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    File: 1329703383.jpg-(806 KB, 1500x882, 3_waywo.jpg)
    806 KB What are you working on? Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)21:03 No.261916  
    Old thread isn't bumping.

    You know the drill
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)21:29 No.261920
         File: 1329704968.png-(270 KB, 960x540, concreteblock_finish.png)
    270 KB
    how's my shit? I finally learn how to normal map
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)21:33 No.261921
    looks like shit....
    >> Millenia !!rJ157bMm+9y 02/19/12(Sun)21:35 No.261923
         File: 1329705310.jpg-(630 KB, 1345x856, mac.jpg)
    630 KB
    Gonna texture this old model from two years ago.. Though I'm pondering whether I should rework some areas of the model and rebake it.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)22:08 No.261928
         File: 1329707330.jpg-(162 KB, 400x600, rm34 copy.jpg)
    162 KB
    testing vray sun and sky for interior lighting
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)22:30 No.261932
    Sup niggas I was hopin you guys could teach me how to make 2D sprites for particle effects yo cause the internet aint helping me none today

    na meen man?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)22:53 No.261934
    I give a challenge to all of /3/

    make something look claymated
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)23:08 No.261939
    I didn't know you hung out here.
    >> Defcon !4cuBEkyCYE 02/19/12(Sun)23:22 No.261941
    now just learn ho to UV and I want want to hit you in the face.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)23:27 No.261942
         File: 1329712042.jpg-(117 KB, 1151x719, tmp.jpg)
    117 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)23:29 No.261943

    great job, you've created the world's three millionth completely average model of a MAC-10.

    why don't you try doing something constructive instead of utterly masturbatory?
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)00:23 No.261953
    At least add a version number to it... Make it Ver.26 or something
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)01:09 No.261957
    you should do the world's three millionth completely average model of an alien or

    world's three millionth completely average model of human body
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)01:18 No.261961
    You could say this about literally any subject on earth. There are no original ideas left in man.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)01:19 No.261962
    Put your trip back on, Millenia
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)01:26 No.261963
    I'm a completely different person.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)01:28 No.261964
    And I'm the Easter Bunny.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)01:28 No.261965
    To append, every modeler on earth should model the human body at LEAST a thousand times.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)01:49 No.261972
    997 left

    well... my topology isn't perfect
    >> RandomFag 02/20/12(Mon)01:50 No.261973
    >Small board
    >Someone defending someone else

    Don't ever change /3/.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)02:11 No.261977
    why not 10 000 if we are at it ?
    Just model it 5x and do it well each time.
    Making 1000 half assed models wont make you any better.
    just fuck off back to your /b/
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)02:18 No.261983
    Why are /3/ and /ic/ always so mad
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)02:20 No.261985
    they arent, just the mads stand out the most and make the most noise
    >> I'mHyper 02/20/12(Mon)03:04 No.261988
         File: 1329725069.jpg-(273 KB, 1112x828, G_Pose.jpg)
    273 KB
    I gotta redo some of these weights...
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)04:14 No.261999

    /3/ at it's best. helpful criticism since never.
    >> NagrerTaghat 02/20/12(Mon)05:06 No.262012
         File: 1329732408.jpg-(539 KB, 1920x1080, KA-BAR WIP.jpg)
    539 KB
    I posted just the handle in the last thread, I kept trying to make the blade look right, for hours (fucking noob) and gave up for now, untill I learn what I need to in order to do it correctly. I just said fuck it and made a shitty blade. Also, first time I have gotten depth of field working, thats why there is a shitty random sphere. I modeled that sphere too, it took about 8 hours, I just started with a line and then added verts to make a circle. After that I made tons of clones on each side using my working pivot scaling them down so that I got a gradual curve of a sphere, next I connected the edges one by one and them added a red texture so it looked real.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)05:17 No.262016
    the actual blade itself looks mediocre, but it still looks like a blade. you need to put some specular and a reflection map onto it so it'l looks right. it just looks like a paper blade now.

    plus rework the textures, they look too bland. put some scuffs on the handle and put some scratches onto the blade itself.
    >> NagrerTaghat 02/20/12(Mon)05:22 No.262018
    To be honest I just shoved a preset onto my blade, I have not even attempted to actually texture any of this, just wanted something to show for this thread. But I will, once I learn more.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)05:39 No.262022
    The texture looks too low res and the mesh looks way too blocky. The texture also doesn't align property and flow correctly into the sides.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)06:14 No.262029
         File: 1329736464.jpg-(87 KB, 898x722, sphere.jpg)
    87 KB
    >I modeled that sphere too, it took about 8 hours

