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  • File : 1250572431.jpg-(6 KB, 255x260, jokes.jpg)
    6 KB Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:13:51 No.153486435  
    girl at work says that no joke offends her, give me your best anon, will post results
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:15:06 No.153486707
    Why are black people's eyes red after sex?
    From the pepper spray
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:15:37 No.153486837
    Why does Beyonce always say "to the left, to the left"?
    Because black people have no rights.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:16:22 No.153487001
    How do you make a dead baby float?
    With two scoops of ice cream and root beer
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:16:33 No.153487052
    bumping for more
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:16:36 No.153487059
    what do you call two black pilots and a black engineer?

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:17:08 No.153487193
    Why do black people have nightmares?
    Because we killed the only one with a dream
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:17:39 No.153487309
    What's multi-colored and hangs on a porch?
    Hey, I'll paint my nigger any damn color I want, Okay!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:17:53 No.153487354
    What do you say when you see your TV floating at night?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:18:20 No.153487458
    oh that's a good one.

    Also OP this thread is full of fail. Its retardedly easy to not be offended by jokes.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:18:21 No.153487461
    Why do they have trees in Harlem?

    Public Transportation.

    What's 12 inches long and makes young women scream?

    Crib Death.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:18:33 No.153487500
    whats long, black and smells bad?

    the unemployment line
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:18:55 No.153487574
         File1250572735.gif-(81 KB, 694x530, 1248330808542.gif)
    81 KB
    What's the difference between a Cadillac and a pile of dead babies?

    I don't have a Cadillac in my garage.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:19:00 No.153487593
    commencing brain dump.

    how do you make a dead baby float?
    take your foot off its head.

    whats the difference btwn a dead baby and a trampoline?
    i take my boots of when i jump on a trampoline.

    whats the difference between a dead baby and a Cadillac?
    i dont have a cadillac in my garage.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:19:01 No.153487595
    what is the difference between a pile of dead babies and a brand new cadillac?
    i don't have the caddy in my garage

    what do you get when you nail a dead baby to a tree?
    i don't know what you get, but i get an erection

    how do you get ten dead babies into a bowl? a blender,
    how do you get them out? doritos.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:19:11 No.153487626
    A mexican and a nigger are in a car. Who's driving?
    A cop.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:19:17 No.153487657
    whats transparent and lying in a ditch ditch?
    a nigger with the shit kicked out of him
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:19:43 No.153487742
    is she a nigger? or a baby? if not, why would these jokes offend her?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:19:56 No.153487784
    What's the worst part about being a black jew?
    You have to sit in the back of the oven
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:20:17 No.153487871
    whats the difference between a nigger and a dead baby?

    the niggers still alive, get em!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:21:00 No.153488015
    How do you get 1000 dead babies in a phonebooth?

    How do you get them out?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:21:08 No.153488044
    What runs faster than a black man with a TV?
    His brother with the DVD player.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:21:21 No.153488089
    A spic and a nigger jump out of a tree at the same time... who lands first?

    The spic, because the rope stopped the nigger.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:21:44 No.153488181
    What's the difference between a baby and a cheeseburger?
    I don't rape a cheeseburger before i eat it.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:21:45 No.153488184
    Where's the best place to hide a niggers welfare cheque?
    Under his work boots.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:22:22 No.153488323
         File1250572942.jpg-(141 KB, 500x500, advicedog.jpg)
    141 KB
    What's funnier than a dead baby?
    A barrel full of dead babies.
    What's funnier than that?
    The one at the bottom is still alive.
    Funnier than that?
    It has to eat it's way out.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:22:52 No.153488414
    Why didn't Michael Jackson beat it?
    Because he's dead.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:23:45 No.153488614
    bumping for racism **
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:24:06 No.153488674
    this thread sucks.


    *"What's the difference between a dead dog in the road and a dead nigger?"
    -"There's treadmarks before the dog."

    *"What's the best way for black women to fight crime?"
    -"Get abortions."

    *-So an old black women is being interviewed for having thirty kids and giving them all the same name. When asked how she identified them seperately she paused and responded with "I just call them by their last names."

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:25:08 No.153488890
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:25:39 No.153488991
    Q: what's a dead baby good for?

    A: nigger cock.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:26:37 No.153489167
    How do you make a dead baby float?
    2 scoops ice cream, 1 cup dead baby
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:26:40 No.153489178
    whats funnier than a dead baby? dead nigger baby! funnier than that? its next to a kid with down syndrome!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:27:44 No.153489403
    a kind young black woman purchased an ice cream cone, and enjoyed it.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:28:11 No.153489499
    Whats the worst thing about eating bald pussy?
    Putting the diaper back on.

    What is round and white and bobs up and down in a baby's crib?
    A Pedophile's ass.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:29:24 No.153489777

    What's more fun then spearing a dead baby to the wall?

    Tearing it down again.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:29:27 No.153489785
    whats the difference between an onion field and a pile of dead orphans?

    onions make you cry
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:29:56 No.153489881
    funnier than that?
    he goes back for seconds

    how does a black woman tell shes pregnant?
    all the cotton is picked from her tampon
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:30:02 No.153489902
    What's worse than a dead baby?
    A pile of dead babies.
    What is worse than that?
    A live baby at the bottom.
    What is worse than that?
    It eats itself out.
    What is worse than that?
    It goes back for seconds.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:30:47 No.153490058
    What do you call a black man with a peg leg?

