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    File: 1329569567.jpg-(355 KB, 1366x1025, miku_faces.jpg)
    355 KB Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)07:52 No.261463  
    How would you guys go on about making facial expressions in 3D such as shown here:

    Animatable textures of some kind? Using 3dsMax, I don't know if simple morph targets would quite do the trick...
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)08:20 No.261469
    I do not see anything special here about the rigging or the facial rigging or the animation.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)08:29 No.261471
    I don't think it's anything special either and believe it's a simple thing to do, I just don't know what kind of approach would be the best way to achieve 2D texture based facial gestures.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)08:38 No.261472
    There's some mesh swapping mechanism, ie she's got several heads (so she can do the round eyes and all but that also takes take of any potential texture switch). For exact details you'd have to look up what the mikumikuance format can do.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)08:55 No.261473
    I believe it's a combination of different stuff. Some eyelid movement and mouth is done with mesh morphs and others with that texture swapping thing you speak of. Apparently, there could be some way to blend between the two states of textures. The blushing thing might be there separately and then the opacity of it is animated. I don't know how to do any of it, though.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)09:10 No.261475
    yeah, I meant mesh swapping in addition of the classics, bones and morph targets
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)09:38 No.261481
         File: 1329575936.jpg-(35 KB, 640x480, 1273457247313.jpg)
    35 KB
    am i kawaii uguu~ ugu~ nyaa

    fuck off sage
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)10:41 No.261489
         File: 1329579674.jpg-(386 KB, 800x1000, rareshark.jpg)
    386 KB
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)10:46 No.261490
    OMG! It looks like it was drawn with pencil...

    How does he do that?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)10:49 No.261491
    By the way OP you can watch carefuly and see he isnt animating texture but instead modelled an normal head with eyelashes and eye parted from the head.

    And if you want to animate texture into 3Dsmax its simple enough, you just have to turn on "material option" in timeline so that it register any material changes.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)10:52 No.261492
    Also I can show you how to do it if you fancy mate.
    Would you hold here until I get my pictures?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)10:57 No.261493

    I just don't get what you mean by meshswapping, he doesn't swap any mesh, why would you think that?
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)11:02 No.261494
    I didn't say anything about mesh swapping myself (I think), but I can see why the confusion. I was thinking about texture/material swapping exactly myself... And please, do show the pictures, I'm interested.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)11:05 No.261495
    hard work, determination, study, practice, submit for criticism, take criticism without getting butthurt, repeat all.
    3dsmax morpher can do the morph targets and the animated texture for blushing. using a visibility track along with morpher you can swap in the round and crunchy eye's 0_0, >_<,
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)11:15 No.261497
    Did you try to post some pic for us? Because it obviously didn't come through.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)11:19 No.261498
    No I can't find the pic anymore, I keep searching atm...
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)11:49 No.261499
    Sorry lads I can't seem to find it anymore...
    I had a tutorial pic showing how to animate anime facial head.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)11:53 No.261500
    Oh well, there's always google. Thanks anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)13:13 No.261515
    if you find anything please tell me I'm interested aswell.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)14:17 No.261527
    there are morpher material functions in 3ds max and maya i imagine it would involve creating a regular head for the eyelid and mouth animation and then have floating topology over the eyes and mouth for texture swaps where the material is transparent when the expressions are not needed so all you would need to do is turn the opacity up on for the expressions that are difficult to animate > < faces and whatever o o
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)17:59 No.261558
    Not the one who asked, but that's a completely useless response that doesn't even provide a starting point as to where one would begin researching how to replicate that particular technique. Please try to be at least a little less vague.
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)21:32 No.261625
    >doesn't even provide a starting point
    >using a visibility track
    >second link
    animated texture
    google and a little creativity, combine the techniques, make magic happen. post results
    >> Anonymous 02/18/12(Sat)22:01 No.261634
         File: 1329620476.jpg-(183 KB, 1321x986, 131370764744.jpg)
    183 KB
    I am an MMD practitioner and sources says the model is done using 3D custom girl. And yes, its the adult game.

    The T20pmd plugin for 3DCG can be used to import 3DCG models into .pmd, .pmx. or .mqo files. In case you might ask what are those, here is the lowdown.

    .pmd is the standard MMD model file. There is a separate tool for editing it but I would not recommend since it lack many modeling tools and options.

    .pmx is an MMD standalone, more like a "read-only" model. Yes you can open it on MMD but not on the PMD editor, therefore lacking the open source option to edit the model.

