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    File :1166381678.jpg-(308 KB, 641x943, 1234.jpg)
    308 KB 12/17/06(Sun)13:54:38 No.17445483  
    Hello again, /b/.

    Since I got so many requests in my first thread to keep you all updated on the one-armed, one-eyed loli situation, I thought I'd post what happened during last night's shift. I'm still somewhat hesitant to start a blog, so this'll just have to do for the time being.

    Anyway, I picked her up a teeney little stuffed bear, about the size of her hand, and one of those chocolate oranges you smack to split open, and stuffed the toy into the pocket of my scrubs, and the candy into my bag next to my DS, before I headed inside. The security guard at the reception desk, a big indian guy that's always talking about MTV, did a short search, guess it was my lucky night, but only checked the bag, so it was my lucky night indeed. We exchanged mindless pleasentries and I headed to the break room, to check the night's duty log.

    Anyway, to make a boring part of a story short, I eventually wound up back at the night station to start my shift, and killed time as best I could until around 1. When I saw that the coast was clear, I hooked the beeper set up to recieve calls from the patient's rooms onto my waistband, for when we're away from the station, and I headed for her room with the bear and orange chocolate in one of my hands.

    I listened at the door for a minute or so, noting that there was light coming from under it, (but she's apparently been scared of the dark since the accident, so she always keeps at least a small light on, even when sleeping), trying both to listen for activity and to work up my courage, then finally opened it up.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)13:56:58 No.17445575
    in before legendary
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)13:58:44 No.17445642
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:00:24 No.17445697
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:01:37 No.17445745
         File :1166382097.jpg-(19 KB, 239x200, TerrysChocolateOrange.jpg)
    19 KB
    Bullshit, mainly because Terrys choco oranges are the HARDEST FUCKING candies to get ready to eat.
    Why would you get something that a one armed, one eyed girl could never break open...?
    But...please continue anyway.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:03:21 No.17445817
    probably so he could break it open and feed it to her?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:03:49 No.17445831
         File :1166382229.jpg-(55 KB, 800x600, darth-vader.jpg)
    55 KB
    Your lack of pics disturb me...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:04:44 No.17445868
         File :1166382284.jpg-(54 KB, 450x298, paradoja.jpg)
    54 KB
    instead of difficult-to-eat candy, why don't you just buy her new shoes?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:05:18 No.17445890
    with no feet to wear them?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:05:28 No.17445899

    That would scare the shit out of me if I were her.
    Poor choice, IMO.
    (But the candy is so fucking GOOD)
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:05:40 No.17445905
         File :1166382340.jpg-(255 KB, 1700x1215, ...lime paradox.jpg)
    255 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:05:55 No.17445916
         File :1166382355.jpg-(105 KB, 640x480, 1165259115830.jpg)
    105 KB
    Oh OP, you were always so romantic.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:06:05 No.17445925

    Sarcasm motherfucker, do you understand it?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:06:10 No.17445928
    In before a record post count.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:06:17 No.17445931
    not this shit again
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:06:18 No.17445932
    In before revelation this was all lies.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:06:23 No.17445935
    I found her looking my way, in a mixture of very mild surprise and annoyance. She asked me what I wanted as I stepped in, closing the door behind myself, and walking up to her bedside, where she was propped up with the pillows behind her back, frowning.

    I just smiled as gently as I could, and I took my hand out from behind my back, opening it to reveal the dual offerings. She blinked at that, staring at them for a beat or two before looking up at me again, and frowning again...then asking, and I quote, "What?" They were for her, I said...explaining that the other nurses had noticed that she seemed to be feeling down lately, and that a little early christmas gift might help. Then, as I set them down on the corner of her little bedside table, beside her, turning the bear to 'face' her, I also explained that the people in charge here probably wouldn't approve of the nurses, and my, giving them to her, so...could she keep it a secret?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:06:47 No.17445948
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:08:40 No.17446007
    Then I made her smell some chloroform, and raped her. The End.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:08:40 No.17446008
    keep going
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:08:50 No.17446014

    Fuck you.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:09:35 No.17446038
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:09:53 No.17446051
    Aged for fucking nigger-jew-eskimo-mole-man(and I use the term in the loosest possible sense) queer.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:10:09 No.17446064
    This is quite entertaining, please continue.
    DO NOT start a blog, just keep starting new threads here, they will probably be put on the wiki anyway.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:10:15 No.17446066
    This might be win if the OP actualy treated it like the copypasta is was, but he's isn't
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:10:43 No.17446086
    I gave her a little wink when I said that last bit, and brought my finger up to my lips in the standard 'shhhh' position. After another few seconds, she turned her gaze from me to the bear, the confused, almost upset look on her face still there, and was silent for almost a minute...I almost had a heartattack, it was beating so fast, worrying she'd react in the worst way possible...but then she mumbled something I almost didn't catch, save for my heightened state of awareness.

    "Thank you."

    I just smiled again as she refused to look directly at me, turning her good eye downward, instead, into her own lap, and after a moment's debate, reached out and lightly touched the top of her head with my open hand, for just a half-second, before I turned around again, and moved to walk out of the room, barely able to control the butterflies in my stomach. I snuck a peek back as I closed the door again behind myself, after stepping out, and saw her reaching for the bear...a great success, I'd say.

    I quietly opened the door again around 3, to find her sleeping, curled up on her left side, the bear still in her hand, near her chest. 'An angel' doesn't even come close, /b/, and I felt better than I had in weeks, cleaned up the foil and the couple pieces left from the chocolate quietly, and stepped back out again.

    So far, so good.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:10:54 No.17446092
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:11:05 No.17446104
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:12:04 No.17446134
    Let the gaia fags and true /b/tards say what they will, OP. I believe what you say, but you know that you'll only have the populace support you if you can provide at least one obscure pic. /b/'s faith issues have always been evident and for good reason.

    Good luck in your continued efforts.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:12:29 No.17446149
    If you ask me, you are a her amongst an heroes.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:13:10 No.17446182
    this copypasta? if so, needs more p0rn.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:13:19 No.17446188
    pictures or copypasta
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:13:36 No.17446203
    Anyhow, she nodded, agreeing that she would keep it a secret. And with her one arm, she patted the side of her bed, as if gesturing for me to sit. I was kind of... well, I was shocked that she was actually offering for me to sit down next to her. It was kind of awkward for 20 minutes or so, we just sort of sat there in silence. I said that I needed to go back to the desk. I didnt want to be caught sitting there with the kid, while Im supposed to be working. I could get in a bit of trouble for that. But she said, and I quote: "No." And then... well, holy fuck, she grabbed my crotch. I got... well, I got scared and said "You're movin with your Auntie and Uncle in Bel-Air." She whistled for a cab, and when it came near, the liscence plate said "FRESH" and it had dice in the mirror. Now, if anything, she could say this cab was rare, but she probably thought something along the lines of "Nah, forget it." And then she looked at the driver and mumbled for him to take her to Bel-Air. They pulled up to the house about seven or eight, and as she left, she covered her nose in a disgusted fashion. She looked at her kingdom, she was finally there, to sit on her throne as the princess of Bel-Air. And of course she's going to sit on it. It's not like the legless little bitch can stand.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:13:41 No.17446206
    alright, moar
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:13:59 No.17446219
    "into her own lap"


    legless people have laps?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:15:05 No.17446274
    nice! now just keep it slow. very slow.
    emotional bond needs time.
    way to go Anonymous!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:15:20 No.17446288
    You're a cruel fucking animal if you're really trying to seduce her.. where do you live so I can call the cops
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:16:03 No.17446310
    She is probably only missing her legs from the knee down.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:16:36 No.17446338

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:16:44 No.17446348
    this is so cute.

    how did the discussion end yesterday btw?

    what are you going to do in the future
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:17:17 No.17446379
    when did OP say she was legless???
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:17:17 No.17446380
         File :1166383037.jpg-(42 KB, 200x285, Card3012.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:17:22 No.17446383
    is it hard becoming a nurse? I want a little amputee loli
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:17:22 No.17446385

    Butchered it. Not funny. GTFO.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:17:42 No.17446400

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:17:47 No.17446406
    Uh, yeah. She only lost roughly half her legs, in transfemoral amputations. Or, what, do you need knees to qualify?

    Anyway, there isn't much more to tell, I just finished up my shift as best I could, in a mixture of nervousness and barely suppressed glee. Nothing much else happened.

    Oh, I finished Hard ROCK mode on EBA, but that isn't really salient to the main topic of discussion.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:17:59 No.17446412
    Wait, what? The story broke into two different paths. WHICH ONE LEADS TO THE PORN AND WHICH TO THE COPYPASTA?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:18:21 No.17446423

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:18:44 No.17446443
         File :1166383124.jpg-(25 KB, 296x400, boratcannes1.jpg)
    25 KB
    >a great success, I'd say.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:18:49 No.17446452
    get ready for jail time, OP.

    Also, get ready to be raped and/or shanked in prison.

    Possibly both at the same time.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:18:57 No.17446456
    me too... but this girl has legs,no?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:19:41 No.17446481
    GTFO MY /B/
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:20:22 No.17446501
    woo tag
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:20:24 No.17446502
    disregard, i suck cocks, etc
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:20:31 No.17446507
    copypasta from at least yesterday
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:20:43 No.17446512
    OP said she was legless in the last thread.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:21:02 No.17446523
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:21:42 No.17446542
    Link for anyone who needs to catch up

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:21:51 No.17446548
    How did she open the candy with only one arm?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:21:54 No.17446549
    Well, if you call 'half her thighs' legs, then yes, she has legs. But most people don't qualify above-knee amputees that way, so, no.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:22:02 No.17446553
    Just GTFO before you humiliate yourself further.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:22:21 No.17446568
         File :1166383341.jpg-(22 KB, 335x343, no u.jpg)
    22 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:22:49 No.17446578
    I was the guy who suggest the christmas chocolate orange - I didnt think it would be TOO hard for a one armed, no legged, one eyed, 7 year old, half japanese, blonde, blue eyed loli to break.

    So don't diss my idea :/

    Oh and way to go - even if you are making it up the story rocks - if you aren't we are still awaiting a PIC
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:23:20 No.17446591
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:23:25 No.17446593
    this makes me kinda sad, if the girl is real please don't hurt her mr. psychopatic /btard D:
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:23:26 No.17446594
    I hate /b/ noobs who are saying things like,
    "You're a cruel fucking animal if you're really trying to seduce her.. where do you live so I can call the cops"
    They really don't understand /b/ at all.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:23:33 No.17446598
    once i was copypasta.. now i have become much more - scornful egotist
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:24:03 No.17446610
         File :1166383443.jpg-(85 KB, 520x551, baiken-cool4.jpg)
    85 KB

    Oh lawd is that sum Baiken fanfic?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:24:20 No.17446623
    This is the best thread in years! OP, I think you should still try to take a pic from her, maybe use a cell phone with camera in it? Should be easier to take to work.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:24:38 No.17446629
    I completed my Registered Nursing program after I finished my bachelor's. It wasn't as 'hard' as med school, I guess, but I didn't really feel like another four years of school and then a bunch more years of interning after that at the time. I had been considering becoming a paramedic, but didn't, for reasons I don't really want to get into here.

