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  • このサイトについて - 翻訳

  • File : 1288891740.jpg-(1.7 MB, 3572x1650, 20101030.jpg)
    1.7 MB Anonymous 11/04/10(Thu)13:29 No.162383  
    * 20.000 tris max
    * If you want to join in then mark off an uncolored spot in the latest image (color in favorite color, 50% transparency), add a number and re-upload.
    * No textures (we will worry about that after the geometry is done)
    * Export as .obj when done

    Additional explanations:
    -Colored Parts have already been claimed
    -Checked Parts at the bottom have already been completed
    -Further instructions in image

    Old thread at >>138090
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)06:47 No.162628
         File1288954020.jpg-(1.61 MB, 3572x1650, 53.jpg)
    1.61 MB
    I have been busy on this as of late, I have claimed 53 and finished it. There are many pieces that need cleaned up and I have been doing that as well. I recreated 77, 60, 81, 36, 68, and 63 from scratch using the old pieces as a guide. I cleaned up part 12 and will either clean up or recreate part 15 and 91. I have also finished piece 20, I just used some of the geo from part 01 as a base. I will get to part 07 soon. Both part 18 and 71 created the bridge so I merged a bit of both of them together; both 17 and 85 did the same bit so I went with 17 because it had cleaner geo. Pieces 17, 18, 19, 34, 50, and 69 looked fine and needed no cleaning up. I stole pieces 14 and 81 then created them so they are finished. As of right now I am busy UVW mapping all of the above listed parts for texturing.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)08:36 No.162654
    Pics or it didn't happen
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)08:43 No.162655
         File1288961026.jpg-(497 KB, 2800x1600, 014.jpg)
    497 KB
    Well this one is a bit outdated, I had yet to create piece 14 and maybe some other things but here is my last test render. I have about 1/4 of it UVW at the moment. I hope to be texturing at the end of next week. I am just doing this for an hour or two each day.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)08:51 No.162656

    looks awesome
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)09:06 No.162657
    it's not collaboration if you do it all yourself. you douche.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)09:35 No.162662
    I had to clean some pieces up or or recreate them to make the uvw mapping easier. I did my best to make sure the pieces I recreated looked just like the old ones.
    >> Skypedude 11/05/10(Fri)10:13 No.162669
    Yeah, I remember this one... :)

    As I mentioned in one of the old(er) threads, this has great potential, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be finished sometime in 2010.

    Good job everyone who contributed to this and still continues to do so. Keep going!
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)10:29 No.162674
    that is a fine looking texture


    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)10:29 No.162675
    it's cool as long as he's piecing the parts together. Completely reworking parts is not.
    not sure what you did there, but it looks awwright. don't do the recreate thing. Part of the fun is that everyone gets to join in, even the beginners.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)10:37 No.162677
    I don't really change their pieces in any significant way but I do recreate it from scratch in the same exact way but with better topology, the pieces still look almost identical but are far less of a pain to uvw map as a result. The only time I will change something is to cut down on unnecessary polygon (stuff that would have been too small to have been seen in the final render) or to make it line up with the ref art more exactly.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)10:55 No.162683
    Keep it up bro
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)13:55 No.162709
    I don't have a problem with anyone reworking pieces (including the ones I did), as long as the reworked version is an improvement.

    Looking amazing. That illumination map has to go, though. Or maybe it just needs to be more subtle.
    >> Anonymous 11/05/10(Fri)14:01 No.162712
    Actually, on the topic of "reworking," I've noticed that some of the modelers were pretty lazy. Their pieces don't look bad, but there's definitely a lot of detail omitted. That giant "canopy" thing over the big lady-ball is a good example. In the drawing, there are some megaphone things and some lettered boards that aren't in the 3D object. I was thinking of doing some of these little missing pieces and uploading them as files like "Part_01_a," "Part_01_b," for example.

    There are lots of these missing details to be found, so it might be an opportunity for anyone who is looking for a way to contribute, but isn't ready to claim a whole piece (or can't find a good unclaimed piece).
    >> Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)12:21 No.163225
    >> Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)12:32 No.163227
    what the fuck is this all about?
    >> Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)12:45 No.163229
    Is this the most up to date list of what has been claimed / hasnt been claimed?

    I've been wanting to contribute but worried about not being good enough. though now I want to try my hand at it, just not sure what's been taken and what hasnt.
    >> Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)12:58 No.163232
    I guess this means we're going to have to find a way to import this into a game engine soon.
    >> Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)15:10 No.163255
    It is not set up to work as video game content, it would have to remade from scratch for that to be possible.
    >> DarkTrip !nb0kO4akgA 11/07/10(Sun)15:11 No.163256
    >it would have to remade from scratch
    i dunno about that
    what makes you think that?
    >> Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)15:14 No.163257
    Polygon galore is not a problem unless its to insanely much.
    Baking can be done if there is to many texture types.
    So.... what problems?
    >> Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)15:16 No.163259
    The fact that the back half of the models do not exist, the fact that lots of stuff just floats in space, the fact that as soon as your perspective changes there is huge gaps where there is no content, the fact that the texturing is too low res to get up close to, the fact that the polygon count is way to high, the fact that there is too much intersecting geometry, and the fact that everything is not to scale.
    >> DarkTrip !nb0kO4akgA 11/07/10(Sun)15:27 No.163269

    >half of the models do not exist
    nothing stopping them being made

    >the fact that lots of stuff just floats in space
    u played minecraft?

    >the fact that as soon as your perspective changes there is huge gaps where there is no content
    nothin stoppin it being made

    >the fact that the texturing is too low res to get up close to
    that's fixable

    >the fact that the polygon count is way to high
    no it isn't!

    >the fact that there is too much intersecting geometry
    it can be split

    >and the fact that everything is not to scale
    makes things more interesting

    >> Anonymous 11/07/10(Sun)17:31 No.163288
    complete beginner hopefully contributing.

