorrow. Anyway, if you really want to take something and not just meaninglessly troll, everything whitened out is still available. See original images posted at the beginning of the thread if it's too hard to discern due to the whitening of the whole thing.

    Again, going to add the whitening detail to the fix I'll take out in the morning. Night t/3/apots.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/10(Fri)07:20 No.61360
    is anyone actually putting this all together or what? all i ever see is sections, it would be nice to see an updated scene once in a while
    >> Anonymous 03/19/10(Fri)07:32 No.61365

    You obviously haven't been paying attention. A scene with all the finished pieces put in place have been posted multiple times.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/10(Fri)12:28 No.61469
         File1269016084.jpg-(2.95 MB, 3572x1650, 1267529410645v3.jpg)
    2.95 MB

    There we go. A bit late, but here's the fix. Repaired some pieces I missed before, and moved the text a bit to make room for more info. Also there's just a 77 now.

    In short this is now the latest reference image.
    >> Anonymous 03/19/10(Fri)12:51 No.61476

    yeah cool, i haven't paid attention. you going to post it then?
    >> Anonymous 03/19/10(Fri)14:41 No.61511

    Here's a fairly recent one:
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)00:13 No.61744
         File1269058385.jpg-(238 KB, 1080x609, 77_wip.jpg)
    238 KB
    Progress on 77.

    What do you guys think those three long blob things are supposed to be? Some sort of flying craft?
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)00:16 No.61745
         File1269058560.jpg-(239 KB, 1080x609, 77_blobbies.jpg)
    239 KB
    (The blobby things in question)
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)00:51 No.61751
    WTF, this is so stupid. The idea for a collaboration is cool but why the hell is this still going? Has anyone even started putting things together?


    Don't you know to always start small and get bigger over time? This is just ridiculous... You could have chosen a far less complex project with 20 pieces and have been done a long time ago.

    I think you should all cut your losses, put together what exists, and start over on a simpler collaboration.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)01:03 No.61760
    have to agree

    Also, something less fucked off and more recognizable would be nice.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)01:09 No.61764
    Troll. Go model a cube or something if this is too challenging. Progress continues, so the fact that you find the task daunting is pretty meaningless.

    Lol at you saging the thread. Good job.
    >> Sage01 03/20/10(Sat)01:26 No.61769
    I rarely ever visit /3/ infact I don't know how to model and stuff, but I just wanted to post in this thread for support.

    with love a /co/mrade
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)01:35 No.61770

    Always thought of those as flying boats... not sure about it of course, but hay, it's an opinion :3

    also >>61751

    Would you mind using a more adequate language young man. This isn't /b/.
    >> 3d, bro !CG1EIjtgDw 03/20/10(Sat)03:22 No.61796
    I was >>61751

    Actually, it has nothing to do with challenge on an individual level. It has to do with the fact that the scale of this project is too big. It's too big to manage and too big to move along at a brisk pace. Anon has a short attention span and the longer this project drags on the slower it will get.

    I have seen too many projects fail due to being way too large/ambitious and it just bugs me to see people making the same mistakes.

    I would have liked to have seen this making some actual progress with someone putting everything together and getting it done. The idea is to finish it and have a successful collaboration, no? So far, I haven't seen that.

    I've had my eye on area 23 for a while, but the thing that's been keeping me away is the fact that I doubt the potential for the project to be completed.

    Also, I voiced my disapproval of cube arranging in the cube thread.