    Anyway, it's a pretty rewarding career, when the doctors aren't being total dickheads, and the patients are vomiting or pissing or shitting all over you. Uh, maybe that's what drew me to /b/, actually.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:25:07 No.17446647
    Anybody got copypasta of the previous thread?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:25:07 No.17446648
    Holy shit. This has the scent of Truth.

    You're back at your normal time, 14ish est, and there was no pooper sticking.

    What are your plans for the future? Do you really think you can adopt her?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:25:41 No.17446664

    Keep us posted, OP. You are a legend.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:26:13 No.17446679
    /r/ing copypasta of first entries
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:26:16 No.17446681

    Have you ever had one?
    You have to really slam the thing to break it.
    It would be hard to open for her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:26:31 No.17446687
    i call bullshit on this seeing as how there is no "hard rock" mode in EBA

    the entire story is wafer thin when you consider that
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:26:42 No.17446694
         File :1166383602.jpg-(62 KB, 800x600, 1160073471422.jpg)
    62 KB
    You will continue this story or this man will eat your face.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:27:02 No.17446709
    Serious question, OP. How often do you work and will you be giving us updates on /b/ frequently? Even small updates would be appreciated.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:27:29 No.17446718
    as far as this situation is concerned i really think the OP has a genuine interest in seeing that the girl is happy and feels secure

    if he;s planning on pooper sticking he deserves to die though....

    please OP, make that girl's life worth living, be her friend, dont go down the dark path
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:27:31 No.17446719
    lol wut?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:27:41 No.17446724
    rape her tomorrow
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:28:35 No.17446755

    he already said he wanted to seduce her
    also, you need to GTFO of my 4chan
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:28:42 No.17446760
    I guess it figures that /b/'s answer to Densha Otoko would be incredibly fucked up.

    Anyway, good on you OP, try to get some pics.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:28:46 No.17446764

    Wait, like he said, he could get in deep shit if somebody recognizes it.

    We want undeniable proof though. I want to believe you, OP. I think your telling the truth, because your background story, like details about becoming a nurse, check out.

    Still, undeniable proof. Can you think of anything?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:29:01 No.17446774
    I beleive this thread and yesterdays 100%
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:29:30 No.17446797
    You have pleased Anonymous about keeping us all updated. Keep the updates coming.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:29:42 No.17446807
    this is truly epic.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:29:42 No.17446808
    Shit, I knew I forgot to mention something.

    I hadn't really tried one of the chocolate orange things before, so I asked the checkout clerk how hard it would be to 'open' one. She said you have to whack it pretty hard, but that's all part of the fun, right?, and laughed. I laughed too, and left the store. Turning it over in my head on my way home to get ready for work, I decided it probably would be a bit frustrating for her, and I didn't want that, so when I got home, I gave it a couple of medium-strength whacks on my table, then felt around the outside of the foil. It seemed to have seperated somewhat inside, so I left it at that state, then got ready, and the story proceeded as I told it.

    And her eyes are/were green, by the way.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:30:27 No.17446831
    /r/ the stuff from the first thread
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:30:30 No.17446834

    GTFO of my /b/
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:30:54 No.17446846

    die pedo
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:31:23 No.17446866
    inernet tough guys are *so* yesterday
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:31:27 No.17446868
    I'm strongly considering it, and looking through some webpages on local laws.

    I have a lawyer cousin, so I can get some free legal advice if it comes to it, he'll be at the family's for christmas...I'm considering telling them about her then, and asking their advice on my consideration of trying to help her.

    I won't be mentioning poopering to them, no, by the way.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:31:46 No.17446877

    jerkass, you ruined half the fun for her
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:31:58 No.17446887
    Boring and quite obviously made up, so much so that I didn't even bother to read to the loli raep scene. Seriously, could you make it anymore obvious? You sound like you're writing a novel, not recounting some event.

    We're not dumb shits you know.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:32:29 No.17446901
    An angel' doesn't even come close, /b/

    Lol, this is great
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:32:38 No.17446907
    Good work, OP! You'll be sticking it in her pooper before the year is out, mark my words.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:33:40 No.17446941
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:33:42 No.17446942
         File :1166384022.jpg-(106 KB, 1000x900, APU.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:33:44 No.17446946

    This is simultaneously heartwarming and /b/tardtastic.

    I want to believe you, but I know that good things are usually lies. I know you can't take a picture or anything, but is there anything else you can do that further solidify my belief in you?

    Does your nursing home have a website? Of course we can't know who you are, but the more evidence that this is true the better.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:33:58 No.17446951

    GTFO, moral-fag
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:34:37 No.17446974

    this guy is a furry, no doubt
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:34:51 No.17446985
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:35:17 No.17447002
    Clearly nothing that happens in real life can be written creatively, which would explain how non-fictional books don't exist. Tard.

    I'm liking the story OP, pasta or not. Looking forward to updates and good luck.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:35:35 No.17447013
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:35:54 No.17447021
    This copypasta has been going around for a few days at least.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:36:04 No.17447025
    This is really a dilemma. The more you try to prove it to anonymous, the greater the chances of your plans being foiled, OP.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:36:11 No.17447028
         File :1166384171.jpg-(36 KB, 500x440, approve.jpg)
    36 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:36:30 No.17447038

    I want to Habeeb.

    He's said nothing yet that's obviously bullshit, and he's acting fairly normal. The only extraordinary thing here is how wonderful this situation is.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:36:44 No.17447045

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:37:10 No.17447057
    I usually work five or six days a week, probably more this month since I don't have a 'family' (spouse/kids) to spend the holidays with. I have tonight off, so I'm a bit nervous about what's happening there while I'm at home, but, not much I can do about that.

    I'll probably just spend christmas day with the family, it's about an hour's drive each way, so I'll be seeing her then, and christmas eve, anyway.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:37:17 No.17447062
         File :1166384237.jpg-(38 KB, 450x600, cracky2.jpg)
    38 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:37:30 No.17447071

    Well - maybe it was too hard for her :/ but she ate most of it, as the story goes, so she must have liked it. I am glad to contribute to the happiness of cripple-desu in any way I can.

    Keep up teh good work - one day you may have her for your very own!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:37:36 No.17447077
    Funny, I'm planning on going into a nursing career too, OP.

    I guess I'm inspired now?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:37:40 No.17447083
    Rhythm moar, faggot.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:38:04 No.17447099
    OP, this is the sysop of that wiki that has been logging your story.

    Let me throw in my two cents, even though they don't matter. You have an opportunity of a lifetime- you can really get in on this girl if you do it right. However, in light of your recent events, you may be walking closer to the creepy factor if you don't watch it.

    I mean, let's look at it from her perspective. Someone busts into your room at 1 in the fucking morning and hands you candy and a bear and tells you to keep a secret. Kinda disturbing. However, it seems like you did it well- if she's holding the bear, it means that she probably appreciated the gift.

    Here's what I would do. Stay back for a little bit. Don't get too suddenly grabby, or else the little alarm bells in her head will go off. I don't care how messed up she is, she's a normal human in the head, and she'll probably read you like a book. Keep low and keep nice. Visit her occasionally, preferably if you actually have something to do. Just make your way closer, where you are in her "line of sight", just not obnoxiously so.

    And good luck. If you get loli sex, I will hate you forever.

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:38:40 No.17447129
    I'm still trying to think of something that wouldn't be too dangerous. Internet toughguys that shouldn't be in /b/ and all that, you know.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:38:43 No.17447133

    Kill yourself
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:38:52 No.17447143
    Creative writing or actually just making shit up?

    This is 4chan so I'm going for the second option.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:38:58 No.17447147
    OP, what state do you live in?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:39:06 No.17447150
         File :1166384346.jpg-(39 KB, 420x420, 1164444564648.jpg)
    39 KB
    Maybe if you play your cards right OP, you can dress her up as suiseiseki
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:39:19 No.17447156
    Pedophiles should be raped by large african american inmates.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:39:30 No.17447165
    Listen /b/,
    I've been around here for a long time. Posted a lot of legendary stuff, been in a lot of legendary threads, been around to see a lot of /b/'s development.
    I'll leave, if that's what it takes to spare the girl.

    Seriously. I'll even request a ban.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:40:20 No.17447209

    you're a good man, through and through. if anyone can adopt her it'll be you.

    and if you do adopt her, maybe then you can take a picture of her. just take care of this beauty you have found, and nurture it.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:40:43 No.17447223
    If you get to adopt her, show her all your posts.

    [email protected] post (yesterdays thread)
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:41:13 No.17447242
    /b/ practically STANDS for pooper-sticking now

    ok i need a backstory to this lie. also guro pr0n(it IS sunday...)
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:41:28 No.17447255
    Fail. Yes, there is.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:41:39 No.17447263
    OP is one fucked up son of a bitch.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:42:00 No.17447278
         File :1166384520.jpg-(89 KB, 360x363, tankchair.jpg)
    89 KB
    If this is all real, I implore you to have a TankChair made for her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:42:15 No.17447285
    you dont belong here faggot.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:42:56 No.17447321
    Uh, yeah, I'm really goiong to let slip the name of the place I work at. When I have at least ten percent of the responses telling me I need to die in prison rape funtime, and they want to call the local police on my sick ass.

    I'm not totally retarded, people. (No offense to the poster I'm replying to here directly)

    I need to afk for ten minutes or so, getting buzzed on my intercom, brb
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:43:28 No.17447348
         File :1166384608.jpg-(247 KB, 856x1260, fsahpd cover.jpg)
    247 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:43:54 No.17447362
         File :1166384634.jpg-(66 KB, 360x240, EVANO U.jpg)
    66 KB
    Fuck you, Newgrounds fag.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:44:04 No.17447374

    To an extent I agree with you. Now that you've brought the whole scenario out of fantasy loli land and into reality, it's certainly... dramatic?

    However, if OP is completely honest as to her reaction, it could mean that she wanted it. Of course, nightly visits like that are out of the question.

    On the other hand, she may have felt put upon to thank him... orz

    Not that you should feel despair! You did great OP!