    I chose something i could do decently, and hasn't already been made, but has been claimed, so sad face if my model doesn't get accepted D:

    also want to see old thread:
    >> Anonymous 11/08/10(Mon)13:27 No.163587
    >> Anonymous 11/09/10(Tue)02:52 No.163759
    /r/ing original images
    >> DarkTrip !nb0kO4akgA 11/09/10(Tue)05:31 No.163809
         File1289298712.jpg-(1.41 MB, 2800x1600, 1281716314355.jpg)
    1.41 MB
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 11/10/10(Wed)02:15 No.164079
         File1289373354.jpg-(1.41 MB, 2800x1600, day.jpg)
    1.41 MB
    And this.
    >> Anonymous 11/10/10(Wed)02:29 No.164080
    I stared at this image stoned for about 20 minutes just now and then it dawned on me.. where the fuck does everyone in this city park their cars? I don't see a single parked car in this image.

    And even if a city could get this cluttered they'd have developed a public transport system way before then
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 11/10/10(Wed)02:43 No.164082
         File1289375006.jpg-(2.95 MB, 2800x1600, Retinex_filtered.jpg)
    2.95 MB
    there are some boats and trams in the pic.

    attached: retinex-filtered version (to get out the ambient lighting for better reference).
    >> Transfusion !!y4+UUZpxyXk 11/10/10(Wed)03:42 No.164090
         File1289378563.png-(294 KB, 1280x1024, 1279002426267.png)
    294 KB
    Been busy with school, but assuming i get the time, i'll start knocking off some of the claimed pieces by Saturday unless someone says otherwise. (i'll also unwrap them since i see that texturing has started)

    And i thought that somebody had finished 6+55 already?
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)07:48 No.164381
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)07:50 No.164382
    Bumping because this is basically a continuation of the first thread on /3/, and the only reason moot hasn't deleted it :\
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)07:51 No.164383
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 11/11/10(Thu)14:39 No.164461
    if 'knocking off' means unclaiming pieces that do not make any progress, please leave 43. i have it nearly complete, but currently missing the time to finish it.
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)15:10 No.164473
    can you link to the parts? so people can see them?
    id like to look inside this thing, for learning
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 11/11/10(Thu)15:26 No.164475
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)15:28 No.164476
         File1289507339.jpg-(484 KB, 2800x1600, 015.jpg)
    484 KB
    I have another chunk ready for texturing. The two pieces I textured before this I had optimized to about 20k polygons and set on a 2048-2048 UV map and this one is no different; the parts add up to about 20k and are on a 2048-2048 texture. I will finish piece 07 off and then UVW map the pieces behind the area I just did, it will be in the same ball park for poly and texture size. (I try to break it up into equal sized spaces of the final render) I have been doing my best to really optimize this as best as I can so that there is head room to add smaller scale details later such as people, more ships, cars, and other doodads.

    I am not sure when I will get around to texturing this, maybe right away, maybe after I finish and UVW the next piece, who knows.

    Here are all the parts as of the moment
    >> No-vice 11/11/10(Thu)15:51 No.164478
    bah, cant properly play with them on blender. i have to resize them down. clipping is too much.

    anyone know how to make it infinite?
    >> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)16:30 No.164497
    Just scale the models down.
    >> PISSINGSHITHOLE !vceFUCKYOU 11/11/10(Thu)17:07 No.164503
    lol this will never get finished. just give up.
    >> Transfusion !!y4+UUZpxyXk 11/11/10(Thu)21:13 No.164566
         File1289527993.jpg-(33 KB, 408x500, 1279418932513.jpg)
    33 KB
    Well i'm starting by taking claimed pieces going from lowest to highest numerically, but i'll be sure to skip 43 for you.
    >> Unemployed !PbkX0m3QIY 11/12/10(Fri)07:33 No.164666
    Skip 29 as well, i'm still here.
    still dicking around with the model.
    >> Anonymous 11/13/10(Sat)16:40 No.165081
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 11/14/10(Sun)13:49 No.165324
         File1289760585.jpg-(59 KB, 966x504, 43.jpg)
    59 KB
    43 is done.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)14:39 No.165618
    I have been following these threads since their inception, and am now living in castle built from the bricks I've shat after seeing your collective progress. Keep being awesome; you guys rock!
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)16:51 No.165642
    I'm doing the exact same thing.

    Quite impressing how productive this board is.
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)18:47 No.165673
    there doesnt seem to be any unclaimed pieces
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)18:55 No.165679
         File1289865325.jpg-(536 KB, 2800x1600, unclaimed.jpg)
    536 KB
    assumed unclaimed areas?
    >> Anonymous 11/15/10(Mon)19:08 No.165681
    Some of that stuff is claimed and finished.

    Pieces 02, 06, and 40 should be the main focus of anyone who wants to take a claimed but unfinished piece.
    >> Anonymous 11/18/10(Thu)22:39 No.166500
    >> Anonymous 11/21/10(Sun)20:00 No.167267
    >> Anonymous 11/25/10(Thu)03:22 No.168079
    so this project seems dead
    >> Anonymous 11/25/10(Thu)05:09 No.168087
    and yet it gets updated
    >> Anonymous 11/28/10(Sun)07:44 No.168905
         File1290948268.jpg-(35 KB, 554x439, it can't be helped.jpg)
    35 KB
    Haven't been here in a few good months and I should apologize for that. Kept a few pieces for a guy I knew was really into modeling but a few months later and he still doesn't feel like starting anything. So I'll just free them now while there's still time. In any case, the pieces I was talking about were 14 and what's left of 72. Sorry for keeping them for so long bros. Also thanks >>162628 for picking up at least some of it already.
    >> Anonymous 11/29/10(Mon)09:57 No.169137
    its been going for months and months, it will never die.
    >> j/3/rk 12/01/10(Wed)00:14 No.169865

    Gotta keep this one alive.
    >> Anonymous 12/03/10(Fri)13:03 No.170904
    At first i thought you were trolling.