    Sorry fine sir, I will try to avoid using the words "hell" and "ridiculous" next time. I didn't actually type out any expletives, only one implied.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)05:15 No.61828
    23 is claimed, at this point most pieces have been claimed. We had about 1/3 of the stuff done after two weeks then the pace fell off. It looks like some people who claimed stuff went AFK and at some point (soon I hope) we will have to put all unfinished piece back up for grabs. Maybe give people two or three days to reclaim their piece if they are still working on it but after that back up for grabs.
    >> unemployed !1cw3yHQWPU 03/20/10(Sat)05:39 No.61842
    reclaiming no 29

    Nah, this can be done.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)06:15 No.61847
    Haha 53 here, I was this close to just saying fuck it! and doing 29 myself. Well guess I have a reason to put my part off for a bit longer, maybe I will claim an undone spot in the mean time.
    >> Unemployed !PbkX0m3QIY 03/20/10(Sat)06:21 No.61852
    What? i haven't uploaded any progress shots, but that doesn't mean i'm not working on the piece. Atleast i've been posting in the threads.
    Busy on schoolwork man, i'll get it done
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)06:25 No.61854
    first of all, great work anonymous. a 3d version of such a chaotic future city is incredible.

    i want to help, or at least learn using the program/programs so i can help later. can someone tell me what program i should get?
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)06:37 No.61859
    any program that can export to the obj format will suffice. start here:

    can't pay for any apps? either try to get the student versions, pirate them, or get blender.
    >> ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮ suomynonA‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ 03/20/10(Sat)10:28 No.61895
    This is one of the best threads ever on /3/, looking forward seeing this stuff done. :>

    Wish i could make any of those things, but i suck too much.
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 03/20/10(Sat)12:00 No.61913
    would someone please counter-check part 51? i just downloaded it to do 74, but its just 9kb small and contains just two small cylinder-like objects.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)13:00 No.61928

    Got some bad news for you bro, mf link v2 from 51 was posted in is dead. Can't really help you there. Might've been some errors upping it. Ask penis, he might still have it.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)15:04 No.61964
         File1269111896.png-(883 KB, 1209x893, GETITRIGHT.png)
    883 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)15:12 No.61970
    How about you read the thread first asshat.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)15:14 No.61971
    and then it all falls apart
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)15:23 No.61975
    We get trolls like him all the time. Ignorance is bliss bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)15:23 No.61976
    A fan that blows air next to open sky yeah that makes sense.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)15:27 No.61977
    Anyone know the author of this picture? I'll email him, even if he's Japanese. He'll still understand the picture.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)15:43 No.61984
    We'll email him once were done
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)16:50 No.61998
         File1269118227.png-(910 KB, 1208x1222, GETITRIGHTupdate.png)
    910 KB
    Really, I didn't think your board name reflected your IQ this much.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:01 No.62001
    /3/fag status:

    []   Not told
    [X] Told
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:03 No.62003
         File1269118984.jpg-(19 KB, 488x502, post.jpg)
    19 KB

    It's true. The fan is pointing to the Y axis not the X axis.

    It's outwards.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:03 No.62004
    It is not about if it would blow air in or out it is the fact that if it is pointed to the right then there is open sky to the side of it. A fan would serve no purpose set up like that because it would not move any air. Also if you were here from the first thread then you would know that everyone was given artistic liberty to create stuff as they saw fit. You are just trying to troll and there are better boards for it.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:12 No.62007
    Can't you just do things RIGHT and shut up?
    First you say that it's not wrong and now that it's "artistic liberty"... Just admit that you fucked up and fix it already, you inmature egomaniacal faggot.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:14 No.62009

    >You are just trying to troll
    No, really, shut up. I'm being serious.

    Also making that wall into a cyberpunk house is more than artistic liberty IMO. I was just trying to get you to realize you did it the wrong way round.

    Oh and as long as there is air a rotating fan will move it, no matter how open a space is. What you mean is that that air wont go anywhere, which seems to be correct. But the author made it this way so either it's propotionally or functionally wrong. You did try to recreate the proportion, not the function of the picture, right?
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:15 No.62010
    I'm not even the one who made it, also seeing as you are saying I claimed that it is not wrong then you are the faggot who has been around for several threads and keeps trolling with this.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:18 No.62013
    I made those pictures and this
    is not me.

