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    File :1166400085.gif-(10 KB, 483x563, damaged goods.gif)
    Damaged Goods fanart? Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)19:01 No.44637  
    10 KB
    It's become a source of passionate debate and raised voices over on /b/. If you're unfamiliar, read the full story here: http://wikichan.org/wiki/Story:DamagedGoods

    Do your best.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)19:25 No.44638
         File :1166401523.png-(5 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    5 KB

    Oekaki post (Time: 7 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)19:27 No.44639
    tl,dr or TL,DR-EST?
    >> -(:) 12/17/06(Sun)19:43 No.44640
    I read the whole thing, it is pretty wow :3
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)19:51 No.44642

    summary for monglers:
    This girl is a half-Japanese 7-year old with green eyes and blonde hair. Sadly, she gets in a car crash. She loses her arm, her eye, both her legs, and worst of all, her parents.

    She's a legal orphan, and she's in a nursing home. The late shift nurse-orderly is a /b/tard. He is the only person there between the hours of 1 to 5. He is known as Nurse-kun, or Anonynurse.

    Nurse-kun is feeling emotions he doesn't quite understand. How will he effect the life of this poor orphan girl? Only time, and his posts on /b/, will tell.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:05 No.44643
    that's actually a pretty good picture considering that you don't really know for sure how she looked like.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:06 No.44644
         File :1166404017.jpg-(12 KB, 508x382, amputeechan.jpg)
    12 KB
    4,687,543 hours in MS paint
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:07 No.44645
    Japanese with blonde hair and green eyes?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:09 No.44647
    she's half scandinavian or something
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:10 No.44648
    if you read the early parts of the story, her dad was somewhat european (thought to be swedish), and her mother was japanese-american.
    >> captain !v/rTh0HxaQ 12/17/06(Sun)20:22 No.44653
         File :1166404964.png-(54 KB, 500x500, Oe.png)
    54 KB
    rozen maiden + dan kim's nana comic strips + /b/ = damagedgoods

    also copypasta potential

    fuck, i this is the worst time of the year to catch a flu, i'm drinking water like a camel and my brains are boiling

    Oekaki post (Time: 19 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:25 No.44654
    OP: I really like your drawing style. Do you have any other works?
    >> got trolled. end_of_ !mL2ZRk1cK. 12/17/06(Sun)20:25 No.44655

    Green eyes (like blue eyes) are a recessive trait. You cannot just marry a japanese woman as a blue or green eyed man and expect to have blue eyed and orange haired children (they will, in fact, most likely all have brown eyes and very dark hair). As much as I wish the story was real... I'm quite certain it's not.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:26 No.44656
    my mom has blue eyes, my dad has brown

    my brother has blue eyes, i have brown
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:27 No.44657
         File :1166405268.png-(124 KB, 450x450, Oe.png)
    124 KB

    Oekaki post (Time: 21 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Nurse-kun 12/17/06(Sun)20:28 No.44658

    Uh, I'm not sure exactly what to say, but I suppose I can at least give you a fair description of her.

    She's seven years old, scandanavian father, japanese mother. I'm not a geneticist, so I don't know the odds, but she wound up with blonde hair, somewhere between ash and honey, I'd say, and green eyes. She also wound up with a skintone somewhere between his (I'm guessing) pale fjordish and her (also guessing) pale japanese. Her features are predominantly still japanese in configuration, with minor caucasian/fjordish bits here and there: She tends toward the EXTREMELY cute variety of japnese-ish girl features, however, petite and 'idol' worthy. She's beautiful, by any standard.

    She was a physically active girl before the accident, involved in both general athletics and gymnastics, it seems...probably the main reason she's doing so well with her rehab. She's rather petite, average-little-japanese-girl sized, but not tiny. No particularly special innate physical characteristics from the neck down.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:29 No.44659

    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:31 No.44660
    You fail at genetics.

    Western people with brown eyes are either BB or Bb. Japanese people however are all BB. If they weren't there would be blue eyed japs. So this Eurofag is bb, he fucks the Jap who is BB and therefore produces a loli who is Bb, therefore brown eyed.