    Shit on a stick
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:30:58 No.153490104
    How do you keep a dead baby from drowning? Remove your foot from it's head.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:32:07 No.153490369
    Q: Whats the difference between a pedophile and acne?
    A: Acne waits until you're 13 to cum on your face
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:32:24 No.153490419
    You know what's funny about niggers? Nothing
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:32:38 No.153490465
         File1250573558.jpg-(30 KB, 800x600, 343829749.jpg)
    30 KB
    What do you call fifty dead niggers at the bottom of the ocean?
    ...... A good start.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:33:52 No.153490703

    funnier than that?
    it goes back in for seconds.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:33:52 No.153490716

    "What is worse than that?
    It eats itself out."

    Bad wording, Anon.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:34:11 No.153490774
    What's better than a dead baby?

    A dead nigger.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:34:11 No.153490775
    whats more fun then watching a baby spin round a clothes line at 500 km/h... stopping it with a shovel
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:35:04 No.153490947
    Know what's really funny about the million man march?

    Only 3 niggers missed work
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:35:11 No.153490963
    What's the only positive thing about black people?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:35:29 No.153491042
    ??Whats the difference between a black man and a bench...??

    AA: A bench can support a family :AA
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:36:07 No.153491174
    what happens when you cut a baby in half?
    you get an erection.
    what do you do when you see a baby in a microwave?
    nothing, keep masturbating.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:36:23 No.153491214

    You, sir, are and idiot. :(
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:37:07 No.153491348
    What's funnier to a dead baby stapled to a tree?
    Ten dead babies stapled to a tree.

    What's funnier than that?
    One dead baby stapled to ten trees.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:37:21 No.153491398
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:37:50 No.153491501

    You, sir, are and idiot. ^___^
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:38:32 No.153491627
    Whats black and blue and dosent like sex?
    A rape victim
    Whats three feet tall and gives wicked head?
    My son
    What the worst thing about having sex with a six year old boy?
    Washing the blood stains from your clown costume
    What makes 9 out o 10 people happy?
    gang rape
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:38:32 No.153491628
    What do 9 out of 10 people enjoy?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:39:05 No.153491730

    You, sir, are and idiot. :)
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:39:11 No.153491766
         File1250573951.png-(3 KB, 180x189, Cereal.png)
    3 KB
    Whats 13 inches tall, and has trouble walking down a hallway?

    A dead nigger child with a javellin through its head.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:39:20 No.153491805
    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    I'm going to rape you.
    "I'm going to rape you" who?
    This isn't a joke bitch.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:39:57 No.153491911
    what sound does a baby make in a microwave?

    i don't know, i was too busy masturbating
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:40:04 No.153491944
    Q: how do you keep a baby from choking?
    A: you take your dick out of its mouth.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:40:28 No.153492017
    whats sicker than ten dead babies in a garbage can?

    one dead baby in ten garbage cans
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:40:51 No.153492081
    whats the difference between a dead baby and a rock?

    Cant fuck a rock...
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:40:51 No.153492092
    Two niggers from two warring gangs race each other in their cars. They approach a cliff, but each not wanting to lose to the other, they both speed up. They drive off the cliff, smash at the bottom and die. Who wins?

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:41:06 No.153492144
    Whats the diff between a dead baby and an Apple?

    I don't cum on the apple before i eat it
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:41:29 No.153492218
    An older man and a little boy are walking hand in hand through a dark wood at night, the little boy looks around and comments, "Boy, is sure is scary." The man pulls him along and says, "You think you're scared, I have to walk out of here alone."
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:43:24 No.153492628
    how do you stop a nigger from hangin around your back lawn?

    hang him in the front
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:44:17 No.153492793
    whats red, bubbling, and scratches at the window before it explodes ?

    a baby in a microwave

    whats the difference between my Christmas presents and a baby ?

    I waited till Christmas to open my presents

    Whats the difference between a water melon and a baby ?

    ones a fruit, the other one`s fun to smash with a hammer .

    whats funnier than a dead baby ?

    a dead baby in a clown costume
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:45:21 No.153493000
    What's the difference between 10,000 dead babies and a Mustang?
    I don't have a Mustang in my garage.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:45:36 No.153493034
    How long does it take a black woman to take a shit?

    9 Months
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:46:59 No.153493303
    Why are hockey players and female niggers similiar?

    They both change their tampons after 3 periods.

    How do you know when a nigger is pregnant?

    When she pulls out her tampon and all the cotton is picked off.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:47:09 No.153493357
         File1250574429.png-(248 KB, 411x519, 1248972862083.png)
    248 KB
    It's funny because she wouldn't be using a tampon if she was pregnant.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:47:16 No.153493359
    whats red globby and crawling up a woman's leg?

    homesick aborted baby
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:48:00 No.153493508
    Q: How many dead babies does it take to paint a garage?

    A: Depends how hard you throw them

    Q: What do you get when you mix a nigger and an octopus?

    A:I don't know, but its a damn good cotton picker.

    Q: What do you say to a black jew?

    A: Back of the oven.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:48:03 No.153493515
    What do you say when you see your fridge floating by at night?

    Nothing... that's one strong nigger.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:48:01 No.153493517
    What's so great about fucking twenty five year olds?

