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  • File : 1265442024.png-(35 KB, 1024x739, crappypokeballback.png)
    35 KB Pokeball Contest Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)02:40 No.26739  
    Self explanatory, you must make a pokeball.
    My entry, all I have is sketchup.
    finding images is for fags, make one.

    inb4 car paint shader
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)02:42 No.26740
    <--- /a/
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)02:47 No.26745
    Pokémon is not anime, Pokémon is nostalgia fuel.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)02:50 No.26747
    "and the faggot troll thread award goes to..."
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)03:01 No.26750
         File1265443263.jpg-(82 KB, 640x480, pokeball.jpg)
    82 KB
    ~10 minuets
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)03:05 No.26752
    itt:the next CEO of pixar
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)03:05 No.26753
         File1265443519.jpg-(90 KB, 640x480, pokeballopen.jpg)
    90 KB
    lol open
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)03:36 No.26768
         File1265445378.png-(435 KB, 1280x720, pokeball.png)
    435 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)03:58 No.26771
         File1265446699.gif-(9 KB, 150x162, Open_Pokeball.gif)
    9 KB
    I love that style
    although it is arguable the inside of a pokéball sometimes looks like picture related.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)04:41 No.26779
         File1265449314.png-(101 KB, 870x573, polandball.png)
    101 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)04:45 No.26781
         File1265449557.jpg-(24 KB, 800x600, pokeball.jpg)
    24 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)05:07 No.26788

    this ball gets my vote
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)07:02 No.26860
         File1265457758.jpg-(22 KB, 640x480, Voltorb 001.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)07:20 No.26880
    Reported for weeaboo shit. Back to /a/ fags.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)07:20 No.26881
    poor poland ball.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)07:22 No.26883
    /3/ trolls suck
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)07:31 No.26894

    Fag, that's obviously Indonesia Ball.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)07:38 No.26902

    red should be redder.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)08:11 No.26944
    I can do so much better in sketchup
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)08:20 No.26961
    Is it that old already?
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)08:23 No.26969
         File1265462586.png-(87 KB, 355x355, poke-3.png)
    87 KB
    Turned out a tad low-poly, but I'm fairly satisfied with the render.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)08:45 No.27003
         File1265463957.png-(65 KB, 1916x918, pokeball.png)
    65 KB
    Made this in sketchup.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)20:52 No.27621
         File1265507532.jpg-(18 KB, 800x600, pokeball render.jpg)
    18 KB
    m I doin' it rite?

    100 hours in Blender
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)21:12 No.27639
    needs more indented black line
    use the lathe tool or whatever
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)23:14 No.27801
         File1265516077.png-(194 KB, 900x600, poke me ball.png)
    194 KB
    modeled in Wings3D, rendered in POV-ray.

    I dimpled my button in, like an arcade machine button, instead of out, and now I think the black segment around the middle should be a bit deeper. I also noticed that little peak thingy on the nearest ball due to smoothing errors, but who's going to say anything about it? No one, that's who. Shut up, leave me alone ;_;

    I think I might do a better one.
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)23:28 No.27817
    But seriously guys, could we get a tutorial on how to do this in Blender, incredibly simple as it is? I'm a total nublet
    >> Anonymous 02/06/10(Sat)23:41 No.27830
    >but who's going to say anything about it?

    /3/ is. They're jerks
    >> If I don't say I am op, some fuckface will call me a samefag 02/06/10(Sat)23:42 No.27831
         File1265517779.png-(96 KB, 1920x1386, decent pokeball.png)
    96 KB
    I made the first one in like 30 sec to start the thread.
    pic related was made in like 3-5, had issues with follow me tool.

    We could have threads like these to teach people how to model.
    people could be nice and write guides after they make The thing and then we could have a rar file and or a site filled with OC tutorials for all kinds of programs to help people get a feel for the tools.
    all we would need would to do would be maya, max, lolblender and sketchup.
    I can try to do sketchup if no one else wants to but I have only been using it for around a week.
    >> op 02/07/10(Sun)00:20 No.27859
    meant to send this to you
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)00:23 No.27861
    >We could have threads like these to teach people how to model.

    That would be cool. I want to make a thread about lighting one of these days where we take an existing model and light it.

    Anyway, I've never used Blender, only Wings and POV, so unless you guys want to know about those...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)00:26 No.27864
         File1265520365.jpg-(37 KB, 800x600, pokeballzshiny2..jpg)
    37 KB
    Made in Blender
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)00:26 No.27865
         File1265520384.jpg-(492 KB, 1920x1080, Pokeball.jpg)
    492 KB
    Some small mistakes.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)01:04 No.27894
    I think the black part is supposed to be an innie, not an outie.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)01:14 No.27902
    I think it looks neat that way.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)01:25 No.27912
         File1265523915.jpg-(168 KB, 800x600, Pokemon pokeball.jpg)
    168 KB
    20 min with alotta dickin around
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)01:33 No.27917

    what's a good program for recording shit like video tuts for xp?