    Anyway there are still some fun models to model in this image. one huge tree on the top left side. a train model on the mid-right. and some tunnel-ey buildings that shouldn't take too long to build.
    start claiming this shit, let's keep the pace high.
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 12/06/10(Mon)02:52 No.171621
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)13:59 No.171719
    What happened to texture guy?
    Anyone else going to pick up where he left off?
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)16:33 No.171738
         File1291671216.jpg-(228 KB, 1919x1026, Image13.jpg)
    228 KB
    I am still here, just have not had time to work on this for a while. I am sure I will get back into it sometime in the near future.
    >> Anonymous 12/06/10(Mon)17:22 No.171746
    Lookin' good
    also, is that you?
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 12/10/10(Fri)07:08 No.172716
    >> Seacruise 12/11/10(Sat)23:10 No.173137
         File1292127054.jpg-(1.12 MB, 1024x724, u3zo2.jpg)
    1.12 MB
    I have the strangest feeling that this is really one big plot from Ms. Reiu herself to get /3/ to do her work for her. If you look at her notebook, she actually does some 3DCGI stuff too...
    >> Anonymous 12/15/10(Wed)21:58 No.174014
    I will save you from the back ranks of /3/ dear thread!

    Also on a side note I will do some work on this sometime in the nearish future.
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)12:59 No.174160
    i wont be helping, but i found what ill be doing for my winter break project.
    thanking by bumping
    >> Anonymous 12/16/10(Thu)13:23 No.174164
    i'll better ask /3/ to do my moddelan because i need a 3d render of my image in 2020
    >> Anonymous 12/17/10(Fri)19:00 No.174438

    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 12/21/10(Tue)03:49 No.175232
    >> Anonymous 12/23/10(Thu)12:44 No.175733
    Bump from like 5th page
    >> Anonymous 12/25/10(Sat)18:06 No.176269
    glad to see this project is still alive after so long
    you guys are inspiring
    >> Anonymous 12/25/10(Sat)21:27 No.176306
    Never going to be finished. EVER.
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)07:06 No.176665

    It can't be helped ┐(  ̄3 ̄)┌
    >> kuri 12/27/10(Mon)11:40 No.176690
    is this like for a video game or something because if it is i would like to playtest
    >> Anonymous 12/27/10(Mon)11:52 No.176692
    you know this is an image board right? stop using emoticons like a 12 year old girl
    >> Anonymous 12/29/10(Wed)09:22 No.176990
    Why hello only reason I come to /3/
    >> Anonymous 12/29/10(Wed)12:41 No.177019
    Yes. Yes they are.
    >> Anonymous 12/30/10(Thu)14:09 No.177316
    keep up the good work guys
    >> Anonymous 12/31/10(Fri)08:58 No.177606
    This needs an update. Is anyone still working on this project? the last update about it was like ~20 days ago.
    >> Pina Pottompt 01/02/11(Sun)08:42 No.177989
    It's chugging along at it's own, snail-like pace, but it'll get done eventually.
    >> Anonymous 01/05/11(Wed)03:18 No.178803
    Bumping the awesomeness
    >> Anonymous 01/05/11(Wed)18:06 No.178900
    Keep up the good work.
    /3/ gets shit done.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)10:13 No.179358
    Really awesome work
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)17:20 No.179461
    I hope to god this will eventually be finished.

    I love this so much i have even printed it out on A3 photo papar from a professional and framed it.

    It hangs on my wall now and i look at it every day. This is my ultimate dreamworld.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)17:25 No.179463
    Yeah, gets shit done, in a few years. This project has been going for a year now.
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)17:33 No.179467
    lol. remember when we said this would get done in august... of last year.
    what needs to be done anyways?
    >> Anonymous 01/07/11(Fri)17:33 No.179468
         File1294439608.jpg-(17 KB, 350x496, 6f3aedab-6ade-4313-9007-887b94(...).jpg)
    17 KB
    >> Anonymous 01/09/11(Sun)16:21 No.180189
    >> Anonymous 01/11/11(Tue)19:01 No.181161
    >> Anonymous 01/13/11(Thu)10:00 No.181592
    Who doing the textures?
    >> Anonymous 01/14/11(Fri)20:32 No.182058

    This guy was doing them:

    And he was very talented. I think he got busy with other stuff and hasn't been back in a long time. I did a few of the models but am not a texturing bad-ass, otherwise I'd pick up where he left off. I thought about giving it a shot but his textures are just way too good.

    If someone else feels like they could do good work, that would be sweet.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/11(Fri)21:32 No.182081
    wow i love this womans work. theres some dinotopia levels of creativity going on here. i love that its not 'cyber' aswell, i think my favorite thing about it is that theres no fucking gundamns floating around in the background. this woman could art direct a bitchin video game.

    just so long as it wasnt a jrpg.
    >> Anonymous 01/14/11(Fri)21:35 No.182082
    this is like /pco/ trying to finish the timmy turner comic. in that i suspect noone is working on it because they dont think anyone else is working on it. People, if youve done something for this, post your WIPs.

    any idea where we can get high res of these? i dont think theyre on that website. also moonspeak
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)11:58 No.182544
         File1295197092.png-(14 KB, 200x300, bunnyguy.png)
    14 KB
    newfag here.
    finished the bunnyguy in the lower right corner.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)12:09 No.182545
    heres the file
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)12:28 No.182548
    can someone upload the latest version of OP's image? So i know what's been done/not done?
    >> american in general 01/16/11(Sun)12:48 No.182553
    Is it possible for me to use blender and export a .dae for
    someone to apply textures to? I dont know how to paint
    and apply textures properly in blender textures in blender.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)13:12 No.182563
         File1295201529.jpg-(289 KB, 1783x1971, update.jpg)
    289 KB
    Lol I really should get back to work on this I have been slacking off big time. If anyone wants to paint the sign (with the person in it), or the satellite it would save me some work.