    There's twenty of them!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:48:33 No.153493607

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:50:14 No.153493920
    you didnt spell funny right.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:50:46 No.153494030
    In a tragic accident 3 niggers in a mustang drive off a cliff and died. What's the tragedy?

    The Game.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:51:08 No.153494103
    A little girl wrote to Sarah Palin asking, "How did the human race start?". Sarah Palin answered, "God made Adam and Eve, they had children and all mankind was made."

    THe next day the little girl wrote to michelle obama and asked the same question. Michelle obama answered, "Many years ago there were monkeys in africa from which the human race evolved."

    The confused girl went to her father and asked, "How come Sarah Palin told me that mankind was created by God, and michelle obama told me mankind evolved from monkeys?"

    Her father answeres, "Well, it's very simple . . . Sarah Palin told you about her ancestors, and michelle obama told you about hers!"
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:52:35 No.153494389
         File1250574755.jpg-(99 KB, 392x300, 789_CoolFace.jpg)
    99 KB
    what the fuck anon
    im only halfway through and so far theres been incest, rape, torture, muder and disembowlment
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:52:37 No.153494399
    I would like to type a joke here, but my hands are too slick with blood and feces.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:52:38 No.153494400
    cheque?? what faggot ass country spells check like that? no wonder you faggots need the USA to bail you out of your wars
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:52:50 No.153494444
         File1250574770.jpg-(37 KB, 453x604, fdafdsfdasfa.jpg)
    37 KB
    hey /b/ :-)
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:53:03 No.153494478
    why is aspirin white?

    because it actually works...
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:54:18 No.153494724
    What happened to the nigger who had an abortion?
    Crime Stoppers sent her a check for $500!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:54:41 No.153494808
         File1250574881.jpg-(83 KB, 427x1062, crime is for.jpg)
    83 KB
    racist from central Pennsylvania reporting in:

    what do you call a black priest?
    -holy shit

    what do you do when you see a nigger with half of his head blown off?
    -stop laughing and reload

    what are three things you can give a nigger?
    -a black eye, a fat lip, and an education

    why are all black people fast?
    -because all the slow ones are in jail

    what do you call a barn full of niggers?
    -antique farm equipment

    what's the difference between a nigger and a pizza?
    -a pizza can feed a family of four

    how do you keep niggers out of your backyard?
    -hang some in the front

    how many niggers died in hurricane katrina?
    -not enough

    what's the difference between a bucket of shit and a nigger?
    -the bucket

    just off the top of my head. good luck anon!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:55:24 No.153494932
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:55:28 No.153494937

    haha, you're such a fucking idiot.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:55:54 No.153495026
    What do you get when you cross a nigger and a gorilla?
    A dumb gorilla!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:56:20 No.153495093
    TITS or GTFO camwhore
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:57:03 No.153495234
    What did the nigger get on his SATs?
    Barbecue sauce!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:57:18 No.153495284
    what's worse than 10 dead babies nailed to 1 tree?

    1 dead baby nailed to 10 trees
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:57:53 No.153495399
    What do you call a bunch of old niggers in a barn?
    Antique farm equiptment!
    >> anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:57:57 No.153495413
    three 5th graders are in a gym locker room: a white one, a hispanic one and a black one. Which one has the biggest dick?

    The black one, because he's 25
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:58:24 No.153495513
    Q: What do you get when you stick your hand into a jar of jelly beans?
    A: The black ones steal your watch.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:58:35 No.153495568
    What does a nigger give his kid for his birthday?
    YOUR bike!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:59:36 No.153495793
    whats worse than a dead baby?
    a pile of dead babies
    whats worse that that?
    getting the blood of your tires
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)01:59:46 No.153495828
    A redneck is driving down the road one day and see's a sign that says coon season is in. He goes a bit further down the road and see a field of niggers picking watermelons. He stops, takes out his gun and starts shooting. A cop comes up and asks him what he's doing so he says, "I saw a sign back there that said coon season was in!", the cop says, "yea, but you're hunting in a baited field!"
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:00:36 No.153496009
    What's the difference between a Mars bar and a dead baby?
    One's a nice, light snack and one costs a dollar.

    What's worse than finding 5 dead babies nailed to one tree?
    Finding 1 dead baby nailed to 5 trees.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:00:38 No.153496018

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:01:13 No.153496140
    A nigger with a parrot walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Hey, where did you get that?"
    The parrot says, "Africa! There are millions of them over there just sitting around"
    >> Anon 08/18/09(Tue)02:02:15 No.153496371
         File1250575335.jpg-(16 KB, 293x300, michael_j_fox_show-drugs-new-y(...).jpg)
    16 KB
    shaken baby syndrome?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:02:36 No.153496441
    What's the difference between a dead dog in a road and a dead nigger in a road?
    The dog has skid marks in front of it
    >> Calypso !!/kxlOEGmBHo 08/18/09(Tue)02:03:37 No.153496648
    What's long, black and smells bad?
    The unemployment line.

    How do you get a baby into a jar?
    A blender.
    How do you get it out?