    Of course she could be a mutant. But then where's her special powers, huh?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:32 No.44661
    > No particularly special innate physical characteristics from the neck down.

    Except for the missing limbs.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:33 No.44662
    Uhh, I hate to disrupt this thread- I'm the sysop of that wiki, I just found that and uploaded it from a Gurochan thread someone linked to on the original thread. I may put a bunch of those pics on the wiki- none of them seem to be by the same artist, but they are all of the same girl (Missing eye, missing arm, missing leg(s)).
    >> -(:) 12/17/06(Sun)20:34 No.44663
    Nurse-kun? In MY /i/? Improbable!
    Also, how much exactly do we even know? Do we know for sure that the moms was a pureblood immigrant jap?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:37 No.44664
    We don't, to be honest.

    Also, eye color seems to be a little more complicated than BB vs Bb.
    >> Nurse-kun 12/17/06(Sun)20:37 No.44665
    Her right arm was amputated trans-tibially (through the upper arm), about four inches below the shoulder. Both her legs are trans-femur amputations (through the thigh), roughly halfway down. She doesn't have Bikko-style hypertrophic scarring at any of these locations, though the injuries only occured roughly three months ago, so they're still quite new, and still healing completely.

    She's learning to walk again with a pair of prosthetic legs; these include artificial knees (hydraulic models, I think), and she uses silicone sheathes that then hold the sockets in place via suction. Her prosthetic right arm is a mixture of cosmetic and functional, with a myolectric hand and bodypowered elbow; it's also held in place via suction between the socket and the stump.

    Her right eye was lost, and has since been fitted with a prosthetic orb and a cosmetic 'glass eye' that looks quite a bit like her real one, though you can tell up close. There was some scarring over her eyelids and above and below the socket, since the eye was lost via a chunk of shrapnel in the accident, and it tore up the surroundings somewhat, too. Not as large as the first picture in the thread, but noticible.

    She wears relatively simple sets of clothing...gowns, housecoats, etc. Shit, almost forgot: Her hair is somewhat short all-round, the original picture in this thread is actually not that far off...she hasn't been wearing it up in ribbons or barrettes or such much, since she doesn't like people helping her with it, and she can only do so much by herself.

    Not entirely sure what I think about all this, but if people feel the need, who am I to object?
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:38 No.44666
    /r/ link to gurochan thread?
    >> captain !v/rTh0HxaQ 12/17/06(Sun)20:39 No.44667
         File :1166405940.png-(68 KB, 500x500, Oe.png)
    68 KB
    now now, this could be source of many lols, but i got bored fast, needs more anon posting fun stuff

    Oekaki post (Time: 7 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:40 No.44669
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:42 No.44670

    damn. so this artist does guro.. oh well.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:43 No.44671
         File :1166406206.jpg-(16 KB, 220x396, nurse-kun.jpg)
    16 KB
    When I think of nurse-kun, I think of this.
    >> (:)- 12/17/06(Sun)20:50 No.44672
    Fail, learn to gene.

    It's quite a story, Anonynurse.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:51 No.44673
    The description alone makes me want to cry.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)20:53 No.44674
    No need to jump to that conclusion. The picture of the OP is most likely intended to be Bikko, an original character that got somewhat popular over the tubes of the internet. Because of her nature as a kickass amputee, I heard that she's a little like a meme/mascot/internet for the gurochan crowd. She's just known there, the actual artists behind any of her pictures might be anyone.
    >> -(:) 12/17/06(Sun)20:54 No.44675
    Oh snap! Is dis sum reverse slime? :3

    Also: Bikko is cool.
    >> Nurse-kun 12/17/06(Sun)20:58 No.44677
    Frankly, all my information about her parents is secondhand gossip from the hospital, and a bit from her records. It hardly included a family tree, or even pictures of what her parents actually looked like.
    >> (:)- 12/17/06(Sun)20:59 No.44678
    >> -(:) 12/17/06(Sun)21:12 No.44680
    Well it happened like three months ago, I don't know..
    >> Anonymous ‮‭‮‭‮‭‮ROIREPUS -> 12/17/06(Sun)21:23 No.44681

    You know, with all the details you're giving, esp. the time of her accident, it'll get pretty easy to track down who she is as long as its been in at least one news story at the time. (fixed)
    >> Nurse-kun 12/17/06(Sun)22:10 No.44683
         File :1166411446.png-(16 KB, 482x442, 1166407300544.png)
    16 KB
    Uh huh.