    02,06,40 all need done whoever claimed them never came through, there are other unfinished pieces as well but those three are the most interesting ones to do.
    >> Anonymous 01/16/11(Sun)13:51 No.182574
    are you asking for this particular project or in general? cos if it's for this project lrn2read. it's all there on the right side of the image
    >> Anonymous 01/18/11(Tue)02:16 No.183055
    >> Anonymous 01/18/11(Tue)02:24 No.183057
    look awesome guys, can't wait to see more
    >> Anonymous 01/18/11(Tue)08:55 No.183142
         File1295358918.jpg-(586 KB, 2250x2400, temp.jpg)
    586 KB
    Just a quick update, still some basic texturing left and lots of areas have yet to be aged.
    >> Anonymous 01/18/11(Tue)09:42 No.183148
    nice work on that water wear mark
    >> Anonymous 01/18/11(Tue)12:33 No.183214
    Looking great.
    If only I had time, I'd take 06 with a fury. It's such a sweet piece.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)02:40 No.183772
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:37 No.183792
         File1295519827.jpg-(19 KB, 549x585, 1294219565388.jpg)
    19 KB
    >mfw my redlight model is there
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)05:41 No.183793
         File1295520117.png-(268 KB, 608x272, vlcsnap-490864.png)
    268 KB

    why do I have a feeling Ive seen alot more than this complete before? Kudos for the recent texture work though, it looks fucking awesome,
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)08:41 No.183816
    that was a blocked in version, these are actually completed
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)11:00 No.183838
    holy shit /3/ is awesome. A /v/irgin says hi, then continues lurking the rest of the boards.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)15:02 No.183871
    what the hell.
    we had like 6 or 7 more completed pieces 2 months ago.
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)16:43 No.183889
         File1295559787.png-(20 KB, 250x400, chinagirl.png)
    20 KB
    hi it's me again
    completed the person with the chinese hat next to the bunnyguy.
    i hope it's good enough to be included. ¬.¬
    >> Anonymous 01/20/11(Thu)20:10 No.183949
         File1295572222.jpg-(40 KB, 500x500, 1278051416852.jpg)
    40 KB
    hopeful bump
    >> Anonymous 01/21/11(Fri)09:51 No.184075
    where are the texture guy now?
    >> Anonymous 01/21/11(Fri)16:46 No.184144
         File1295646379.png-(2.69 MB, 2250x2400, temp.png)
    2.69 MB

    I am here, still working on texturing this piece, the bulk of the work is done and now I am just trying to make it look lived in. That is a slow process because I need to keep going back over areas and changing the wear and tear until it looks natural, also I need to strike a balance between old and newer. Here is where it is at ATM but many of the areas have more wear than they will in the final version, I find it easier to add lots of wear and then start to take some away until it looks right.

    Great job on the model, of course it will be included.

    I did not create the water wear mark it is a free decal from which I have been making heavy use of.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/11(Fri)16:59 No.184149
    Wow I forgot all about this. It's not done yet? Shit.
    >> Anonymous 01/21/11(Fri)17:15 No.184152
    easy on the sa and 4chan refrences bro.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)05:39 No.184283
    Good to know that the texture guy still here, he bringing life to this models, thank you!
    >> No29 Unemployed !PbkX0m3QIY 01/22/11(Sat)06:27 No.184290
         File1295695631.gif-(2.9 MB, 540x794, No29_final.gif)
    2.9 MB
    I don't know if i just used shit modelling techniques or if something went wrong with the export to obj but there are double faces everywhere! I've got most of them cleaned in maya, and they don't show in the render so i hope you guys won't mind. I worked on it a little bit in maya rather than cinema to get it within the poly budget and did the animation with maya. Hope this'll do.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)06:45 No.184293
    lol, this is why we don't have cool shit in real cities. damn science always getting in the way.
    >> Casey 01/22/11(Sat)06:59 No.184294
    I want to be strapped into one of those things facing downwards when it flings you over and around.

    Best ride ever.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)07:03 No.184295
    Who is the ORIGINAL creator of this drawing?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)07:19 No.184296
         File1295698749.png-(2.2 MB, 1920x1080, collab_render.png)
    2.2 MB
    OK this piece is textured, there is a bit more that could be done but I am gonna leave it rest for a while and come back to it (and my other textured pieces) after I have some other pieces so that I can view them with a fresh perspective then I will polish them up a bit more.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)07:21 No.184297
    sup guys, love what youre doing.
    does someone have a render with everything done so far?
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)07:23 No.184298
    durr nvm
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)09:08 No.184304
    Send me that i can render this with top quality
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)10:27 No.184318

    I had to upload this in pieces because my internet is acting up and would shit out when trying to upload large files.

    The .OBJ file has several objects:

    Collab Textured 001
    Collab Textured 002
    Collab Textured 003
    Random Parts
    Ref Plane

    The camera model is so you can figure out where to put the camera and target point, the ref plane uses the ref plane texture (it is the collab image) so if you want to add more pieces you can line them up. The Random parts are the grey bits from my render and the three collabs are the textured bits of course.
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)10:44 No.184322
    Oh I should also note that the camera had a 24mm lens (73.74 fov) and my render aspect ratio was 2800w-1600h (1.75 ratio).
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)13:41 No.184369
         File1295721670.png-(274 KB, 432x630, pplz.png)
    274 KB
    completed the 3rd person
    reference image was really weird, so maybe the model needs a bit of cleaning up
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)19:25 No.184479
         File1295742311.png-(65 KB, 436x640, allppl.png)
    65 KB
    all people in the lower right corner completed
    >> Anonymous 01/22/11(Sat)19:36 No.184483
         File1295742983.jpg-(505 KB, 288x1100, looky.jpg)
    505 KB
    to whoever might be doing #40: just realized, these 2 ppl are essentially the same. just the legs would need some editing.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/11(Mon)08:45 No.184911
    >> Anonymous 01/24/11(Mon)09:16 No.184921
    I came on /3/ just to see how this was going, while I don't model (more like I just suck at it) I'm watching this project! Good luck anons.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/11(Mon)09:22 No.184925
    Lovely project guys, I'm relatively new to 3d and /3/ and this is really inspiring.