    I'll record something alot better then that.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)02:04 No.27936
    pirate camtasia
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)02:15 No.27953
    Thanks man
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)02:25 No.27963
    Camstudio is free (and open source) for Windows
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)02:30 No.27967
         File1265527802.png-(755 KB, 1280x720, pokeballs.png)
    755 KB
    carpaint? did I hear carpaint?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)03:04 No.27992
    Artistic freedoms, etc.
    >> Sequence Erase !9FFmwFto1c 02/07/10(Sun)03:18 No.28011
         File1265530716.jpg-(121 KB, 454x455, Great.jpg)
    121 KB
    No one can ever really agree on the button, can they?
    >> GZK 02/07/10(Sun)03:31 No.28027
    Why not just look at the pokeball model on the Smash Bros games?
    >> FlatSoda !tAwqP1gqyM 02/07/10(Sun)03:38 No.28031
         File1265531919.png-(1.97 MB, 2800x2000, brawl_items_pt2.png)
    1.97 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)03:43 No.28034
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)04:12 No.28052
    My new wallpaper.

    Fank you.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)04:30 No.28060
         File1265535059.jpg-(197 KB, 1200x800, poke my balls3.jpg)
    197 KB
    Reran it in POV-ray.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:09 No.28074
    naw dude, the button sticks to the top!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:23 No.28076
    OH SHI- for real? I might have to go back and tinker with it, then.

    So wait, is the button attached to the red part, and when they open it, they just push the button through a hole in the black part (which I think is attached to the white part)?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:26 No.28077
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:30 No.28080

    yeah, look at:
    for the mechanism. also note texture on the inside.
    there's a white boundary around the button that moves, between the button and the black outline.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:33 No.28084
         File1265538788.png-(28 KB, 328x381, poland3D.png)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:41 No.28088
    I'll have to do'er tomorrow. Er... is there a hinge? Mine doesn't have one.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:43 No.28089

    But Polandball, that is 2D!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:48 No.28092
         File1265539683.png-(100 KB, 800x906, poland.png)
    100 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:51 No.28095
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)05:55 No.28096
         File1265540103.jpg-(43 KB, 1280x720, polandball3drender.jpg)
    43 KB
    I can has deliver
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)06:03 No.28102
         File1265540630.png-(146 KB, 1280x720, pmanballnutthing.png)
    146 KB
    hours figuring out just to indent that circle thing without it being oblong
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)06:12 No.28108
    You should bevel the edges, it looks like they would cut your hand right now.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)06:17 No.28109
    might be a good idea, but I really do like how crisp those edges are, I can't do it that nicely yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)08:10 No.28152
         File1265548210.png-(47 KB, 1920x1080, decent premier ball.png)
    47 KB
    one last bump for luck.
    also a upside-down Premier ball just to keep things fresh.
    night, t/3/apots
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)08:33 No.28168
         File1265549584.png-(525 KB, 1800x1800, pokeballviews.png)
    525 KB
    thank god this thread is still open, I've been working on this for hours.

    Sketchup. No real textures or rendering or anything.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)11:07 No.28263
         File1265558826.jpg-(212 KB, 1600x1580, Pokeball-Render.jpg)
    212 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)11:17 No.28268
         File1265559443.jpg-(13 KB, 610x481, plokeblal.jpg)
    13 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)11:40 No.28279
    darn it! where's mah pokeballkeys at?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)11:57 No.28303
    I like this one. You think you could change the black lining to sort of an obsidian reflective texture and maybe use brushed metal on the button? I think that would look sick.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)12:07 No.28316
         File1265562475.jpg-(45 KB, 655x646, pb.jpg)
    45 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)12:12 No.28319
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:03 No.28353
         File1265565792.png-(461 KB, 1280x720, pokeocc.png)
    461 KB
    i feel honored, here have an occlusion pass
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:06 No.28355
    looks like a soft poop.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:08 No.28359
    Oh fucking lol.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:10 No.28361

    Oh christ I can't stop lolling
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:28 No.28374
    what are you guys,,, like /3/ YEARS OLD,,, LMFAO
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:29 No.28375
    Wow, you guys sure got told.
    >> Anoon !9pI4h3/VLg 02/07/10(Sun)13:31 No.28376
    Woooah you spent way too long on a quick doodle.