    Sometimes I wonder if people at 2chan have these sort of encouraging, nice threads all the time.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:44:20 No.17447380

    that would be epic. you could even make her some arm/legs and then she would have doll joints.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:44:22 No.17447382
    10% on /b/ would report you
    90% IRL would report you.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:44:44 No.17447394
         File :1166384684.jpg-(94 KB, 400x536, 1164819504676.jpg)
    94 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:44:46 No.17447395
    OP here, I forgot to post, I added some rat poison to the candy.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:45:24 No.17447414
    The girl is in safe hands - she has a nice nurse-man who likes her and wants to see her well cared for. They will eventually fall in love and they will sexxor in all kinds of ways before too long. Eventually, she will grow up and become queen of this world.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:45:28 No.17447419
    Densha Otoko comes to mind.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:45:30 No.17447422
    for the love of god, close this window b4 you go!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:45:33 No.17447424

    Nigras. Now GTFO.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:45:34 No.17447425

    no u
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:47:07 No.17447487

    That's exactly what I was thinking about too!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:47:28 No.17447499

    GTFO. Now.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:47:44 No.17447509
    dude why does everybody keep saying this shits copypasta?


    ...oh wait, yesterday's when he made the first post.

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:48:30 No.17447536
    I would fucking kill you with my bare hands, you miserable maggot, if I would know where and who you are!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:48:33 No.17447538

    Hahah, you're right. Now that I think about it it would be a pretty dumb idea to do that.

    Hmm... What other way could you prove this situation's veracity.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:48:37 No.17447541
    I wouldn't post from work if you're trying to get lolisex. If a mod decides to bust you they just need to call the ISP and figure out where you work, etc. and get you partyvanned in a flash.

    This isn't to say that I approve of your trying to get sex from a deformed, underage, traumatized little girl, but if you are don't be sloppy in keeping yourself anonymous.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:48:45 No.17447550

    This story was placed on the front page. Keep us updated, OP, this fucking rules.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:49:01 No.17447562
         File :1166384941.jpg-(103 KB, 539x480, nurindeinemkopf.jpg)
    103 KB
    You know OP if you dodn't try to seduce her and instead gave her the platonic love and emotional support she needs to recover after so great a trauma, you would be one of the finest human beings I have ever heard.

    'course we would tell you to gtfo, but you would still be a really good human being.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:49:51 No.17447590
    I think, I mean, I hope he can give her both. D:
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:50:37 No.17447625
    These people fail harder than I previously thought was possible.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:51:24 No.17447653
         File :1166385084.gif-(35 KB, 380x380, good job.gif)
    35 KB
    It's one or the other - adopt or sweet loli sex.

    .......I'd advise you to go the adoption method. It sounds a hell lot more heartwarming, and there are enough loli pics/stories on the interbutt.

    Kindness is something the world shouldn't run out of.

    ...Regardless of your secret inner dark feelings.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:51:26 No.17447655

    You're like 13. Please GTFO.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:51:42 No.17447661
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:52:11 No.17447678
    Although in hindsight, they could just as easily do that with your home IP, so I guess you may as well ignore what I said.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:52:15 No.17447681
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:52:26 No.17447688

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:53:00 No.17447706
    Why the fuck are you on 4chan?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:53:18 No.17447721
    Crippled loli is so fucking cute and sweet. I'd treat her to some fancy restaurant, then take a long romantic walk with her, holding hands and talking about philosophy, art and dreams. Then I'd invite her to my home and ravage her hot ass for hours, and forcing my cock down her throat so she choked on both the throbbing cock and her own rectal juice. I'd then proceed to cum on her cute innocent face. Then, as the ultimate love gift, I'd carry her in my arms to the tub and let my piss wash away the semen and last dignity from her. I'd whisper "I love you" and give her a tender smile, and cut her throat from ear to ear with a knife. Covered in her own warm blood, she'd look straight into my very soul, forgiving, understanding. A bubble from blood and saliva would burst between her lips, then she'd die. After some additional lovemaking, I'd stuff her in a bin bag. Three Weeks later, some playing children will find her mutilated and desecrated body in the forest. They will be scarred for life.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:53:18 No.17447722
         File :1166385198.jpg-(182 KB, 1134x806, same.jpg)
    182 KB
    In reference to taking pics--can't you just use a camera phone? Have a big jacket, stick the top of the phone out, take a picture and flip it back down. They're excellently discreet.

    Then, upload for all of /b/ to see!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:53:26 No.17447727
    die, pedo.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:54:31 No.17447755

    Hell no.

    It'd ruin everything.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:54:55 No.17447772
    bin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bagbin bag
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:55:01 No.17447774
    what do you mean?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:55:10 No.17447779
    I love this pasta. (adapted)
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:55:13 No.17447782
         File :1166385313.jpg-(42 KB, 700x473, What did you say.jpg)
    42 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:55:17 No.17447787

    Adoption, caring, support, then loli sex.

    It doesn't have to be one or the other.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:55:36 No.17447802

    Die, you underage fag.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:56:22 No.17447829
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:57:12 No.17447858
         File :1166385432.jpg-(136 KB, 926x969, 1160828240714.jpg)
    136 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:57:14 No.17447861

    I might. How old are you?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:57:27 No.17447868
    To the OP:

    I support you, and I'm proud of the fact you chose to go the human route and befriend her. I'm not sure how you could prove that your story is true, but it would be nice if you could. Also, mabey an offsite blog? That way we can track your progress without worrying about missing out on posts.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:57:34 No.17447871
    Dear OP, if you're still here:

    i can tel you clearly love her or something. i just hope you still love her once she becomes un-loli, too.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:58:07 No.17447887
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:58:22 No.17447897
    4chan is a veritable HIVE of pedophiles. Why are you here if you are so offended by it?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:59:02 No.17447917

    It's people like you that are making this difficult.


    I don't actually think he's going for pooper-sticking anymore. At least not now.

    Think about it. The reason why this is at once heartwarming and /b/tardtastic is that fact that only a /b/tard could get a true, unassisted hard on from a legless, 1 armed, 1 eyed half-jap.

    Is that perverted? I don't think so. This girl will want love just as much as you and I when she reaches that age, and OP is pretty much the only one who could love her because she is her.

    Geez, I sound like somebody with morals.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:59:10 No.17447924
         File :1166385550.jpg-(47 KB, 500x737, dickhead cat.jpg)
    47 KB

    Some idiot would track him down and end his plans of lust and loli domination, or pics would prove the story to be false. Either way, it's BAD ENDING.


    ...Because finding out she got adopted for the loli sex is going to screw up her life even worse than it's already been?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)14:59:30 No.17447930

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:00:28 No.17447959
    This brings Lolita (the book) to mind. Lola's parents are dead, mother by car accident, and she is left in the care of Humbert, the step-father. Young Lolita is all into the sex at first, but she gets pretty psychologically fucked later on and comes to haet Humbert. Eventually she runs away from him and believes that he ruined her life.

    OP, I'd think about this.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:00:45 No.17447971
         File :1166385645.jpg-(328 KB, 689x649, real_shinkujpg.jpg)
    328 KB
    Stop the spamming.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:00:59 No.17447977
    just goto wiki

    yep. in theory.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:01:11 No.17447982

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:01:50 No.17448003

    4chan would be better off without you underage moralistic fags.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:02:01 No.17448012
    4chan is a pedo message board, like it or gtfo
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:02:08 No.17448017

    Only when you stop fucking crippled kids.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:02:24 No.17448027

    Excellent point. AFAIK, no loli has a good ending when it involves underage sex.

    ......Wait, is the OP even here? Gods this is retarded.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:02:47 No.17448045
    4chan IS pedophillia, retard. The pedophiles were what made up /b/. You take them away and there's nothing left, you underaged faggot.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:02:58 No.17448054
    I guess so.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:03:20 No.17448063
    Wouldn't pics prove the story to be true? And who the hell visits freaking /b/ anyway. Besides him. Plus, they could never prove he took the pictures. Well, at the very least, adopt her first, then pics.

    I don't think it's all about loli smexxing right now. This is a great opportunity for her to find someone who loves her because of who she is. If loli sex should follow, I don't necessarily want to know, but I don't take the majority of the stuff on the interwebs seriously.

    In order to adopt her, he should say how he's been really touched and hurt by her story, and she seems like such an able, intelligent, special girl and he feels like he really could be the best home for her.

    Then she'd be like "yeah he's been really nice to me" of course not in those words.

    and then, BOOM! adoption. PEOPLE MUST HAVE SYMPATHY.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:03:26 No.17448066
    I'd love it if this was the real deal.
    It sounds pretty bona fide, but it just seems so damn /b/tard-fantasy-esque.

    I'd advise on trying to adopt her before going in for the pooper, that way it's at least not on nursing home premises (and albeit a lot harder to find out).

    God speed, /b/rother.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:03:42 No.17448072
    someone post that shit from yesterday
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:03:44 No.17448074

    GTFO. You're behaving like a child (I wonder why that is). It's embarrassing. =
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:03:52 No.17448087

    What is it so fucking special about kids, i fucking hate kids, i fucking hate babies, i fucking hate theme all.

    Oh you mean that the kid would be fucking twisted psycho who will rape ppl, with murder and mutilation? Or would somekinda sexaddict and
    nympfo. Fucking bullshit. If the kid wants to have sex she/he should have. OH YEAH HE CANT THINK FOR HIS/HER OWN. Is it that why you ppl brainwash them to be patriotic and stuff.

    Young ppl nowadays are fucked up already so who cares about couple nutcases more.

    I would liked to have/had sex with some molesting teacher or women when i was 10, could that have made I more psychopathic and bipolar that I am now, shit, maybe, I don't care.