    Might be a stupid question, but can I participate as Cinema 4d user? Because I've never seen the object-extension in Cinema 4d..
    >> Anonymous 01/24/11(Mon)10:45 No.184961
    you mean obj?

    But hey, go ahead and model some shit. It doesn't really matter what application you use, have fun yo.
    >> Anonymous 01/24/11(Mon)12:51 No.184998
    You can export as Wavefront obj. But I'd suggest you get the Riptide exporter by Spanki to export OBJs in Cinema.
    >> Anonymous 01/26/11(Wed)05:11 No.185485
    Why would you think this is acceptable?

    Also I would love for the original artist to see all the work thats gone into this. Would be cool to know what he might say,
    >> Anonymous 01/26/11(Wed)08:20 No.185516
    This is really cool stuff, guys. I was into 3dsmax couple years ago, but other stuff interferred with my time and I kinda just forgot about it, but recently I've gotten the interest back. I'm just waiting to order a new comp that can run it smoothly. How long has this project been going on? I'd really like to participate in something similar in the future
    >> Anonymous 01/26/11(Wed)08:52 No.185523
    Why wouldn't i?
    >> Anonymous 01/26/11(Wed)09:00 No.185525
    either way, this person isn't going to be able to take credit, not when so many people are involved and some of these threads get archived/saved
    >> Anonymous 01/26/11(Wed)09:13 No.185529
    why are they so fat
    >> Anonymous 01/26/11(Wed)09:21 No.185531
    coz they're fat in the reference image?
    >> Anonymous 01/28/11(Fri)02:35 No.186042
    Texture guy here with an update. I have been working on cleaning up part 29, I got it down to just under 10k polys from 30k without removing any real detail. The topology on this piece was really messed up and there were countless faces flipped backwards, isolated vertexes, faces with zero area so on and so forth. I had to recreate all the geo, following the exact dimensions of the original, to get it cleaned up.

    Now that that is finished I downloaded the piece next to it part 24 and surprise, surprise, 23k for something that should be under 3-5k max. There are so many wasted polygons on this piece as well. Also once more when I turn on backface culling there are faces everywhere flipped the wrong way. I will have to recreate this mesh next to get it cleaned up to where it needs to be.

    Sometime soon I hope to find the time to go over every submitted piece and from a fresh version of the collab picture paint the finished pieces one color, the pieces that are fine but need uvw mapping another color, and the pieces that need cleaned up/recreated another color. All claimed and unfinished pieces will be left blank.
    >> Anonymous 01/28/11(Fri)05:43 No.186061
    Holy shit that's awesome!
    >> Anonymous 01/28/11(Fri)06:45 No.186072
    Whoever did the texture job on this is awesome.
    >> frog 01/28/11(Fri)08:03 No.186090
    i hate to be a dick, but low quality texturing will kill this.

    the reason i suggested no textures when i came up with the other arbitrary guidelines was that it would be a lot quicker, and we'd get a much higher quality, if we made the models, put together a scene, then rendered out ambient occlusion and a lighting pass.. then use those to composite a base which we could get someone from here or another board to do a paint-over.

    the quality will be much higher, rather than using photoslapping on models that are most likely unoptimised, horribly modeled and not made for texturing.

    i mean, go ahead and unwrap a hundred shitty models but i think it's a waste of your time, unless you really want to do it for experience and learning. otherwise we should just focus on the modeling, run it through some good rendering and post-process the rest.

    my 2c
    >> Anonymous 01/28/11(Fri)11:31 No.186125
    Details multiplied by a number of free choice would make
    plan of a complex scene ready in a flash .
    >> Anonymous 01/31/11(Mon)17:03 No.187003
    >> Anonymous 01/31/11(Mon)20:39 No.187047
         File1296524367.jpg-(66 KB, 720x480, shockbessie.jpg)
    66 KB
    > mfw this is actually getting done
    >> Anonymous 01/31/11(Mon)20:48 No.187049
    Wouldn't a paint-over be skipping the entire point of this?

    Could just paint-over the original image without doing all the modeling work.
    >> Anonymous 01/31/11(Mon)21:01 No.187054
    A paint over would never look right, if you cut corners it shows.
    >> Anonymous 01/31/11(Mon)22:46 No.187065
    i fucking love you OP, thats my wallpaper and this shit is looking fucking awesome
    >> Anonymous 02/01/11(Tue)10:01 No.187151
         File1296572505.png-(1.29 MB, 818x1003, 1290903403280.png)
    1.29 MB
    Oh no what happened to the textures! The original sketch shows bright, clean colours. A city that was looked after but not completely free of grime. I look at the current renders and it looks like Half Life 2. What's with all the dirt?
    >> Anonymous 02/02/11(Wed)14:19 No.187427

    this is looking incredible OP

    I had no idea stuff like this was done here. If I wasn't in school, I'd contribute. It would really help with my modeling =P