    What's the difference between a baby and an apple?
    You don't cum on an apple before you eat it.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:04:51 No.153496918

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:09:47 No.153497962
         File1250575787.jpg-(9 KB, 147x188, 1250386653027.jpg)
    9 KB
    what's funnier than a dead baby?
    two dead babies
    what's funnier than two dead babies?
    two dead babies in clown costumes
    what's even funnier than that?
    two dead babies in clown costumes in a dead crackhead
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:10:29 No.153498099
    that's not hivemind; it's the same shitty joke 3 times in a row.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:10:58 No.153498203
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:12:51 No.153498580
    The ultimate:
    What's red and crawls up your leg?
    A homesick abortion.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:13:30 No.153498717
    Q: What do you call a black guy who flies a plane?

    A: A pilot, you racist motherfucker
    >> Anon 08/18/09(Tue)02:14:26 No.153498919

    the only thing I wasn't expecting in this whole fucking thread


    how make wetsuit?

    debone nigger and dry
    >> anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:16:40 No.153499368
    whats red,bubbling, and scratching at the inside of a window?
    a baby in a microwave

    whats black, liquid and smells bad?
    same baby 3 months later
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:18:23 No.153499725
    what do u call a dead baby being pulled in two directions?

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:19:10 No.153499897
    Whats the hardest part about hiding a pool of dead babies?

    An erection
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:22:12 No.153500541
    What's more fun then grating a baby with a cheese grater?

    Using a rusty potatoe peeler.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:27:07 No.153501545


    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:27:22 No.153501606

    You, sir, are and idiot. :(
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:28:37 No.153501863
    how do u keep niggers off your yard?
    hang one on a tree
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:31:00 No.153502323
    Aussie one:
    Whats long black and smelly?
    The line at centrelink.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:31:01 No.153502340
    How do you get a baby to cry twice?
    Wipe your bloody dick on it's teddy bear.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:31:47 No.153502495
    how about some cumdumpster jokes?

    A man runs his car into a woman, but who was to blame?
    The man, becaue it's just wrong to run your car into somebodies kitchen.

    Jim: Joe, I hear you just got married again.
    Joe: Yes, for the fourth time.
    Jim: What happened to your first three wives?
    Joe: They all died, Jim.
    Jim: How did that happen?
    Joe: My first wife ate poison mushrooms.
    Jim: How terrible! And your second?
    Joe: She ate poison mushrooms.
    Jim: And your third ate poison mushrooms too?
    Joe: Oh, no. She died of a broken neck.
    Jim: I see, an accident.
    Joe: Not exactly. She wouldn't eat her mushrooms.

    Where's Eve?" He asked.
    "Well," said Adam, "She started to bleed. This happens every month or so."
    "So where is she?" asked God.
    "Well, she went down to the river to wash up." replied Adam.
    "Damn," said God. "Now I'll never get the smell out of the fish."

    In a transatlantic flight, a plane passes through a severe storm. The turbulence is awful, and things go from bad to worse when one wing is struck by lightning. One woman in particular loses it. Screaming, she stands up in the front of the plane. "I'm too young to die!" she wails. Then she yells, "Well, if I'm going to die, I want my last minutes on Earth to be memorable! Is there ANYONE on this plane who can make me feel like a WOMAN??" For a moment there is silence. Everyone has forgotten their own peril, and they all stare, riveted, at the desperate woman in the front of the plane. Then, a man stands up in the rear of the plane. "I can make you feel like a woman," he says. He's gorgeous. Tall, built, with black hair and jet black eyes, he starts to walk slowly up the aisle, unbuttoning his shirt one button at a time. No one moves. The woman is breathing heavily in anticipation as the stranger approaches. He removes his shirt. Muscles ripple across his chest as he reaches her, and extends the arm holding his shirt to the trembling woman, and whispers, "Here. Iron this."
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:32:22 No.153502591
    How do you keep a nigger from going out?

    Put more gasoline on him.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:33:16 No.153502786
    why do nigger's only have nightmares?

    because the last one to have a dream got shot!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:33:35 No.153502852
    Whats the definition of revenge ?

    A baby sitting on Ayers Rock eating dingo sandwiches.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:35:22 No.153503208

    i enjoy the one with a tampon sticking out of her.

    a nigger, a spic, and a jew jump off a cliff to see who would get to the bottom first. who wins?


    a doctor delivers a child and takes it out of the room to wash it off. when he comes back he announces to the mother "i have some amazing news! your baby can fly." and he throws the baby, and it hits the floor hard. the mother screams at the doctor but the doctor responds "i swear to god this baby was flying in the other room. just watch." he opens up the nearest window and throws the baby outside, where it plummets to the ground and splatters.

    the mother is hysterical while the doctor is laughing. he pats her on the shoulder and says "relax lady it was a stillborn".
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:35:45 No.153503283
    what's the best thing about having sex with an 8-year-old girl?

    turning her over and pretending it's an 8-year-old boy
    >> anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:35:49 No.153503298
    a man was called a racist by his son. he says "son, i am not racist. i have plenty of black friends, just let me go cut them down and show you"
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:36:15 No.153503381
    What's the difference between a Cadillac and a pile of dead babies?

    I've never had sex in a cadillac
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:38:02 No.153503705
    What's the best thing about fucking a dead baby?

    Technically, every hole is deep throating
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:38:13 No.153503745
    i just made one up so tell me if it works anon

    have you ever seen a black female bounty hunter?

    i have, leaving the abortion clinic
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:38:50 No.153503845
    your joke makes no sence.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:40:18 No.153504141
    whats the difference between your baby brother and your grandma?