    Someone else drew this in /b/, thought it'd be wasted disappearing there.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)23:09 No.44684
    oh lord, thats the example they always give in hs bio, with the disclaimer at the beginning: "EYE COLOR DEPENDS ON WAY MORE GENES THAN THIS, JUST PRETEND SO WE CAN GIVE YOU AN EXAMPLE, OKAY?"

    Also, I should hope that nothing happened to the girl. It'd be a terrible thing for him to do. Its... disgusting.
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)23:20 No.44685
         File :1166415607.jpg-(5 KB, 125x180, ael.jpg)
    5 KB
    Shamelessly stolen.
    >> Serenity 12/17/06(Sun)23:26 No.44686
    Dan Kim needs to do a picture of her. <3
    >> Anonymous 12/17/06(Sun)23:56 No.44688
         File :1166417762.jpg-(173 KB, 448x565, amputeechan copy.jpg)
    173 KB
    I'm not a great drawer but I really wanted to make some type of fanart for this since it's pretty sweet.

    Remember folks, not an artist...
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)00:10 No.44691
    Is that a blue couch or a box?
    Oh God I hope it is a box.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)00:17 No.44692
    supposed to be an armchair...i mean box...
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)00:21 No.44693
    Amputee-chan, loli. A girl barely functional. Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic loli. Amputee-chan will be that loli. Better than she was before. Better, cuter, sexier.

    The only question is, will we get that slow-motion creepy beeping sound every time she smiles?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)00:42 No.44698
         File :1166420520.png-(98 KB, 300x500, Oe.png)
    98 KB

    Oekaki post (Time: 36 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal)
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)00:42 No.44699
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)01:02 No.44705
         File :1166421735.jpg-(264 KB, 1024x768, Bikko004.jpg)
    264 KB

    Bikko IS cool
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)01:05 No.44706
         File :1166421944.jpg-(42 KB, 535x600, Bikko001.jpg)
    42 KB
    Someone say Bikko Flood?
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)01:15 No.44707
         File :1166422506.jpg-(17 KB, 640x480, 1147699282611.jpg)
    17 KB
    wow that wikis pretty up to date even has this thread!
    >> 12/18/06(Mon)03:12 No.44714
         File :1166429572.png-(52 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    52 KB
    This story is touching, so I had to draw something.
    I hope that she eventually recovers. Good luck with all your adoption plans and such.

    Oekaki post (Time: 1 h 7 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Pro, Animation: View)
    >> Rickz0r 12/18/06(Mon)03:30 No.44720
         File :1166430651.png-(37 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    37 KB

    Oekaki post (Time: 1 h 12 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal)
    >> Moe Christmas Snow 12/18/06(Mon)03:33 No.44721
         File :1166430832.png-(19 KB, 500x500, Oe.png)
    19 KB
    Anonynurse, your pooper jokes aside, you've managed to genuinely warm this grinch heart of mine. I'll finish this later if somebody doesn't get to it before me. Either way I wish you and our little accident-tan the very best this Christmas and in the coming new year that will likely put you and definitely put her through a whole lot of trials.

    Oekaki post (Time: 1 h 23 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Pro, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)03:42 No.44724



    >> -(:) 12/18/06(Mon)03:53 No.44728
    Oh Anonymous, I loled.
    People can recover mentally, partially, such and such too, you know.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)07:17 No.44755
         File :1166444267.jpg-(13 KB, 274x233, Dibujo.jpg)
    13 KB

    does she HAVE to be japanese? you know grandmas like denzel washington because they want a black man with a really huge dick, i mean c'mon

    and is not like japanese lolis are that cute
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)08:12 No.44756
    >Her right arm was amputated trans-tibially (through the upper arm)

    PROTIP: the tibia is a bone in the lower leg. The right word for an amputation through the upper arm is transhumeral.
    I doubt the OP is a genuine registered nurse, he'd know at least this much.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)08:58 No.44759
    I was really thinking more like Gunslinger Girl, myself...
    >> Mel !iKGMr61IHM!!VJXiIsRXUJN 12/18/06(Mon)09:29 No.44760
    Fuck, Nurse Otoko is going to turn out to be even more epic than Itoko Otoko.