    However this

    And this is the first thread I INFORM of your failure and not TROLL. You might want to google that word, since you are misusing it terribly.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:23 No.62016
    Once more I am not the one who made that piece so you may want to learn to read. You keep thinking that things should be done the way you want it to be done even when reasonable responses to why something was done another way is given. Your nerd rage is going to send you to an early grave if such small and trivial things in this world piss you off for what has now been MONTHS on end.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:28 No.62025
    >reasonable responses to why something was done another way is given

    >reasonable responses


    Here's what happened:

    One of you (you refers to you working on this) made something the wrong way

    I told you it was wrong

    You say it isn't

    I prove it is

    You say it's artistic freedom

    I say the point of this is to remake the picture

    You get mad and say I nerdrage.

    Really I'm the troll? Gimme a break.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:31 No.62035
    /3/fag status:

    [] Not told
    [X] REALLY Told
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:31 No.62037
    Well you must be a troll if you keep insisting I made the piece even after I said I didn't (can you not grasp that your word is not law and more than one person in this world could disagree with you?) and you keep bringing it up thread after thread when you know what the response will be. If it pisses you off and you were smart you would just download the piece, change it how you like, claim you were the one who made it to begin with, and say you fixed it.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:35 No.62050
    >Thread after thread

    >And this is the first thread I INFORM of your failure

    I'm not the only one that should learn to read I see?
    Also I never said YOU as a person made it, I was referring to YOU as the group of people doing this project. Also I have no 3D modeling skills. (Inb4 gtfo) If I did I would of course just do that.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:40 No.62058
    as spectator I vote for (obviously) wrong version. I think that would be cool to carry a little secret when this art-work will be finished.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)17:46 No.62069
    And then the thread died.
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)18:31 No.62099
    love that this is alive.
    is anyone working on [04]
    thinking about contributing
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)18:49 No.62104
    Everything coloured/numbered is being worked on (to the best of our knowledge). The way it works is you claim a white spot (using the LATEST revision, NOT the OP image), colour it in (50% opacity), and colour in the corrosponding box with the next number (which you also put over the part of the pic you coloured in).

    tl;dr: only the white spots aren't spoken for.
    >> Temple of the Cat !r41RT9UfTc 03/20/10(Sat)19:04 No.62110
         File1269126279.jpg-(35 KB, 398x281, 60closeup.jpg)
    35 KB
    Part 60 here. I originally was going to do the sign but someone else suggested to do the whole structure, as shown in pic. Hopefully you get my gist, it's like a very tall hangar. What do you all think?
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:09 No.62114
    1. you make your version
    2. we compare we "wrong version"
    3. vote commence
    4. ????
    5. profit
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:12 No.62118

    is this about the fan ?
    I think it should be the way it's drawn
    and no bull shit artistic expression when it's clear how it's drawn on the pic,

    parts that are hard to distinguish FINE
    but when it's clear then it's should be done how the image is shown
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:14 No.62120
    yup its about the fan. I know what ur trying to say stay true to the original and what now but this is a collab project and therefore i think its best if we have the majority make the decision
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:15 No.62125

    so with all these trollz (being close to /b/ and all) we could vote for closing this project !

    let the vote begin !

    POST : "DEAD" if you want this project to die now !

    Hurray for democracy !
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:16 No.62126
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:19 No.62128
    sure u could vote that but your trolling attempts would just be passed off as well trolls
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:20 No.62129
    you don't seem to pass of trolls that vote for an inaccurate image
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:21 No.62131
    because there was actual work done?????
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:30 No.62137

    I mean the trolls that seemed to vote
    not the guy that made the work
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:38 No.62143
    hence i suggested a poll... well probably a bad idea in retrospect seeing as the voters can not be identified as a troll or a genuine contributer
    >> Anonymous 03/20/10(Sat)19:44 No.62147
    sorry i should clarify
    i meant that the issue with the model created not being the same as the original picture should have a poll to see what the majority of the collaborators thought of this change but in retrospect the idea would not have worked because like you have said there is no way in distinguishing genuine contributors and trolls
    >> 3d, bro !CG1EIjtgDw 03/20/10(Sat)19:52 No.62157
    That guy was right about the fan, but he himself is doing it wrong. His axis colours are incorrect.