    Not to be a dick but 8 hours is way too much time for a sphere model. Pic related, probably took me about an hour / hour 10 minutes to model (not including setting up references obviously)
    >> NagrerTaghat 02/20/12(Mon)06:18 No.262030
    I know, my first try took about three months to get it right
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)06:20 No.262031
    wait....modelling a sphere? why not use a pre-set sphere? or better yet, morph a cube into a sphere to improve topology...why model it?
    >> NagrerTaghat 02/20/12(Mon)06:30 No.262033
    3Ds Max doesnt have pre-set shapes. It only has nurbs. I once made a perfect sphere out of nurbs. The reason to model a sphere is that you get a better smoother look, then I add stuff later in Zbrush
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)07:07 No.262040
    which version are you using? because as far as i'm concerned it has pre-set shapes.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)09:28 No.262049

    Protip you are retarded they are trolling and/or joking around.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)09:45 No.262052
    you cant be fucking serious
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)09:50 No.262055

    I needed a good laugh.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)10:05 No.262063
    You sir, just made my day!
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)10:31 No.262070
         File: 1329751916.png-(576 KB, 1280x720, Drehung_0000.png)
    576 KB
    More Lego Pirate Isle
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)10:32 No.262071
         File: 1329751969.png-(548 KB, 1280x720, Drehung_0015.png)
    548 KB
    and from behind
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)10:42 No.262073
         File: 1329752525.jpg-(1.14 MB, 1920x1080, ketchun.jpg)
    1.14 MB
    This took me about an hour. I am not very good. More of a photoshop guy.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)10:55 No.262074
    >Side of countertop doesn't match the top
    >Lighting is off somewhere
    >Knives need better textures
    >Cutting board and everything else needs wear

    Looks like a kitchen from a video game.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)12:16 No.262093
    Thanks very much.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)12:44 No.262096
         File: 1329759871.jpg-(429 KB, 1928x1058, assignment.jpg)
    429 KB
    Doing a simple F-22 Raptor for my Uni assignment.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)12:52 No.262097
    how did you do it?
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)12:54 No.262098

    You actualy made a sphere??? out of references pics???

    That's amazing!!!
    >> NagrerTaghat 02/20/12(Mon)15:28 No.262140
    actually that wasnt me, I don't know why anyone was actually having a serious conversation with my bullshit.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)17:46 No.262172
         File: 1329778000.png-(7 KB, 251x556, lahmpe.png)
    7 KB
    This is the first thing I've modeled outside of a tutorial
    104 faces
    Learning about texturing and whatnot now
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)17:48 No.262173

    1: make bigger picture
    2: make wires on.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)18:14 No.262178
    Oh wait, this was before I fixed a bunch of shit
    Looks like I forgot to save
    Let me just fix things and I'll take some new screenshots
    >> I'mHyper 02/20/12(Mon)18:57 No.262193
         File: 1329782252.jpg-(115 KB, 476x482, G_Pose1.jpg)
    115 KB
    slow progress, I gotta figure out how to use lights to get some shadows.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)19:56 No.262206
         File: 1329785813.jpg-(147 KB, 1295x744, tmp2.jpg)
    147 KB
    Could you be more specific? I put some references together and modelled her out of a cube. Having trouble deciding how to do the hair though.

    Thanks, practice makes perfect, trust me I wasn't always this good.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)20:11 No.262207
         File: 1329786665.jpg-(672 KB, 1278x718, Front render.jpg)
    672 KB
    Lamborghini Reventon for seminar project.
    Modeling the interior next.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)20:23 No.262209
    looks like shit
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:00 No.262210
    it's very good, it look a lot like her, any tuto from you please ?
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)21:30 No.262213
         File: 1329791424.png-(38 KB, 640x480, progress-7.png)
    38 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:12 No.262220
    wow, looks really nice

    any chance you could share your reference images?
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:40 No.262224
    The hair, I mean how do you do the hair? in the first and second picture?
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)22:46 No.262225
         File: 1329795964.jpg-(90 KB, 500x530, 1324233337526.jpg)
    90 KB
    >trust me I wasn't always this good.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)23:21 No.262233
         File: 1329798109.jpg-(81 KB, 1280x720, picture frames.jpg)
    81 KB
    Needed to make a quick asset for the environment in my animation project. A series of picture frames where the paper drawings behind had burned away ages ago.