    Fuck this hypocritic shit, 'die u pedos.' I say fuck you pedohaters and go to wank with your furrys and sadomastic shit.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:04:11 No.17448099

    Quit responding and he'll get bored. Like >>17447917 said, this is literally the one good thing /b/tards can do. We're fucking good for something.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:04:25 No.17448106

    She's not running anywhere...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:04:32 No.17448113
    this story is epic fail. i can tell it by the lack of pictures,and not by reading it. since i didn't.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:04:37 No.17448115
    This thread is so much win. I believe it 100%
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:04:38 No.17448116
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:04:58 No.17448127

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:05:02 No.17448130
    hope you got 10bux
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:05:12 No.17448139
    shut the fuck up you underage sack of maggot shit. YOUR NOT FUCKING AWESOME, PULL YOUR FUCKING COCK OUT OFF YOUR THROAT GOD DAMN IT
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:05:15 No.17448141
    >4chan is a fucking hive of pedos

    and don't forget weeaboos....

    this girl is perfect...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:05:26 No.17448149
    I can think of one more good thing loli-related that /b/tards can do (not rape) but I don't want to hijack the thread.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:05:27 No.17448150
    4chan is and has always been pedo, gaiafags need to GTFO, discuss.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:05:45 No.17448160
    This man speaks the truth.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:05:46 No.17448161

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:15 No.17448177
    When Jim Walker's daughter, Amy, was in third grade at Hollingsworth Elementary School, the small family was homeless, living sometimes in weekly rental motels, with friends or in an unregistered motor home parked near Bonanza Road and 11th Street.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:18 No.17448181
    okay guys, time to bring out the big guns. YOU FUCKER SPAMMING DONT FUCK WITH FOOTBALL THE FBI IS WATCHING!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:19 No.17448182
    Time paradox!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:21 No.17448184
    Your a fucking idiot, discuss
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:26 No.17448187
    I don't think you have heterosexuality. Enjoy your shota.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:27 No.17448188
    i want to beleeeeeeeve but anything posted on 4chan is and always be questionable.

    start a blog so i dont have to miss anything
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:30 No.17448191
         File :1166385990.jpg-(103 KB, 800x600, warm and happy thoughts =).jpg)
    103 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:47 No.17448205
    OP, I think you should adopt her and let her bloom to a mature young woman and maybe one day, she'll appreciate it and realize she had deep feelings for you. Don't pooper it right away, just...raise her and then when she's 21 or something, BAM.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:54 No.17448209
    Wouldn't pics prove the story to be true? And who the hell visits freaking /b/ anyway. Besides him. Plus, they could never prove he took the pictures. Well, at the very least, adopt her first, then pics.

    I don't think it's all about loli smexxing right now. This is a great opportunity for her to find someone who loves her because of who she is. If loli sex should follow, I don't necessarily want to know, but I don't take the majority of the stuff on the interwebs seriously.

    In order to adopt her, he should say how he's been really touched and hurt by her story, and she seems like such an able, intelligent, special girl and he feels like he really could be the best home for her.

    Then she'd be like "yeah he's been really nice to me" of course not in those words.

    and then, BOOM! adoption. PEOPLE MUST HAVE SYMPATHY.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:06:56 No.17448212
    Only issue with her body state is that within a few years her muscles will have degenerated enough to make her appear as a crippled old woman, unable to clean her vagoo, pooper, and whatnot.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:07:41 No.17448240
    Lurk moar, nooblet.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:07:43 No.17448241

    GB2 SA forums goon.

    Protip: Everybody here but you would pop a boner at the sight of hot loli.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:07:58 No.17448257
    OP, start a blog so this spammer can't sage this win thread. START A BLOG
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:08:08 No.17448263
    OP here. Sorry about that, my new neighbour from down the hall needed help moving his christmas tree inside. I'm the only person he knows here so far, and he's been pretty nice and generous so far (free beer and chinese food, woo), so what was I to do?

    Anyway, I live alone, so my computer being on isn't, uh, generally a problem. And, um, too many posts to answer, amidst the spam, so I'll just start again from here on.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:08:20 No.17448271
    also mutilated underage girls have the rigt to be loved
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:08:32 No.17448277
    This thread saddens me to no end. The OP has done a genuinely kind act for an unfortunate little girl, and gets spammed with this "DIE PEDO" bullshit. Underaged retards like >>17448059 are the cancer that is killing /b/
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:08:46 No.17448284
         File :1166386126.jpg-(19 KB, 348x418, DISNEYLAND.jpg)
    19 KB

    It is "you're" or "you are", discuss.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:08:50 No.17448289
    I guess we have to wait a couple of days now for an update since he doesn't work tonight... damn :/

    Oh and get a pic - blur out 90% of it if you have to but we need something to go on man!! Words alone can't string us along forever.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:10:01 No.17448340

    Read the wikichan.org shit concerning yesterday's first posts by OP.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:10:03 No.17448343
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:10:14 No.17448353
         File :1166386214.jpg-(93 KB, 285x1370, Isnt it sad nanachan.jpg)
    93 KB
    I'd go for adopt. Sexing will fuck her up even more, it sounds like this girl won't ever get over that trauma. Sexing her might not even be possible with the condition shes in.

    So go for the next best thing. 'Sides, women will think you're sensitive. Believe me, I am one.

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:10:23 No.17448360
    I'm getting really tired of the fucking spammers. I want to shoot them in the fucking head.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:11:09 No.17448391
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:11:49 No.17448416
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:12:20 No.17448441
    Ohh, I thought you were posting from work. Disregard
    and probably

    though if you are worried about that you might be best to make a blog so people won't have easy access to your IP, ignoring that they could contact whatever blog site you're using, etc etc, know what I mean? maybe I'm thinking about this too hard.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:12:25 No.17448445

    >Wouldn't pics prove the story to be true? And who the hell visits freaking /b/ anyway. Besides him. Plus, they could never prove he took the pictures. Well, at the very least, adopt her first, then pics.

    /b/tards are everywhere. True story.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:13:43 No.17448500
    If there were more than one at his work, don't you think they would have recognised the description of this little girl by now?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:13:52 No.17448506

    In your absences we've concluded that your situation is proof that there are good things that only a /b/tard can do.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:14:21 No.17448531

    GTFO Gaiafags
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:14:25 No.17448535
    I would put a large amount of money on the spammer being a furry.

    He/she wants the pedos out, so furfags can rule /b/ supreme.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:14:51 No.17448551
    I agree with the person who said that it might look creepy to her, but then it's hard to know exactly how it went unless you were there. I suggest acting like an oni-chan. Big, strong and laughing all the time. If you do that and she starts feeling like a little sister, then as Japan has told us, she will automatically start lusting for oni-chan PENIS!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:15:32 No.17448568

    No girls on teh intarbutt, etc.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:15:42 No.17448572

    This post is beautiful, hope inspiring, and makes me feel good about myself because I'm a /b/tard.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:16:02 No.17448581
    Give her more teddies.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:16:19 No.17448594
         File :1166386579.jpg-(20 KB, 662x529, 1166352535541.jpg)
    20 KB
    this spam
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:16:26 No.17448600
         File :1166386586.jpg-(248 KB, 1023x1335, 1166128464631.jpg)
    248 KB
    You don't belong on /b/, take your faggotry elsewhere gaiafag.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:17:11 No.17448628
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:17:11 No.17448629
         File :1166386631.gif-(73 KB, 318x480, 1166353026927.gif)
    73 KB
    to the furfag spammer
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:17:54 No.17448652
    It is clear, that at some point if everything pans out, he WILL be having sex with our cripple-desu.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:19:14 No.17448697

    At which point he should most definitely stick it in her pooper
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:20:09 No.17448732
    Uh, yes, adoption is the most likely course, with the other major choice being 'do nothing', which I would feel like shit over, but remains a possibility simply due to the overwhelmingness of the undertaking.

    Poopering, for the last time, isn't on the menu for the foreseeable future, and I haven't even done anything inappropriate to her yet, people. I haven't touched her in any manner outside the boundries of my profession and her position as my patient, and I haven't introduced her to any sexually inappropriate material, verbal or otherwise.

    Oh, and for the record, all of you Taxi Driver wannabes out there furiously masturbating to the thought of proving to the world just how big a man you are, needing tweezers to do so be damned: find me one place where I've actually said I planned, or even WANTED to rape her. Go ahead.

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:21:05 No.17448775
    I hate you stupid weeaboo faggots that think you know Japanese. You have no idea what desu is, do you?

    She is Cripple-CHAN.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:21:08 No.17448778
    Post a link to a news article about the accident that she and her parents were in.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:21:13 No.17448781
    This thread made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:21:49 No.17448807
    where the fuck has this influx of politically correct straight shooting faggots come from? honestly, we didn't have whiny faggots like these a couple of months ago. Honestly, get the fuck back to /a/ or /c/ or wherever the fuck you overly emotional pussies came from.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:22:12 No.17448821
    This is the kind of shit that gets the fuzz to come down hard and then you go "lol! j/k!"

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:22:33 No.17448842
    for what its worth i wanna beleive
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:22:56 No.17448860
    is dis sum gurochan?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:23:01 No.17448862
    I wondered about that too but, when thinking about it, isn't she still able to do simple exercices? Like sit ups, for example. That would keep her body smooth and delicious. I, for one, do sit ups all the time and it works with me. If I had an amputee loli to keep cheerful, I'd do sit ups with her. Then I'd tickle her when she says she's tired :3
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:23:04 No.17448864
    Guys, I think we found a story that will blow Densha Otoko out of the water.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:23:47 No.17448896
         File :1166387027.jpg-(46 KB, 593x443, donotwant1.jpg)
    46 KB
    wtf is this shit
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:23:51 No.17448900
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:24:10 No.17448914
    The guy who spammed this thread should be tied up, then anally violated by 10 extremely large muscle-bound nigras, working in shifts until his insides are completely ruptured and he has to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:24:31 No.17448932
    This is a girl with no legs, one arm, and a fake eye, who just lost her parents in a car accident. What you're doing is good, and if she ends up enjoying your company enough, adopting her would be good.

    But if you even molest her I swear to God I will track you down and turn you into the authorities. With all the information you've given, it wouldn't really be too difficult.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:24:42 No.17448937
    i feel pretty sorry for this girl if she ends up being adopted by a complete pedo (albeit a nice one)
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:24:45 No.17448940

    True, Rape isn't the eventual outcome. But think of it like >>17447917 said.

    Do you honestly think anybody could love her but you? I know this is a bit heavy, but think about it seriously.

    No Legs, 1 arm, 1 eye, half-jap with apparently no family who cares enough to take her in after this tragedy. Only a /b/tard could love her.

    But that's way, way, way into the future. Right now you have to think about now.

    Seriously though, keep up the good work!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:25:09 No.17448954


    Lurk moar gaiafags.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:25:34 No.17448974
    OP in OP
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:26:04 No.17448997
    The spammer will die as soon as I figure out how to fit my knife through the Internet tubes.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:26:10 No.17449001

    Finally, someoen truly gets it.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:26:29 No.17449014

    How are you going to know if he molests her? Use some common sense, faggot
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:26:37 No.17449021
         File :1166387197.jpg-(47 KB, 371x500, rudy.jpg)
    47 KB
    Excuse me, are we talking about amputees?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:26:41 No.17449025
    And to address the potential creepiness of the situation last night, now that I'm reminded by this post: Yeah, I know. But how else should I have done it? 'Oh yes, go right ahead and start urinating, dear, I've got you, you won't fall in, oh, and by the way, here's a stuffed animal and some candy'? I tried to be as nonthreatening and gentle as I could be, and it seemed pretty clear, to me at least, that nobody had spoken to her this way, to a sad, lonely little girl, as a person that actually cared about her, rather than her making 'progress' in her treatment, more or less since the accident. That was why she didn't have much to say.