    I can't to see the finished product, keep up the good work everyone =D
    >> Anonymous 02/04/11(Fri)00:21 No.187831
    Also stopped by just to agree with this... That dude's the man and I'm the dude who drew the picture of the chick on the big ball. His "aging" of the textures is what makes it all work. I dream of the day that this actually gets finished. WE LOVE YOU TEXTURE GUY
    >> Anonymous 02/05/11(Sat)07:43 No.188132
    bump from /v/
    >> Anonymous 02/05/11(Sat)09:02 No.188136
    you best be using one of my pieces at some point eh
    >> Anonymous 02/05/11(Sat)11:33 No.188162
    who the fuck are you
    >> Anonymous 02/06/11(Sun)03:48 No.188333
    i cant see any low quality textures, what u talking about?
    >> The /v/irgin 02/07/11(Mon)07:48 No.188598
    keep up the good work guys
    >> Anonymous 02/08/11(Tue)22:47 No.188953
    Did u said that are 70% done? i think was about 30% max
    >> Anonymous 02/09/11(Wed)00:54 No.188980
    MFW this entire project is pointless because it's only done to look good from one side which is the original perspective, also image is "ripped" for the new textures, making the new work a bland and tasteless ripoff of original and about as impressive as a tracing.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/11(Wed)01:19 No.188986
         File1297232393.gif-(501 KB, 248x244, gtfobaby1.gif)
    501 KB
    >mfw no one gives a shit about your pessimistic post because 3D CG is all about FOLLOW UR DREAMS
    >mfw you didnt yellow text
    >mfw you didnt sage
    >mfw no mf
    >> DarkTrip !nb0kO4akgA 02/09/11(Wed)02:00 No.188998
    dude chill it's a collab to help people get going and feel good
    u mad other ppl having fun
    >> Anonymous 02/09/11(Wed)02:17 No.189000
    30% done of all project? True?
    >> Anonymous 02/09/11(Wed)10:26 No.189049
    >MFW follow your dreams is Plagiarizing.
    >Implying I'm raging or some shit.
    I'm just saying, took a lot of time and energy to make this shit, they could have instead done something worthwhile instead of ripping off another artist.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/11(Wed)10:32 No.189051
    he mad
    >> Anonymous 02/09/11(Wed)10:33 No.189052
    >could have instead done something worthwhile
    I contributed to this and found it worthwhile. I guess we can't all be as amazing as you.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/11(Wed)10:45 No.189056
    Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as "the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication, of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions, and the representation of them as one's own original work."
    >and the representation of them as one's own original work
    Everyone knows it was taken from another artist unrelated to this board and nobody here is claiming it to be their own work
    You misunderstand the definition of plagiarism.
    >> Anonymous 02/09/11(Wed)20:06 No.189149
    >implying It won't be simply portrayed as "/3/ colab" upon completion.
    >implying I didn't say it was done well
    you are an ass hat shitfuckdicknipplepurple.
    now listen to me, and listen to me don't listen to me and hear what you want to hear.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/11(Thu)00:11 No.189219
    >this project still exists
    and it will still exist well into 2012 I'm betting
    >> Anonymous 02/10/11(Thu)17:14 No.189421
    Guys just put the uncompleted pieces up for grabs, nobody is working on those anyway.
    >> Anonymous 02/10/11(Thu)17:57 No.189428
    What this guy said. Gray out the uncompleted pieces and if someone happens to still be working on his piece, he'll let you know.
    >> DarkTrip !nb0kO4akgA 02/11/11(Fri)01:18 No.189508
    yep. do this op. time to take names.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/11(Fri)02:05 No.189514
    There is no OP, there is no one in charge, if you want it done then just do it. If you see something that could be done to further the goal of getting this done simply do it.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/11(Fri)03:13 No.189519
    i know, but let's wait a while, let's see what the other side of the world says about this. it was suggested earlier and people got all mad. I think it's less of an issue this time around because there are virtually no updates. Let's get the project rolling again.
    >> Anonymous 02/11/11(Fri)05:42 No.189527
    You should get an archive so the links at the top of your posts are actually meaningful.
    >> deleted 02/13/11(Sun)03:08 No.189988
    bump for moar free .obj
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)07:05 No.190010
    Go to hell damn leecher noob, u scum useless
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)15:09 No.190086
         File1297627765.png-(600 KB, 1920x1080, cxvzxcv.png)
    600 KB
    Texture guy here, I have been busy working on the middle area. I have been cleaning up other peoples content and figuring out how to get it all to line up in a realistic way. Seeing as this is based off of a drawing there is some perspective issues that cause some optical illusions that are not possible to resolve. The most notable is under piece 29 where I had to move the fish pillar/building closer. This is not too bad of a compromise as it helps give 29 some support; it was kinda floating in mid-air before that.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)15:13 No.190089
         File1297628034.png-(683 KB, 1590x1060, sdag.png)
    683 KB
    I had a LOT of cleanup work to do on these pieces but I was able to shave off 89,581 polygons to get the bits I have done down to 34,547. The render above has some finished pieces in it, some I have not started to clean up yet, and some blocked in bits for content that has yet to be created.

    Here is the difference in polygon counts:

    24: 2,048 - 23.928
    39: 1,227 - 6,518
    76: 1,900 - 5,988
    41: 11,926 - 34,100
    38: 1,282 - 2,759(5,384)
    29: 10,474 - 27,918
    86: 4,070 - 19,341
    91: 1,620 - 3,576

    (cleaned up/ original)

    I tried to stay as true to the original piece as possible but sometimes that was not possible because of alignment issues or the detail was just too small to be seen and did not need to be there.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)15:17 No.190090
         File1297628266.jpg-(703 KB, 1920x1080, adsfa.jpg)
    703 KB
    As you can see everything is starting to line up well. I still have a bunch more work to do in this center area but I am well past the half way point. You can download everything you see here from this link:

    I am probably forgetting to say something, my mind is kinda mush after working on this all day.
    >> Unemployed !PbkX0m3QIY 02/13/11(Sun)15:50 No.190115
    Dude you're the greatest, that is ridiculously awesome.
    I could feel your mad when you mentioned cleaning up my shit,
    it was my first model, sorry 'bout the extra work.