    Or, I'm just jealous because mine looked crappy, heh.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:43 No.28392
    i would also be interested in seeing how this could be done in blender.. i have no idea how to make the black part of the pokeball. The youtube link didnt help since they had the black part sticking out, which is wrong..
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:52 No.28399
    Extrude inward. I'm guessing that's what most people do...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:54 No.28401
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)13:59 No.28405
         File1265569198.jpg-(170 KB, 471x471, ball.jpg)
    170 KB
    i have no problem creating the black band that goes around the ball.. but how do i create the black area around the button?
    >> Anoon !9pI4h3/VLg 02/07/10(Sun)14:02 No.28407
    Going to sort of second this. Whenever I attempt to intrude on a curve, I get really nasty shading errors.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)14:12 No.28414
         File1265569928.png-(170 KB, 870x615, hint.png)
    170 KB
    Think of the topology of the ball. Some parts are naturally inclined to have this form. hint related.

    fyi, I'm the guy that did the carpaint ball, it is nonfunctional, but it easily could be by "extrude, delete, merge, extrude"
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)14:23 No.28430
    Blender or wings?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)14:28 No.28438

    You can really apply this technique to any software package. Most suites produce spheres with a pinched/poked top.
    >> Anoon !9pI4h3/VLg 02/07/10(Sun)14:28 No.28439
         File1265570922.jpg-(78 KB, 640x480, durp.jpg)
    78 KB
    Yeah, my problem is a little more tailored towards something else too, was a subtle request for help with that really since it's not worth a thread.

    Pic thread related, albeit shitty.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)14:31 No.28442
    This is a good exercise, now that I think of it. It get's you thinking about topology, one of my first attempts at a guitar had f-holes in it, and I was totally lost.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)14:36 No.28446
    thanks for the hint.
    >> Anoon !9pI4h3/VLg 02/07/10(Sun)14:41 No.28450
         File1265571701.jpg-(111 KB, 640x480, durp2.jpg)
    111 KB
    Well, to understand where my problems lie, look at this: Notice that the highlight follows the loops around where it shouldn't.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)14:43 No.28454
         File1265571814.jpg-(10 KB, 300x300, 524901-600px_stitch_large.jpg)
    10 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)14:53 No.28462
         File1265572392.jpg-(206 KB, 903x901, steampunk-pokeball;.jpg)
    206 KB
    A steampunk pokeball is fine too?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)14:54 No.28465
    Can I view this with my 3d goggles?
    >> Anoon !9pI4h3/VLg 02/07/10(Sun)14:56 No.28467
    That's pretty fucking awesome, bro.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)15:08 No.28482
    which renderer and how did you do the chromatic aberration?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)15:15 No.28485
         File1265573746.png-(209 KB, 638x587, bluehengivingbirth.png)
    209 KB
    I'd probably be able to help you better if I knew the end result, so my advice may be somewhat anecdotal. I typically tell my students to work from a lower geometry up, refining all the way. That way you can keep an eye on things getting out of the way, and looking uneven. In Lightwave there is a tool called "smooth" (shift-M) which averages out the selected vertices. In maya, you can use paint effects to do something similar.

    Pic related, it's a low poly sphere that's been smoothed, extruded and tweaked. The sphere geometry is still lined up so if...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)15:18 No.28486
         File1265573922.png-(186 KB, 724x653, thatthang.png)
    186 KB duplicate them, it would still retain spherical integrity.

    Also you can always use a regular sphere for a template for 'vertex pushing'
    >> Anoon !9pI4h3/VLg 02/07/10(Sun)15:33 No.28490
         File1265574822.jpg-(139 KB, 876x462, durp2.jpg)
    139 KB
    Well, here's what it should look like, and only does because I've clayrendered it. Smoothing wise, I'm not sure why it looks off. Here's my wire of the area, anyway. I'll have to try the "using sphere/original as reference" thing, but I'm pretty sure my topo/triangulation is to blame.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)15:39 No.28492

    Is that Lightwave? Man- that takes me back...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)15:45 No.28496
         File1265575556.png-(81 KB, 974x710, edgie.png)
    81 KB
    Try adding an edge loop BEFORE the actual ring, see how in the, there is a loop that precedes the extrusion. This helps the software smooth out.