    X axis = Red
    Y axis = Green
    Z axis = Blue

    Also, that fan could be there for intake, it blows/sucks air in.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)10:31 No.62706
    The fuck is wrong with all you fags? Stop responding to obvious fucking trolls. He only tries to make his point valid so you won't label him as a troll. That way you'll respond to his faggotries. Just let this shit conversation die already. Everyone here agreed on that fan, and there's just one guy that doesn't. Any tries to prove otherwise is just him samefagging and shitting up the place. So just let him be and this should return to normal.... unless he's that big of a faggot that he'd samefag arguments with himself that is

    Anyway replying to the only good post since I left the thread >>62110

    I suggest you should talk with 77 and see what each of you will do. So the same piece won't be made twice.
    >> source Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)12:16 No.62753

    i still haven't found the authors name, maybe you can find it.
    + it looks like he made a few 3d objects too, not from the scene you guys are working on but still. he would probably help modeling.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)13:23 No.62789
    his name is 帝国少年 - imperial boy.
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)14:31 No.62861
    >POST : "DEAD" if you want this project to die now !

    >Hurray for democracy !

    lulz, trolls spamming /3/ in the name of democracy
    go back to /int/
    >> Anonymous 03/21/10(Sun)21:30 No.63223
    >> Anonymous 03/22/10(Mon)12:27 No.63500
    I already took that as part of 77. See the latest reference image.
    You can do it if you want but there will be two copies of it. There's really not much to do there, anyway. There are far better places where modeling time could be spent.
    >> Temple of the Cat !r41RT9UfTc 03/22/10(Mon)12:29 No.63501

    Understood. I'll see if I can grab anything else.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/10(Mon)12:33 No.63503
    I don't understand why everyone cares so much about that dumb ass fan. There are FAR greater "liberties" taken with other pieces.

    It looks to me like the original artist made a mistake and never went back and fixed it. Everything around the fan points to the right, but the circular grating on the fan appears to point to the left. So it's abiguous. So the 3D modeler picked a direction and went with it. Who cares.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/10(Mon)12:35 No.63505
    Wow, the troll couldn't even get other trolls interested in his crusade. That's embarrassing.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/10(Mon)20:40 No.63676
    Said troll was obviously satirizing the idea of doing a democratic vote on an anonymous imageboard, you fail at reading comprehension, how embarrassing.
    >> Anonymous 03/22/10(Mon)21:24 No.63689
    doesnt that beat all, satire, and excuse for idiocy in all occasions

    no teacher, I was not disturbing the class, this was a satire of someone disturbing class time, how can you not see that?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/10(Tue)08:43 No.63876
    please keep going?
    >> Anonymous 03/23/10(Tue)19:59 No.64181
    Casually bumpan before bed.
    >> Anonymous 03/24/10(Wed)17:22 No.64680
    >> Anonymous 03/25/10(Thu)05:21 No.65055
    >> Anonymous 03/25/10(Thu)05:25 No.65056
         File1269509132.gif-(596 KB, 240x160, this thread sucks.gif)
    596 KB
    Not again.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/10(Thu)06:09 No.65065
    your post was on the home page.
    >> Anonymous 03/25/10(Thu)20:47 No.65347

    also >>65056
    You must be new here.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/10(Fri)00:27 No.65461
    this thread is so tragic because theres so much enthusiasm and work done but it WILL NEVER GET PUT TOGETHER

    >> Anonymous 03/26/10(Fri)00:27 No.65462
    Glad to see this is still alive! Keep going m/3/n!
    >> Anonymous 03/26/10(Fri)09:34 No.65612
    don't say it!
    >> Anonymous 03/26/10(Fri)12:11 No.65653
    Is it time to put unfinished pieces back up for grabs yet?
    >> Anonymous 03/26/10(Fri)12:33 No.65656

    Are you blind or just chronically retarded? Read either the OP post or the last reference image to answer that useless question.
    >> Anonymous 03/26/10(Fri)13:11 No.65662
    57 here. i'm done with current projects and this is now top priority. expect to hear back
    >> Anonymous 03/26/10(Fri)13:54 No.65672

    Great :3
    >> Anonymous 03/26/10(Fri)16:21 No.65711
    It's about that time....
    >> Anonymous 03/27/10(Sat)05:15 No.66016
    >> Anonymous 03/27/10(Sat)20:45 No.66332
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)05:45 No.66505
    Good job
    also bumping
    >> Anonymous 03/28/10(Sun)20:43 No.66815
    Keep at it t/3/apots.
    >> CT survivor 03/29/10(Mon)08:20 No.67034

    This is truly amazing....

