Some things — by gil at 07/24/13 (Wed) 19:35:13

So today I updated my external archives page (http://576chan.org/4chan/externalarchives.html) to use a much cleaner and better organized table format. I hope to do something similar with other pages (notably the /j/ archives and the locally saved threads) and reorganize the 4chan-related hub page sometime soon. If all goes well the site will shortly end up being much more usable and also somewhat more detailed.

Additionally, the two people who have visited the site in the last month may have noticed that recently I started to work on the planned screencap archive in earnest. I have no idea how useful or comprehensive it will ever be, but after reworking some of the other pages I plan to work on it pretty steadily. I fully intend to continue assembling new materials here after some of these things are out of the way.

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