    Also using triangles to go into a quad like that may be causing some of the 'pinching.' Think 'edge FLOW'
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)15:47 No.28497
    there is also a modifer in 3ds max called Turbo Smooth that would work here.
    >> Potaskerklaski !5IBghlf2Ok 02/07/10(Sun)15:48 No.28498
         File1265575695.png-(294 KB, 1280x760, blarg.png)
    294 KB

    I'm not sure if it was you or another t/3/apot that was modeling the same thing from GITS (sorry I forget their names), and I don't know if they saw my post before the thread disappeared but here it is again, short version:

    In polygonal modeling, if you're trying to maintain surface curvature it really helps to start out with high base detail before cutting/extruding into the curved surface. You're gonna have a very hard time maintaining any sort of precision with topology like that, or even like that >>28486

    For hard-shelled, non-deforming surfaces like that robot (precisely the kind of models where you need crisp detail) there's very little reason to skimp on the amount of geometry you start out with.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)15:53 No.28500
    people contributing
    multiple software packages

    I might cry.
    >> Anoon !9pI4h3/VLg 02/07/10(Sun)16:02 No.28506
    Okay, cool. I'll restart the shell of the tachikoma (dohoho) with a higher base, and make sure to place the surrounding loops in a better place.

    Strangely enough, that reduced the shading issues. Then I accidentally turned Meshsmooth back on at the same time and Max crashed. :(

    Aaanyway, sorry for that derailment there.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)16:36 No.28524
         File1265578565.jpg-(29 KB, 604x336, 10529_146292379711_855814711_2(...).jpg)
    29 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)17:54 No.28586
         File1265583258.jpg-(129 KB, 720x480, Pokeballs.jpg)
    129 KB
    My attempt at this.

    Modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D, took way to long coz i'm just learning this package (switching from 3ds Max).

    What realy annoyed me is that I couldn't bevel/chamfer the cut parts. Gave me some nasty edges, must rethink the topology or something :/

    *going to render a wallpaper as well
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)17:54 No.28588
         File1265583297.jpg-(25 KB, 1024x1024, pokeball.jpg)
    25 KB
    >about 3000 tris
    How is mine going?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)17:55 No.28589
         File1265583310.jpg-(122 KB, 1280x720, Pokeball.jpg)
    122 KB
    But this is too generic.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)17:57 No.28591
         File1265583435.png-(859 KB, 640x480, ball.png)
    859 KB
    How about some actually nice renders?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)17:57 No.28592
    looks tf2'ish
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)17:59 No.28594

    I wouldn't make that inner extrude so deep I think.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:04 No.28601
    Yeah, I kind felt that as well... Thanks
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:08 No.28607
         File1265584126.jpg-(401 KB, 1920x1080, Render.jpg)
    401 KB
    Awesome thread. Gave me something interesting to do on my Sunday. :)
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:15 No.28610
         File1265584532.jpg-(34 KB, 400x377, Button_Sanwa_large.jpg)
    34 KB
    btw, I think this is what the button is based on. A real button. And that's how I modeled it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:16 No.28613
    that looks great, which program did you use?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:18 No.28616
         File1265584717.png-(111 KB, 1280x720, pmanball2.png)
    111 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:20 No.28618
    Maya with the built in toon shaders and mental ray contour rendering. Then I did the bounced light and fake Depth of Field in Photoshop.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:29 No.28622

    Really cool!
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:31 No.28623

    Thank you :)
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:48 No.28637
         File1265586539.png-(1.35 MB, 1440x900, PokeballsWallpaper.png)
    1.35 MB
    Finished with the wallpaper version of it...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:50 No.28639

    Man, you guys rock. Looking at this thread, there are so many talented people on this board. Sometimes I just come here to look at the stuff you people make.

    Keep up the good work, everyone.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:51 No.28640
    These depht of field thing you guys do isn't quite perfect you know, it looks more like a fog...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)18:56 No.28643
         File1265586991.png-(1.68 MB, 1440x901, Untitled.png)
    1.68 MB
    What is happening right here?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)19:00 No.28644
    Balls are touching.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)19:03 No.28645
    Now, if this was set in a forest and in 1920 x 1080 I'd make tender love to you
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)19:54 No.28668
         File1265590496.jpg-(82 KB, 640x480, Pokeball.jpg)
    82 KB
    O SHI-
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)19:57 No.28671
         File1265590641.jpg-(37 KB, 420x291, ball.jpg)
    37 KB
    This one was older, and part of an animation
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)19:58 No.28672
         File1265590723.png-(236 KB, 754x1005, Pokeballs.png)
    236 KB
    your all smalltime
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)20:15 No.28683
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)20:27 No.28688
         File1265592420.png-(1.06 MB, 1600x1200, pokeBALLS.png)
    1.06 MB
    I think I made the buttons too small. . . I should try again tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)20:32 No.28693
         File1265592736.jpg-(79 KB, 600x450, disappoint.jpg)
    79 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)20:33 No.28695
    sup Souler? :D
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)20:38 No.28700
         File1265593131.jpg-(101 KB, 1280x720, pokeball.jpg)
    101 KB
    a challenger appears
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)20:47 No.28709
         File1265593675.jpg-(112 KB, 786x720, 1265391172593.jpg)
    112 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)20:57 No.28714
         File1265594248.jpg-(337 KB, 1280x720, pokeball.jpg)
    337 KB
    >> SuperKonker !!MRSUFGm5yXe 02/07/10(Sun)21:05 No.28724
         File1265594717.png-(836 KB, 1280x738, pokeball.png)
    836 KB