    I don't intend to proceed straight to 'visiting her room' all night every night from now on. Geez, I'm not that dumb or crude. I'll just be around, available, and a source of kindness if she wants it, and things can proceed from there. She's a smart girl, after all, I'm not going to treat her like some tv-land retardo-kid.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:27:47 No.17449075

    They're all gaiafags with an overactive moral compass and having not spent enough time on /b/ to understand that this is what /b/ thrives on.

    This is what happens when word of 4chan goes out to the world at large.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:27:59 No.17449086


    Post the obituary of the parents blacking out any incriminating evidence (names of people or places).
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:28:06 No.17449088
    Those chocolate orange things are now inextricably linked to loli amputees

    thanks /b/
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:28:57 No.17449126
    ............. .................................._,,,,-------,,,__
    .................... .................. ..,,;:#[email protected]@g;,..........‘`=-,
    .......... .......................,,;$#^`````*#@@@g;,.............’=-,
    ........................._,;f`.......................,[email protected]@@@#g,..............“\,
    ..............,/ (............`\....`\”*=,``\.......*&*%@@@@@g;,..........\
    ...........,/...,^=*#q,_,/`\.......`~..`[email protected]@@@@@@#g,........|
    ......./.,$ `\,...`.-...&..../........................`%@@@@@@@@$#/
    .....,/,$--__........`\..../............................#[email protected]@@##@@@@/
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:29:32 No.17449149
    For the record, it's entirely possible for amputees, even multiple ones, to retain muscle tone and fitness. It just takes exercise, the same as for anyone else, though they generally can't do all the usual ones available to the more full-bodied.

    She's working very hard at her physical rehab, perhaps because it helps her forget about her difficulty with her mental rehab, unfortunately...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:29:49 No.17449161

    I am going to go out and buy one, then fap to it
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:29:51 No.17449166
    Op is a man made of win and hero. Anyone who disagrees is a hearthless envious bastard that deserves death. Keep up the good work and keep a low profile.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:31:31 No.17449227

    Wow. Reality confirmed. You just might not fuck this up.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:31:33 No.17449230
    For every enemy without there are a hundred within, morality is a luxury we can ill-afford.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:31:44 No.17449238
    This story is quite heartwarming. Thanks /b/rother.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:32:06 No.17449253
    I'm glad to hear that, huzzah
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:32:27 No.17449271
    Damnit Anonymous, I'm a nurse, not a newspaper archivist.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:33:02 No.17449303
    This thread is made of win and awesome
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:33:23 No.17449312

    Yah, she seems motivated. Good, I'm glad.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:33:50 No.17449322

    Indeed. Although I don't want to see a drama being made out of it -- imagine all the worksafe comments made by /b/tards.

    to OP:
    I thank you for being so kind. you are a truly good person.

    I love you /b/. I truly do.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:34:02 No.17449328

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:34:10 No.17449332

    Damnit Anonymous, I'm a nerd, not a daredevil.

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:34:26 No.17449346
    what happens if the adoption falls through? :/

    and how long does adoption take? :/

    Get to work OP!

    And now to get me a chocolate orange.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:34:30 No.17449351
    >>17448775 You have no idea what desu is, do you?

    desu's a phrase some bastard spammed for like two months. then noobs came here, didn't know what it was about, then spammed it too because they thought they were too cool for high school

    thus the sad state of affairs...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:34:53 No.17449363
         File :1166387693.jpg-(70 KB, 228x400, 1165199819162.jpg)
    70 KB
    God whether this is real or not, it is a heartbreaking idea. This girl has nothing, but at least one person in the world cares for her, albeit for the wrong reasons. OP seriously, don't think about the lolisex, think about how much this girl had, and how little is left. /b/tard or not, you don't seem like a monster, but a genuinely caring individual, otherwise you never would have bothered to get into a career as difficult as nursing. If you lust for this girl fine, you can't control who you are attracted to, but you can control your actions. Befriend her, she sounds like she needs a lot, bring her out of her shell and make her as whole a human being as you are capable of. It will be so much more satisfying and life affirming that you won't regret it. Since you seem like a very nice young man, I would bet that you would feel guilty for the rest of your life if you did pooperify it. Love her for who she is, but don't let her become bitter and learn to hate the world. Protect her, the system is a hard place for someone that age, let alone someone with her problems. If she does come to love you in a romantic fashion, then she will let you know when she is ready to be with you. /b/ a monster online, but be a human in the real world. I have faith that you will do the right thing Nurse Otako, good luck fighting the system.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:35:11 No.17449376
    The guy say about an underage girl and ppl just say that he's going to rape-stick his sausage on her pooper.

    The way he's writing don't look like he's gonna do it. And yeah, she'll need love and lot of it, and eventually she WILL need a huge amount of cock-sticking-pooper-fingering sex. She's a girl and the fact that she doesn't have half of her body doesn't mean that she won't have desires anymore. In fact the thought that nobody will want her cause of what happened will be terrible to her.

    The guy porlly wil do a good thing for her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:35:18 No.17449386
    I think she looks like Satoko from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni... From the description the OP gave.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:35:28 No.17449393
    /b/ is going to be all over this for months...

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:37:01 No.17449463
    Yeah, sorry if the post sounded accusatory. I just wanted to point out that it's impossible to know how really it felt, you and the girl might not be sure either. From what we gathered, though, it does look like it went as best as it could go. Which means you're completely winrar, you should get a free cake just for that.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:37:03 No.17449467
    The more I think about, the more pleased I become concerning this situation. Every other dumbass on earth would go "ewwwwww" at the loli amputee. Only a /b/tard like OP would not only be nice, but delight in a girl like her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:37:52 No.17449502
         File :1166387872.jpg-(70 KB, 492x487, 1162139980407.jpg)
    70 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:37:56 No.17449504
    Damnit, I missed it. Summary of thread please.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:38:40 No.17449541
         File :1166387920.jpg-(8 KB, 180x200, nurse.jpg)
    8 KB
    Nurse Cracky approves of the OP's nursing ability
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:38:50 No.17449548
         File :1166387930.jpg-(8 KB, 275x200, jesus fucking christ.jpg)
    8 KB
    Jesus fucking christ, what is all this moralism? All the "GTFO PEDO!", all the "be nice and tender", all the "adopt her and not rape her"?????


    And you all know that either this is made up or it is an awesome copypasta!
    This is fucking /b/, 90% of what appears here is fake/shopped and the other 10% didn't happen to the OP but the OP found it browsing internet!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:38:58 No.17449551
         File :1166387938.jpg-(37 KB, 480x640, 82_24-11-05_61.jpg)
    37 KB
    in b4 prison
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:39:17 No.17449565

    Also, Anon IS human.

    Something like the Nietzchean Madman human, but human.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:39:31 No.17449574
    He gave her a cute little stuffed bear and a chocolate candy that is HARDER THAN TANK ARMOUR.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:40:07 No.17449596
    Damnit Anonymous, I'm an hero, not an iPod owner.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:40:10 No.17449600

    gtfo weeaboo, "Otako" isn't even a word.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:40:11 No.17449601
         File :1166388011.jpg-(11 KB, 228x400, 11663876931999.jpg)
    11 KB
    Disregard that, I suck cocks.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:40:39 No.17449622
    google says it is not copypasta,therefore it is true.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:40:44 No.17449627
    Most heartwarming story on /b/ for a while, personmally I wouldn't go for pooper and just adopt instead, a girl like her could really do with some love even if it isn't physical.

    Godspeed gentle /b/ tard
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:40:45 No.17449629
    /b/ is the scum of the earth with a LONG TERM FUCKING PLAN!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:40:45 No.17449630
    So when she grows up,you can tell her the truth: That you wanted to stick it in her pooper before you even considered adopting her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:40:53 No.17449636

    See, hardcore /b/tards do have a valuable contribution to make in this life

    This is a poor little girl that maybe only a /b/tard could love...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:41:26 No.17449660
    OP here: Who? I've never followed Higurashi. Px plz, kthx, will confirm/deny.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:41:43 No.17449672
    Will... will... will she eventually wear a pirate patch-eye?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:41:50 No.17449675
    anyone have the thread from yesterday saved? I forgot to grab it before it fell into oblivion.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:03 No.17449689
    Hey, that candy was my idea! And it was a good one! :)
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:17 No.17449698
    He was probably referring to another legend in this style, taht time on 2chan... see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Densha_Otoko
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:21 No.17449702
    WTF? you pretty much outlined a plan to do so, in the first post yesterday.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:22 No.17449703

    If she's happy with him, and he's happy with her, then it doesn't matter
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:28 No.17449706
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:38 No.17449710
    Hey, that candy was my idea! And it was a good one! :)

    You gotta make those loli cripple-chan's work for it.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:39 No.17449711
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:42 No.17449712
    OP, is this what the loli looks like?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:43 No.17449714

    That's not true!!

    Anonymous adores her because she is she and he is he. I am terribly jealous of OP, because a girl like that is something that only appears in my dreams! And OP understands what he has here, otherwise he wouldn't come to us, the only people who would understand him!

    OP, Be a /b/tard online and IRL! It's because you are a /b/tard that this whole thing even matters to you.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:50 No.17449721
    She will go like "You don't mind my body being like taht?" and a /b/tards he is wil go like "Not at all, in fact i'm getting a hard-on just about thinking of it." and they'll have mad savage buttsecks.

    Of course she'll need a lot of help on that, but whatevah...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:50 No.17449722
    baiken + mai = ???
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:42:52 No.17449725
    Just shut up, you even fail at /b/, just lock yourself in your room and slowly die of starvation.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:43:14 No.17449736
    the girl still has family though, her grandparents for one. All of the remaining family will care for her, because of the guilt if nothing else. Adoption is highly improbable.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:43:34 No.17449753

    I lol'd
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:43:35 No.17449754
    All things considered, if nothing else, this thread is an interesting exersize into them mentally of the standard /b tard.
    We're all willing to poke a stick at stuff, call it names, and say we want to do nasty things.
    And yet, in the end, it's kind of like prisonors. Where they more or less do the same shit, but when it comes to actual child molestors, they will fuck the liveing shit out of one of those motherfuckers till they bleed daylight.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:43:35 No.17449755
    OP DO IT!
    DON'T DO IT!
    DO IT!
    DON'T DO IT!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:45:16 No.17449840
         File :1166388316.jpg-(293 KB, 750x600, 1164738193407.jpg)
    293 KB
    What's sick is that there are so many fucking pedophiles on /b/ encouraging him. I thought there may have been one or two, but it's more like ten or twenty. Percent.