    .mqo is a Metasequoia file:

    mainly used many japanese game devs. It does not come free unlike MMD.

    for more info about MMD, go here.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)07:31 No.261695

    I forgot to tell you that there is you can now import .pmd files into Cinema4D

    here is the video
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)08:46 No.261709
    >I am an MMD practitioner and sources says the model is done using 3D custom girl.
    You're either a humongous fucking idiot, or misinterpreting OP's question. I'm leaning towards the former.

    Either way, care to elaborate? Are you saying the facial morphs are part of the game's default character meshes?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)08:53 No.261710
    pmx really just is a newer file format not supported by the PMD editor, not a "read-only" format. You can import it fine in Blender with pymeshio, for example
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)08:58 No.261713
    Does anyone actually have that new Miku model yet?
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)09:17 No.261719
    Artist's blog says the model was made with Metasequoia and the keynote plugin, which is for animation and indeed contains a selection toggle function that takes care of the mesh swapping mentioned earlier
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)09:34 No.261724
    I bought it and I'm trying to export it to 3d studio without much success. I got it in but without any materials. Tried exporting from metasequoia in various formats and PME as .x. Doesn't help that everything is named in japanese and only the japanese version of the PMD editor supports pmx files. Oh well. I can upload it if anyone wants it.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)09:36 No.261725
    Please do, I think there's a bunch of people who'd appreciate it.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)15:11 No.261788

    yes please
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)15:34 No.261802
         File: 1329683695.jpg-(54 KB, 600x600, lrg157353_2_1144605[1].jpg)
    54 KB
    upload link? thank you kind anon.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)19:14 No.261881
         File: 1329696872.jpg-(183 KB, 700x690, âAâyâ~âNé¦é±.jpg)
    183 KB
    Here it is:

    If you get it loaded up and functional in decent modelling software like 3ds please provide either the files or a guide for everyone who is interested.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)19:32 No.261885
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)22:58 No.261936
    they did a similar thing for the new Zelda game I believe? they have a very simplistic eye rig, where there's animated eyelids like normal, overtop of a simple eyeballs that are probably curved planes instead of an actual "ball". You could probably animate those by themselves I guess isntead of fucking around with textures more than you had to.

    to be honest I have no idea how to animate textures on an object. Nobody's ever given me a tutorial with a straight-forward method for animating textures :u

    the mouth rig and the rest of the face is probably normal, tongue/lips/teeth etc.

    everything else is done with painted-in textures that maintain their colour with no shading, and minimal shadows casted by her hair or whatever, or some sort of custom cel-shading setup.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)22:59 No.261937
         File: 1329710365.gif-(847 KB, 354x186, tumblr_lxllorurKV1qznquyo1_r1_(...).gif)
    847 KB
    oops forgot gif
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)23:40 No.261948

    Not the self-proclaimed MMDpro anon, but yeah. If you actually try the Mikumikudance software and select the model you will actually see that the facial expressions can be controlled (eyes, lips, tongue brows and many others). I think they are, by default, part of the actual model data and mesh.
    >> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)23:44 No.261949
         File: 1329713061.jpg-(157 KB, 759x759, 1293507736643.jpg)
    157 KB


    The largest file for an MMD model I usually encounter are at 50 mb at most. WTH is with this? It must have contain lots of other files and textures along with it. Probably has some pose data too.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)05:47 No.262024
    Well, I checked the file out.

    You can at least import .mqo files in 32bit 3dsMax 2009 and 2010, but I don't think exists a plugin for 2012 and I don't know about 64bit versions.

    For the plugin, see:

    You need to put the .mqoimp9.dli file in the plugins (not stdplugins folder) folder of max in order for it to work properly. It really doesn't seem to work with Max 2012 so don't bother with that.

    I got some materials to import correctly, alphas don't work or illuminations. The smoothing groups seem to be destroyed, and adding 'em manually doesn't work either, so there are problems with the import.

    Regarding the thread, it seems there are indeed multiple different Miku heads included in the model, I tested and they work in the morpher modifier really well. Even >_< face is done to work like morph targets do, the >_< eyelashes reside hidden inside every head model.