    Yes, really.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)21:51 No.28770
         File1265597463.png-(299 KB, 1390x1123, Screen shot 2010-02-07 at 6.50(...).png)
    299 KB
    >>28724 yep, same here >>28700

    cinema4D FTW !
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)22:30 No.28784
         File1265599804.jpg-(76 KB, 1280x720, pokeb3.jpg)
    76 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)22:32 No.28787
         File1265599975.png-(239 KB, 1000x500, pbn&l.png)
    239 KB
    I wasn't satisfied with this shit, I'm gonna re-make all of them.

    here's the normal and the luxury balls, I'll make the rest tomorrow or something.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)22:34 No.28790
         File1265600077.png-(363 KB, 500x500, Luxury Ball.png)
    363 KB
    aww fuck, just now noticed i fucked up on the smoothing of the white accents on the luxury ball.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:09 No.28816
    nice.... excellent material for a wallpaper
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:11 No.28817
         File1265602278.jpg-(33 KB, 527x339, old couple-743330.jpg)
    33 KB
    In my days there was a JS Ball.

    Where the hell did that go?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:12 No.28818
    >implying it was a joke in the first place
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:16 No.28820
    pokeball catch pokeball?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:25 No.28826
    well well well

    what do we have here...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:27 No.28827
         File1265603252.png-(7 KB, 182x154, 1263585713763.png)
    7 KB
    now your getting it.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:30 No.28832
         File1265603415.png-(288 KB, 640x480, GS-ball.png)
    288 KB
    did you mean the GS ball?
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:30 No.28833

    You guys just got me interested in CGI. I'm gonna go acquire software and start learnan now.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:32 No.28834
         File1265603532.jpg-(60 KB, 1024x768, pokeball dorf.jpg)
    60 KB
    I followed the Blender noob tutorial and I even included one of the new 5th gen pokemon ( ) inside the ball
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:35 No.28836
    1: Because Smash Bros isn't exactly the source for all things pokemon.

    2: Because there are full 3D pokemon games.

    3: Even in the official 3D pokemon games there is a difference in button style throughout the games.
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:40 No.28838
    the tutorial does it wrong
    the black areas are suppose to go inwards not outwards..
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:41 No.28840
    oh yeah that's right
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:41 No.28841
    So I've heard. But I don't know how to go about that...
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:44 No.28842
    I think the toys go outward like that

    Because inward doesn't work so well in the real world
    >> Anonymous 02/07/10(Sun)23:52 No.28845
    I am loving the variety

    I need a real modeling program bad.
    brb, not gay computer

    Damn, that first image is perfect proportionally.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)00:00 No.28853
         File1265605203.png-(305 KB, 484x480, Allballs.png)
    305 KB
    It's not actually considered as the official part of the series as it was nothing more than a one time recolor plug for the Gold/Silver release.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)00:51 No.28886
         File1265608303.png-(351 KB, 1280x1024, Pokeball_Render.png)
    351 KB
    My attempt. Some nice stuff here. Interesting to see people different take on a simple object.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)01:34 No.28946

    In my day, there was a pokeball, a great ball, an ultra ball, and THE godamn master ball, and that's all there fucking was too it.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)01:45 No.28950

    The balls are cloned by an particle emitter, too bad it doesn't see them as rigid body's. Need to fix that.


    You mean reflecting a forest or have a real background of a forest. I'll see what I can cook up today.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)04:57 No.29082
         File1265623073.png-(515 KB, 640x480, Pokeball render.png)
    515 KB
    Heres my version of pokeballs
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)07:10 No.29139
         File1265631022.png-(1.03 MB, 1920x1080, Pokeballs.png)
    1.03 MB
    Look at mah balls!
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)07:19 No.29148
         File1265631566.png-(1.36 MB, 1920x1080, Pokeballs2.png)
    1.36 MB
    Another shot of mah balls.

    And yeah, I'm rather late to the party, eh?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)07:29 No.29152
    Kind of
    I like the button, it keeps the spherical form without actually doing so, in an odd way.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)09:04 No.29177
    Great job to everyone in this thread, there's been some good work. A Pokéball is always the first thing I try to make when I try out programs for some reason...