    In before "GTFO my /b/ u don know wut its about" etc. Get shanked in prison, pedos.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:45:26 No.17449846
    Srsly, I missed it entirely.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:45:33 No.17449849
    This guy has a point.
    Does she have family, OP?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:45:51 No.17449867
    No, I'm actually 21, well exercised & would beat you easily to death Mr. Internettoughguy...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:46:21 No.17449884
    So everyone is saying "this is a beautiful thread" and "this thread makes me feel fuzzy inside."


    This faggot OP's plan is to adopt a mentally unstable little girl so he can later abuse her sexually to fulfill his own fucked up and disturbed superficial desires to get off.

    For all the people who go, "GTFO THIS IS /B/ WE R TEH SCUM OF THE ERF" you need to grow up, internet tuff guy. /b/ is a bunch of acne ridden otaku faggots who get off to drawings of little girls.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:46:27 No.17449890

    GTFO my /b/ u don know wut its about
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:46:32 No.17449894
    Maybe I'll have my mom sew up a Rozen-rose-eyepatch for her. Might make a good christmas present.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:46:35 No.17449899
    If you become her friend, adopt her, then stick it in her pooper, this will become The /b/-Christmas Miracle of 2006. Halleluja!

    ALSO! This post from yesterday:

    "To the OP - I'm in a similiar situation. my older sister is 20years old when she was 18 she was involved in a car crash which resulted in her becoming a vegetable. My mother is divorced and at night when my mother goes to work i have to bath my mentally retarded sister and while bathing her i cant resists but to just finger her until she cums in the bath. I cant help it i no its wrong but its the biggest turn on ever."

    Can that person please give us pictures/video? I think I've fapped at least ten times to just that. Hot.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:47:48 No.17449948
    Just because it's not copypasta, it doesn't mean it's TRUE. It may simply be MADE UP. And it smells like made up: the orange chocolate part, even with the "I gave it three-four hard smash before" doesn't stand on its feet.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:48:06 No.17449966

    That's... incredibly depressing.

    Probably the only person in the world that will treat her not only like a human, but like a woman might be taken away from her.

    Wow. That sucks.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:48:12 No.17449969
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:48:20 No.17449978
    I'd love it if he adopted her, and they worked up to full sex after a few years only to find her vagina was mangled and her pooper too small. Would end in homicide/suicide no doubt.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:48:36 No.17449983
    here ya' go! Enjoy!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:48:49 No.17449988

    I came last night to that as well. Great story, that guy is so lucky
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:48:55 No.17449991
    Satoko's a little girl in Higurashi whose on her own by the time the main story begins. Her parents died a few years back, and her older brother went missing a year prior. Her remaining family is scum.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:49:12 No.17449999
         File :1166388552.jpg-(20 KB, 250x187, no u drown.jpg)
    20 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:49:16 No.17450003
    OP said he never wanted to rape her. He wants to be kind to this girl and give her a home. DAMMIT /b/ STOP BEING FAGS
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:50:06 No.17450031

    1. moar like christmas miracle 2007, considering how long adoption takes

    2. that was copypasta, I can tell from seeing it quite a few times here on 4chan, lurk moar
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:50:43 No.17450050

    I'm the internet tough guy? You're the one trying to act "hard". Please, do yourself a favour and GTFO.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:50:44 No.17450051
    Get shanked in prison.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:50:51 No.17450056
    if you read the story, you would know that if he could get away with it, he would rape her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:51:08 No.17450069
    1. Take pics of her next bath
    2. Post it in /b/
    3. Use her fragility to start a relationship
    4. ????
    5. PROFIT $__$
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:51:17 No.17450078

    Also, DON'T post any pictures. Don't give any info at all. Despite my compulsive need to copy-pasta posts into your threads about lying, I HABEEB.

    Don't get V&.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:52:04 No.17450114
    You're on the right track with this man. Your kindness skill has gone up one level. keep us posted from time to time, this story is golden.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:52:07 No.17450116

    That's exactly what I'm thinking. Only a /b/tard would get an erection from that. If people knew, they would look down on us. But who is really to be looked down upon? They're treating that mentally retarded girl like a subhuman.

    All humans want to fuck. We're animals. It would be an incredibly depressing world if amputation or some trauma denied you your basic animal rights.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:52:45 No.17450145
    Mother got disowned by family for marrying a Swede or something. Parents died in the crash.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:52:55 No.17450162

    no u
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:53:35 No.17450189
         File :1166388815.jpg-(52 KB, 704x396, Satoko.jpg)
    52 KB
    OP, This is Satoko from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

    The girl on the right obviously
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:53:46 No.17450201
    Lurk Moar
    OP in his oldest thread said that he wants to stick it in her pooper.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:54:16 No.17450229

    Absolute approve..

    srsly, u are not a monster, but you would be one if you do that
    Listen to Cracky ^^
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:55:07 No.17450265
    Are you fucking retarded or what?
    Lurk moar!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:55:15 No.17450275
    No, he knows that he could probably easily get away with it. We convinced him with a single post yesterday not to do it, since longterm is way more rewarding for both parties.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:55:22 No.17450279
    I think this story has a high potential to be true. He has added some personal anecdotes, he has kept his story strait with no real errors. He took requests from other /b/tards and incorperated them into the story the next day. Overall it is either true or the best made up story that I've come across in a long while.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:55:22 No.17450280

    Not that I doubt you, but how the fuck do you know that?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:55:48 No.17450292

    The famous /b/ tag-line that preaches "should i stick it in her pooper?", to be exact.

    But that tag-line is to e expected on /b/.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:55:51 No.17450294
    There's the entire threads saved somewhere? not just op replies, i'd like to read all the nice replies too?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:55:58 No.17450299
         File :1166388958.jpg-(25 KB, 413x550, 1164290883550.jpg)
    25 KB
    Nii nii.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:56:10 No.17450309
    OP practically got off watching her pee. Sex with a minor is raep, consent or not, and he has said he would like for there to be sex somewhere down the road.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:56:30 No.17450327
    can someone post the story in, well, POST format?(my mom's computer doesn't like rapidshare)
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:56:52 No.17450347
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:57:11 No.17450358
    I have psychic powers.
    Was explained in previous thread.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:57:18 No.17450361

    lurk moar. also said that he mentioned it in his first post to avoid answers like "stick it in her pooper"
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:58:07 No.17450393
    I'm not really sure about that. There was nobody listed as next of kin on her records, just social workers. Gossip around the workplace, passed on from those of us with friends at the hospital she spent her first two months in, is that her father was a first generation american-fjordian (specific country not mentioned, might have been sweden) only child, and his parents were dead, no information on grandparents. Her mother was a multi-generation-in japanese-american, whose family hasn't made ANY attempt to even contact them, and may have refused to answer any of the various workers' attempts at getting information/attention from them. Guess she pissed them off pretty badly by marrying whitey. Nobody even vaguely japanese looking has ever visited her since the accident, and from what I've heard, her social worker has been having no luck whatsoever with any sort of family placement...and she has a better chance of growing a new arm and legs than getting placed in a group home or foster care.

    The system sucks.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:58:18 No.17450399

    Maybe he will wait till she's 18.

    Then stick it in her pooper.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)15:59:28 No.17450444
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:00:05 No.17450476
    OP, does the loli look like Satoko?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:00:39 No.17450504
    If ever a loli has needed someone it's this one.

    Sir, it's your duty to go down on this poor girl.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:00:50 No.17450515

    He posted her details yesterday.
    The only reason she is in his care is that no one wants to take responsibility for her and she was being troublesome.

    She is a lonley loli ward of the state, I beleive. If so then he has just as much right to adopt her as anyone.

    Now if some family pops up and wants to claim her (which seems unlikely) then he is hooped. Let us hope that despite him being single, they feel that he will be a good father figure for her.

    Then he shall stick it in her pooper - gently.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:00:50 No.17450516
    ITT, rampant misuse of "internet tough guy" by Gaians.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:01:43 No.17450552

    This is true.

    Either you are a genius at contriving stories at once believable and fitting a very odd situation, or this is true.

    I Habeeb.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:02:45 No.17450593

    20% of the posts is not necessarily 20% of the users. This is an anonymous board after all.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:03:54 No.17450648
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:04:30 No.17450677
    @ OP

    I know.. /b/ is a legion of brainless scum, this is one thing..
    /b/ can't go to far, right, but in REAL LIFE u can.

    don't listen to thoz 14 year old kids, this is something they cant imagine (cuz of this, 4chan is 18+)

    this girl has lost so much.. and you want to rape her? on a Doujin, awwright! but not in RL, no
    plz don't do her, be as human as u can
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:04:53 No.17450695
    Damnit Anonymous, he's a person, not a robot.

    By which I mean stop harassing him with questions.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:04:53 No.17450696

    >>Anyway, my question: Should I stick it in her pooper (among other things)? I mean, she isn't going to be able to resist, and I can go in there when she's asleep, then cover up her good eye and mouth before she even knows I'm there, with all the drugs she's on. She's so messed up mentally that she probably wouldn't tell anyone, considering she's barely talked to all the shrinks they've had her seeing since the accident. I'm a pretty gentle guy, and there's plenty of lube around here (obviously), and it'd be pretty easy to clean her up afterward, too.

    This are OP's words in his first, oldest post. Sounds like a raep declaration, to me.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:05:07 No.17450710
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:05:44 No.17450747
    The op is so lucky, I wish I had his chance
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:05:52 No.17450757
    He should wait till she's 16 and then move to Russia and marry her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:05:53 No.17450761

    Actually, considering everything I imagine that as long as OP has never been caught with CP and has the accomodations (I know that they want you to have a separate room and bed for a girl if a single man is adopting her.) they'd be glad to get her off their hands if he wanted her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:06:06 No.17450770

    Okay NOW I buy it. OP if you're lying then congratulate yourself on your ability. That sort of situation sounds far to like the cruel, boring reality of the world.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:06:57 No.17450820
    >>find me one place where I've actually said I planned, or even WANTED to rape her. Go ahead.

    I'm not a faggot "omg pedo" -guy. I want this girl to be adopted by you so you'd both be happy.

    ..but.. you did say; "Anyway, my question: Should I stick it in her pooper (among other things)? I mean, she isn't going to be able to resist, and I can go in there when she's asleep, then cover up her good eye and mouth before she even knows I'm there, with all the drugs she's on. She's so messed up mentally that she probably wouldn't tell anyone, considering she's barely talked to all the shrinks they've had her seeing since the accident. I'm a pretty gentle guy, and there's plenty of lube around here (obviously), and it'd be pretty easy to clean her up afterward, too."

    In your first post yesterday.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:06:57 No.17450821
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:07:36 No.17450851
    There's the law and there's what you think it's right. ppl do things against the law everyday and that doesn't really make then criminals unless they are cought, things like having buttsecks with an underage with her concent.