    Is the cleaned version in the mediafire folder? I'm really curious to see the things you worked on and it'll be a great way to learn too.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)15:57 No.190122
    Yeah all the cleaned up bits, blocked in bits, and a few pieces yet to be cleaned up are all in that file above. If you look at my other link above here:


    The pieces I have lined up fit in with that.
    >> Unemployed !PbkX0m3QIY 02/13/11(Sun)16:08 No.190124
         File1297631284.png-(43 KB, 232x252, none.png)
    43 KB
    Favorite part, right here
    I remember the guy getting all stressed out when he couldn't figure out how much steps to put in.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)16:44 No.190131
    so is there any way we can, ya know, collaborate on the texturing?
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)16:45 No.190132
    Yeah it is simple, you pick a piece and you texture it.
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)16:52 No.190135
    but how do we keep track of textures and uvs? texturefag seems to be using just a few large textures for many pieces and many of the pieces have been modified to reduce polycount since they were posted on mediafire
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)17:05 No.190140
    wow im kinda excitited too see where this is going :)
    >> Anonymous 02/13/11(Sun)22:37 No.190181
         File1297654622.png-(2.21 MB, 1920x1080, bzdfgd.png)
    2.21 MB
    Here is a quick render with the textured bits.
    >> Anonymous 02/14/11(Mon)05:23 No.190216
    Massive, how long are the rendertimes so far?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/11(Tue)11:10 No.190503
         File1297786233.jpg-(159 KB, 1920x1080, vczxdv.jpg)
    159 KB
    Here is where things stand at the moment. The White bits are done; the cyan bits are cleaned up but need UVW mapping then texturing; the yellow bits need cleaned up, uvw mapped, and textured; and they grey bits are blocked out areas that still need to be created.

    That render took about 5 minutes.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/11(Tue)16:40 No.190571
    So from the looks of it there is only one person who works on this anymore?
    >> Anonymous 02/15/11(Tue)17:25 No.190581
    How long has this project been going? Because its look amazing, but I swear its been years now.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/11(Tue)18:10 No.190597
    Yeah man, pick any part that isn't finished yet and go for it.
    >> Anonymous 02/15/11(Tue)20:21 No.190634
    Almost since the beginning of /3/, IIRC
    >> Anonymous 02/16/11(Wed)08:03 No.190725
    As slow as this collab project is going it is still outpacing the speed of the collab over on polycount, a "true" 3d forum.
    >> Anonymous 02/16/11(Wed)13:44 No.190762
         File1297881850.png-(81 KB, 372x375, 1283604621231.png)
    81 KB
    >shit is getting done
    /tg/ here, we salute you t/3/apots
    >> Anonymous 02/16/11(Wed)23:38 No.190858
    Texture guy here, I have to ask does anyone else have any intention of pitching in on this? I have been dumping huge amounts of time into this over the last several months and seen almost nothing from the rest of the board. If even two other people had put in as much time as I have over the past several months we would be close to done. There is no way I have enough patients to keep putting this much effort into this with so little help from the rest of the board.

    Every group effort any board on 4chan has ever tried to pull off has failed, I would hate to see /3/ become as big of a failure. We need to regroup, organize, and get this done.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/11(Thu)01:57 No.190882
    Let me tell you what. Tomorrow, I'm going to set aside some time to help out. Once everyone's had a laugh at how awful it is, maybe they'll join in too.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/11(Thu)08:42 No.190912
    Well, lack of organization due to the structure of the board and anonymity is the main problem I guess. Nobody knows what the fuck anyone else is doing since there are no names.
    I can't begin to imagine how much work has been done on this that simply never made its way back to the "headquarters" whereever the fuck those are.

    Also good luck finding more patients, lol.
    >> Anonymous 02/17/11(Thu)12:55 No.190934
    I have frankly no idea what pieces I can start on.
    Or where I can grab the latest updated version.
    Or how I can upload my piece of I finish it.
    Tell us o master
    >> Anonymous 02/18/11(Fri)11:29 No.191129
    I was wondering that as well
    >> Anonymous 02/18/11(Fri)14:32 No.191146
    The most needed bits to be created are 02,06, and the 14-48-25-40-35 area. Lots of pieces need cleaned up as can be seen in

    If you want to do UVW mapping then ask the texture guy for a cleaned up piece from
    >> Anonymous 02/18/11(Fri)19:31 No.191231
    Go petition Easymodo or green-oval, then at least you'll have an idea of which thread what happened in where.
    >> Anonymous 02/21/11(Mon)09:19 No.191782
    I need 10cc of participation STAT.

    Don't you dare die on me thread. --clear--


    Whew, OK this thread is back in the clear.
    >> Anonymous 02/24/11(Thu)11:52 No.192674
         File1298566324.png-(2.64 MB, 1920x1080, temp3.png)
    2.64 MB
    >> Don Lars 02/27/11(Sun)04:45 No.193183
    How about a paid SVN repository to get this work done?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)08:12 No.193212
    first off, you guys need to get this up as a sticky. no point creating a new thread over and over again.

    second, get a tripcode. gay as hell, but at least we can put the names of whoever is contributing in the sticky.

    third, people who volunteer have to contribute.

    i can't believe no mod has actually helped out in this massive project.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)08:24 No.193214
    There are/were no mods
    And deadlines, seriously. We suggested that you have to post updates every now and then. The guy that didn't like that idea was trolling. Bigtime.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)08:40 No.193216
    Piece 90 is the most needed piece to be completed at the moment. I am still busy cleaning up the bits in the center, getting everything there to line up, to support each other in a realistic way, and filling in some gaps in with content. If anyone wants to tackle that piece I can upload the blocked in version.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)10:57 No.193231
    we've been at this for like half a year now, and we've been fine without a sticky
    90 says its been completed in the OP, what do?
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)11:41 No.193237
    If it has it never got uploaded here

    If anyone has it then maybe they could upload it somewhere.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)11:55 No.193239
    OK looking through thread 11 on

    It seems several pieces that got finished are not in the 3collab02 folder.