    Whatever happens, Nurse-kun, me and my tripcode are behind you.

    Cue chorus of Fury of the Storm.
    >> Nurse-kun 12/18/06(Mon)11:46 No.44766
    Fuck, this is why you don't drink and post, as lame and undoubtedly made-up as that sounds.

    Guess it's a good thing I didn't go for med school after all. Anyway, need to head in to the 'office' in time for the nurses' lunchtime gathering, to bounce my idea off them before I take it to the administration office.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)13:03 No.44768
         File :1166465028.png-(85 KB, 400x400, Oe.png)
    85 KB
    Nurse-kun, I drew her a little older than 7, for your benefit.

    Oekaki post (Time: 1 h 2 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)18:08 No.44813
    18th age
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)20:17 No.44831
         File :1166491038.png-(8 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    8 KB
    I hate oekaki, but I had to try for Amputee-chan!

    Oekaki post (Time: 11 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)20:34 No.44832
    this is gonna be the best bel-air evar.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)20:46 No.44836
         File :1166492793.jpg-(65 KB, 630x910, uhmo.jpg)
    65 KB
    >> Mac 12/18/06(Mon)21:06 No.44838
    As much as I don't believe it, this copypasta creeps the heck out of me.
    >> Anonymous 12/18/06(Mon)22:08 No.44839

    If that is how this ends, I don't know if I'll lol, cry, initiate a vendetta against nurse-kun, or say "Merry Christmas."
    >> Serenity 12/19/06(Tue)00:33 No.44848
         File :1166506399.png-(82 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    82 KB
    kay, I am giving up for now, I have to get up early.

    Oekaki post (Time: 4 h 37 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal)
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)02:00 No.44853
         File :1166511654.jpg-(451 KB, 725x1671, whuts.jpg)
    451 KB
    I personally don't buy this, but then again I wasn't there to witness it?
    Sorry for halfassed coloring :V
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)02:20 No.44855
         File :1166512855.png-(13 KB, 500x500, Oe.png)
    13 KB
    Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic loli.

    Oekaki post (Time: 54 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)02:45 No.44858
    /r/ warhammer version of loli
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)07:35 No.44873
         File :1166531717.jpg-(89 KB, 512x768, damaged goods.jpg)
    89 KB
    should i ink and color?
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)09:13 No.44880
    Fucking <3
    >> Tropius 12/19/06(Tue)16:03 No.44906
         File :1166562234.png-(33 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    33 KB
    Note to self: Finish spelling words. "Interest"

    Oekaki post (Time: 1 h 6 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)18:01 No.44915

    Story further updated.
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)19:03 No.44923
    This one is great, though it's probably not fanart of her specifically... or is it?
    >> jberserk !AUlFuN8gxg 12/19/06(Tue)19:12 No.44924
         File :1166573546.png-(34 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    34 KB

    Oekaki post (Time: 58 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal)
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)19:44 No.44925
         File :1166575488.png-(5 KB, 350x350, Oe.png)
    5 KB

    also anonymous says it's bullshit and anonymous knows about bullshit

    Oekaki post (Time: 14 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Pro, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)21:47 No.44946
         File :1166582879.png-(70 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    70 KB
    This was quick, sorry. I have to leave, and I'm sorry it's crap.

    Oekaki post (Time: 18 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal)
    >> Anonymous 12/19/06(Tue)23:06 No.44951
    Anonymous also doesn't know it's not bacon.
    >> Tropius 12/20/06(Wed)07:34 No.45008
         File :1166618048.png-(34 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    34 KB

    Oekaki post (Time: 1 h 54 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Source: >>44906, Animation: View)
    >> Somewhat 12/20/06(Wed)07:54 No.45009
    dude. stop misusing the wiki to force your shitty art on everyone.

    not cool.
    >> biting loli kekekeke 12/20/06(Wed)08:12 No.45012
         File :1166620323.png-(18 KB, 600x600, Oe.png)
    18 KB

    Oekaki post (Time: 9 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)14:53 No.45035
    That is not phenomenal, and there are many, many pictures in this thread that are superior to it. Don't force it upon the wiki, for Chrissakes.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)16:53 No.45043
    >Western people with brown eyes are either BB or Bb. Japanese people however are all BB. If they weren't there would be blue eyed japs. So this Eurofag is bb, he fucks the Jap who is BB and therefore produces a loli who is Bb, therefore brown eyed.