    Getting the burned paper look was a fun experiment in texturing.

    Quick render, no lighting applied.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)23:30 No.262234
    looks terrible + you wasted your time on useless shit
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)23:32 No.262238
    Then provide suggestion for improvement instead of wasting your own time posting nonconstructive criticism.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)23:35 No.262240
    I would take a nap 6 feet underground for the next thousand years if i made that image
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)23:38 No.262242
    Bevel your edges a bit. Those counters are dangerously sharp.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)23:39 No.262243
    The texture looks nothing like burned paper. The edges are too soft, the entire paper looks like ass. Have you ever seen paper that has been burned?
    Not to mention that it looks far too out of place in the framing. The color of the frames itself looks bad.

    Everything just looks bad.

    Change the color of the framing, I don't know what, but a different color. It looks like ass.
    Darken the burned edges of the paper cause right now it looks like someone wiped their ass with it.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)00:54 No.262250
    Think of how paper would burn instead of just throwing burns around randomly

    also, edges would curve and stuff. Attention to detail is important if you want to to have detail.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)02:26 No.262255
    >oh chloe, can you show topo ?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)02:52 No.262257
         File: 1329810761.jpg-(150 KB, 744x550, headwip.jpg)
    150 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)03:34 No.262260
         File: 1329813273.jpg-(347 KB, 1307x785, tmp3.jpg)
    347 KB
    >>262210 any tuto from you please
    I don't think I could teach anything that couldn't be learned from a few youtube videos.

    Blocked it out with polys, then subdivided only along the direction of the hair growth to make a ton of individual 'strands', then extracted different strands and varied them a bit with a lattice deformer. But that was just an experiment, i probably won't keep it that way.

    pic related (forgive her,she is ugly without hair)
    >> I'mHyper 02/21/12(Tue)03:43 No.262262
         File: 1329813832.jpg-(205 KB, 719x888, Amazon_2.jpg)
    205 KB
    looking at this picture I realize I seriously need to look at some armor ref, this squiggly line stuff is shit...
    >> Anon 02/21/12(Tue)04:24 No.262265
         File: 1329816241.png-(94 KB, 821x420, hyena.png)
    94 KB
    Just started a Hyena model, wondering how the topology works with the area in which the leg connects to the stomach, any tips?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)04:40 No.262266
    jesus man, tone those lips down a bit. it's a fantastic model but the lips ruin it by far.

    the shorts need lots of work, they look way too thick. thin them out a little bit more.
    and work on that face dud, it looks like she has no jaw the way that she's gawping. widen the jaw a little bit and try and close the mouth.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)09:08 No.262293
    good start, but you need tgo define the cheekbones more especially the zygomatic bone closer to the ear
    same goes for the skull near the eyebrows, human skull is very bumpy in that region
    but i agree with anon above me, your biggest problem for now are the lips
    top of the lips are defined to much, while the sides aren't at all.
    >> I'mHyper 02/21/12(Tue)11:59 No.262305
    yea, I suck at faces, by far the thing I need to fix the most, I'll work on that some more.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)12:09 No.262306
         File: 1329844163.jpg-(190 KB, 1580x988, hiLow4.jpg)
    190 KB
    texture painting
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)13:26 No.262316
         File: 1329848808.jpg-(925 KB, 1920x1080, Food Table_v3_Final Render.jpg)
    925 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)13:32 No.262317
         File: 1329849178.jpg-(51 KB, 600x600, face_4.jpgfebbda3f-f6a2-49b7-9(...).jpg)
    51 KB
    paint some lip creases in there.

    also tone the skin colour down a bit, make it like, it's far too red.

    use this as an example, there are plenty of more pictures out there you can grab but this one struck out to me.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:15 No.262325
         File: 1329851704.jpg-(220 KB, 1280x720, picture frames2.jpg)
    220 KB
    You guys were absolutely right, upon reflection it did look absolutely terrible. I reworked it a bit today. Progress?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:19 No.262326
    the chairs look very cute, how did you get such soft lighting ?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:19 No.262327
    Looks like a vagina.