    Anyway, needs more Master Balls.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)09:08 No.29178
    I really dig this thread, particularly:
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)09:21 No.29180
         File1265638916.png-(105 KB, 271x245, Yellow's_Seadra_Poké_Ball.png)
    105 KB
    Bonus points for manga translucent balls with a miniaturized Pokemon inside.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)09:57 No.29188
    It depends on the top, most go inward though, it doesn't matter really because the ring itself is on connected to the top part of the ball, and while its from the inside, the hinge on the back is connected to the outside of the ring and to the outside of the bottom part so the ball can be opened up to a 90 degree angle without problem.

    When I was a kid I had quite a few of the toys, all of them had an inward ring, I had a simple pop-open one, and one that played music when opened, even had a few with a pop-out pokemon, they were all inwards.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)10:09 No.29191
         File1265641753.jpg-(62 KB, 800x600, bgfdxcvgftr.jpg)
    62 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)10:14 No.29196
         File1265642055.jpg-(69 KB, 720x485, ladygaga.jpg)
    69 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)10:35 No.29202
         File1265643308.png-(949 KB, 1600x1200, PokeballssWithGlow.png)
    949 KB

    Samefag here. Made more pokeballs that look a bit more decent. Used Yafaray render this time instead of blenders internal.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)10:38 No.29205
    looks a bit weird with all of them reflecting off of each other.
    and let me recommend some DoF
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)11:04 No.29224
         File1265645054.jpg-(142 KB, 1280x800, pokeball.jpg)
    142 KB
    my go, eventhough a tad late
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)11:06 No.29227
    dude, this thread's like 2 days old, almost everyone's late.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)11:20 No.29247
    Still worth posting renders as long as it's bumping.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)13:18 No.29343
         File1265653107.png-(73 KB, 381x367, pkbl.png)
    73 KB

    Still got 6 more to go, than I'll post the re-made collection.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)13:46 No.29384
    When the hell did they make all these . . . I haven't played since Red/Blue
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)13:54 No.29391
    Gen 1- red/blue
    Great Ball
    Ultra Ball
    Master Ball
    Safari Ball

    Gen2- Gold/silver
    Level Ball
    Lure Ball
    Moon Ball
    Friend Ball
    Love Ball
    Heavy Ball
    Fast Ball
    Compé Ball

    Gen3- Ruby/Saphire
    Premier Ball
    Repeat Ball
    Timer Ball
    Nest Ball
    Net Ball
    Dive Ball
    Luxury Ball

    Gen4- Diamond/Pearl
    Heal Ball
    Quick Ball
    Dusk Ball
    Cherish Ball
    Park Ball

    and some time this year there's Gen5 coming, it's been anounced and all its just a few weeks from when they start announcing the data for the new region,. items, and pokemon, after that, you can expect AT LEAST five more types of balls

    nintendo loves its balls....
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)14:21 No.29412
         File1265656918.jpg-(579 KB, 2500x2500, Pokéballs.jpg)
    579 KB
    I lost interest, I'll do the last three whenever.
    here's the progress so far, as you can see i put more effort into some than others, you can tell which ones i like by how well they're done.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)14:31 No.29417
         File1265657482.jpg-(61 KB, 1024x768, dorf in ball.jpg)
    61 KB
    >Bonus points for manga translucent balls with a miniaturized Pokemon inside.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)14:35 No.29419
    Nice work Anon
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)14:40 No.29422
    Thanks, I'm actually a little disappointed that so few of us chose to make something other than the normal ball, considering there's such a nice selection to go with.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)14:46 No.29429
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)14:54 No.29435
    I dunno about the other anons, but the only balls I was aware of before this thread were "Poke", "Ultra", and "Master". There may or may not have been a "Super". 1996 was a long time ago.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)15:04 No.29441
    well now you know so there's no excuse.

    pick one and just do it.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)15:05 No.29444
    Agreed with some DoF.
    Also it would be cool if you could make it into a 3D stereogram.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)15:06 No.29446
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)15:16 No.29451
         File1265660170.jpg-(223 KB, 1206x579, Pokeball2.jpg)
    223 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)16:07 No.29494
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)16:34 No.29528
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)17:44 No.29618
         File1265669066.png-(607 KB, 1000x1000, Cherish_Ball Render.png)
    607 KB
    Just for the hell of it, here's an even bigger render of the cherish ball because its my favorite.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:00 No.29642
         File1265670046.png-(995 KB, 1600x1200, PokeBallzDoffed.png)
    995 KB
    I messed with the settings a bit too much I geuss. But oh well.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:02 No.29647
    Whoa, that's fucking awesome? What prog did you use and how did you do that?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:05 No.29650
    instanced geometry particles?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:07 No.29654
         File1265670452.png-(167 KB, 1000x500, pb1.png)
    167 KB