    So you're saying a Jap can't be Bb? Because the brown eyes are a dominant trait the Jap could be Bb and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference at all between their eyes and another Japs brown eyes. Bb+Bb=BB, bb, and Bb
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)16:54 No.45044
         File :1166651685.png-(3 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    3 KB
    lol do i win

    Oekaki post (Time: 5 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)16:58 No.45046
    Is it possible for her to be albino?
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)17:05 No.45047
         File :1166652344.png-(7 KB, 350x350, Oe.png)
    7 KB
    This story sucks. At least Assdip-chan's story had the highly interesting dilemma of wether or not it's rape if you like it.

    Oekaki post (Time: 15 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Pro, Animation: View)
    >> Pantsuru Man 12/20/06(Wed)17:22 No.45048
         File :1166653336.png-(245 KB, 600x600, Oe.png)
    245 KB
    With a bit of government training she'll be an awesome hitwoman. Who'd suspect an eyepatch wearing, almost limbness, naked chick, hanging upside down?

    Pic related.

    PS: COCKS!

    Oekaki post (Time: 2 h 9 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Pro)
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)17:47 No.45052
    Particularly one in a mirror!
    >> Pantsuru Man 12/20/06(Wed)18:11 No.45056

    ...fuck...major failure...*head slap*
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)18:12 No.45057
    >>44705 why does she hang her socks in pairs?
    >> Pantsuru Man 12/20/06(Wed)18:27 No.45058
         File :1166657250.png-(11 KB, 400x400, Oe.png)
    11 KB
    Gah, let's try hyper mega cute semi retarded/chibi/fucked up shoujo version of Damaged Goods-tan.

    I think she's touched.

    I'll finish this one later.

    Oekaki post (Time: 4 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Pro, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)18:34 No.45060
    Hey man, don't feel bad! It's a good picture, and your creative take on her is great. Clearly, she's just hanging in front of a large mirror in a dance studio somewhere, about to slit some evil terrorist ballerina's pretty little throat.

    Great success! Sexy time!
    >> Pixie 12/20/06(Wed)18:51 No.45063
         File :1166658666.png-(16 KB, 300x300, Oe.png)
    16 KB
    Life-like texture. ;_:

    (Never used the Oekaki board before, my apologies)

    Oekaki post (Time: 54 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)19:38 No.45069
    do you want some cheese with that whine?
    jealous motherfuckers.
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)20:04 No.45072
    lol, wrong arm

    But very nice work, still. Welcome to /i/!
    >> Pixie 12/20/06(Wed)20:17 No.45075

    ...Shit. XD

    >> Somewhat 12/20/06(Wed)21:48 No.45087

    trolls? on my /i/? why i oughta
    >> Anonymous 12/20/06(Wed)23:12 No.45098
         File :1166674369.png-(20 KB, 500x500, Oe.png)
    20 KB

    Oekaki post (Time: 26 min, Painter: Shi-Painter Normal, Animation: View)
    >> Anonymous 12/21/06(Thu)07:24 No.45141
    No, seriously... who made this? Was it made specifically for nurse-kun, or is it just coincidentally similar? It's fantastic.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/06(Fri)01:17 No.45223

    I guess that is her...I mean, the limbs that she's missing seem accentuated.
    >> -(:) 12/22/06(Fri)03:35 No.45235
    I loled.
    >> Anonymous 12/22/06(Fri)17:06 No.45292
    New update, featuring hot DS-playing action.

    >> Anonymous 12/23/06(Sat)07:14 No.45410
         File :1166876094.jpg-(124 KB, 705x396, 1166702712066.jpg)
    124 KB

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