    Some people arent cut out for this.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:25 No.262328
    Lol the shape of the burn is taken from an actual piece of burned paper, that shouldn't be the issue.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:36 No.262330
    What I'm more concerned about at the moment is if the colors work better. What I'm going for is someone came in and intentionally burned off whatever image or document was in that frame. So yeah, if the image was framed like that it'll look like a vagina haha.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:41 No.262332
    It does look better than the first attempt, however if someone were to come in and deliberately burn an image out of a frame I doubt they'd stay around and make sure the fire stopped before taking out the entire canvas/paper. If that's the feeling you're going for there should just be a few scraps left in a corner of the frame somewhere, if not just a scorched frame with a scorched wall behind it.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:46 No.262334
         File: 1329853591.jpg-(220 KB, 1198x600, Fixt.jpg)
    220 KB

    This is with human proportions
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:50 No.262335
         File: 1329853848.jpg-(167 KB, 1024x768, I_Want_To_Believe.jpg)
    167 KB

    Im not even sure WHY in that clean looking house without any dust and lots of light and with even a newish looking frame that they would keep a burned out image on the wall????

    What the fuck is going on here?? How do you think that shit is going to read to someone looking at it for 10-15 seconds?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:58 No.262339
    There are many lights in the scene. The skylight coming from the roof makes a very soft ambient occlusion.
    Also i added glare layers with after effects.It's not just 3ds max
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)14:59 No.262340
    I'm still in asset creation phase mate.

    Nothing has been done yet for actual lighting of the environment, atmosphere, or texturing of the wall etc. It will also only be viewed in passing in the final animation, not something stopped and stared at.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)15:06 No.262341
         File: 1329854776.jpg-(725 KB, 1802x1198, kskflsdkf.jpg)
    725 KB
    No, that's creepy.. not to mention, average anatomy is not good looking anatomy, eyes slightly wider apart and lips less broad usually looks better.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)15:07 No.262342
    Make that mouth, not lips. Derp.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)15:09 No.262343
         File: 1329854976.jpg-(52 KB, 399x497, photo 1.jpg)
    52 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)16:08 No.262352
    Incorrect. The first once is far more accurate
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)18:11 No.262364
    didn't post it for proportions, only posted it for colour tone.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)19:48 No.262380
    >>262210 any tuto from you please
    >I don't think I could teach anything that couldn't be learned from a few youtube videos.

    Your topo say you are wrong about you can't teach things, almost all good topo use for poly around eyes 12 faces, but you do a goodest job with 14
    It's the first thing we can't learn from you ;)
    >> Sakar !cURvwwkBa2 02/21/12(Tue)20:34 No.262390
    no, you use how ever many you need to (within your limits obviously), this mathematical calculating bullshit is how you end up with terrible art, there's no "magic" number of faces, you use what you need to.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)21:37 No.262405

    Sorry, but this >>262390

    is true. Unless you're working on a game model where poly count is strict, there is no real reason for you to be counting polys like that. For example, i didn't even know how many polys the eyes had until you just told me.

    I'm only concerned with getting a general likeness and maintaining (relatively) neat topology, which i hope i've done with chloe. IMO there is certinly no reason to be adding or taking away loops just to reach some arbitrary 'correct' number.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)21:59 No.262410
         File: 1329879563.jpg-(128 KB, 1272x634, aa.jpg)
    128 KB
    rock sculpting, id appreciate crits as I dont really know how to improve :x
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)22:05 No.262412
    looks a bit... soft.
    also too reflective.

    Shapes don't look that natural either.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)22:48 No.262417
         File: 1329882503.jpg-(136 KB, 422x750, p04.jpg)
    136 KB
    android live wallpaper
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)23:02 No.262422

    hey i have same problems with my rocks. do you have some good tiut for sculpting rocks?
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)23:07 No.262425
    Go outside, Get some real rocks. Take photos if they are too big.

    Model/Sculpt from life. Do it everyday, consistently. Best way to get better.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/12(Tue)23:29 No.262428
    cheers, I think I know what you mean by too soft, I can see there are a lot of curves in the silhouette, tried to make the faces as angular as possible but I guess they need more work
    havent really found any good tuts, just youtube videos of people making them and such. flatten brush with -100 on the brush modifier is good for making angular faces, dam standard with pinch brush for the cracks
    actually this I made with no refrence whatsoever, I guess I should use ref. problem with rocks is there is such a wide variety I never know what to use
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)00:09 No.262431
         File: 1329887384.gif-(2.66 MB, 416x320, Untitled-1.gif)
    2.66 MB
    Next time I'll change characters.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)02:42 No.262451
    >problem with rocks is there is such a wide variety I never know what to use

