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    File :1166902107.png-(166 KB, 400x400, 1166847347378.png)
    166 KB 12/23/06(Sat)14:28:27 No.17751291  
    Hey, /b/. Need to keep this short, since I'm getting called in to sub for someone else this afternoon, starting my double-shifting marathon a day early.

    After about four hours of shifting, lifting, and digging through boxes (guess it's a good thing I'm used to lifting heavy weights), I finally found several of You-know-who's stuff. I tried to keep from going through her things excessively, to respect her privacy, though what I did see made me feel bad, whenever I think about it since...athletics awards, music awards...she plays the piano and the violin, or did, well enough to...eh, forget about that.

    Anyway, I eventually did manage to find her DS lite, which was packed with her games, too. I took everything involved, then packed up the rest of her stuff again, and squared it back away...it was almost nine by then, her social worker having left shortly after we arrived, putting the storage company's night manager in charge of overseeing things. The shed/container/etc was locked back up, and I headed back home to get ready for work, and wrapped up her things in a small box and christmas wrapping...when I got there, and presented it to her, as 'an early christmas gift', she seemed happy to see it, though it clearly stirred up more than a few emotions, too.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:30:54 No.17751382
    Anyway, it went pretty well, all in all...need to get ready for work, so not much posting on my part today.

    Oh, one detail I forgot to mention...her DS lite had a Samus Aran sticker on it. Good taste in heroines...
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:31:04 No.17751392
    キーター! nurse-kuuuuun
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:31:33 No.17751405
    sir, you are full of win
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:44:42 No.17751854
         File :1166903082.jpg-(140 KB, 939x499, TheyBeStealinMyBucketSeal.jpg)
    140 KB
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:50:41 No.17752062
         File :1166903441.jpg-(37 KB, 400x407, tookie_williamst.jpg)
    37 KB
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:51:58 No.17752105
    Who's making all the fanart?
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:52:15 No.17752118
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:53:30 No.17752158
    (the usual crowd isn't prepared since you're so early...)

    Okay, nice. how much time left before you leave for work?
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:53:48 No.17752166
    Please die, please, just die.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:55:10 No.17752209
         File :1166903710.jpg-(41 KB, 850x786, 1113765289289.jpg)
    41 KB
    Does that mean we can draw her in a chozo power suit now?
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:55:41 No.17752229
    need moar!
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:55:49 No.17752236
    Probably need to get going within 40 minutes or so...huh, and here I'd thought this was my 'usual' posting time. Ah, well.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:56:09 No.17752242
    o lawd
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:56:53 No.17752262
    oh hurray nurse-kun. in the past i've only red about this in wiki. but now I meat you well... sort of closer. anyway I just wanna paoit out (I dont even think that you'll be readin this, will you? ) that I think your awesome. hope the little girl gets better emotionally, best wishes ,dude.
    btw, how come you dont post her name?
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:57:37 No.17752285
    I certainly don't see why not. Samus only generally used one arm for shootin' and missilin' and beam-swinging' and such that I can recall, anyway.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:58:04 No.17752302

    :o maybe i was mistaken
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)14:59:04 No.17752333
    this is going to be the most epic bel air in the history of time
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:00:54 No.17752405
    I don't understand what this threads about? A one armed girl?
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:01:20 No.17752419
         File :1166904080.jpg-(166 KB, 589x750, 1118076602309.jpg)
    166 KB
    Awesome, then I'll try to draw something about it during the holidays.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:02:10 No.17752441
    Thank you for your sentiment. Any and all support is appreciated, of course, half-incoherent or otherwise. It's the holidays...incoherent is the norm.

    I haven't posted her name for a variety of reasons, most of which should be somewhat easy to understand...it's somewhat distinctive, if not completely unique, and while it suits her perfectly, it's a situation like pictures of her. Just probably not wise, sorry.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:02:29 No.17752454
    >>17752405 I don't murk loar enough

    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:03:37 No.17752497
    Stop posting.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:03:50 No.17752507
    Hes going to take revenge against the one armed man through his one armed daughter.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:04:24 No.17752533
    Winry, this automail fetish...it...it's getting out of hand. We...we worry about you, Winry.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:04:47 No.17752546
    One arm, one eye, one kidney, no legs, actually.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:05:04 No.17752558
    Insufficient update. Anonymous requires more details of your subsequent interaction with amputee-chan.

    Anonymous questions whether you are really nurse-kun.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:05:16 No.17752562
    Yes, right in time.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:05:57 No.17752605
    Read http://wikichan.org/wiki/Story:DamagedGoods

    On a sidenote, thread is Fukken Archived!
    Have a good time at work Anonynurse!
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:07:04 No.17752643
    Thnx for the link. I've been too busy to lurk moar in the last week and need to be kept updated : )
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:08:04 No.17752677
         File :1166904484.jpg-(165 KB, 640x480, My baby..jpg)
    165 KB
    I did all that to her.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:08:19 No.17752688
    If she really only has one hand, what good would a DS be to her? O_o
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:09:11 No.17752725
    lurk moar
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:10:06 No.17752765
    Go to /i/.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:11:32 No.17752829
    the sentimental guy here (like you called me), pretty suprprized you replied, still new to 4chan. Dont get it fully yet.
    anyways, just wanna wish you luck. the book for christmas thing is a great idea I think. reading should really get her mind of things that well perphaps just painfull to think about.
    I would recommend something but seeing that she is only 7 I dont know that to think,
    oh great idea here, the book written by Richard Bach - Johnatan Linvingston Seagull, sorry, just translated the title now on my own, anyway it's about a seagull who searches for the meaning of life, it's kinda phisosofical, but I think she might undestand and like it.

    good luck once again!
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:12:01 No.17752849
    THEY make all the fanart...
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:12:27 No.17752870
    i'm working on some fanart now. i'll post it as soon as i finish
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:15:00 No.17752981
    Well, I'm kinda pressed for time here, and people have said I have textual diahrrea, anyway. I tried to keep it to the most salient points.