    Good luck at finishing this monster job, I am very interested in what the finished product will look like

    >> Anonymous 03/29/10(Mon)10:52 No.67071
         File1269874349.jpg-(46 KB, 301x267, great.jpg)
    46 KB
    Sup /3/, /a/non here.

    Just wanted to tell you guys this is awesome. Looking forward to it when it's finished.

    And, here is a little suggestion: I see you could use a wiki like these ones:

    They help a lot in having a vision of the actual stage of the project and the progress over the days.

    You know, having the last version of the pic with the taken parts, having all the download links there, maybe some tutorials too if you're willing to let inexperienced users to get into, etc.
    >> Casey 03/29/10(Mon)11:40 No.67089
    I'll be honest, I'm getting really tempted to do this on a /3/ livestream.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/10(Mon)16:25 No.67198
    Stupid ass taxes and work got in the way but I'm back on 77. Will have it in a few.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/10(Mon)16:28 No.67199
    >Will have it in a few.

    I hate when people use this phrase in ambiguous-ass contexts like this. A few what? Minutes? Why not wait a few minutes and post the pic/link with your post? Hours? Why post now at all? It's been this long, why not wait a few more hours until it's done? Days? Thanks for the heads up, but why not specify 'days'? Weeks? Same as days.

    I hate that phrase and I hate you for making me type all this shit out :|
    >> Anonymous 03/29/10(Mon)16:44 No.67209

    Could be "a few minutes" or it could be "a few months." Thanks and hope this helps.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/10(Mon)16:53 No.67212

    Well there's your problem.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/10(Mon)17:18 No.67222
    I was erm, being musical. That symbol in music means 'repeat'. I wanted you to read it again to make sure it sunk in.

    >> Anonymous 03/29/10(Mon)19:04 No.67257
         File1269903877.jpg-(413 KB, 1909x1014, 77_rendered.jpg)
    413 KB
    77 Done, I think.

    I couldn't get motivated to to the flying boat blob things. I will mark them as unclaimed in the reference image in case someone else wants to take a shot.

    This render makes it look like the arch (to the right) is cut short, but it's not. I just didn't have the render window large enough and don't feel like re-rendering.
    >> Anonymous 03/29/10(Mon)19:11 No.67259
    77 uploaded:
    >> Anonymous 03/29/10(Mon)19:19 No.67263
         File1269904758.jpg-(2.38 MB, 3572x1650, reference_77.jpg)
    2.38 MB
    Updated reference image.
    >> Butterfly !4SONY/Qfe2 03/29/10(Mon)19:36 No.67271
    shouldnt your girders have empty insides, not flat as you have them?
    >> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)00:59 No.67424
    >> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)01:50 No.67439
    Good Job 77
    >> CT survivor 03/30/10(Tue)03:50 No.67461
    I would watch it
    >> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)10:03 No.67539
    Show me on the image. I think they are all extruded (hollow inside).
    >> Butterfly !4SONY/Qfe2 03/30/10(Tue)10:16 No.67544
         File1269958586.jpg-(412 KB, 1909x1014, 12699038776272.jpg)
    412 KB
    I think the areas in red should be empty as it would make a lot more sense structuraly, i think the original would have them like this but lazy shading makes them seem filled.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)10:25 No.67546

    Good job there man! Now we'll have to wait for penis to up it to the mf folder. Though I'm tempted to take this Anon's idea >>67071 and do a wiki. Not sure how, but that shouldn't be that much of a problem.