    Anyone wanna make a low-poly pokeball? here's a texture map i just rendered. the two shapes on the left side are the joints.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:27 No.29674
         File1265671675.jpg-(405 KB, 1920x1200, pokeballs.jpg)
    405 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:28 No.29675
         File1265671683.jpg-(101 KB, 1920x1200, Untitled 11.jpg)
    101 KB
    >Forget to add image

    Bah, well I made one, I like your texture.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:29 No.29677
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:35 No.29684
    pokeballs have never really been shown with joints
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:37 No.29687
         File1265672222.jpg-(227 KB, 1920x1200, Untitled 12.jpg)
    227 KB
    High poly with GLOW MODE ENABLED.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:37 No.29688
         File1265672246.png-(175 KB, 1000x500, Great Ball.png)
    175 KB
    I know, and that fact pisses me off to no end, that's why i make all my pokeballs with joints.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:39 No.29689
         File1265672370.jpg-(228 KB, 1920x1200, Untitled 122.jpg)
    228 KB
    Are you going to make any others?
    It's cool to just slap on a texture and feel like I've accomplished something.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)18:41 No.29690
    If I feel like it, This is my first time making actual textures and not just ising max generics, we'll see how it goes, maybe i make all of them, maybe i make no more...
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)19:10 No.29721
         File1265674248.png-(176 KB, 1000x500, Ultra Ball.png)
    176 KB
    Like this, no matter how I tweak it, I just can't get the top of this ultra ball to be straight when placed on a sphere.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)19:51 No.29767
    anyone gonna model Mewtwo's black pokeballs?

    pun intended.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)20:05 No.29779
    The ones with the ancient eye for a button?

    its pretty much just a recolor of this guy's work
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)20:15 No.29788
         File1265678117.png-(228 KB, 1000x500, Moon Ball.png)
    228 KB
    Here, I think this one turned out pretty well.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)20:40 No.29812
         File1265679611.png-(107 KB, 960x540, pokeball.png)
    107 KB
    my rather meh attempt
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)20:44 No.29817
         File1265679891.jpg-(34 KB, 800x600, pokeballs.jpg)
    34 KB
    holy shit, this was made months ago. good thing I found it before 404
    I gave up on this project because I kept getting artifacts on the buttons, trying to make a pokeball, with black indent and button from one sphere.
    looking at >>28414 I had a real ....durrrp... moment.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)20:59 No.29831
         File1265680784.png-(546 KB, 1600x1200, premiernadebig.png)
    546 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)21:02 No.29834
    oh shi
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)21:16 No.29851
    why would you want to make it all from one sphere?
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)21:18 No.29855
    poland is white over red. thats monaco
    >> CaptainObvious 02/08/10(Mon)21:22 No.29860
    i can see faceting.
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)22:43 No.29917
    since it wasn't on here before
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)22:50 No.29922
         File1265687407.jpg-(84 KB, 1280x720, darkballs.jpg)
    84 KB
    + file
    >> Anonymous 02/08/10(Mon)23:04 No.29931

    oh. my. god.
    it's... BEAUTIFUL.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)01:55 No.30026
         File1265698505.png-(74 KB, 1920x1080, fancy pokeball.png)
    74 KB
    OP here, I was feeling left out of the high poly crowd.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)03:48 No.30066
    dark balls look like futuristic gernades man
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)04:26 No.30088
    that and "sammy's old pokeball".'s_Old_Poké_Ball.png
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)05:08 No.30097
    can some of you explain how you're modeling these in detail? Specifically the functional pokeballs. The non-functional sphere-in-a-sphere are pretty intuitive, and they were explained earlier.

    But the real thing I'm wondering about is how to make the black ring that smoothly rounds into a circular shape that becomes the baseplate of the pokeball's button.

    What does the topology of those black rings look like, exactly?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)05:40 No.30113
         File1265712001.png-(487 KB, 800x600, Pokeballs.png)
    487 KB
    Model time: five Minutes
    Model Render: two Minutes
    Model Program: Blender 2.49
    Render: yafaray 1.0.1?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)05:40 No.30115
    Blender if you're reffering to me. Rendered with Yaf(a)ray
    Yes well..... Objects as emited particles.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)06:32 No.30134
         File1265715165.jpg-(149 KB, 1280x720, asda.jpg)
    149 KB
    Here is mine. It is pretty terrible ... Any tips?
    >> bear with me, its 4 am. Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)06:56 No.30145
    use reference (I used second Google image result.)
    black "ring" is the same with as the "line"
    The line normally goes into the pokeball if you want to make it the most reconcilable.
    pokeballs are not mirrors, allthough they can look cool that way, they are most likely made out of painted matte metal.
    right now it looks like a 2 tone sphere with a belt, if you are not trying to make it your own vision and have it be true to the games, you should make the line go in, make the line and button larger, change the shader/texture whatever and round the edges of the red and white caps so it looks like a 3 piece assembly.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)06:57 No.30147