    The nice looking ones, you know the ones I mean.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)02:49 No.262454
    Biggest issue I have is that piece just jutting out in the upper left. Unless it was a crystaline mineral like quartz that wouldn't happen.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)03:04 No.262455
    what are you a rock professor now ?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)03:27 No.262457
         File: 1329899226.jpg-(28 KB, 300x333, school_of_rock_01.jpg)
    28 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)03:43 No.262459
    just made my day
    >> b3ars 02/22/12(Wed)04:15 No.262461
         File: 1329902159.jpg-(426 KB, 1240x877, cliff-lizard-env.jpg)
    426 KB
    3 weeks left and everything is so sketchy aaaaa

    man, environment design requires a lot of research. Maybe it's cause I don't have much visual library for it, unlike for character designing.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)04:18 No.262462
         File: 1329902288.jpg-(73 KB, 422x375, 1303117365361.jpg)
    73 KB

    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)05:04 No.262468

    oblivious same homosexual
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)05:07 No.262469

    I was >>262462

    just lurking
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)08:42 No.262499
    Thanks you both, you see, you teach me things ! :P
    >> b3ars 02/22/12(Wed)09:03 No.262504
         File: 1329919417.png-(62 KB, 509x672, rigginggenius.png)
    62 KB
    fuck you 3dsmax
    >> Millenia !!rJ157bMm+9y 02/22/12(Wed)09:19 No.262508

    Dancin' Samus
    >> b3ars 02/22/12(Wed)09:35 No.262510
         File: 1329921300.png-(78 KB, 534x710, clippingmonster.png)
    78 KB
    yes, also known as clipping monster
    this is what I was trying to get.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)11:06 No.262565
         File: 1329926812.png-(521 KB, 1280x720, DBall_1552.1.png)
    521 KB
    Never really done any rendering what so ever (beyond the basics for some vidya/mods) so I figured I'd start learning about materials and all that jazz (using Softimage)

    Got that annoying artifact on the top of the left ball, it's caused by the star projected on the front.

    If I change the refraction angle on the material I can get rid of it, but then it also messes with the colour by getting too much of the sky. ;_;
    >> douchebag 02/22/12(Wed)11:09 No.262569
    i like it.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)13:04 No.262615
         File: 1329933882.png-(248 KB, 757x757, dacora_shoes.png)
    248 KB
    Shoes. Also underwear, but I just can't get the damn things to stop clipping. Maybe I should bake them onto the body.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:15 No.262624
         File: 1329938123.jpg-(52 KB, 826x670, Capture.jpg)
    52 KB

    i have about 5 more weeks till this has to be handed in so if you have any ideas as to what i can do for this scene then please say so.
    (it's part of an advert for the bbc)
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:20 No.262626

    add some plants?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:21 No.262627
    jesus man throw some more ao on there
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)14:25 No.262629
         File: 1329938709.jpg-(43 KB, 934x534, Capture.jpg)
    43 KB
    surprisingly to my knowledge, that's as much as i can slam on. not even kidding. but i wont be doing the final scene so this is just to show what i've done in ''better'' quality.

    >it's softimage so go figure i guess

    here's a close up of the table, bit small in the previous image.
    (please excuse the 'ow shit i'm blind' brightness)
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:13 No.262640
    I was being sarcastic my bro. The AO is far too much and it doesnt look clean. I would use a bake and reuse a point cloud for optimal results if you know how to do that
    >> douchebag 02/22/12(Wed)15:39 No.262646
    that AO will look fine once he multiplies it with a color texture.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:47 No.262647
    it will still look too heavy trust me i know
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:54 No.262650
    this isn't a final render keep in mind, i only did it like this to show my team-mates. i wont be in charge of the texturing or anything else. i only do the assets. but now you mention that it's too much i will tone it down. But there's no need to be sarcastic though.
    >> Noradninja 02/22/12(Wed)16:15 No.262658
    What you can do is set the distance in the AO to the number of units from one side of the scene to the other, that will give you a more accurate result.
    >> deadwall 02/22/12(Wed)16:26 No.262661
         File: 1329945999.jpg-(73 KB, 864x763, b3ars-mlp-repaint-papercraft.jpg)
    73 KB
    thanks for the start b3ars
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:40 No.262665
    well fuckin played sir
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:50 No.262667
    Just create your own bones and use skin modifier or something.

    Also, the amount of trolling/destructive criticism in this thread is ridiculous..

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