    Grandma doesnt die when you fuck her up the ass
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:41:49 No.153504449
    What did the nigger child want for christmas?
    A dad

    What did the nigger child get for Christmas?

    What did the redneck father give his daughter for her 16th?
    A baby.
    >> anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:43:05 No.153504693
    why cant mexicans play uno?
    cause they're always stealing the green cards
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:44:46 No.153505026
    either does your spelling of sense, faggot
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:45:10 No.153505103

    Clearly you are fucking retarded
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:45:50 No.153505222
    the best
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:47:23 No.153505509

    obviously you are a fucking retard
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:47:40 No.153505564
    what's the difference between a dead baby and a turkey sandwich? i don't fuck the sandwich before i eat it.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:48:30 No.153505729
    Q: what would you call the Flintstones if they where black?
    A: niggers
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:48:37 No.153505764
    whats worse than 6 dead babies in 6 garbage cans?
    1 dead baby in 6 garbage cans
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:48:56 No.153505818
    Whats the differance between a dead baby and a nigger?
    a dead baby can feed a family of four
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:49:24 No.153505899
    What's the difference between lasagna and babies?

    I don't fuck my lasagna before I eat it.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:49:24 No.153505901
    i dont have a caddie in my garage
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:49:32 No.153505938
    What's the best way to put a baby in a blender: head first or feet first?

    Feet first, so you can stare into its eyes as you masturbate.

    Also, what's the difference between niggers and snow tires?

    Snow tires don't sing when you put chains on them.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:49:34 No.153505941
    Whats the difference between a baby and a japanese house?

    i take off my cleats before i go stomping around the japanese house
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:49:37 No.153505962
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:50:44 No.153506177
    whats the difference between a pile of dead babies and my front lawn?
    i dont roll around in my front lawn while i fapp.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:51:26 No.153506324
    Why do gorillas frown?

    Because they know in a million years they will evolve into niggers.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:51:48 No.153506392
    whats the difference between a table and a baby?
    you cant fuck a table
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:52:11 No.153506452
    what's funnier than a dead baby?
    a dead baby in a clown suit.

    how many babies do you need to paint a room?
    one, if you hit it good.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:52:30 No.153506516
    what do you do when you see a nigger with half a face?

    reload and keep shooting
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:53:07 No.153506639
    Gotta add some jokes to keep this going :D

    Why don't niggers take aspirin?
    They refuse to pick the cotton out.

    What do nigger kids get for Christmas?
    Your bike.

    What's a niggers idea of foreplay?
    "Don't scream or I'll cut you, bitch."

    Why don't nigger kids play in the sandbox?
    Cats keep covering them up.

    What is the worst 3 years of a niggers life?
    First grade.

    How was break dancing invented?
    Niggers trying to steal hubcaps from moving cars.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:53:20 No.153506681
    stop laughing and reload
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:54:01 No.153506810
    whats the difference between a nigger and a tire? tires dont sing when you put chains on them.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:54:56 No.153506996
    whats the difference between a bucket of shit and a nigger?

    the bucket
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:55:01 No.153507017
    Whats the worst part about being a nigger-jew?

    You have to sit at the back of the furnace.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)02:57:11 No.153507475
    I lol'd

    The mayor of this city is having problems with the mass amounts of seagulls flying around. There is bird crap everywhere which causes the tourists to leave. He finally offers a reward of $1,000 to anyone that can get rid of all the seagulls. After weeks of waiting, a man comes in and says "I can get rid of all these seagulls for you." The mayor asks how but the man just leaves. Then next day he comes back with a cage. He opens the cage and out flies a blue seagull. The blue seagull flies around the whole city and all of the rest of the seagulls starts to follow it. Then the man orders his blue seagull to fly out of town and never return. When all of this is done, the city is seagull free. The mayor runs up to the man and says "Wow! That's amazing!! Do you, by chance, happen to have any blue Mexicans?"
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:00:31 No.153508155

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:02:04 No.153508432
    What's worse than dropping an ice cream cone?
    Dropping two ice cream cones.
    What's worse than dropping two ice cream cones?
    Dropping three ice cream cones.
    What's worse than dropping three ice cream cones?
    What's worse than the holocaust?
    Dropping four ice cream cones.

    My grandad died at Auschwitz in 1944. He tripped and fell of a guard tower.

    Whats the difference between E.T and a muslim?
    E.T looks better, smells better, didn't bring his family,
    learnt english, bought his own bike and fucked off.

    what's the difference between a nigger and a bucket full of shit?
    the bucket

    theres this building with 5 floors. 1 floor contains coreeans, 2 floor contains pakistanians,
    3 floor contains asians, 4 floor contains niggers and the 5th floor contains white people.
    The building blows up, and evrybody dies exempt from the people in the 5th floor.
    Because they where off to work.

    What's the difference between a rifle and a nigger?
    When the rifle is hot the nigger is cold.

    What has four legs and one arm?
    A Rottweiler in a playground...
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:02:35 No.153508534

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:03:02 No.153508615
    How does every joke about a nigger start?
    With a look over the shoulder.

    Why are nazi's bad a making cakes?
    Because all the good ovens were full

    When is it acceptable for niggers to hang out in your front yard?
    When on ropes

    Whats the difference between a pizza and a nigger?
    The pizza can feed a family of four

    Whats the difference between a pizza and a bench?
    The bench can support a family of four

    How long does it take a nigger bitch to take a shit?
    About 9 months.