    Unless she's shouting "FUCKING STOP YOU'RE RAPE-STICKING MY POOPER AND ITSA BLEEDIN'" then you're not raping her. And she's like what? 15? There's no innocence around that age anymore, if she do something she'll know exactly what she's doing.

    And like it was already said, she eventually WILL want something in her pooper. And probably you'll be the only one willing to do that.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:08:19 No.17450889

    You're underage, I can tell by your use of "u" instead of "you", and from having seen many underage fags in my time.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:08:28 No.17450897
    I will adopt her and give her a home if you don't.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:08:50 No.17450916
    Photographs, or this is falsehood.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:09:22 No.17450942
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:09:47 No.17450961

    Finally, someone who paid attention. I was waiting for this post.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:10:05 No.17450973
    I'm reporting this thread to the proper authorities.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:10:11 No.17450975
         File :1166389811.jpg-(63 KB, 800x600, 100771_1111281541041.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:10:24 No.17450985
    Exactly, the OP may be the only guy around who would want to give her sexual lovin'.

    He should just wait a few years, that's all.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:10:54 No.17451015
    I'm tearing up here, i've seen all sorts in my time, but that poor little girl. She needs a home, and as it has been said, only a /b/tard could love her, so go on OP give her a home, look after her, but no pooper sex, she doesn't need anymore pain.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:11:02 No.17451023
    he knew we would suggest it, so he specifically addressed it. also, he's a sexually frustrated creepy internet loner who hangs out with disabled old people most of his waking hours. it's no surprise that he may at first percieve what is actually genuine love in a sexual manner.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:11:11 No.17451028
    Well, she'll be 15 eventually...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:11:23 No.17451037

    The speed and sense with which OP has written is proof enough.

    Keep reading and you'll be converted too.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:11:34 No.17451046

    Statutory rape motherfucker, do you know what it is?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:12:01 No.17451067
    No one's innocent, there are just different levels of guilt.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:12:32 No.17451088
         File :1166389952.jpg-(23 KB, 320x471, amputee2.jpg)
    23 KB
    This story is sweet, but will end in tears.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:12:41 No.17451091
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:12:55 No.17451102
    >>17450757 He should wait till she's 14 and then move to South Carolina and marry her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:12:57 No.17451104
    She's not retarded. She's very intelligent, it's just that she's been so badly traumatized that she's developed severe, SEVERE PTSD. I mean, PTSD that makes fucked up vietnam veterans look healthy. Withdrawing from human contact, depression, anxiety, aggression, fear of the dark, nightmares, she's voiced the thought that she has no future, and nobody wants her anymore, to therapists, she practically goes into a fear-coma every time she has to ride in a vehicle somewhere, as a trigger from the crash...

    I really wish there was magic in the world. I'd do anything for there to be magic that could make her, make everything, all right again.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:13:13 No.17451114
    Double-timing between this and creppy thread will get ne fucked up.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:14:05 No.17451161
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:14:29 No.17451176

    If he doesn't get caught, no problem.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:14:50 No.17451195
         File :1166390090.jpg-(106 KB, 918x588, Marvin.jpg)
    106 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:15:51 No.17451234
    No, seriously OP, if you don't adopt her, send the social workers my way. It makes me extremely sad to hear that an otherwise intelligent young person is slipping away into oblivion just because of a big nasty bump in the road of life.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:16:13 No.17451255
    OP are you attractive? If you're a fat hairy sack, then spare the poor little girl. If you are decently attractive, then play your cards and see what you get.

    Adoption, I would say, is still unlikely, but only because you are young and single.

    Make sure to weigh the consequences; you could go for some action but risk losing your current job and any hope for another and your friends and family are likely to disown you.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:16:24 No.17451263

    Why does everybody freak at the thought of eventual sexual relations between the two? Who else would honestly love her and the way she looks? Sure, right now, definetly not. She's fucking 7. Give it tenish years and I guarantee she will be, whether she knows it or not, the first to want to fuck him, because he will want to fuck her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:16:55 No.17451292
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:17:00 No.17451300
    Advanced prosthetic limbs.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:17:30 No.17451326
    Hey OP. You're now Nurse Otoko.


    Also start bringing her small gifts each night. Just a brief visit, but the regularity and stability of it is important. Also, say it's for the 12 days of Christmas, or something like that.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:17:34 No.17451331
         File :1166390254.jpg-(75 KB, 300x400, faux_chan_cracky..jpg)
    75 KB
    Everyone on be is playing a role. Trolling, counter trolling, switching sides, spamming, all in the name of lulz. This is the first time, I've stepped out of character as a /b/tard and just said what I really meant in two years of posting. This whole story just tastes too much like reality to me, and even if it is just a story, it's a damn interesting one. There are two many inconsistencies, and the OP keeps shifting his perspective between, caring for the girl out of an inborn sense of paternal duty, and the animalistic cunning of a predator. If this was a story it would be poished and have no holes everything would match up and just be too perfect. Thats not how life works though. I sincerely hope that if you do love this girl and have feelings for her that are not merely sexual, that you will try to protect her from the harsh realities being a ward of the state involves, and gently reintergrate her in to normal society. If you do adopt her be kind and let her find out who she is now that who she was is dead. Also you best kick the shit out of anyone who ever makes a crack about the way she looks.

    In closing I know Dan Kim will read this thread so may I make a humble suggestion? /r/ an adaptation of Nurse Otako's story in a Paper XI style, updating the story as the OP sees fit? This would be great justice, and would fit your style very well.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:17:45 No.17451345
    >>Anyway, my question: Should I stick it in her pooper (among other things)? I mean, she isn't going to be able to resist, and I can go in there when she's asleep, then cover up her good eye and mouth before she even knows I'm there, with all the drugs she's on. She's so messed up mentally that she probably wouldn't tell anyone, considering she's barely talked to all the shrinks they've had her seeing since the accident. I'm a pretty gentle guy, and there's plenty of lube around here (obviously), and it'd be pretty easy to clean her up afterward, too.

    OP, you wrote this. It's not like nobody saves this threads, you know.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:17:50 No.17451348
    odds are if she had any close family left she wouldn't be stuck in a facilty like this, or maybe they live in another country.

    adoption is pretty unlikely, even if its uncontested. having a single guy want to adopt a young girl usually raises some red flags. odds are its straight to a foster home of some kind as soon as she's through with rehab.

    sorry, but that fairytale shit just doesn't happen.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:19:12 No.17451423
    >Nurse Otako's

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:19:46 No.17451452
    Alright, we now dub you Nurse Otoko!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:20:19 No.17451481
    I might have some sympathy if you weren't fucking posting it on /b/. I don't believe a little kid can consent to any sort of physical action, but love's possible betwixt any ages.

    Either way, the fact you're telling fucking /b/ about it shows you're a wicked man with no business around children.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:20:28 No.17451486
    Dear god this is STILL alive?

    fukken saged
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:20:47 No.17451502

    Yeah losing three limbs would make just about anyone feel like that.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:21:19 No.17451526
    all these noobs are fucking ruining /b/ with their feelings and shit.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:21:28 No.17451535
    Well, as far as coloration goes, it's rreasonably close. Hairstyle's not too far off, either, at least since the accident. I think she may have had longer hair before, but it's been cut relatively short, since she was getting really frustrated and worked up at not being able to brush her own hair anymore, and refused to let anyone else do it for her...I mean, think about it, her mother probably used to do it for her, and...

    ...anyway, I guess it's sort of close.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:21:42 No.17451542
    he's a nurse, do you think he has 6-million dollars?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:22:17 No.17451571

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:23:12 No.17451612
         File :1166390592.jpg-(63 KB, 692x530, thesearch1_538.jpg)
    63 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:23:12 No.17451614

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:24:15 No.17451661

    Assuming anyone will take her, which given the way the world is I suspect that would not be terribly likely
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:24:40 No.17451680
    True. In all acuality, there have been only 4 people posting in this board.

    Seriously, OP. Take a picture of her fully clothed and give it to us. If you need to, you can black-bar her eyes out. That isn't really what we want, but I REALLY want a pic of her.

    Seriously, adopt her man. If nothing happens with her by Christmas, give her the treat of adoption. WHat you do then is your business.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:24:56 No.17451692
    Your sage only makes our penii harder.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:25:35 No.17451723
    Oh my god... because her mother used to brush... OH MY GOD...
    ........................................,,;:#[email protected]@g;,..........‘`=-,
    ........................._,;f`.......................,[email protected]@@@#g,..............“\,
    ..............,/ (............`\....`\”*=,``\.......*&*%@@@@@g;,..........\
    ...........,/...,^=*#q,_,/`\.......`~..`[email protected]@@@@@@#g,........|
    ......./.,$ `\,...`.-...&..../........................`%@@@@@@@@$#/
    .....,/,$--__........`\..../............................#[email protected]@@##@@@@/
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:25:48 No.17451732
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:26:02 No.17451742

    You think other people will treat a 1 armed 1 eyed no legged half-jap like an equal? No. Regardless of her intelligence, the majority of people will treat her like shit. Nobody will ever see her in her prosthetics and with her eye patch across the dance floor at the High School dance and think "Hey, that's the girl with whom I want to dance."

    At best, she will be condescended to. That's fucking worse. She could get a pity boyfriend who is going out with her to look good in front of other people, "Hey, I'm going out with the severe cripple!" He might even marry her, but in a few year the charm of being Mr. Nice Guy will wear off, and he'll find an excuse to leave her.

    OP, are you doing this because you feel bad for her? Do you think, deep down inside, she would want that? I apologize for sounding harsh, but if you are going to adopt her out of pity alone, just forget about it. I believe you aren't, but really think about it.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:26:08 No.17451747

    moar like 菜明日男
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:26:44 No.17451773
    i just came in and the whole thread is tl;dr

    BUT OP

    i say skip the loli sex, but be there for the girl if you feel that way. i mean you if you should adopt her then give her all the plutonic love in the world. wait till shes a mature consenting adult before taking it to the next step, if you love her so much and care for her like you say you do you know the loli-sex is ultimately going to hurt her. id wait like woody alan did, then the law cant touch you and she wont get hurt.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:27:19 No.17451794
    Fuck I just realised the OPs pic is almost exactly like the girl hes describing; I don't habeeb, must be fanfic.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:27:22 No.17451795

    foster parents usually get paid pretty decent money for taking 'care' of kids, especially disabled ones. that's why alot of them are scum.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:27:33 No.17451802

    You're a fucking faggot.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:28:43 No.17451854
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:29:25 No.17451890
    Vegetable understand white male?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:29:51 No.17451918

    Please either learn to sage or GTFO.