    I hope this might help with something.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)17:01 No.262154
    Neat, downloaded it and after a little messing around I was able to import the .x file in the top dir into Blender, had to grab a plugin from the Blender-svn in order to do so, but I at least have the geometry in now, didn't keep the texture paths though, so my next step is to fish around in the rest of that rar and see if I can figure out which textures go to which materials.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)17:42 No.262170
    Well, I see now why that .x importer isn't in official Blender builds yet, damn thing doesn't even keep uvs yet, so I either find an intermediary program to convert it to something else first that will keep everything from that .x file intact, or attempt something stupid like figuring out how the model needs to be unwrapped and laid out by trial and error. I think I'll find something to convert it instead.
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)18:02 No.262175
    This looks promising for using .mqo files with Blender:
    >> Anonymous 02/20/12(Mon)23:31 No.262237
         File: 1329798702.jpg-(102 KB, 500x330, 565105.jpg)
    102 KB

    >you can now import MMD files into blender and vice versa

    I've waited for a long time!
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)09:07 No.262505
    Picking up import/export of .x in Blender.
    Is there any reliable export script for 2.5 or 2.6? I'm trying to export an animated model to .x, haven't had any success yet.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)09:17 No.262507
    Blender does come with an .x exporter by default, it is import it has been missing. I can't speak on its quality, as I have little to no interest in working with directx.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)09:34 No.262509

    here is the latest.

    will work for Blender 2.6


    while we are in the topic of MMD

    does anyone have the free link to this model? the one without the magazine?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:29 No.262643
    The only reason you exported it without materials is because you don't know how to use it.

    I imported it into 3Dsmax now and it works perfectly, soon i'll give you a .fbx and a .obj hold on guys no need to screw up blender with yet another shitty plugin
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)15:37 No.262645
    This guy must be in love with miku, all he has done for a single model that's unbelievable.
    How could someone animate this??
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:11 No.262655
         File: 1329945108.png-(337 KB, 1791x969, sfsdfsd.png)
    337 KB

    It's the only way you can import it whenver you want, it's very odd, the eyes I mean.

    You just want a .obj files guys?
    >> deadwall 02/22/12(Wed)16:12 No.262656
    i couldn't get the importer to work, would love the 2011 max file you have there. might make a papercraft out of it
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:22 No.262660
         File: 1329945743.png-(319 KB, 1920x1080, 22-02-2012 18-1333-38.png)
    319 KB
    Mate it will be hard, I don't know anything about papercraft and pepakura, but I think it's pretty hard when you have more than 46000 poly.

    None the less I would be glad to see you make it, and I will give the file soon just hold it guys til I reorganize mats library and files.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)16:29 No.262662
    is there any way to get "constant" shader in 3Dsmax? it's the shader the guy uses to give it an anime look.
    >> deadwall 02/22/12(Wed)16:31 No.262663
    sweet. yeah the easiest way is kinda starting from scratch. using the high poly as a template and making a lowpoly version to build
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:04 No.262668
    Here you go lads, everything you need is in there.
    Don't forget that the materials are all located in "WIP" file.

    I recommand you extracting it in "C:\"


    If I get any further into the model I'll make a new file for now that's all I have.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:10 No.262669
    btw when you're done with pepakura if you do it of course, let me know please.
    Make a new thread or post a picture of the pepakura design you made.
    >> deadwall 02/22/12(Wed)17:49 No.262670
    did you merge all the pieces together on purpose? this is just a lot more work.. ;/ going to separate them first. also, did the original come rigged?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)17:58 No.262671
    I don't know, I think it's rigged but not in metasequoia as it doesn't have any animation bone system.

    Use MME to rig it
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:00 No.262672
    also dividing parts is not a lot of work as I said you just don't know anything.
    I didn't do it on purpose if you're not happy you can have your own ways.
    >> deadwall 02/22/12(Wed)18:13 No.262674
    don't be mad bro, it's not a big deal to separate parts and rig. thanks for your contribution.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:19 No.262675
    I'm the one who first mentioned the PyMeshIO plugin for Blender, as >>262509 mentioned there is a newer version than the one I linked to in haste. The plugin works great, I was playing around with this model a few days ago already, but since I never really cared for the Vocaloids nonsense I didn't bother to save repackage or post it.

    If anyone wants to mess around with this model using it, the important files in the original download are the mqo dir for the mesh (MikuAp.mqo) and finished textures, and then the MMD dir if you want to try making use of the rigs (which are the .pmx files). Other than that the WIP folder I guess was added as something of an educational thing, it includes mqo files of various stages in the modeling process, as well as the psd files used to generate the final textures.