    also >>67271
    Stop pointing out insignificant details man. It looks good as it is.
    >> Butterfly !4SONY/Qfe2 03/30/10(Tue)11:04 No.67550
    fuck you, everything needs critiquing.
    >> Anonymous 03/30/10(Tue)23:35 No.67821
    >> Anonymous 03/31/10(Wed)04:46 No.67960
         File1270025218.png-(115 KB, 320x240, fuckyou.png)
    115 KB

    No, Fuck You! Everyone was given a bit of freedom with their pieces.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/10(Wed)05:08 No.67976
    but #77 was happy to have critique.
    You are the only person here not being a bro.
    Chill, bro.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/10(Wed)11:50 No.68072

    I don't mind critic bro, but that wasn't something worth criticizing.
    >> Anonymous 03/31/10(Wed)12:26 No.68096
    I'm neither of them but to be fair, as insignificant as it may seem to you, it does appear to be quite an easy fix.
    >> Butterfly !4SONY/Qfe2 03/31/10(Wed)12:26 No.68097
    You can just accept critisim and say you dont think it's relevent and move on. Which is what i'll post like you've done:

    Ok no worries just letting you know, good work otherwise.

    >> Anonymous 03/31/10(Wed)15:37 No.68150

    Great :3

    I have nothing against pointing things out. Just against making people fix every little thing they done wrong. Now that in turn might be a good thing, but at the same time it may annoy the person making the piece.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/10(Thu)14:10 No.68684
    Bump for thread preservation amidst April first gooniness.
    >> Anonymous 04/01/10(Thu)20:23 No.68762
    I always lurk here, and I always see this thread. I must say, I eagerly await the finished product.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/10(Fri)02:17 No.68900
    i don't want to be a negative nancy, but i think a lot is being lost in this piece in the conversation of 3d

    ...there's alot of "loose" and almost organic lines to the original illustration and now it's becoming completely so mechanical and basic.

    Maybe try looking at the character of each part instead of just the structure?
    >> Anonymous 04/02/10(Fri)03:21 No.68911
    Show me a show or game that looks as fluid and organic as its concept art.
    >> Anonymous 04/02/10(Fri)07:46 No.68963
    Epic thread, pliz continue it!
    >> Anonymous 04/02/10(Fri)12:48 No.69020
    76 & 77 here, I think the wiki is a good idea. It would do away with the need for keeping the thread alive.
    >> Anonymous 04/03/10(Sat)04:57 No.69473
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Keep up the good work!
    >> Anonymous 04/03/10(Sat)04:59 No.69475
    Yes but when you move it offsite the project itself dies because it's no longer /3/
    >> Anonymous 04/03/10(Sat)06:35 No.69498
    Would it even be possible to do #30 with < 20k?
    >> Anonymous 04/03/10(Sat)10:10 No.69555

    Not really. Everything would still happen here. That would be like an archive where one would go to see the progress so far. Also same Anon that said would try to start the wiki here. Been a bit busy and didn't even get to read anything about it. Think I'll start around Easter though since I have nothing better to do :3
    >> Anonymous 04/03/10(Sat)21:38 No.69960
    Bumpan before bed. Keep it up bros.
    >> ­ 04/03/10(Sat)23:59 No.70050
    shit this looks awesome
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)02:41 No.70111
    I didn't even know of this boards existence until 20 minutes ago.

    Can I claim 15a? I'd like 15a.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)02:54 No.70117
    I've been following this project since before you lot even had a pic to use. Well, you had it, just hadn't decided to use it yet. Anyhoo... this is the only thing that keeps me coming back to 4chan anymore and I can't wait to have the final product as my wallpaper.