    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:31:16 No.17451993
    if you do anything awfull to her while she is in that state then you have probably assured your seat in hell. do yourself a favor and leave her alone. you are already a terrible person for even having such thoughts about a girl who has gone though such a terrible accident. but if you are OK with an eternity in hell then by all means, do your buisiness. afterwards you'll probably end up slitting your wrist because you will realize how shitty a person you are.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:32:03 No.17452029
    Holy shit, this thread has no been stickied and it's up to 445+ posts.

    Epic Win.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:32:13 No.17452041

    STFU and GTFO
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:33:08 No.17452089
    I agree. I have no idea if we live anywhere near eachother, but she's welcome in my home. I'm a pedo, but I have to say I wouldn't do anything sexual with her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:33:21 No.17452096

    Die in a fire.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:33:53 No.17452125
    Posting in a legendary thread
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:34:33 No.17452145
    and? that cp thread some weeks ago had >500 posts and wasn't stickied
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:34:49 No.17452155
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:34:57 No.17452160
    clearly you did not see the renee thread last night.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:35:10 No.17452173

    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:36:09 No.17452208
    This is /b/, retard. Do you honestly think I would've gotten anything but 'STICK IT IN HER POOPER' or 'DO A BARREL ROLL' if I'd played it more or less straight, simply saying that I was having some very illegal feelings mixed in with less illegal ones toward her? I mean, it's not like I just wandered in here from gaia or something, shithead, I was a /b/tard long before I ever met her.

    And again, there's a difference between acknowledging a possibility and stating an intention of acting upon it. GBTBASICLOGIC.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:36:19 No.17452216

    Signed. I'd fucking drop out of college to pick up a job with my already okay resume to get a two bedroom appartment for her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:36:34 No.17452230

    Become an hero
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:36:53 No.17452248

    Ever consider that he posted that picture because of that?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:38:07 No.17452300
         File :1166391487.jpg-(46 KB, 640x480, habeebit.jpg)
    46 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:38:17 No.17452306
    this is a heartwarming tale. however, while i don't claim to know much about adoption procedures, i would think it unlikely that they would allow a young single male to adopt anyone other than family. but i understand that the foster care system etc is pretty fucked up, so i guess you might have a chance just by virtue of them wanting to get rid of her.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:38:43 No.17452330
    Anon is growing a conscious

    The end is near, repent and accept Raptor Jesus as you savior
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:39:04 No.17452342
    I'd put her odds of winding up in foster care, which I'm sure would be spec-tacular for her, at around 1%. Foster parents don't HAVE to accept any kids, they choose to do so...thus, the really messed up ones rarely ever leave group homes.

    ...and group homes don't HAVE to accept kids they admit they can't care for. Such as those with severe physical and medical needs, let alone severe mental health issues.

    That's where the institutional care comes in...which is where she's at, and where she'll stay unless someone, someone outside the system, persay, steps in and takes a risk.

    Frankly, I don't see anyone else stepping up to the plate, so far.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:39:11 No.17452350
    What is OP thinking right now! What is he doing! I can only wonder...

    You have been given the winnest opportunity of a lifetime. Don't fuck it up!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:39:52 No.17452381



    or plutonium love?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:39:54 No.17452386
         File :1166391594.png-(231 KB, 760x570, 1160742680318.png)
    231 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:39:55 No.17452389
         File :1166391595.jpg-(143 KB, 600x892, ophero.jpg)
    143 KB
    and full of win!!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:40:28 No.17452407
    NO U
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:41:30 No.17452448

    /r/ plutonium rod porn
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:41:37 No.17452456
    Its official:
    The number of posts added from yesterdays thread to todays thread is more than 1,000.

    This thread has reached PLATINUM EPIC.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:43:34 No.17452524
    I'm in the 'no loli-sex' crowd. She sounds unfortunate and making an advance on her instead of helping her out would just be sick in my opinion.

    Jesus christ, look what board I'm typing THAT on -_-.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:43:53 No.17452541
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:44:11 No.17452556

    why has no one pointed out that you do need legs for this shit. Come on /b/ find them fails.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:44:23 No.17452562
    OP here, pointed out because this will be a short response.

    I care about her because I care about her, I'd do it if she had everything intact, physically and mentally. Of course, if that was the case, we probably wouldn't ever have met, and I wouldn't have given her more than a momentary glace as we passed each other in a mall or something, and would've thought 'Wow, cute kid'.

    It's complicated. I know I'll get laughed at for this, but I don't go around fantasizing about junior poopers. She's a special case.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:44:56 No.17452582

    soon it'll be over NINE THOUSAANNNDD!!!!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:46:15 No.17452642
    Reading the first post != paying attention

    In a later post in the thread, he said he wanted to get pooper-sticking as an option out of the way right away, so he could get more legitimate advice.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:47:11 No.17452684
    The picture was found on the internets when I was looking for something not-real but similar.

    I'm not a guro fan, so it wasn't much fun finding it.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:48:43 No.17452751
    Take the loli-sex when/if it comes available. You don't get other chances like this.

    Just stay away from the raep - 7 is a bit too old anyhow. Wait till at least 11 :p
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:50:00 No.17452812
    Yeah, I know it's a longshot. But I've seen single parents adopt successfully before. I'm actually a pretty upstanding guy, /b/attle scars aside, and I can actually care for her special needs (no, this is not innuendo), which is a big plus in such a case. I have a steady income already, I have friends and family that'll stand beside me, and yeah, nobody in the system wants her.

    Frankly, /b/ is my biggest danger here, but I'm a /b/tard, and a /b/tard I shall be. I'll just have to be careful there.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:50:03 No.17452817
    This thread will be going overboard soon. What do we do after, wait for the next update, like yesterday?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:50:26 No.17452831
    You are made of fail and durr.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:50:35 No.17452836

    >>17451742 Here

    I sat here for a couple of minutes trying to think up some way of responding. Good. I think it's good that you don't quite understand it, because if you did, it would be simple, and this is far from simple. I feel put to peace because you seem to be wise enough to understand the fact that you nor anybody else really understands the situation fully, and further, that the pursuit of understanding your feelings towards this girl is a very real thing.

    I am insanely jealous, OP. Godspeed.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:50:44 No.17452840
    OP I hope you remember to suggest getting her a teddy bear at the meeting like you said you were going to. Or just smuggle one in. I hope nobody there has the heart to take a teddybear away from her just because it's against regulations.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:51:03 No.17452855
    whatever you do, befriend her. if adoption (by you) proves impossible, still keep in touch and support her. the latter outcome may completely elimnate the possiblity of lolisex, but at least she'll have someone to turn to if life keeps treating her bad.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:51:30 No.17452873

    OP should do a blog...
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:52:27 No.17452920
    reminds me of this story, NOT COPYPASTA.
    most heart warming story I know.

    I put all my trust in you to care about her. I'd really like to know how this develops, but you don't need to keep us updated, it's your privacy. I really wish for her and you that everything turns out fine, either way it'll be.

    good luck.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:53:16 No.17452953
    I say...RAPE HER OR GTFO
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:53:31 No.17452965
    Well, I don't have anything too pressing this afternoon. I could start another thread and stick around a bit longer if people have further questions. It's not like I spend my off-hours curing cancer or something.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:54:30 No.17452997
    In the original post from before.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:54:46 No.17453007

    This is a terrible thing to do to /b/, but I suggest that you leave /b/ until the adoption process goes through. That would fucking suck because we all want to hear every day about your wonderful life. But in the end it might be the best.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:55:11 No.17453030
    Believe me, I hope so too...the head administrator isn't a COMPLETE bitch, and most of the rest of the nursing staff and orderlies are relatively decent people, you know, for being in a high-burnout profession...I can just keep my fingers crossed, and hope that it either causes no furor, or a small enough one that I'll get off with a slap on the wrist.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:55:57 No.17453064

    get a blog
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:56:22 No.17453083

    I lol'd.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:56:58 No.17453105
    we want pics!!! *cry*
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:57:22 No.17453119
    OP here - Someone may want to archive this thread before it implodes.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:57:30 No.17453126
    WHERE IS TEH ASSRAEP?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:57:30 No.17453127

    You could fool us into thinking otherwise.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:57:33 No.17453130
    OP suggested pooper-sticking only to get it out of the way in asking for advice, knowing that the suggestion thread trifecta (pooper, barrel roll, an hero) would come out in full force. Unfortunately it backfired. HE NEVER SERIOUSLY MENTIONED RAEP OR POOPER STICKING.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:58:10 No.17453156
    You guys gobble up this one-sided relationship story like candy. Not surprising, considering an even-sided relationship terrifies you all beyond belief.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:58:27 No.17453169
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:58:43 No.17453182
    oh yeah the bear
    OP- what will the other nurses and their superiors think of the bear you gave her?
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)16:59:09 No.17453199
    Already done.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:01:14 No.17453274
    I'm the doujinshi writer of yesterday's thread and as soon as this story gets to it's first climax* ... we'll finally get our own atrociously perverted answer to densha otoko.

    Also... I'm an aspiring** movie director...

    (* "CLIMAX"! HAHA! OH WOW.)
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:01:28 No.17453285
    I think you should adopt the loli AND spend your off-hours curing cancer!
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:01:43 No.17453293
    Prepare for the autosage.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:01:44 No.17453295
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:02:12 No.17453312
         File :1166392932.jpg-(279 KB, 482x718, rape blossom II.jpg)
    279 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:04:20 No.17453402
    OP- i don't know if this would be possible, but you might consider organizing some of the other nurses to get something for her (perhaps a christmas gift). it would be a lot less creepy, and if you are clearly the ringleader it would still endear you to her. also it would be a good way to make your concern for her known before trying to adopt her. if gifts that she won't talk about mysteriously appear and then out of the blue you apply to adopt her, people might assume you've been doing other things behind their back too.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:05:22 No.17453442
         File :1166393122.jpg-(27 KB, 300x431, 1166057211753.jpg)
    27 KB
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:06:38 No.17453496
    /b is like 1000 layers of eternal darkness with a core of solid gold
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:07:29 No.17453527
    Yes, I am a pedophile. So? I dont see any problem. I embraced my childlover soul long ago and I am happy together with my girlfriend (who is a cute 6 y/o loli!). We fuck a lot of her friends with and without their consent and I am pretty slim and good looking. But thanks anyway asshole. Go and watch your stupid porn with grown women in it while I have SEX with my underaged girlfriend.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:07:57 No.17453548
    This thread is worthless without pics.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:09:30 No.17453608
    Plutonic love is where you force them to eat magic fruit and spend several months a year with you against their will.
    >> 12/17/06(Sun)17:10:42 No.17453662
    nice material if you want to make some guro
    i wish all the best to her anyway

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