    You will probably have to add a new window with the uv editor and select each part in turn that is showing white instead of their textures, and then tab into edit mode, select all with a if all the verts aren't selected by default so you can see the uvs for that part, then where the name field is for the images, hit the little button to the left of it to get a pull down list of all the images associated with the file, select them one at a time till you find the one that matches the bit you have selected. It's pretty straight forward.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)18:52 No.262681
         File: 1329954730.png-(685 KB, 1895x938, 22-02-2012 20-51-09.png)
    685 KB
    here we go
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)19:40 No.262699
         File: 1329957627.png-(208 KB, 632x474, 22-02-2012 21-27-34.png)
    208 KB
    who would see it's 3D seriously?
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:39 No.262712
    Well, as soon as she moves...
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)20:44 No.262713
         File: 1329961460.png-(411 KB, 1391x695, 22-02-2012 22-43-27.png)
    411 KB
    I don't know where you found this 3D model but it's an excellent study material.
    >> Anonymous 02/22/12(Wed)21:04 No.262719
    This guy made it:
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:38 No.262818
    ahahaha fucking awesome, look at that, I knew it was all painted with blobs. He isn't even much of a painter.

    how the hell does he do those goddamn eyes??
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:41 No.262820

    where did you get that render? max?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)05:59 No.262823
    Strange, why did the visitor from /a/ delete his post? No one here is gonna bite (too hard).
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:00 No.262824
    This person must have misunderstood something I wrote somewhere. It's not made with 3D Custom Girl. I imagine there's no need to clarify here as everyone can probably tell, but as >>261719 says, it is an original model.

    There is also an importer/exporter called Blender2pmx which is made by the Japanese community. I don't know which is better. You can probably find it through Google.

    As to your model request, if you act quickly, you can probably trade someone on DeviantArt for it with this model(or other Windows 100% models if you have it). They trade like mad there.

    Another model people might want to check out is SeeU, one of Mamama's models. Like Inori it's a windows 100% model.

    Not the same guy, but has your question about morphs been answered yet?

    Vertex morphs in MMD are simply instructions which contain information on where to shift specified groups of vertices, if that helps. Recently there have been material and bone morphs added as well for PMX models, but I think that's beyond the scope of your question.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:02 No.262826
    I realized I said some things strangely and had more things I wanted to add. I'm not really from /a/, I was just visiting there because I was looking across 4chan for the model. Many thanks to whoever posted it here.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:02 No.262827
    >Like Inori it's a windows 100% model.
    Mind posting some screens of this one?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:21 No.262829
         File: 1329996094.png-(214 KB, 567x551, seeu_by_radiochan-d4nw7uv.png)
    214 KB
    Here's a random image from DeviantArt. I don't consider it to be as good as the TDA Append model(I think this is most likely the best model in existence in MMD...), but aside from Inori's physics I find it to be on a similar level of completion as Inori. I don't really like what Mamama did with her face, though.

    As a personal note I think Mamama's primary strength is his use of sphere maps. His Gumi uses them well too. He uses them better than almost any other MMD modeller. I'm fairly ignorant in 3D compared to many of you, so I won't say much more than that.

    Here's are two videos if you'd like to see SeeU in motion. I'll warn that they both contain Jpop and Vocaloid, in case anyone here hates it.

    Here's another one which also contains another model I might recommend checking out if you're interested in MMD's models. It's mqdl's IA, which is available; I can post a DL link if anyone wants it.
    (I have no idea why he chose the shitty Galaxias motion...)

    Sorry for the Nicovideo links, I'm not sure if there are Youtube equivalents(although image quality is better on Nico--no forced re-encode).

    I can list some more MMD models I think are around this level if anyone wants. Sorry this was kind of unrelated to the thread topic(expressions).
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:25 No.262830
    the model is using a modified Phong shader with the texture as a color and ambient color too right?
    There isn't any other shader involved?
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)06:33 No.262834
         File: 1329996793.png-(1.67 MB, 1165x1200, 235325235235235235.png)
    1.67 MB
    And here's are two random pictures of IA, in case anyone's interested. The person who made the left one added some kind of strange rock-like effect, that's not actually part of the model. You can find the model here:

    DeviantArt is the only place I can think of that would have Inori/SeeU/other Windows 100% models. I'd share Inori/SeeU if I could, but I've never bothered asking anyone on DeviantArt to trade since I mostly make(or rather put together) my own models and don't have enough interest in others to bother with it.
    >> Anonymous 02/23/12(Thu)07:49 No.262850

    Could you please go through step by step on how you achieved that?

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