    Keep up the epic work. And I like the fan the way it was modeled. IMHO.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)05:13 No.70144
         File1270372394.jpg-(1.67 MB, 3572x1650, 78.jpg)
    1.67 MB
    I will take this piece as 78 and match it up to 18. The tree and roots should be a fun thing to try and create with only a 20k budget. I will also do that roof thing in the upper corner.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)05:29 No.70148
    This for the wiki?
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)05:52 No.70155
    if you can make it, you can have it.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)13:57 No.70253
    What a gigantic douche bag. Critique is for improving technical aspects of a piece, not someone's artistic license. Everything is rendered fine and matches up fine, he has eyes I'm sure he can see his girders didn't match up to the original. He probably likes it that way better. Prick.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)15:35 No.70293
    this thread brings all of 4chan together

    /g/entlemen here
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)17:00 No.70318

    You're either blind, a troll or just mentally challenged. At least read the OP post before posting anything of your own. And if you still don't realize what's wrong with your post, you can always leave.
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)17:06 No.70321
    this is still going? wow.

    Go /3/!
    >> Anonymous 04/04/10(Sun)23:01 No.70505
    big bumpin'
    >> Anonymous 04/05/10(Mon)08:56 No.70731

    Oh great, more pieces taken. Keep up the good work bros.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/10(Mon)15:18 No.70833
    troll harder
    >> Anonymous 04/05/10(Mon)21:35 No.71074
    I ask because most of the sections claimed haven't actually been made yet, and I'm betting a lot of people aren't going to come through on this. I will though and I want to do 15a, so I'm asking either the OP or whoever claimed 15a for permission.

    So unless you're on of those two people, butt the fuck out, this isn't your business.
    >> Anonymous 04/05/10(Mon)22:39 No.71087
    15 is freakin' massive, good on you for dividing it up.

    06 is really complicated too, I seriously doubt anyone's ever going to deliver on it. We should split it up.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)01:25 No.71159
    Well shit, I didn't divide it up. That was someone else, at least a week ago.

    I'm down to split some #06 though. Right after I go make 15a, brb.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)11:53 No.71352

    Inb4 samefagging this place up to get a piece already taken without the permission of the Anon that claimed it. Enjoy working on it and not being put on the final piece.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)11:58 No.71353
    >at least a week ago
    >a week ago

    No asshat, you've only been here for a week. This project's been going on for almost two months and a half.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)14:02 No.71374
         File1270576928.jpg-(1.75 MB, 3572x1650, 127037234.jpg)
    1.75 MB
    79 i choose you!
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)14:23 No.71379
         File1270578217.jpg-(12 KB, 466x621, 79.jpg)
    12 KB
    79 is done:)
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)18:28 No.71487
    Nailed it. Looks to me like you may have exceeded the 20K triangle limit, though.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)19:06 No.71495
         File1270595204.jpg-(35 KB, 316x263, 1261276354217.jpg)
    35 KB
    Great job there man! Best model I've seen all day.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)19:22 No.71501

    thank you fellas, i really outdid myself this time.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)19:39 No.71506

    wow, really nice. i'm glad its not all fucked up like that fan part. sadly, because the fan part is completely retarded, your fantastic model is going to get lost in a sea of crapiness.
    >> Anonymous 04/06/10(Tue)20:40 No.71527
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)04:56 No.71708
         File1270630568.png-(328 KB, 1920x1080, Default_Pass_Main.1.png)
    328 KB

    Here's 15a. Not sure if finished, I have 7k more polys I can add to it.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)15:02 No.71843
    I have high hopes that this project will finish, but here's what I've learned for next time (if there is a next time):

    1) Start out with a wiki. Easy access to all the reference material and a place for everyone to upload finished models.
    2) In addition to the reference pictures, provide a reference scene that just has a camera and a few very simple cubes or whatever shapes to show where everything goes. Then everyone can just grab this scene as their starting point. And when they're finished, their piece will already be in the right place. Further, they can import other parts into their scene and they'll already be in the right place. This would make the final step (which is going to be a huge problem in this current collaboration) almost completely unnecessary.
    >> Anonymous 04/07/10(Wed)15:04 No.71844
    P.S.: This is not a knock on the OP of this thread. This collaboration just sort of came together out of nowhere, so it's obvious that there wasn't time to lay this foundation stuff.

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