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  • このサイトについて - 翻訳

  • Infelizmente nós não acabar ficando juntos. Da próxima vez!

    File : 1313910319.jpg-(69 KB, 500x584, centrebuilding07t.jpg)
    69 KB Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)03:05 No.228164  
    What happened to the /3/-collab project?
    I guess it finally dropped off page 15... that sucks.
    I did several pieces and textures for it (not the one in the pic, I just found that on Google)
    >> Anonymous 08/21/11(Sun)03:12 No.228165
    Blenderfag ruined it all.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)15:22 No.228440
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)17:07 No.228448
    you could probably could do it in a 1/30 of the time.
    not exaggerating, sadly.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:43 No.228470
    I told you fags it was doomed to failure from the start.
    >> Anonymous 08/22/11(Mon)19:53 No.228472
    we had fun.
    sounds like success to me.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)03:37 No.228565
    >Make a 3D Model of a 2D environment
    >Only works from one view
    >Project the 2D image over the 3D environment

    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)04:21 No.228576
    It's not really over yet, the mediafire is probably still up.
    Thing is, nobody knows what to do.

    Just update the map and we'll get going again, there are a bunch of new modelers on /3/ now.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)05:22 No.228580
    >>you just went full retard, son

    it was completey modeled, uved, and texture so it could be seen from any angle
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)09:05 No.228594
    when the models were together it looked terrible from any other angle other than directly ahead, as the parts of the buildings you couldn't see were generally not modelled
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)09:08 No.228595
         File1314104907.jpg-(959 KB, 3572x1650, 1280536749143.jpg)
    959 KB
    Actually, I still have one of the claim pics, although I'm not sure how out dated it is from what is finished. All we really need is a link to the download and someone to do inventory, and boom goes the dynomite.

    Wait, are you saying you guys actually finished it, or are you just being derisive to an obvious troll?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)09:32 No.228599
    Most of the completed parts have been cleaned/uv'd/textured.

    There are more claimed area's than there are finished models and nobody is working on anything right now.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)09:35 No.228600
    Nigga please, you may have modelled your section as if it was to be seen from every angle. But i'm sure not everyone did. Plus im pretty sure some one had like 3/4 models in a scene and none of them matched up in scale accurately like they did in the 2d image.
    Learn how the third dimension works.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)09:58 No.228602
    How is this a problem right now?
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)12:30 No.228627
         File1314117021.png-(2.18 MB, 1920x1080, temp12.png)
    2.18 MB
    This is where we left off, I was the one doing most of the clean up, uvw mapping, and texturing. I got burnt out and just stopped working on it but I planned on starting it back up at some point.
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)15:32 No.228644
    HOLY FUCK, that looks amazing.
    Great job guys!
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)15:34 No.228645
    You stop that. You stop that right now. That whole thing is way too much for one man to UV map and texture.

    Perhaps a few new rules are in order:
    >Seperate claim sheet for UV mapping and texturing.
    >People who have claimed a part are required to show updated progress once a week.
    (not requireing any dead lines, just proof that people are actually doing it)
    >> Anonymous 08/23/11(Tue)16:30 No.228653
    this is one of the more wonderful things i have seen as a result of 4chan

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