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    File : 1322269582.png-(388 KB, 1366x768, Sin título.png)
    388 KB 3d anime models no hentai Anonymous 11/25/11(Fri)20:06 No.244330  
    cg site so 3d anime models never bee anime character, what are te best anime model?????

    so makise kurisu its a god model example of anime 3d
    >> Anonymous 11/25/11(Fri)20:18 No.244332
    have one really been far even as decided to use even go want to more then 10.000 man hours?
    >> Anonymous 11/25/11(Fri)20:18 No.244333
    Not entirely sure what you're asking, but if you want to look at 3D anime models, try looking at figures/statues. They can provide really nice reference.

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