    Whats the hardest thing about nailing a baby to a wall?
    My dick

    Whats the difference between Bigfoot and a hard working black man? Bigfoot has been seen.

    Why are black people getting stronger? tv's are getting bigger.

    Why do niggers stink?
    So blind people can hate them too.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:03:54 No.153508785
    what does a tornado and a nigger have in common?
    -in only takes one to ruin a neighborhood.

    Obama's the perfect example:
    No matter how successful a black man gets, he'll never escape government housing

    What do you get when a nigger fucks an octopus?
    I don't know either; but it sure can pick a hell of a lot of cotton

    Why were there no niggers in the Flintstones?
    - Because they were still monkeys

    knock knock
    who's there?
    not maddie

    So a nigger, a mexican and a muslim are in a car. Who's driving?
    - The cop

    A black boy decides to put his hands in flour and putting it on his face,
    he then runs to his mother and says "Look mom, I'm a white boy now!"
    His mother, in a furious rage, kicks the boy around the room before
    telling him to go tell his father what he just said.
    He goes to his father and tells him, and his father kicks him around
    the room worse than his mother did.
    The father then tells the boy to go tell his grandmother what he just did.
    Hurting, the boy goes to his grandmother and tells her what he did,
    the grandmother kicks him around the room before telling him to go
    tell his mother what he has learnt.
    He returns to his mother and his mother says, 'Well??'
    The boy replies;
    "I've been white five minutes and already I'm hating you niggers!'

    Q: How do black women fight crime?
    A: They get abortions.

    Q: Why are jelly beans alot like the world?
    A: Because everyone hates the black ones.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:04:04 No.153508813
    What's the difference between a nigger and a bucket of shit?

    The bucket.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:04:50 No.153508958
    Why do more niggers get hit by cars in the winter?
    - They're easier to spot!

    Why are aspirin white?
    -You want them to work, don't you?

    What did one lesbian vampire say to the other?
    See you next month!

    What is big, round, and hates niggers?

    why do niggers have white palms??
    - cause there is a bit of good in everyone

    What does a nigger and sperm have in common?
    - Only about 1 out of two million actually work.

    Why do white folks go to nigger garage sales?
    - To get their stuff back.

    What's the difference between a dead dog on the road and a dead nigger on the road?
    - The dead dog has brake marks in front of it.

    how many jews can you fit into a volkswagon?
    100. 2 in the back seat, 2 in the front seats, 96 in the ashtray.

    What does a Jew get when he runs into the wall with a boner?
    - A broken nose.

    How come niggers are so good at basketball?
    - Cause they can shoot, run, and steal.

    A nigger walked into a bar, with a very exotic and colorful parrot
    on his shoulder. He walked up to the bartender who asked him:
    -Oh, that was one special animal you got there. Where did you get it?
    -Africa, the parrot replied.

    How do you kill 300 flys at once?
    -hit an African kid in the face with a frying pan

    what's the main difference between a trampoline and a nigger?
    -You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:05:37 No.153509106

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:06:00 No.153509174
    What's white on the outside and black on the inside?
    A prison

    treffen sich walfisch und thunfisch...
    ... da fragt der walfisch:"was soll ich tun fisch?".
    ... da sagt der thunfisch:"du hast die wahl fisch".

    Q: what is a white man between 5 niggers?
    A: victim
    Q: what is a white man between 20 niggers?
    A: basketballcoach
    Q: White man between 40 niggers?
    A: Football coach
    Q: white man between 400 niggers?
    A: Prison guard

    how do you castrate a west virginia man?
    kick his sister in the jaw

    You should stop with the racist jokes, there's nothing wrong with niggers.
    The only difference is they've got more pigment in their skin than humans.

    How do you know when a woman is about to say something smart?
    She starts her sentence with "A man once told me..."

    how can you tell that your sister is having a menstruations?
    Your dads dick has a bloody taste.

    a chinese guy walks into a bar. the bartender is black.
    the chinese guy says "hey nigger, gimme a jigger!"
    the black bartender begrudgingly hands him a drink.
    "hey nigger, gimme another jigger!" the bartender
    says "do you have any idea how hard it is to be a
    black bartender?? maybe you'd like to try being a
    chinese bartender for a day??" the chinese guy thinks
    about it and agrees to switch places. He jumps over the
    bar and puts an apron on. the black guy leaves and comes
    back in, and says "hey chink! gimme a drink!" the chinese
    guy says "im sorry, we dont serve niggers here"

    Why so many Jews boarded the train to Auschwitz?
    It was Free.

    What's a moral dilemma for a Jew?
    -Free ham
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:07:01 No.153509375
    What's the difference between a truck full of bowling balls
    and a truck full of dead babies?
    You can't unload a truck full of bowling balls with a pitchfork.

    Why shouldnt blacks marry mexicans? cause the kids will be too lazy to steal.

    What's red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, green and purple?
    My nigger and ill paint him whatever colour i want.

    What's long, black and smelly?
    The unemployment line.

    A neutron walks into a bar and buys a drink.
    He asks the bartender how much he owes.
    The bartender turns to the neutron and says, "For you, no charge."

    How do you make a man pregnant?
    Stick a dead baby up his ass!