    >Critique mode: Engaged

    Disappointed. The "belt" that you have around your pokeballs should be set into the ball, not tacked on to the outside
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)07:23 No.30153
    I think >>30113 is doing his own interpretation of what a pokeball looks like.
    >> Magnificent Bastard !T/u.pB6fKQ 02/09/10(Tue)07:45 No.30162

    I'm sorry, but this threw me into a giggling fit. I don't know why either, but thanks anon, you totally made my morning.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)08:58 No.30187
         File1265723903.jpg-(142 KB, 1280x1024, balls..jpg)
    142 KB
    first attempt at making anything in a long time. slight sense of accomplishment
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)10:13 No.30236
         File1265728396.jpg-(47 KB, 640x360, Vicious.jpg)
    47 KB
    you forgot to tweest
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)10:16 No.30240
    The black ring is a simple cylinder, it's not a whole sphere, the difference between top and botom is boolean'd and than you go over edges to remove any artifacts, you should try to make every piece a different element, its a lot easier than making the whole thing out of one or two spheres, see:>>29412
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)19:14 No.30643

    Boolean always does shit I don't want. I found it was much better to just make a sphere and cut out the ring myself, and then clone it and shrink it and attach and bridge the caps. I did >>29148 >>29139 btw.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)19:39 No.30666
    that's the pokeball you get after ash has already taken all the cool starting pokemon and that's all that's left

    there's an autistic missingno. inside
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)20:12 No.30684
         File1265764362.jpg-(159 KB, 500x500, 1238753183307.jpg)
    159 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)20:46 No.30712
    >hurdur I can't use boolean

    there's nothing inherently wrong with using boolean, the problem is just that its extremely bugged, but if you know how to use it properly, and when to use it, it can be a powerful tool, instead of being a "lolboolean" bitch your entire life, it'd do you some good to learn to not suck at it.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)21:24 No.30732
         File1265768640.jpg-(15 KB, 800x600, pokeball.jpg)
    15 KB
    i made a terrible one and deemed it terrible
    tried improving it and made an awesome button, i was receding the band and blender freezes and dies irrevocably, and i dont save enough
    so here's the terrible one, point fingers and laugh
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)21:31 No.30740
         File1265769096.jpg-(34 KB, 414x512, youcallthatapenis.jpg)
    34 KB
    /points and laughs
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)22:08 No.30778
         File1265771290.jpg-(78 KB, 1280x720, render.jpg)
    78 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)22:10 No.30780

    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)22:10 No.30781
    Definitely gets the idea across though, you could always follow the blender guide to get an idea.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)22:38 No.30804
    well that one took me like 5 minutes, and i didn't care to improve at the time, i went to make a better one, and i had done some, and blender crashes, i dont feel like going and remaking what i had remade, so i just gave up and moved on, so it's not the best i can make, i could make worlds better, i just dont really deem it important, right now im working on my texturing, just made a rubik's cube, which was a bit more exercise, but gonna go do some more complex things
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)22:43 No.30810
    have fun :3
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)23:01 No.30826
    Actually, I have used boolean for some things, when the bugs in it don't mess shit up too bad. I tend to use the most appropriate solution for things though, instead of using a bugged system and then having to correct for it. The way the post was written that I replied to, it sounded to be implying that boolean was the only way to do it. I was just trying to point out that it is not the only solution.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)23:44 No.30858
         File1265777077.jpg-(185 KB, 800x600, pokeball01.jpg)
    185 KB
    using vray
    >> Anonymous 02/09/10(Tue)23:49 No.30864
    anyone know where to dl vray for maya?
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)00:19 No.30886
         File1265779180.jpg-(15 KB, 800x600, pokeball.jpg)
    15 KB
    re-redid the button, looks worlds better compared to the first one, still need to fix the rest of the ball though
    mine: >>30732
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)00:23 No.30896
    mediocre render
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:43 No.30955
         File1265784233.jpg-(22 KB, 800x600, pokeball.jpg)
    22 KB
    finally finished
    i work too slowly
    >> Highlander !!gsE3CmdtWSm 02/10/10(Wed)01:47 No.30958
    Vray is cheating, we can't all afford it.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)01:48 No.30960
    >Vray is cheating, we can't all afford it
    oh lol
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)02:02 No.30963
    All the vray cracks have watermarks >_>
    >> Anonymous 02/10/10(Wed)02:15 No.30965

    The one for Max 2009 is cracked and works fine. It's just the 2010 version that's fucked. Random watermarks and renders are artificially lengthened to unusable times.

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