    Here is a job for someone who wants to help but does not want to model:

    Go through all the threads archived at and look for links for any finished pieces that are not in the /3collab02 directory and make a post here with all the links and what parts they are.
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:00 No.193241
    Hey could you make an updated image? (check the finished parts and shop the claimed area's that nobody is working on out.)
    >> Anonymous 02/27/11(Sun)12:04 No.193242
    Looking at the 3collab2 folder the mixdown.obj has part 90 but it is very sloppy and is missing way too much detail to be used. If you want a part I suggest redoing that one.
    >> PKR !ioKifnTsTw 02/27/11(Sun)12:06 No.193243
    When thats done, i will put those pieces in the folder (or search the missing ones myself, if i find the time).
    >> PKR !YY8ebcAR4s 02/27/11(Sun)12:07 No.193244
    got my trip wrong
    >> Anonymous 02/28/11(Mon)16:46 No.193537
         File1298929560.png-(1.8 MB, 1920x1080, temp5.png)
    1.8 MB
    Getting closer to having the middle area done. I have most everything cleaned up. Working on incorporating part 31 ATM. Here is a quick AO render of where things are right now.
    >> Anonymous 02/28/11(Mon)18:54 No.193562

    Looks sick, can you post a top down render just for shits and giggles?
    >> Anonymous 02/28/11(Mon)19:12 No.193567
         File1298938360.png-(1.59 MB, 1920x1080, temp6.png)
    1.59 MB
    >> Anonymous 02/28/11(Mon)20:22 No.193578
    I think this is awesome but i lack technical ability. Good luck guys and thanks for doing this.
    >> Anonymous 02/28/11(Mon)20:40 No.193584
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)15:17 No.193750
         File1299010626.png-(281 KB, 587x551, intersect.png)
    281 KB
    You're probably already aware of this, but there's something going on here.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)15:23 No.193751

    If I finish the work that I need to get done today, I will do piece 06 tomorrow.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)15:41 No.193755
    all hail tg
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)17:31 No.193772
         File1299018678.jpg-(227 KB, 1389x650, wrong.jpg)
    227 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)17:41 No.193774
    oh look this old troll attempt again.
    >> Zst Xkn !QwJoo2wxDc 03/01/11(Tue)18:32 No.193778
         File1299022354.jpg-(108 KB, 550x400, perspective.jpg)
    108 KB
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)18:32 No.193779
    HOLY CRAP THIS IS STILL GOING ON? i helped out when it first started like a frikkin year ago.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)18:42 No.193784
    wait i take that back more like 2 or 3 years ago.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)18:51 No.193789
    This board is only a little over a year old. Also yes it is still going on because only one person is working on it anymore and then only part time.
    >> Zst Xkn !QwJoo2wxDc 03/01/11(Tue)19:18 No.193792
    whats generally the procedure for getting started with building something like this from a perspective reference?
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)19:38 No.193794
         File1299026284.jpg-(41 KB, 500x664, are-you-wizard.jpg)
    41 KB
    >> Zst Xkn !QwJoo2wxDc 03/01/11(Tue)19:50 No.193796
    the propeller gives it away. it's clearly diminishing towards the vanishing point on the left.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)20:02 No.193798
    Sure samefag, you need to be less obvious. All these threads go weeks or months without anyone talking about it then over the course of a few hours several posts are made about it each time. If you want to hide you samefagging a bit better at least space out your posts over the course of a few days so it fits in with the normal flow of the thread.
    >> DarkTrip !nNThBA7CKU 03/01/11(Tue)20:03 No.193800
    game me lulz
    >> Zst Xkn !QwJoo2wxDc 03/01/11(Tue)20:47 No.193804
    damn you caught me. I spent about 10 minutes of my time to demonstrate the proper way to view the image with red lines and some shading, and then after 1 hour and 6 minutes when no one had congratulated me I took off the trip code and patted myself on the back with an image macro.
    Then I cleverly waited precisely 12 minutes to respond to my self made compliment to comment on how I deduced my findings. Thus bringing the illusion of someone talking to me full circle.
    why you ask?
    Because I found out the duchess took me out of the will, and I knew the only way to get my inheritence was to samefag and have her add my persona to her estate, but your crack internet sleuthing found me out.
    >> Anonymous 03/01/11(Tue)22:43 No.193826

    I've been bitching about this shit for thirteen threads, finally someone agrees with me, I've been saying since that started up that it was wrong perspective, but that dipshit just didn't want to listen "hurdur i mdul it liek dis cuz poorspective derp" jesus fuck if I could punch him with my mind.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)02:37 No.193888
    I can provide the commercial SVN for this project, but i need all pieces. Want?
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)07:53 No.193911
    why doesnt anyone fix the goddamn fan? it's clearly oriented in the wrong direction and if you can't see that from the original pic, you shouldn't be doing 3d.

    now someone fix the fan, it really isnt tham much work. being oriented like that, it really stands out.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)08:01 No.193913
    What the fuck anon? I'm no samefag and even less a troll. I appreciate to anyone who contributed to this glorious project, but that fan is clearly facing the wrong way. Look at the center of the propeller, the red cone, and look how that (metal) ring overlaps it on the left. Also, look at the interior of the fan, there is no way it is being oriented from right to left. For fucks sake, ask the original artist and any professional 3dcg artist.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)08:27 No.193923
         File1299072421.jpg-(261 KB, 1058x396, qw.jpg)
    261 KB
    There's my precious 10 minutes. I would never spend 10 minutes for a bad trolling attempt, but I would if I saw a 3dcg board being so wrong.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)09:17 No.193931
    You guys are fucking with my mind with this Escher shit.
    >> Anonymous 03/02/11(Wed)09:59 No.193937
    Texture guy here, if someone wants to change the fan piece they should stop bitching and do it themselves. There are many pieces with far larger issues that still need my attention. That piece is one of the few that was actually created with clean geo so it is low on my list of pieces that need my attention. Also I fail to see why that piece creates such a shit storm when most every piece I have gone over has had huge difference from the the reference image as well.

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