    A man walks into the library and asks for a book on suicide,
    the Librarian says "Fuck off you wont bring it back"

    Why does a bride wear white on her wedding day?
    So the dishwasher will match the fridge.

    What's white on top and black on bottom?

    Wht do u get when u mix a nigger and an ape
    A dumb ape

    3 niggers jump off a cliff, who wins?

    Why hasn't NASA sent a woman to the moon?
    It doesn't need to be cleaned yet.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:08:45 No.153509670
    What's worse than 10 dead babies in a trash can?
    1 dead baby in 10 trash cans.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:09:00 No.153509727
         File1250579340.jpg-(213 KB, 427x1062, 1249513346527.jpg)
    213 KB
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:09:51 No.153509861
    there are 5 niggers in a car and the car drives of a clif....
    it's a shame because the car could seat 6

    guy is stranded on a desert island, walking along he finds a lamp.
    he figures couldn't be but decides its worth a shot anyways to try
    rubbing the lamp. Much to his suprise out comes a genie, who states,
    "I may grant you three wishes, but whatever I give you I must grant
    every black man double. The man thinks on this for a second,
    "I want a yacht full of the worlds most beautiful women to take
    me off this island." the genie says "granted, but now every black
    man has two such yachts." The man says, "yeah sure, for my second
    wish, I'm not too greedy, I want ten million dollars on that yacht
    waiting for me." The genie again says "granted, but now every black
    man has twenty million dollars," and then continues "this is your
    final wish, what shall it be?" the man thinks hard for a few minutes
    then gets a surprised look on his face, and says "I wish you'd beat me half to death"

    Why does California have earthquakes and Alabama have niggers?
    California got to choose first.

    Why Do Jew's watch porn in reverse?
    They like the part where the whore gives the money back.

    so, a jewish kid asks his dad for $10...............
    dad says..... $8.....what do you need $6 for?

    How was break dancing invented?
    Nigga's trying to steal hubcaps from moving cars.

    Q. What was the problem with the million man march?
    A. 4 people missed work

    Q. How did they break up the million man march?
    A. Dropped job applications from a helicopter.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:09:53 No.153509868
    What's the difference between jelly and jam?
    I can't jelly my dick into your ass now can I?
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:10:32 No.153509994
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:10:55 No.153510067
    Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat?
    A. Bisexual.

    Q. How do Muslims practice safe sex?
    A. They mark the camels that kick.

    Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns 6 goats?
    A. A pimp.

    Q. What's the hardest part about a Muslim killing his own daughter?
    A. Suppressing the erection.

    Q: How do you get a Muslim woman pregnant?
    A: Dress her up as a goat.

    why did jesus cross the road?
    cause his dick was caught in the chicken

    what's the main objective of Jewish Football ?
    To get the quarter back!!!

    Paedophiles are fucking immature assholes.

    How many babies does it take to paint a house?
    Depends how hard you throw them.

    Scientists just found out the way to prevent the global warming -
    depopulate the world of niggers, because they are black and absorb light.
    White People reflect light. Reflected sunlight does not contribute to the
    greenhouse effect, unlike the heat energy emitted by dark surfaces heated
    by the sun. Reflected light means lower temperature means no global warming!
    Teh epic win for all.

    Why are there no muslims in Star-Trek?
    Because it is set in the future.

    Why niggers don't like blowjobs? Niggers don't like any jobs.

    you wake up in the middle of the nigh and your tv is floating, what do you say?
    dropp it nigger

    i really shouldnt make fun of blacks...
    ive got one in my family tree....
    hes still hanging there

    What do you call 5 chinese people and 3 black people? A sprinkler
    (chink chink chink chink chink nigger nigger nigger)
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:13:01 No.153510420
    How many babies does it take to paint a house?
    Depends how hard you throw them.

    Whats blue and floats at the top of a pool?
    Dead baby.
    Whats green and sits at the bottom of a pool?
    Same dead baby, three weeks later.

    Whats the difference between a train carrage and a misscarage?
    you can't eat a train carrage

    whats the difference between a ferrari and a sack of dead babies?
    I don't have a ferrari in my garage.

    a baby aboriginal died and goes to heaven, as she stands befor god, he gives her a set of wings, she looks up and asks "God, am I an angel?". to witch god replies, "No your a bat now fuck off."
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:13:39 No.153510535
    thats the last one:

    * Your mom is so old that the milk in her tits is expired.

    * Your mom is so old that she has an autographed version of the Bible.

    * Your mom is so old that when she was born the Dead Sea was just getting sick.

    * Your mom is so ugly that she tried to enter an ugly contest and they said "Sorry, no professionals."

    * Your mom is so ugly that she walked into a haunted house and walked out with a job application.

    * Your mom is so poor that I rang your doorbell and she shouted "DING-DONG!"

    * Your mom is so poor that she can't even pay attention.

    * Your mom is like a brick, flat on both sides and keeps getting laid by Mexicans.

    * Your mom is like a shotgun, two cocks: and she's ready to blow.

    * Your mom is like a screwdriver, everyone gets a turn.

    * Your mom is like a bowling ball, she gets fingered and thrown down the gutter 20 times a night.

    * Your mom is like a gas station, pump first then pay.

    * Your mom is like over 9000-Eleven, she's always full of mexicans.

    * Your mom is like McDonald's, "Serving Millions."

    * Your mom is like a rail road, laid all over the country.