    She was happy to see her ds and games, as I said, but it also clearly brought back a lot of memories, too, which was hard for her. She actually started tearing up a bit, but tried to wipe them away with the back of her hand before they could start falling, and I could just pat her shoulder and offer her the kleenex box, which she used herself to dry her eyes.

    I convinced her to play EBA head to head and kick my butt directly, which she did, quite decisively, and it seemed to help her cheer up. And I got to play with the 2-player mode for the first real time, which was fun for me, too. She liked the basketball version of it the best.

    It wasn't a terribly eventful evening aside from the DS lite, which is why I didn't post much...people have bitched about 'repetitive' events, after all.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:16:55 No.17753066
    She holds the DS steady with her myoelectric hand on her prosthetic arm, and plays with the stylus using her natural one. She's gotten quite good at holding it steady, actually.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:18:01 No.17753103
    Daily updates are better then no updates. You're the best thing on /b/ right now, even if this fake story is fake, or it ends up being an epic bel-air.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:18:33 No.17753125
    Thanks again. I haven't been able to settle on a good book choice yet, I'll probably wind up buying something on christmas, or something...such is my habit of procrastination.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:20:54 No.17753213
    Sawnonymous is the best thing on /b/ for the season, though this is a good story.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:27:04 No.17753468
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:29:03 No.17753557
         File :1166905743.jpg-(15 KB, 201x208, FBIlogo.jpg)
    15 KB
    I can't wait to see you on TV under arrest for child grooming. I'll be scanning the headlines for "amputee" for now on.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:32:08 No.17753687
    lol, under arrest for child grooming? That's not even a crime in and of itself (as far as I know) because it's so ambiguous as to what counts as "grooming". If it's actually something "bad", they get you for some other crime, like distributing porn to minors, or gross sexual imposition (one of my favorite phrases) or something else.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:33:26 No.17753749
    Nurse-kun's already given away enough information that if anyone really wanted to, they could track him down.

    The only thing he's really done wrong so far is post this story, which kind of violates the trust this girl must have put in him. Also, pooper statements.

    If he actually rapes this kid, he'll probably suffer the same fate as the woman who made the video of her crushing the kitten with her shoe.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:34:20 No.17753793
         File :1166906060.png-(20 KB, 500x500, 1166674369294.png)
    20 KB
    Well, on that always pleasent note, I need to leave for work. I'll try and squeeze in an update tomorrow, but I'm doubleshifting for some time to come, so I might not have much time to do much else but sleep. Merry christmas, /b/, see y'all later.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:34:31 No.17753802
    What he's doing now is just buildup. You just know that one day, /b/ is gonna make him go too far and he'll get caught.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:34:40 No.17753807
    They actually caught Gainmas?

    Also, I'm the second of the two guys who was going to look on LexisNexis. I didn't find anything, but I did a really lazy search and didn't actually go through all the results.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:34:41 No.17753809
    Its a tossup between this and sawnonymous. This probably wins for sentimental value, although sawnonymous unites /b/.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:37:45 No.17753949

    In my /b/?
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:39:02 No.17754008
    Yes suh, I swear it, suh.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)15:57:07 No.17754801
         File :1166907427.jpg-(67 KB, 791x528, niipaa.jpg)
    67 KB
    finished. amputee-tan sreeeeeeeepy
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)16:05:00 No.17755096
    About sawnonymous, how much exactly did the lucky bastard won yesterday? Did we ever learn that?
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)16:07:30 No.17755167
    Can someone wiki this, I've got a cold and I'm going to have an early night so I'm not doing it.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)16:14:06 No.17755413
    Well, I'm not very good at the whole wiki thing, but I'll archive the thread, and post the rapidshare link there... then someone can continue from there...
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)16:21:37 No.17755681
    Yeah, this is probably an accurate depiction. Hey Nurse-kun, it IS true that patients in nusring homes are naked, even 7 year olds, right?

    Not that I am complaining...lol.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)16:24:29 No.17755794
    Why the fuck would they be naked? They wear something like that hospital gown, at the very least. At least, that's what I remember from the time my great-grandfather was in such a place.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)16:29:27 No.17755976
    Yes I know...it was sarcasm, if you could not tell.

    But come to think of it, does Amputee-chan indeed wear normal clothes? I would think that, seeing as she just has one good arm and no good legs, she would wear something like a simple dress or some kind of gown. Obviously long pants are out of the window.
    >> 12/23/06(Sat)16:31:32 No.17756059
    In the /i/ thread he talks about this

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