    * Your mom is like an SUV, big, black, and full of Mexicans.

    * Your mom is like a door; I banged her all night.

    * Your mom is like a hardware store, 5 cents a bolt, 10 cents a screw.

    * Your mom is like the Eagles Theater, 75 cents on Thursdays.

    * Your mom is so goth that she makes Happy Meals cry.

    * Your mom is so fat, when she bungee jumps she pulls down the bridge too.

    * Your mom is so fat, when she sits around the house, she literally sits AROUND the house.

    * Your mom is so fat, when she was a kid she could only play seek.

    * Your mom is so fat, it took five UFOs to abduct her.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:13:52 No.153510564
    why do you put a baby in the blender feet first?
    to see the look on its face
    What sound does a baby make in the microwave? Dunno, i was too busy fapping
    how many babies does it take to paint a house?
    depends how hard you throw them
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:14:36 No.153510693
    whats the worst part of eating a vegetable?
    the wheelchair
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:15:27 No.153510840
    Stop it with all the nigger jokes!! I have a black guy in my family tree, he's been there for like 3 weeks now.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:16:31 No.153511031
    A jew, a colored man, and a mexican walk into a bar. The bartender says "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:16:59 No.153511115

    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:18:06 No.153511292
    racist bump
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:18:20 No.153511336
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:18:46 No.153511417
    best cut his ass down afor the smell gets any worse
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:19:16 No.153511502
    How do you stop a baby from choking?

    Take your cock out of its throat.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:20:09 No.153511639
    at least dead babies are actually useful
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:20:09 No.153511642
    What'd the little black kid get on his SAT?
    Barbeque Sauce

    You hear the one about Ku Klux K'nievel?
    Tried to jump 1,000 niggers in a steam roller.

    Remember that black guy from the Jetsons?
    Me neither, Isn't the future gunna be GREAT?!
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:21:08 No.153511809
    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    He was a nigger..
    >> Drunker than hell 08/18/09(Tue)03:21:41 No.153511907
    How do you stop a nigger from chasing your truck?

    Cut the rope.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:22:00 No.153511959
    yur mom's so dumb the smartest thing to come out of her mouth is my cock
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:23:34 No.153512244
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:23:44 No.153512260
    What's better than a mountain of dead nigger baby fetuses?

    Nothing. Also obama took our jerbs.
    >> nigger jokes Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:24:54 No.153512475
    how do you save a nigger from drowning?
    Take your foot off his head.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:25:46 No.153512628
    what do you do when you see a one legged black man? quite laughing and reload

    whats worse than a pile of dead babies?
    the one at the bottom is still alive.

    whats worse than that?
    it has to eat it's way to freedom.

    whats worse than that?
    it goes back for seconds.

    what do you get when you cut a dead baby with a strait razor?
    an erection.

    whats funnier than strapping a dead baby to a cloths line and spinning it at 40 mph?
    stopping it with a shovel.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:26:58 No.153512843
         File1250580418.jpg-(17 KB, 350x416, mitchell_henderson.jpg)
    17 KB
    What is the difference between a dead baby and a sandwhich?

    You dont fuck a sandwhich before you eat it.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:30:05 No.153513411
    Q: How do you stop a dead baby that's tied to the end of a rope and being swung around?

    A: With a shovel

    Q: What' worse than a pile of dead babies?

    A: The one of the bottom is still alive!

    Q: What's worse than that?

    A: He's eating his way out?

    Q: What's worse than that?

    A: Helping him get out with a pitch fork

    Q: What's worse than that?

    A: He goes back for seconds

    Q: What's the difference between your mom and a pizza?

    A: A pizza doesn't moan when you eat it.
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:30:20 No.153513462
    a spick a nigger a jew and a regular white guy find this box, in the box there is a lamp. the nigger grabs it and yells "that shits gold its mine!" but as his hand run along it a ginie pops out. the ginie says to them "i normaly only give three wishes...but i guess you can have one each" the nigger says "well fuck y'all i got him to come out of there im going first. i wana have all my nigga brothas moved back to africa" ginie goes POOF! and it is done. next the spick steps up and says "Mang i like his fuckin idea homes. i wan' all my amego mexicans back to mexico mang" ginie goes POOF and it is done. next steps up the jew "so you are telling me that anything i wish for... all the wealth all the gold.. anything i want, it could be mine?" the ginie says yes and the man thinks it over "i have decided.. if all my fellow jews were in one country we could perhaps work to be one big rich country... i will try that.. send me and all my fellow jews back to the holy land" the ginie goes POOF and then looks to the white man "i suppose you will want some extravagen thing like your friends here will you?" and the white guy says "so theres no more spicks, niggers or jews...? shit i guess ill just have a cola"
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:31:49 No.153513730
    Whats a niggers idea of foreplay?

    Saying "Dont scream btich or ill cut you"
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:33:38 No.153514010
    Whats the difference between a jew and a pizza?

    Pizza's dont scream when you put them in the oven
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:34:49 No.153514197
    how many jews can you get in a car?

    2 in the front, 2 in the back and 6 million in the ashtray
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:35:21 No.153514294
    Why is it harder being a black Jew?

    They have to go to the back of the oven
    >> Anonymous 08/18/09(Tue)03:36:04 No.153514396
    Whats the difference between a nigger and a bucket of shit?

    The bucket.

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